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hi Sana! I've seen you talk about body language when you post about evanstan and I'm not really sure if I understand everything about the significance of it. I was wondering if you would be able to explain it more, especially Chris and Seb's body language when they're together. (If you don't want to it's fine ☺)

Your body language is always telling the truth. You can say you are in a relationship with someone, or you are just friends with someone, you can even try to act friendly with someone that you actually don’t like, but at the end it is your facial expressions and your body that shows what is actually going on. It is very hard to fake this because it happens naturally. The little things are often what gives it away. You have to look out for: eyes/(mouth), hands, feet. 

Eyes/(mouth): How you look at someone tells a lot about how you feel about them. The expressions in your eyes mirror the feelings in your heart. A smile/laugh can also tell you a lot (is it soft/gentle?, does it reach the eyes?).

As soon as they look at each other they start to smile. A soft smile with soft heart-eyes. Their expressions are just filled with adoration.

Hands: Where you put your hands or what you do with them shows how you feel. Someone who is nervous fidgets a lot (both do it often during interviews), for example. How you touch another person shows the kind of relationship you have with them (is the touch intimate?, friendly?). 

Chris touches Seb’s cheek and there is no reaction. Just a smile. Like this just happens sometimes. It is an intimate touch, not to mention they are in the middle of a conference. Hand holding/touching is also very intimate. When you do it you are very aware of it and you do purposely.

Feet: Your feet (and your body) often point to the person in the room who is most important to you. You try to stand near them or lean into their direction.

All three of them stand together to talk, but then Chris changes the way he stands and his feet (and his entire body) point to Seb even though RDJ is talking.

Here Chris’ entire body is turned to Seb. He looks at the cameras but he doesn’t give them his full attention.

And here is a gif that shows everything I just said

Facing each other, touch, eye contact/heart-eyes, little/soft smiles, and look at Seb’s adam’s apple! This is a lot.