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Rocket doesn't remember his family, his birth family, but he does remember seeing a certain couple of raccoons in a bad flashback of Halfworld


But alright let’s expand on that ‘cause how much you wanna bet that Rocket was weaned waaay too early so now he has this embarrassing habit of suckling when he is in deep sleep and he doesn’t even know he does it but Groot and the others know and on one hand its hella cute but they don’t judge too hard cause they all have people they miss too.

All Rocket remembers is vague dreams of warmth, the soft smell of fur and milk and feeling really, really safe. He always wakes up feeling exceptionally rested from nights with those dreams.

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i drew my fatesona which is a paladin 

no go ahead i want to hear your constructive criticism LOL

ill figure out his color palettes and story later, but his name is van (yeah, like the long sandwich car you drive)

hes silas’ apprentice. he looks up to the noble and loyal knight sir frederick and wishes to meet him one day. he has a photograph of him he keeps in his personal box and gets embarrassed if anyone notices because nobody knows of this secret admiration. hes the MOST DENSE guy youll ever meet, so its hard to tell him jokes because he just doesnt get it LOL. hes a very good boy and respects his elders, so hes super gullable too. niles likes messing with him

he got dat smol mol on underneath his eye

Headcanon Wednesday: Quarian Dating

For acequeenking, who asked for quarian romance/dating/marriage. I had only got as far as romance/dating when I was already over 1500 words, so marriage will have to wait in the interest of not spamming everyone forever.

(As a reminder, feel free to drop me headcanon prompts if you’re interested–I love getting them and am generally delighted to fill them.)

The question of “how do quarians date?” is very much like the question “how do hedgehogs have sex?” The answer: very carefully.

Most aliens assume that the reason for this “very carefully” is the delicate quarian immune system, which makes suitless sex quite dangerous, but that isn’t actually the case. Quarians have figured out any number of workarounds for that–mostly involving the multiperson functionality of the Nerve Stim programming–and the inability to take their suits off regularly for sex doesn’t cause them many problems.

No, the real reason that quarians have to be very careful in their romantic relationships is more social than physical. Quarians live their entire lives in close quarters with one another, and most Flotilla ships are not large. The Flotilla has fifty thousand ships, and seventeen million members–for an average of 340 quarians per ship–but once you factor out the larger-than-average capacities of the liveships and frigates, the average is even lower. Under normal circumstances, a quarian will live their entire adult life on the same ship. In addition, even on larger ships, quarians are generally grouped into smaller clusters who are quartered near where they work–even the enormous liveships do not have the infrastructure to move large numbers of quarians around on a regular basis, so it makes sense to have them live and work in the same area. The end result is that most quarians spend essentially all their time with the same smallish group of people their entire lives. 

Which means that if you have a disastrous breakup, “I never want to see him/her again” is about as likely as “I would like to sprout wings and fly to Tuchanka.” It’s sort of like living in the same dormitory in college, but for the rest of your life. So quarians have to find ways to ensure that they do not leave a string of hideously awkward encounters and/or terrible breakups behind them.

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The Twin Bed

Summary: Hermione has trouble falling asleep while she and Ron share his small twin bed.

“Mione. You’ve got to stop moving. All of this,” he gestures to her, “is keeping me from sleeping, which you know, I value a lot.”

She glares up at him. “Would you like me to go back downstairs to my own bed? I’m perfectly fine with separating Harry and Ginny from each other just so I can sleep down there.”

“No! I definitely don’t want that. I’ve waited too long for you to let you go now.” Ron wraps his arms tighter around her shoulders to prevent her from even thinking of getting up and leaving.

“Well, then what do you suggest, since you won’t let me leave, and are still complaining about my ‘constant moving’?” Hermione asks dejectedly.

Ron grins down at her. She can’t see it, due to her head being shoved onto his chest in a weak headlock of sorts, but she can definitely hear it in his voice as he says, “When I was little, I’d had a similar problem, and Dad always told me to stay still for 15 minutes. He’d say 'Don’t turn over, scratch your nose, or even wiggle your finger.’”

“But how am I supposed to stay still if I can’t even find a comfortable position?”

“Find one that’s as close to comfortable as possible, and stick with it.”


She wriggles from Ron’s grasp and turns on to her left side to face the wall. As she hoped, Ron followed suit and placed his right arm over her waist and his left under her neck, and moves so their whole bodies are touching. Just like always.

