its unlimited so just do it all day

if u like free shipping and ur going to college pls read !

hello hello so amazon has this cool thing for students where all u need is a student email from your school and you can get 6 months of amazon prime for free!! prime includes:

  • free 2 day shipping (i tried this and my new backpack came in less than 24 hours!! for free!)
  • prime instant video (its kinda like netflix!)
  • unlimited photo storage
  • music (idk much about this but hey!)

if youre interested in signing up please use this link!!! i get a few bucks for referrals and you can too if you choose to do the free trial.  that is all thank you and good luck in college :^)

ps i am not affiliated with amazon in any way just so u all know

pss make sure you mark your calendars for 6 months from now so amazon doesn’t start charging you for the service!