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The party’s only just getting started

This was requested anonymously. I hope you enjoy!

Requests: “Could I please request a fanfic where reader is hugging Archie at a party or something and FP walks in a catches them and then finds the reader later on a “punishes” her or something? (Whatever you’re able to write I’ll be fine with thankssss)”

“some more FP smut would be greatly appreciated👀️ I can’t wait for season 2 to start💗💗💗

“REQUEST Keen for some Fred Andrews x Reader smutttt and FP x Reader smutttttt!!! If you’re still available to request from and whatnot. Its so sad no one finds fred daddy material :( makes me sad. But honestly thanks if you do!”

The reader is legal age (18/19).


The gang had decided to throw Jughead a surprise party but it didn’t work out too good. Jughead hated surprises, especially ones that involved big crowds. Cheryl and Chuck had shown up with half the school and two huge keggers. I was currently with Archie, trying to talk Jughead to come back to the party.

“Come on, Juggy! Betty worked really hard on this party. The least you could do is pretend that you want to be there.” I begged Jug as he continued to pet the dog, ignoring my pleas. I stood up with a groan before walking over to Archie and putting my head on his shoulder while he wrapped his arms around me when a knock came to the door.

“It’s open,” Jughead muttered out as FP walked in. I turned to see him glaring at Archie. “Dad?” Jughead questioned before Archie and I stood up straight.

“Mr. Jones, hey. How are you?” Archie questioned while I just smiled at him.

“Hey, baby.” You see everyone knew we were together. FP and I really didn’t give two shits if people accepted it as long as we were happy nothing else mattered.

“Hello, son. Archie.” FP muttered Archie’s name before turning to me. “(Y/N). What are you all doing out here when the party’s in there?” FP questioned to his son, turning his attention away from me.

“Jughead doesn’t want to go to the party and (Y/N) and I were trying to talk him into going.” FP nodded with the same glare spread across his face.

“Well, Jug. You should go enjoy the party with your friends.” FP said turning to his son. Jughead shook his head.

“No, thank you,” Jughead replied before turning his attention back to the dog. FP sighed.

“Where can I put this?” FP questioned holding up a gift box. I smiled as I removed myself from Archie’s grip.

“I’ll show you.” I walked next to FP while he immediately wrapped his arm around my waist.

“I’ll be back,” FP said as he glanced back to Jug before we headed out the door and on the way to the house. “What was that?” FP snapped while his grip tightened.

“What was what?” I questioned. FP stopped mid-walk, he walked in front of me with his eyes wide.

“That thing! With the Andrews kid!” I smiled to myself before replying.

“Are you jealous?” FP raised his eyebrow at me as he chuckled.

“Me? Jealous?! In your dreams, little girl.” It was now my turn to raise my eyebrow at the older man.

“Oh really? Well, if you’re not jealous, then you won’t mind if I spent the rest of my night hanging with Archie.” I said grabbing a hold of a passing Archie.

“(Y/N)? Mr. Jones. Something wrong?” Archie asked while I still held a hold of his arm.

“Oh no, Arch. I was just telling FP, that I was going to hang with you all night and he has nothing to worry about.” Archie nodded his head in agreement before turning to FP.

“Trust me, Mr. Jones. I’ll keep her safe, you have nothing to worry about.” FP clenched his jaw as I grabbed Archie’s arm and headed for his house. As we were going in Jughead ran passed us and headed for the door.

“Jug!” I yelled as he continued walking. I glanced at Archie before making our way down the hall after him. Cheryl and Chuck blocked the door before Jughead could leave.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Cheryl snapped.

“Out of here. Move.” Jughead replied. Cheryl and Chuck chuckled before Cheryl reached behind her and locked the door.

“Not before we play our little game.” Archie and I exchanged looks before Jug spoke up.

“What game?” Jughead questioned.