A minute or so passes, Hermione has lost track, but she is itching to move. She always feels comfortable wrapped in Ron’s arms as they fall asleep, and she still is, but her mind can’t shut off. Just little blips and flashes of things she needs to do cross her mind just as she feels she could actually fall asleep.

“Mione…You need to stop thinking. Don’t focus on how long it’s been just to prove my 15 minute rule wrong. Just relax and focus on your breathing.”

“How do you know I wasn’t just about to fall asleep?”

“Because I was watching you. You had that crinkle in your forehead that you always get when you’re trying to prove me wrong,” he chuckles out lightly. “Just forget everything you need to do. Relax. You’re with me, you’re safe, and we have all the time in the world to do whatever you need to do.”

Her face visibly relaxes, and she exhales deeply. “Okay.”

Hermione nudges his leg with her foot, insisting that he roll over to his back. He grumbles as he begrudgingly moves. “Really? Again?!”

“I told you I’m fine with leaving…”

“Nope.” He grabs her again and pulls her head onto his chest, “Like I said, you’re mine now, and I’m not letting you go.”

“Hmph.” Hermione readjusts herself so she is now comfortably laying with her head on his chest, and her left leg intertwined with his. Just like always.

She smiles at the familiarity.

“You think you can finally try my way? No movement at all?” he asks mockingly.

She glares up at him, yet again, and exasperatedly says, “Yes, Ronald. I think I can finally do it your way.”

She can feel him grin again as he kisses the top of her head. She can’t help but grin herself.

Hermione closes her eyes, and focuses on her breathing, and doesn’t move a muscle, just like he told her to. She can also hear his heartbeat as she rests her head on his chest, and focuses on that as well. Several minutes have passed, Hermione never kept track, and she starts drifting off to sleep.

Just before she fully succumbs to sleep, she feels his body move as if he’s talking. She strains to hear his whispers, and only catches the end; the part where he quietly says “I love you,” into her hair.

Without thinking, she automatically responds with “Hmm?” without moving an inch.

“Nothing,” he whispers, and kisses her head once again, “Go back to sleep.”

At any other time, she’d think she was dreaming. It’s too soon for them to be saying that to each other. But, she feels it. She’s felt it for a while, and she’s sure he has too. Still, he’s always been self-conscious, especially about things like that.

The one thing that lets her know she isn’t dreaming, that she isn’t imagining all of this, is his heart sped up when he thought she heard what he had said. She decides to drop the matter, so she doesn’t embarrass him. If he wanted her to know this early, then he would’ve told her when he knew she was awake.

A few minutes pass, and Hermione is slowly, but surely, calming down from Ron’s secret declaration, and so is he; his heartbeat has slowed to its normal pace, and she can just hear the start of his notorious snoring.

When she thinks he’s asleep, she places a kiss on his chest and whispers to his heart, “I love you, too.”

“Hmm?” he startles.

“Nothing. Go back to sleep,” she whispers to him.

He doesn’t respond, trying to remain relaxed.

She knows, though. She knows he heard what she said because his heart speeds up yet again; almost as if he’s nervous.

“Mkay.” He pulls her shoulders in closer as he rubs them slightly, and kisses her head yet again.

She nuzzles her head into him and is fully content with the way things are. It really is too soon to be fully admitting these feelings they have for one another, even if they’ve both felt it for a long time. It’ll happen soon enough; as he said, they’ve 'got all the time in the world.’

To Live Again | Jungkook Part 6

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

Maybe what happened was a blessing in disguise. Jungkook listened, dealing out every order with deadly precision, but without feeling. Seyin was struggling to keep up with life. When it happened, everything seemed to fall apart for her-but everything clicked into place for him.

      Jungkook went back to the infirmary after Namjoon released him. The left over anger he had felt before he talked to Namjoon had dissipated after the briefing. He hoped Jin was done with Seyin, because he didn’t want to have another awkward journey up to his room. He didn’t know how he was going to address her breaking rule number one – not wearing a collar. He sighed, rubbing a hand over his face as he thought about possibly having to dish out a punishment this early as he pushed open the door to the infirmary.

         Seyin wasn’t inside, he noted. However, Jin sat at his desk with his head in his hands. Jungkook walked over to the bed hey had been at earlier and sat down, trying to reign in his thoughts of the dark haired girl waiting for him in his bedroom. “Jin, I need you to stitch me up.”

