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/If everything is about them they’d have been the main relationship throughout the show and would be written as a good one, not toxic and problematic. / I don't know what's more pathetic. The fact that you don't realize how problematic SE was or the fact that you think "good" = "important" when it comes to a tv show. The fact that the writers don't spend any time or attention on SE's issues is because they don't matter. Nobody cares. LOL SE was never anything but contrast/background for DE.

When did I say good = important?? They’re not going to base a whole TV show on a bad relationship like DE, are they? What would be the point in that? It’s funny that you mention contrast because that’s been made clear over the seasons and every time SE and DE are compared or paralleled, SE comes out on top. Still. Every. Time. No one cares about SE and they meant nothing but background to DE, bla bla bla. Why don’t you take a look at the ratings and the amount of people who have stopped watching because DE is boring and ruining the show. The only thing that’s pathetic here is you, who apparently thinks SE is unimportant and irrelevant to the show, bothering me and other people who ship SE with the same delusional bs all the time. I’m so certain about SE that I never feel any need to go argue/put down any other shippers. I don’t go in the anti tag or actually care what anyone else thinks because it makes no difference to what I know is inevitably going to happen in the show. You are so transparent, anon. You act like you’re confident in your ship and we’re all stupid, but your insecurity is very obvious, or you wouldn’t be here.