“You’ll see. Now, everybody listens up! We’re going to play a little game so everybody needs to get into the living room asap!” Archie lead me into the living room as we took a seat next to Betty and Veronica. “We’re going to play a game called, ‘Secrets and Sins. It’s a little twist from truth or dare. I’ll start it with… Veronica Lodge.” As the Cheryl went on tormenting Veronica. I sat in between Betty and Archie when Chuck spoke up.

“I guess, it’s my turn. I choose Betty Cooper.”

“Leave her alone Chuck.” Archie snapped as Chuck chuckled.

“You might get a free peep show every night, Archie but you don’t know the real Betty Cooper.” I felt Betty tense up while Chuck continued. “Everyone knows why I got suspended but what you don’t know is that she dressed up like a hooker, in this God-awful black wig and handcuffed me to the jacuzzi.” I glanced at Betty to see a single tear streak down her face. Anger boiled within me as I stood up.

“Hey, Chuck! Why don’t you learn to take your own advice and shut the fuck up because none of us want to hear it!” I snapped out before Cheryl began to walk my way.

“You’re one to talk serpent slut! Your boyfriend is what? Twenty, twenty-five years older than you? You can’t say-” I reached my hand up before slapping her across the face as Jughead punched Chuck. FP and a few other guys pulled Chuck and Jughead off each other before kicking everyone out. I began to walk over to Betty.

“Hey, are you alright?” Betty surprised me by standing up and pulling me into a hug.

“Thank you so much, (Y/N).” I chuckled before hugging her back.

“You’re welcome. It’s time they got a taste of their own medicine.” Betty smiled as she nodded her head. I glanced behind her to see Jughead standing there. “Ah, listen to Hun. I got to get going but I think there’s someone who’s wanting to talk to you.” I said pointing at her. Betty glanced back before nodding her head.

“Alright, see you tomorrow?” I nodded before hugging her one more time and heading for the door. I walked out the door to see Archie leaning on his porch.

“Arch!” I yelled as he turned to face me with a smile.

“(Y/N). Sorry about Cheryl, she can be a real…”

“Bitch?” I questioned, finishing his sentence. Archie chuckled before nodding his head.

“Yeah, exactly. I think FP’s waiting on you.” Archie said pointing towards FP who was leaning against his truck.

“I should go.” I reached over and wrapped my arms around him. “It was a great party. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Archie hugged me back before we pulled away with a smile and a nod. I walked down the steps and over to FP. I immediately wrapped my arms around FP’s neck.

“Hey, baby.” FP’s hands gripped my waist before turning us around and slamming my hips against his truck before roughly kissing me. I kissed FP back with the same amount of roughness until we were interrupted by someone clearing their throat.

“FP Jones. What are you doing on this side of the tracks?” I sighed as FP let go of my hips and turned to face Alice Cooper.

“I am trying to celebrate my son’s birthday while spending some quality time with my girl before you rudely interrupted.” Alice glanced at me with a look of disgust.

“Can’t you do that on your side of the tracks?” I rolled my eyes before speaking up.

“Can’t you mind your own business?” I snapped at her as she stared at me in shock.

“Excuse me? Do you know who you’re talking too?” Alice questioned still in shock.

“I do actually. I’m talking to an ex Southside slut who got knocked up after the high school prom by a rich douche bag and made it big by mooching off him. Now, if you don’t mind, we were in the middle of something and we’d like to get back to it.” I snapped before removing myself from FP’s grip and heading for his truck. I opened the door before closing it behind me. FP walked around the truck before doing the same.

“Well, baby that was hot,” I smirked to myself as FP continued. “But that doesn’t mean you won’t be getting punished for flirting with the Andrews kid.” I felt my panties get wetter at his words. FP started up his truck before glancing at me with a smirk and taking off.

We pulled up to his trailer while he parked the truck. I opened the door as FP blocked my way. He reached up into the truck before hauling me out and lifting me into his arms.

“Save your strength, because tomorrow you won’t be able to walk.” I blushed at his comment as he continued to make his way up to his front door. Holding me against his chest he dug around his pocket for his key before unlocking the door. We walked in as FP kicked the door shut. “Pick your place.” I stopped and thought for a moment.