         “Okay.” He said after a few seconds, getting up to grab the necessary elements to stitch Jungkook back together. Jungkook abandoned his shirt and laid down, glancing at the butterfly stitches Seyin had given him. A few had popped open from him getting elbowed in the ribs, and it seems to have reopened in an area, but for the most part the rest of the stitches remained intact, holding his skin together. Once again he marveled at how well she had kept her emotions in tact as she had treated him, acting like a true nurse would.

         “Why didn’t you tell her?” Jin questioned as he pulled the little bandages from Jungkook’s skin. He noticed how straight they were, and silently applauded the well-meaning intentions behind the little bandages. Jungkook could never keep still while he was injured, and had popped several stitches in the past. He was impressed that the majority of the butterfly stitches remained in place.

         “Tell her what?” Jungkook frowned, obviously not knowing what Jin was talking about. The bandages pulled at his skin and stung slightly, but he didn’t pay it any attention as he looked at his elder. Jin had his lips pressed together, his attention seeming to be dedicated to treating him, but Jungkook knew he was thinking.

         “About… what the collars mean.” Jin elaborated, dragging an antiseptic wipe across his skin to make sure it was properly disinfected.

         “Because that’s not my job?” Jungkook responded, closing his eyes as Jin threaded the needle. “She should have already known, or at least asked when I gave it to her.”

         “I think you really need to talk to her.” Jin muttered. “Hold still, I’m going to start.”

         “How do I talk to her about it, hyung?” Jungkook questioned, suppressing a wince as the needle made its way into his skin. Jin smiled, pulling the needle through the other side of his skin. Jungkook liked to pretend he was a big bad assassin who didn’t need comfort, but the truth was that sometimes he still needed to be treated like a kid. He had been taken away from his life too early, much earlier than the rest of them had.

He didn’t get to experience his first baseball game with his dad, or talk to his parents awkwardly about how to act on a date, or go to his senior (or junior) prom. Jungkook didn’t get to fully experience the completely embarrassing days of when his voice would drop and crack and pimples would spread across his face because he was too busy focusing on honing his physique. He didn’t get to plan the time he would confess to that girl in the eighth grade because he was too busy focusing on how he would survive his first mission in Bangtan.

Jin knew and fully understood Jungkook’s background. Even though the barely-legal man hated it when any of the members coddled him, Jin knew when to pick the time to act like a parental figure rather than someone he worked with. Though the highest members of Bangtan considered each other family, sometimes they missed out on the things that real families did.

“Be upfront.” Jin responded, continuing to push the needle in and out of his younger brother’s skin. “You have to be honest if you want any chance of her actually liking you.”

“But… Hyeri barely tolerates Jimin. And Minseo always seems like she hates Namjoon. Everyone hates Taehyung. Were hyungs not honest with their collared ones?”

Jin winced at Jungkook’s choice of words. “If you want her to like you, you probably shouldn’t refer to her as your collared one. You should call her by her name, because it’s rude if you don’t. I swear Kookie, you need to stop hanging out with Taehyung. Actually, anything Taehyung has told you put out of your mind.”

“Okay hyung.” Jungkook murmured, and Jin heard the hesitation in the younger boy’s tone. He blinked in surprise, he didn’t know Jungkook would open up this much to him. Jin decided to take advantage of it as he snipped the end of the thread and tied it off.

“And she won’t like you if you try to engage in mature activities without her consent. That’s one thing she was very upset about – I told her that sexual activities are a part of being collared and she lost it.”

“Yah, I’m not going to force myself on her!” Jungkook whined abruptly. Jin grinned, glancing towards his face to see it had taken on a pink tinge.

“I’m just making sure Taehyung hasn’t corrupted you.” Jin soothed, moving away to put his instruments away. “Start as friends, Jungkook.”

“Okay hyung.” Jungkook repeated once again, but his tone sounded much more sure now. He sat up, pulling his shirt on. “I’m starting to think this was more trouble than it was worth.”

“And definitely don’t tell her that.”

Seyin sat at Jungkook’s desk, awkward even while alone. She tried to zone out, or take in other features of the room, but her eyes kept returning to the bed. She didn’t want to be forced to lay with him in any form of the word. Just because one of her initial thoughts when she laid eyes on him was how is someone so attractive? doesn’t mean she wanted to sleep with him. She was just getting her tongue-lashing together when the door opened.

