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Lets play guess-that-cosplay!

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what are good vegan school lunch ideas? i only get 15-20 minutes to eat so i can't really eat much, especially if i talk with my friends too.

Make sure you get a huge breakfast and eat a big snack when you get home! Taking some juices to sip on throughout the day isn’t a bad idea either. Having such short school lunches shouldn’t be allowed, its not at all enough time to get proper nutrition and socialization in! 

But for foods.. of the top of my head main: ezekial bread sandwich with hummus and loads of veggies, veggie sushi, rice bowl (with beans and veg), lentil soup, quinia bowl, ricecakes and pb, potato wedges and avo dip, pasta, zuccini pasta

sides: dried fruits, fresh veg, popcorn, smoothie, nuts, salads, fruit salads, juices

I can reblog later with more and better foods, I’m trying to answer q’s on my way out of the the house rn!

i’m literally such an emotional dad when it comes to my brother and sister. like tomorrow’s their first day of school and i made my brother get off his kindle and get in the bed and i turned down the tv and everything so it would be quiet and they could sleep and kissed their foreheads and told them goodnight and like i’m a mess bc my sister’s starting high school. can you believe this shit? bc i can’t like what the fuck they’re growing too. fucking. fast. make them stop.

Also wat the fuck? My photog prof is an absolute cutie and sweet heart?

Like i talked to him today for school stuff and hes like “wait how old r u why is ur id that color?” Because batches are labeled with colors and im like prolly one of the older peeps in school

And im like lmao 20 going on 21 and still in college, im actually p ashamed sir

And hes like “pshaw, nah. No big dude. I graduated when i was 24.” And basically he reassured me that its totally chill to graduate late as long as ur happy (he was an engineering student then shifted to comm arts!)

Like, wow. What a nice guy. I like this guy. Thissss guyyyy!!!!!!

God bless people who get how u feel and try to make u feel better

@tinypupinstrawberry it wont let me tag u :( but its not even like i cant make friends because i can im very personable and outgoing and i had a big group of friends through all of high school but i stopped talking to most of them because they arent good people. and thats the thing like i wont just call someone a friend or keep them around because i want one like i wont tolerate people who are ignorant or are mean and those are all the people i meet its just people that i morally cannot deal with and i wont deter from my character just to have someone to play beer pong with and im too loyal and too good of a friend to settle for people who wont be the same for me

Sometimes it's freakishly hard to live with my roommate.

She constantly complains about how her clothes are too big for her because she loses so much weight from being a cyclist. (She’s always been very skinny, she’s just getting skinnier.)

Then she goes on and on about how the school year is about to start and her classroom isn’t set up and she has so much planning to do and wishes she did it all summer.

She talks about thank god she had so many extra jobs this summer and has so much money to spare.

And she talks about the line of boys she has all waiting to love her, when she just broke up with her boyfriend. And how one of them is definitely her soulmate, but she’s going to hang out with this other one too, and then maybe also see her ex.

Literally the 4 things I want and do not have in life. Weight loss, a teaching job, money to spare, and a boyfriend. I have been working towards all of these things nonstop all summer and I have none of them. She has all of them by doing nothing. And talks about them. And only them. And I just can’t handle it sometimes….

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8, 9, 16

8. What did you think about your “urges” before you discovered that gaining was a thing (we’ve all been there)

I honestly thought I was the only person in the world who wanted to get huge! When I was younger I dreamt of being the heaviest kid in the world (until I found out that its actually way to heavy for me XD) and When everyone at school was talking about weight I would say . “Is [my current weight at the time] too fat for [my age at the time]” then when they said “YEAH way too big!”  I would secretly celebrate in private … I loved being really chubby and obsessed with fatness in the Guinness book of world records and in gossip mags but continued even when I thought I was the only one!

9. What do you like most about this community?   (I’ll cross out stuff I have already answered or don't feel comfortable enough to answer)

16. What are you current measurements?

I actually don’t know as I have outgrown my tape measure! So over 60 inches everywhere!

Does anyone remember that TV show about a kid and his blue newt? And the newt could transform? Like, whenever he fed it special newt food, it got all big and talkative and got him into a lot of shit at school, but whenever it got wet or something it’d shrink back to its regular newt size. I think it was on Cartoon Network?

