its too ugly for everyone wear that

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Could you explain the why 21p is "problematic"? I'm not really a fan, but a lot of my dash is and I'm curious

Okay, so here’s the basic rundown: Josh did blackface, Tyler said he wanted a “dime-piece wife” which is yikes, josh said all lives matter, Tyler acts like Jenna is his possession, the lyrics in “Lane Boy” and “Heavy Dirty Soul” are extremely uncomfortable and Tyler is so pretentious it’s sad.

Here’s a post involving their lyrics (x)

This is when Josh did blackface (x)

And here’s Josh’s little all lives matter thing (x)

The reason I think Tyler is pretentious is because a while back I saw a video of Tyler saying that him and Josh were so unique because they were wearing bow-ties and they were dressed up, like it just annoys me that he thinks he’s the only person in the rap genre that dresses up. And he acts like he’s above everyone in the rap genre, it’s just gross.

About the Jenna thing, there was a tweet before their wedding and Tyler said to not let anyone touch her or whatever which is really ugly lmao. Like who says that, its so nasty.

They’re terrible too, but so is their fanbase, the “clique” like its so toxic and gross. And a while back, at one of their shows, when Josh fell into the crowd, no one helped him, he was just groped and harrassed, and as much as I hate Tyler and Josh, that’s such a terrible thing for someone to go through and it just shows the toxicity of the fanbase.

Overall, they’re terrible people, they have such a big platform to speak about issues other than their “smol bean feelings” but they still act disgusting.

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do you have any advice on how to draw nick and dima? they're really hard for me to draw

i dont think i can give you a nick and dima drawing lesson since everyone draws differently, but perhaps i can try to give you some tips about capturing their likeness and making something look like nick and dima?? getting characters faces to be right is a real hard thing to do. i like to pick a few key features and work from them.

also wow this is getting long im gonna cut it. sorry if i go onto tangents a bit i kinda wanted to be thorough since this ask didnt specify anything in particular

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my self esteem drops faster than my battery life 

my brain has too many tabs open 

i’m that person who falls apart but tries to keep everyone else together 

wearing all black feels so good 

christmas list: $$$$$

I don’t even hate you, I just lost all respect for you 

I like to party, and by party I mean watch netflix 

all I want is money

can i un-know people

eu sou loca mesmo 

emotions are so ugly I don’t wanna feel anything 

olha vc nao me arrasa nao viado

idk maybe its the drugs 

let’s get high and have sex 

vamo se foder together

apenas mais uma otária viciada em séries 


daddy’s little princess