Jungkook shuffled silently inside, his face back into that perfect mask of emotionlessness as he closed the door behind himself. He went to sit on the bed, clasping his hands together as his eyes rose to meet Seyin’s. She licked her lips in preparation.

“Look.” She started, willing her voice to stay strong. “I appreciate what you did for my… mistake earlier, but that does not mean I am in any shape or form willing to sleep with you-”

“Yah!” His voice rose in pitch as he cut in, his eyes going wide as he rubbed his neck in what Seyin thought was embarrassment. “I’m not going to force you to do anything, okay? Aish…”

“Oh…” Seyin muttered, heat rising to her cheeks in turn. “Jin just mentioned it to me, and I thought…”

“Well don’t.” Jungkook muttered, ducking his head a little before he went back to meeting her gaze, his emotionless façade disturbed by the awkwardness that came with the conversation. “If Taehyung had collared you it would be a different story, but he didn’t. I collared you so I would have someone to clean and cook and make sure I didn’t bleed out, okay? And in return no one else can touch you. Because that collar signifies you’re mine.”

Seyin bit back a retort at his possessive statement when she heard the hesitation and defensiveness that came from his words. Suddenly she saw how young he really was and realized how close he must be to her own age. His aggressiveness earlier had led her to believe that he was ready to kill that man with his bare hands, but now she was seeing a completely opposite side of him. Though she believed him when he told her he wouldn’t force her into anything, she was dubious of his statement of just wanting her to cook, clean, and patch him up. “Are you sure that’s all this means?” She questioned, her hand going up to finger the lace at her neck.

“That’s all I want.” Jungkook responded, and Seyin failed to realize the amendment he made to what she wanted to hear.

So I realize this chapter is quite shorter than the previous ones and may seem like a filler chapter, but this section is actually quite integral to not only Jungkook’s character but their forming relationship as well. I originally was not going to post this tonight because I’ve been honestly going through a rough time these past few days, but I promised some people this chapter so here it is!

Matchmaker - USUK FF

Happy birthday @theconvictcolony! You’re the biggest loser in the world. <3

Summary - Based on this prompt
AU - Omegaverse, University

“I know I know, you’re in love with this omega, I get it dude. But, even as a friend, you do know it isn’t cool to keep asking them when they’ve rejected you- how many times has it been?”

“I know,” Francis sighed, still looking at Alfred with wide, hopeful eyes. “I just need this one last thing pleeeease,” he begged, grabbing Alfred’s hand.

Alfred rolled his eyes. “I don’t think even this will change the omega’s mind.”

“But it is so romantic, Alfred! I know he will be wooed by it.”

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Wait, is your dad a DJ?

yep! he was a radio dj in collage in the late 70s, early 80s, has collected over 1000 cds, and now djs as a full time job! its funny because our family always goes on looooong road trips so my dad plays like every cd in existence, and now, because of that, i have distinct knowledge about music, it’s easy to pick up what song it is and who it’s by in the first few measure because of my dad, i especially have too much knowledge of 80s one hit wonders that it’s embarrassing 

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Headcanon Meme (Accepting)

💓 - How does my muse feel about physical intimacy?

      Physical intimacy isn’t something Chris will ever actively seek very often under usual conditions, but it definitely is something that he’s craving more than romantic attraction or connection to someone else (hence his grayromantic tendencies).

      When he stared dating Miyuki, Chris kept any sexual fantasies to himself, figuring that it was too early to confront them with this yet (especially since he was too reluctant and shy to talk about in the first place; plus he really didn’t want to chase Miyuki away by being too pushy). Once things developed further, it became a natural part of their relationship; this process of trying and maybe failing sometimes, but finding out what they liked or simply not, of being creative, even if their exploring started with mutual embarrassment.

      Now, years later, physical intimacy is at another stage for Chris, and it did change its meaning as soon as he had to learn to deal with being separated from Miyuki most of his time. It might still be true to him that physical intimacy includes sex, but it consists of much more; and most of it is what he actually misses more than the sexual act itself.

          It’s when he’s holding him in the mornings, brown locks tickling his nose as he inhales that familiar odor of a place he belongs to. Of home. It’s that feeling of warmth inside of his chest when their fingers entangle and their eyes meet. A smile, one that’s only ever reserved for him, whereas he gives all of this back to him without hesitation.

