its truly incredible


you and me // me and you 

                  i know places // out of the woods

                                    // parallels //

so i watched this chinese drama called Nirvana in Fire and it fUCKED ME UP

here’s a thing i’m working on! i’ll eventually color it, but i quite like the lineart :D


Her eyes flutter shut as he kisses her softly, his fingers trailing down her cheek. He’s just impossibly gentle with her and she wants to remember this, wants to hold on to everything that had happened over the last two weeks. It was going to have to last for the next six months.

absolutelyiris’s The Long Way Home (X)


Everyone on the planet has seen this right? Good.


I don’t think you guys realize how much your tags and messages mean to me.

When these things happen, it tells me that someone out there likes what I do so much that they will go out of their way and tell me.

It’s motivational, it keeps me happy, it keeps me going. I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.

So please, don’t ever hesitate to tell your fellow artist that you love their art, because I guarantee that every single one of them will appreciate your warm words.