its truly incredible


ok lets talk about this tho

its pretty common that i see claims floating around that that first line there was mistranslated, and that he said “yes, you have my love for it” (or something along those lines) instead. this is bc one of the words for love in japanese is “koi”, which sounds similar to “koui”, the word translated here as “regard”

however, he really does say koui haha

but it does kinda sound like he’s saying “yes, you have my love for it”, right? and considering that he confesses right after, it’d make sense in the context too. it’s almost like it’s…..a play on words….

do u understand what im getting at here??

basically what i’m trying to say is that kaworu leads into his confession via puns.

kaworu flirts with puns 


-It was kind of silly to think you were in love with Beast Boy. We’re sorry.
-You should be. Just the thought of Beast Boy and me…


Her eyes flutter shut as he kisses her softly, his fingers trailing down her cheek. He’s just impossibly gentle with her and she wants to remember this, wants to hold on to everything that had happened over the last two weeks. It was going to have to last for the next six months.

absolutelyiris's The Long Way Home (X)


-Lately, Wakamatsu’s been staring hard at Seo-senpai…
-Seriously!? What about her did he fall in love with!?


And I don’t know
how we separate
the lies here from the truth~

stop putting down kili’s character in order to show your love for fili

stop putting down fili’s character in order to show your love for kili

destroy the idea that you have to demean a character by putting others on a pedistal


i’m really really really sorry!! these messages have been in my inbox for WAY TOO LONG but it was because i was debating about part 3 and stuff and eventually really couldn’t think of anything so … yup

as always, thank you for all of your kindness!!! you guys are the greatest

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Thinking about Interstellar makes me quite emotional. I don’t know if I could watch it again. I know it’s only fiction, but the science in the film is credible enough and the message that it’s putting across, that we used to be pioneers and dreamers, is incredibly important. 

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Hi u wrote stripper Alihan b4 right?? Can you write me an Alihan reaper Drabble? :0

Hello! Here’s just a short thing:

Luhan died on a Wednesday. But on that Wednesday when Aliya came to collect his soul, she didn’t expect to find such a cheerful human smiling so beautifully at her. And somehow this human hadn’t realized he was dead yet, and even Aliya herself despite all the years she had been reaping souls could have been fooled. Because how could Luhan still shine this brightly even in death? How could someone that full of vivacious life be dead? How? So Aliya found herself unable to tell him, unable to reap his soul, unable to erase the smile off his face, so she just returned him back to life. Because she was a reaper. Because she just could.

But now she was running against numbered days with a man she had to return to the grave sooner or later because nothing could last. Especially life. And everyone talked about cheating death, but now Aliya was cheating life and forcing her hand to keep this stupid human she had fallen in love with alive. 


did u know i fucking put a sticky note on my door that said i did not want to be interrupted for just 30 minutes while i watched ttgl because i hate being interrupted while i’m sad or crying or whatever like it ruins the mood of the episode ok bUT my dad walked in my room anyway to tell me that he didn’t want me to interrupt him while he was meditating