          It’s one of the things that Chris had to learn the hard way; by being away from him, by missing him. It’s simple physical touches that are the most intimate for him. Because it’s not the touch itself, not the electric impulses his nervous system senses that makes it intimate. It’s the meaning that comes with it. It’s these moments that are the most intimate for him.

Chapter 173: The PREPARATIONS before LEAVING

Note: NO SPOILERS PLEASE, in the comments or anywhere on this account. We have not finished reading the novel. No copy/paste and all that other shenanigans either. Vote/likes/comments are highly appreciated. (◎ヮ◎)

Translator:  Estreline        Editor: Sae  

Hi everyone, we’re just going to leave you this chapter and crawl into the darkness. Have a great day and night!

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Blessed Youth

Pairing: Hyuk/Reader

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: masturbation, explicit oral sex, fingering, penetrative sex, foul language, alcohol use, terrible attempts at humour

Wordcount: 3899

Request: Hyuk catches you moaning his name while you masturbate in the shower and joins in.

Notes: This took forever to write because I decided to work on a bunch of requests at once today, which was sorta counterproductive in a sense but whatever, I managed to finish this anyway wooo! I ended up giving this one a bit of a plot since there was no special request regarding that (nothing too specific really but i did change some things…eh…i hope you don’t mind requesting anon T^T), I hope that the anon who requested (and all of you precious readers) enjoys it ^_^ its kinda sweet and fluffy too idk…

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An INTJ's life - TJ moment
  • *my ISTJ friend and I met in the morning to study together for exams*
  • INTJ: *looking at the ISTJ's journal* oh, you planned such a detailed daily schedule!
  • ISTJ: *slightly embarrassed* yeah, I know it's weird...
  • INTJ: No, no, I made one too!
  • ISTJ: :') I feel less alone now...
  • Bonus:
  • Our ISFP friend came over too, tired from getting up too early for her standards (1 PM on weekends). "I won't be studying today" she said taking a seat next to us "but I'll support you morally". Then she sat quietly reading "Howl's Moving Castle" and drawing on her sketchbook.

@the-humerus-skeleton​  I am almost embarrassed and i know its early, i might draw you a better one with vanille in it hhh;;; I-i hope you like it though! Happy early birthday on the 11th ; u ;  i hope its not too terrible;;;

its mixed media Ink/Colored on sai ; u ; i haven’t done mixed media in a while, since you seemed to like my traditional art i decided i might give it a shot again [it was too small to color traditionally]. well- yeah here ; o ; *flees*

Art/Companiontale[seasalt] © SasukiMimochi
Sanei © SiVioSanei/the-humerus-skeleton
Undertale belongs to toby fox!

im sorry that on the cake there is a fail at a vanilla orchid, i should have looked up more references ; o ;;; 

I feel like one of the most disappointing things about ouat is how seriously it takes itself

like dude you’re a show about disney princesses you don’t need to always be fighting. why aren’t there fun body swap episodes. why aren’t there potions that actually make people fall madly in love and later fall madly in embarrassment. why aren’t there episodes in which snow and regina are accidentally glued together. why isn’t emma hilariously drunk for an episode or five. why can’t you poke fun at your own tropes sometimes. why can’t a town-wide epic hide-and-seek game fall apart when charming and snow can’t find each other. why can’t someone new come to town claiming to be family in an epic con. why can’t hook begin a quickly failing flooring company. why. why. why.

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Could you do Gansey + H?

Someone’s greatest fear. (Ugh, my son.)

“Even in expecting, one leaps away from the possible and gets a footing in the real. It is for its reality that what is expected is expected. By the very nature of expecting, the possible is drawn into the real, arising from it and returning to it.”
Martin Heidegger, Being and Time

The library doors shut behind Gansey with a soft squeal, closing him into a bubble of carpeted quiet. He looked around, not seeing anyone else. Outside the door he could hear the muffled shouts of the rest of Aglionby leaving their final classes for the day, but the further he moved into the room the more his surroundings deadened the sounds of outside life. He turned a corner around a shelf of biographies and they dropped away entirely.

He took a deep breath and exhaled in a woosh to fill some of the empty space. He had never particularly liked being alone, but since coming here, since meeting Adam and Ronan and Noah, he liked the feeling of it even less. He shouldn’t be alone now. He should be with–

“There you are,” Adam said. He came around the other end of the bank of shelves, arms full of books. “I was thinking Ronan held you up.”