Times are changing

Alright guys it’s 1:50am that I’m writing this, I guess it’s the only time I truly found to talk about stuff. So maybe you guys all realized that I haven’t been that active, at least I hope you noticed. Mostly being that I haven’t been feeling well mentally, main reason is because it’s August and school started up again. I enjoy being away from home cause I can go back into a normal schedule but I’m not too big a fan of people there.

Another huge reason is that Much started school too. Its his first year at college/uni and I had to say bye to him and its been really tough not being able to see him every day or be with him every day, which was the case this past school year. It has made the first few weeks of school rough and my tolerance with people has been low and I just haven’t had motivation to be really active on here.

Also, some of you may already know that I’m in a d/s relationship with Nick so that just adds to every thing that we’ve had to deal with in the span of like a week. We are trying to keep up with this lifestyle and he has come up with something that seems to work, and we both still understand our positions and who we are to each other, which is great.

On the other hand, tonight I have been up watching silly videos and thinking of Him too much (and I’m sorry to say am going past my bedtime but I just need to talk) and reading about things on pet play and how to be a better little and all that jazz (Chicago anyone?) And as I read I came across other people’s stories and I thought awehh that’s cute, He would do that too, and then I realized and remember that he’s not here and he can’t hold me and if I get hurt (whole other story) he can’t be there to give the physical affection that I, as the Kitten I am, need. And I’ve realized that yes we can get through this, is hard no matter what but to been good on the mental part of being in a d/s relationship is completely different than the physical bond we have formed both in and out of our d/s choices.

It’s completely different when you follow guidelines and receive a “good girl” than it is to do something right and see the reaction and possibly get kisses or having your hair played with. I feel that those make up to sides of our relationship and not having both would be so horrible because I have grown so attached to him.

I won’t lie, I’ve been so upset and bitter about many things and its mostly because I can’t feel his arms that keep me so calm or be able to look into his beautiful eyes that bring me so much joy.

I’ll try my best to kick up the activity, I have a few other new things to announce hopefully by next week. This is also my senior year in high school and I would like to focus more on school but I will work hard to be active. Thanks for sticking around



i hung out with the girl that i like today which was cool. we played this horror game im too afraid to do by myself and other stuff. we also talked very slightly about our relationship lmao long story short im fucked up,, and to recap my school day,.,,: apparently its a big deal to everyone just how fucked up i am. whatever,, im dumb 

i don't know about you but i don't feel 22...

im not sure what taylor swift was talking about when she said she felt 22. i mean really what does 22 even feel like? is it supposed to feel like freedom ? is it supposed to feel like accomplishment? because all 22 feels like to me is one big mess. its 11:54 on a tuesday. i just paid my college tuition to go back to school as a 22 year old freshman to try and begin to figure out what i want to be when i grow up. my phone is ringing and of course its nobody that i want to talk to. its the typical story of everyone that i want attention from i don’t get, and those who’s attention i have i don’t want. 22 to me feels like I’m stuck in limbo. I’m too young to be established but I’m too old to be a degenerate. i thought by 22 i would have had life figured out by now, but i guess i was wrong. thank you taylor swift for the false hope that 22 was fabulous. 

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Do you have any advice for incoming freshmen?

(imma use my terms bc im canadian okay i start school in grade 8) do you want the truth? everyone fucking hates the grade 8s. im sorry, but its true. like, i think its normal idk but youll realize when your older that you hate them too so its all good. honestly, idk what its like in the states but take advantage of it okay and dont be too worried, people make high school seem big and scary but its just some kids stuck in a building falling asleep its great!1! no seriously, dont worry beeb itll be fine

come talk to me about school, crushes n life

Boyfriend and I were talking about babies earlier haha we love talking about it, names and how many and where do they live and what language do they learn and where do they go for school etc etc I came from a big family (2 bros and 4 sis) so I have always wanted a big family too. I told him I want so many kids and he was like 2 is enough and Im like NOOOOOO WAY lol We argue a lot about it its so funny haha I told him that okay fine 5 please, 5 is enough na. And thank God he said deal. :)

By the way, our eldest will be called FAIROX (from FAIZAL and ROXANNE) lol ;)

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its alright! i get it and im fine! nothing big has really happened… except i kinda went to my school yesterday just to like talk to some teachers before school actually starts and i got them to change my name from my birthname to grey so that was cool and very very scary because i pretty much had an anxiety attack when i was trying to find the right person to talk to??? so yeah that was scary but its all good now! what about you what u been up to?