“The bedroom.” FP nodded his head. He made his way to the bedroom with me still in his arms. We walked into his room as he threw me down onto the bed. “Not going on easy me, are you?” FP chuckled before shaking his head.

“Not even a little bit, baby girl.” I giggled at him. “Now, strip for me.” I raised an eyebrow at him while I propped myself onto my elbows.

“What if I say no?” FP chuckled before leaning down on the bed as he looked at me with his lustful eyes.

“I’ll rip all these clothes off you. One by one. And then I’ll take you against the wall and pound into you until you never can walk again.” I moaned at his words.

“Fine… Daddy.” FP’s eyes rolled back into his head in pleasure. I slid off the bed and began to slide off my jacket, FP stood up and turned around. I reached up before pushing him onto the bed. I slid my hands down to the bottom of my shirt, taking a hold of it and pulling it off. Leaving me in my black lace bra and blue skinny jeans. FP reached his hands up to touch me as I slapped them away. “No touching.” I reached down to the bottoms of my jeans and undoing them. Sliding them down my legs revealing my matching black lace panties. I walked over to FP, putting one leg one each side of him until I was straddling him. “What now?… Daddy.”

“Fuck, baby girl. I love it when you call me that but it still doesn’t make up for flirting with the Andrews kid.” FP flipped me over in his lap. So, that my stomach was flat against his knees. “We won’t be needing these,” FP said ripping my panties off and throwing them across the room. His warm hand came to my bum as he began to knead my cheek before laying a hard slap across it. I squealed out in pleasure and pain. “I want you to count each slap.” I nodded furiously. FP slapped me again, this time harder.

“O-one.” FP rubbed the spot before doing it again.

“Two.” This continued for six more slaps. My cheek was red and numb when FP finished. I sat up before turning myself around on his lap.

“You took your punishment so well, baby girl. I think it’s now time for you to get a reward for your good behavior.” FP said whispering into my ear. He stood up with me still wrapped around his waist. FP turned around before kneeling on the bed and laying me down.

“These need to go,” I said tugging at his belt. Undoing the loops, one by one.

“You got it,” FP said ripping down his pants before doing the same with his shirt.

“I’m on the pill, by the way,” I said winking at him.

“Fuck! First, you started calling me daddy and now this. If you don’t fuck me soon I’m going to come in my pants like a teenager seeing a tit for the first time.” I giggled before pulling him down to my lips and pressing a kiss to his. Our lips moved together while FP’s hand slid between us and lined himself up with my entrance. He pushed into me as I moaned into the kiss. FP began to thrust going harder and deeper with each thrust.

“Fuck daddy!” I moaned out which made FP speed up.

“Fuck baby! Who makes you feel this good?!” FP moaned out as his thrusts picked up the pace.

“You do!” I screamed out feeling my climax beginning to rise.

“What was that?!” FP moaned out as my climax hit.

“Fuck! YOU FP! I’M C-C-COMING!” I screamed out. FP’s thrust began to become sloppy until he slammed into me one more time. FP fell limp before hauling out and laying beside me. I rolled over until I was laying on his chest.

“I’m sorry for flirting with Archie. I wasn’t trying too.” FP smiled. Lifting his hand, he took a hold of my chin and pulled me up until I was looking at him.

“That doesn’t matter. All that matters now is that we’re together and we’re happy.” I smiled before nodding my head in agreement.

“You’re right, I love you, FP Jones.”

