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“Hinata… This big idiot finally understands… The real meaning of the scarf you gave me when you went with Toneri… I know now, from the scarf you painstakingly knitted and took so long to finish, that your love can’t be unraveled so easily… Wait for me… This whole time, you always loved me for the way I am… Now, as a man, there’s something I must tell you… Hinata, I swear I will save you!”

[miyusawa] lips like tangerines

I’m so sorry this is late but dee?? babe??? ur a year older now?? what??? HAPPY BDAY @sawanko //sends u smooches dw we’ll love u even with gray hair and balding ;3c here’s a lil something from me to u on this special day which was yesterday but wELL //sweats ENJOY

Despite his hands freezing, nose getting runny and ears stinging from the biting chill, Kazuya didn’t hate winter. He loved the snow, the big, fluffy petals falling down from the sky just like cherry blossoms did in spring. He liked to watch kids play in it, all muddy and wet, but with happy smiles on their faces. He enjoyed the atmosphere of the quiet and the smell of the air, so fresh and sterile, reminding him a little of the long walks he used to take with his mom when she was still alive.

But what Kazuya liked in winter most was those silent days spent inside the dorms. It changed from how he was when he was younger. He used to leave the house as soon as he could just to not feel so alone, though now… now it was different. And the reason for it could only be one.

Sawamura slumped onto the floor below the bed, his own bed, where Kazuya was sprawled, watching TV on autopilot. A bowl of tangerines blocked his line of sight. They smelled fresh and lovely and Kazuya sniffed them with delight.

“Want some?” Sawamura asked. “My mom just sent me a whole box.”

Kazuya hummed. The tangerines looked good, round and succulent. He couldn’t resist.

He lied his head on his hands, sending Sawamura a crooked smile. “Peel one for me?”

“Are you a child?” Sawamura grumbled, but before Kazuya could even say anything to that he was already reaching for the biggest tangerine he could find. “So spoiled, I swear…”

It made Kazuya’s grin sharpen. Sawamura was cute like that: he’d complain, he’d pout, he’d throw a jab at Kazuya whenever he could, but he’d do as asked and do his best from the bottom of his heart. Kazuya adored it about him. He was to blame for Sawamura’s cutty responses, for sure. And yet, not even for a second, did he regret it ­– Sawamura was just so amusing to play with.

He watched him slowly peel the thick skin off the fruit. The smell hit Kazuya’s nose and his mouth watered. Sawamura broke the tangerine into two halves and handed Kazuya one of them.

“Here,” he said, but Kazuya didn’t take it.

“Feed me,” he replied.

The blush was instantaneous. Sawamura’s cheeks turned pink, his eyes brightened and he reeled back as if Kazuya was about to jump him like a wolf does on a herd of sheep.

(Maybe he was.)

“Feed yourself, oh my god!” Sawamura exclaimed, adorably embarrassed. “It’s not like it’s that much work.”

“Eh?” Kazuya whined. “But where’s the fun in that?”

“Ah, so that’s it, isn’t it?” Sawamura squinted at him. “You’re making fun of me? Miyuki Kazuya, you–!”

Kazuya chuckled. It was honestly incredible how easy it was to rile Sawamura up.

“Don’t laugh, you sneaky tanuki! You’re abusing my kindness here, you don’t get to laugh!”

Kazuya reached out a hand and grabbed his half of the peeled tangerine. He broke apart a single half-moon and before Sawamura could protest, he pressed it to Sawamura’s lips to shut him up. Which it did.

Golden eyes gleamed at him suspiciously in silent anger, but Sawamura’s lips gave and he allowed Kazuya to push the fruit into his mouth. Kazuya watched him chew, lick his lips, and glare at him still; he smirked. And then he leaned forward for a well-deserved kiss.

The strangled squeak that followed was music to Kazuya’s ears. He watched how Sawamura’s whole face turned red up to his ears and his eyes widened, only to half-close when with shy tenderness Sawamura returned the kiss. Kazuya’s hand sneaked over to his nape, hooking in the small hair there, to pull him closer. The sweet taste of tangerine spilled over his tongue when Sawamura’s lips parted for him. Kazuya hummed happily into Sawamura’s warm, delicious mouth.

They kissed languidly for a moment more. Drunk on all the sweetness Kazuya finally broke away, licking his lips for the last time.

“Mm, tastes good,” he said, smirking and loving how Sawamura’s blush deepened at his words.

“You’re impossible,” Sawamura complained in a weak whine.

Kazuya chuckled at that. He leaned forward to press a passing kiss to Sawamura’s lips once more, and Sawamura let him without resistance.

“So…” Kazuya started, a nasty grin spreading on his face. “Feed me?”

Sawamura’s glazed eyes sharpened and he made a gibberish sound of helpless frustration. And then before Kazuya could as much as laugh at him, Sawamura grabbed his half of the tangerine and pushed it right into Kazuya’s mouth. Kazuya promptly choked on it, and on his laugher. He fell back onto the bed, chewing on the piece that got stuck between his teeth, and cackling like a lunatic.

The juice ran down his chin, so he lifted a hand to take out the fruit and wipe the it off, but Eijun was already there, hovering above him on a steady arm and biting into the other end of the tangerine, his nose close enough to touch Kazuya’s. In surprise, Kazuya’s laughter died in his throat and he watched Sawamura with breathless expectation.

And Sawamura, now flushed and embarrassed, bit off a piece and pulled back. Kazuya’s eyes followed him in wonder, and he was glad they did. Sawamura licked his lips, tilting his head in a way that made the coy blush on his face turn into something much more erotic, something that made Kazuya’s interest perk up like a wolf’s ears do when it spots its prey.

“Oh, Sawamura,” Kazuya purred, hand lifting to touch one red cheek. “Life never gets boring with you around.”

“Are you insulting me again?” Sawamura’s eyes narrowed, and Kazuya couldn’t help the small tremble of delight from dancing on his spine.

“Why, quite the opposite,” he smirked. “I’m complimenting you.”

Sawamura shot him a doubtful glance, but when Kazuya shifted closer to kiss him again, he leaned in and accepted the kiss with slightly pouty lips, which made Kazuya’s heart cry out from all the sudden influx of the adoration he had for the guy. Because Sawamura was just the thing that changed his whole world into this incredibly amusing journey and Kazuya, oh, Kazuya loved it.


— maybe HEROES were always meant to love fallen ANGELS  // k.s.

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Claire Underwood and TV tropes [x]

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My heroes are guys like Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Matt Damon. These are amazing actors with amazing careers that every actor should aspire to. I’m not saying I’m going to get anywhere close. It’s not going to be an easy feat. I’m just in awe of their careers.

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