its truly incredible


봄날 / spring day - bts (lyrics)

so i watched this chinese drama called Nirvana in Fire and it fUCKED ME UP

here’s a thing i’m working on! i’ll eventually color it, but i quite like the lineart :D

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When you consider the context… It's truly incredible that he had a smile on his face during those rehearsal pictures. What an astounding, strong person.

He really is. And Steve helped put it there, for which I will always be grateful. 💛

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"If anyone wanted to see what today's corporate machinery, power-backing and multi-million dollar promotional campaign looks like - look no further than Harry Styles' solo roll out. It's truly incredible to witness the power behind this solo launch, how the biggest media outlets and social media influencers were utilized to create advanced buzz and push sales - including tickets for a tour before the album was even heard!" (pt 1)

“Pour one out for all the artists who have had to work their way up and prove themselves repeatedly by putting their music out there before any label even gave them even a 10th of what the Styles launch is getting. Bruno Mars, Kendrick Lamar, Chance the Rapper - you paid your dues, every accolade and press inch earnedNow it remains to be seen what Styles’ sound truly is – one that is his OWN. Not the sound that is heavily influenced by and reminiscent of artists.” (pt 3)

hey u never came back with part 2 but that’s okay i think this is the general gist of it and tbh it’s so….real and true and it’s a good way of putting what I’ve been trying to say is that he doesn’t work for what he gets, but he doesn’t even seem humble or thankful for it, he acts like he deserves it even though he doesnt’

hi i love taeyong with all of my heart he is the light of my life and his happiness means the world to me

listen i just wanna tell you that children are born devious because one of my babs is only 18 months and she’s already figured out how to work the system…every time she gets in trouble (and by “trouble” i mean i just take her little face gently between my hands and say “that’s not nice!”) she’ll slap herself in the chest and pretend to cry that it “hurts” so that i’ll cuddle her and forget that she was being mean to her friends


Everyone on the planet has seen this right? Good.

~ I wish you happiness, good health, and success! May this year be a new start for those who lived through hard times in 2016. May this year make the world better. You are awesome, all of you, and you deserve it. ~

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you and me // me and you 

                  i know places // out of the woods

                                    // parallels //


Her eyes flutter shut as he kisses her softly, his fingers trailing down her cheek. He’s just impossibly gentle with her and she wants to remember this, wants to hold on to everything that had happened over the last two weeks. It was going to have to last for the next six months.

absolutelyiris’s The Long Way Home (X)