“No.” Gansey smiled brightly in relief, feeling like he’d been rescued from himself. “Ronan’s off to practice.” He turned and followed Adam deeper into the library. He dropped his bag next to the table Adam stopped at and pulled some of the books out of Adam’s arms to set aside. Adam gave him a small, pained smile of thanks.

Gansey would not have blamed Adam if he’d decided not to come. They’d fought the night before. They always seemed to be fighting these days. It was the last thing Gansey wanted. What Gansey wanted was for Adam to move out of his parent’s trailer and accept that if he was going to make something of himself he had to leave the ugliness of all that behind. It was almost physically painful to watch Adam strain at the bit in his mouth, weighed down under the yoke of some sort of backward familial responsibility that asked the child to grow up too fast and let the parent get away with too much.

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DAY 2663

Jalsa, Mumbai                July 27/28,  2015                Mon/Tue  1:17 am

Our former President of India passes away suddenly .. was delivering a lecture at an IIM, in Shillong and collapsed .. sudden end to an iconic figure .. the brain behind the phenomenal presence of India in Science, missile technology and several other achievements connected with Space Research and putting India on the world map in these facilities. A simple man, of childlike demeanour, practical, caring and endearing to all .. my only achievement of contact with him - a telephone conversation just before he was announced to be the next President of India !!

India is grieved .. 

In such moments of grief it becomes difficult to indulge in what we would term as a routine and normal communication through this medium. But, we remember him in prayer and in our condolences to his near and dear ones ..

There is the completion of several years of ‘Abhimaan’ , a most poignant film with some of the most haunting music by the maestro and genius SD Burman, the Father of RD Burman .. and the most delicate handling by Hrishi Da, Hrishikesh Mukherjee, the director with whom I have worked in the maximum films of my career .. and one whom Jaya and I referred to our GodFather in the Industry - he being the first person after our parents that we informed of our decision to get married .. him and KA Abbas, who gave me my first break into the film Industry ..

Abhimaan .. the wonderful moments spent during the making of this everlasting story and film. It was made under the understanding of AMIYA, a production house both Jaya and I set up very early in our career .. a production which we gave over to our respective secretaries to run .. who then took claim over it and which has remained that way till date .. sad .. but that has been the results of many creative inputs of artists never getting any rights for the future, in ventures where they have made the contribution but never been given commercial right ..!

We were young illiterate and not having sufficient knowledge. We were interested in the creative opportunity more than the aspects of commerce and its longevity. We were too naive. But no need for regret. God has been kind. We make mistakes so we can learn never to go the same route again, and prosper by knowing the corrected route .. we would never have known a mistake otherwise …

There are moments in the journey of life of individuals, when one realises that they have spent almost all their time on Earth without certain basic knowledge of where what and how. For those, that it occurs early, may they be blessed, for they are wise and well informed and conscious of facts. For those that do not and have only just realised, be in virtue of blessings, for there is still sufficient time. It is never too late to know, to inquire, to seek, to accept absence of basic fact, to admit ignorance. It used to earlier. Not any more. There is no bravado in the calling of not knowing what the rest of the world would consider known knowledge. There is also no embarrassment in its seeking. The young may consider this so, not one who has passed his or her prime. Others may believe that all is known by a particular individual, but the facts may be different. No harm in its admittance. Truth hurts but never hurts too !

It is good to know when you are faced with your own image the truth that stares back. That early morning face in the mirror is the reality, all else is make belief - at times good but mostly not so good .. 

But despairing .. would never bring about reality. Despair is accommodated well in truthful fact. Indeed it is the only recourse to freedom, a freedom from what one would divulge in multiple non facts, to maintain an untruthful fact !

Lie once and you shall continue to lie a million times in order to save that lie. Say truth once and it is over .. mind body all ..

Good night and in love …

Amitabh Bachchan

"Who has lost their virginity first?"
  • Michael: oh my god! What an inappropriate question!
  • Int: that's what we do here and it wasn't from us
  • Michael: that's an inappropriate question
  • Luke & Michael: I refuse to answer that
  • Int: it's not from us it's from one of your fans
  • Luke: it's far too early for the question, surely
  • Michael: yeah I'm pure
  • Int: oh right! Maybe they haven't though
  • Luke: exactly, we like to keep the mystery
  • Michael: I'm either too embarrassed to admit it or too... embarrassed to...
  • Luke: not admit it!