“And I love you (Y/N) (Y/L/N).”

nonalex headcanons (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • nona helping alex redye her hair
  • michael gave alex his old sports car, dubbed “the chick magnet.” nona and alex may or may not have made out in it once or twice
  • nona is smol and chubby. alex is tol and lanky. optimal for cuddles
  • alex doesnt like dancing all that much, but when shes in the right mood (i.e. wasted af) shes got moves. nona is thoroughly seduced
  • they like to do the lil forehead boop thing. its gay
  • nona has to pull alex down to her level in order to take selfies. alex complains about nona giving her back problems, but really, she doesnt mind
  • nona likes to get alex all flustered. its not hard. all nona has to do is wink in alexs general direction and she’ll turn red
  • theyre those Aesthetically Angsty Gays who sit on the curb in front of the circle k at 2 in the morning drinking slushies
  • (clarissa dies/is left with the ghosts ending) jonas, upon realizing nona has no one to do so, gives alex the shovel talk too. alex is confused af
  • (clarissa lives ending) clarissa makes it very known that she is ready to cut a bitch if alex hurts nona. alex sleeps with one eye open for the next couple weeks
  • alex stealing nona’s beanie in order to look like the Ultimate Lesbian while skating
  • “ugh white ppl” - alex and nona all the time around their friends
  • neither of them sleep very well after the island. they stay up talking on the phone until one (usually alex) or both fall asleep
  • nona wearing alex’s jacket. its way too big. the sleeves are too long. it goes past her thighs. help her shes d r o w n i n g
Getting a Job In High School!

I have had a part time job consistently since I was 13! It was not easy to find places that would hire that young and it was really tough to manage time at first. Because I have experience, I thought I would put some tips together for anyone else in the same situation. 


  • If you don’t have work experience, include volunteer work and extra curriculars. 
  • Explain the significance of your experience. Most employers won’t know much about volunteering or extra curriculars because they don’t have experience with that. Write a bulleted list of what your relevant responsibilities were and what skills you gained. 
  • Add sections like “awards” and “skills”, if you need to add more material to your resume. 
  • Don’t make your resume more than one page front and back. I take resumes all the time at work and it gets really tiresome reading a five page resume. Try to put only the most relevant information on! 
  • Have references ready. Even if you don’t want to include their information directly on the resume, make sure you know who can be a reference if they ask for one. You can use teachers if you don’t have job experience! 

Finding a Job: 

  • Know the youth labour laws in your state or province. Don’t bother applying for something you can’t legally do. Some places don’t let you handle cash until you are a certain age, and certain jobs are considered high risk, so people under 18 can’t apply. 
  • Ask around for places that hire younger employees! Ask your teachers and friends parents, etc. if they know of any places that hire younger people. I got my first real job when a friend’s mother told me that they hired younger than 16! 
  • Don’t lie about your age!!! It’s not worth it. 
  • Look for a job in a more casual, cash only setting. My first job was working at a farmer’s market when I was only 13. Try applying at farm stores or farmer’s markets because they don’t have as strict rules about age. 
  • Find connections. Applying at places where you can get a reference is really helpful. If you have a sibling or family friend who works somewhere, consider applying there to increase your likelihood. 

Time Management: 

  • Start working in the summer. If you start in the summer and work lots of hours, it is easier to decrease the amount of hours you want to work during school. Not a lot of places want to make a new hire that can only work 10 hours a week! 
  • Talk to your manager about workload. Discuss the number of hours you need, how to handle exams and other busy times, etc. Don’t just let the manager give you whatever they want without even trying to talk to them first! 
  • Talk to other employees who are in school. Ask them about their hours and how the manager responds to their needs with school. 
  • Ask for regular hours, if possible. 
  • Get your schedule as soon as possible. Plan your week around when you’re working ASAP, that way you won’t be surprised or frazzled when your shifts roll around. 
  • Make sure that you put schoolwork ahead of your job. Don’t avoid doing homework because you’ve been working that night. If you have a shift before a big test, try to trade it or talk to your boss. Its not worth an extra $40 in your bank account if you’re going to start letting your grades fall! 
  • If having a job is too stressful, just let it go. Some people determine their value/work ethic by whether or not they have a job. Its not that important! If you’re overly stressed or sacrificing your grades to work, its not worth the extra money or prestige. 

Feel free to reblog and add your own! 

max & jane headcanons

yep, tiny girlfriends!! some of these are aged up to high school, obviously :)

this post is long and idk how to add read mores from my phone so sorry


- max is really curious about the extent of janes powers and even though she knows its a sensitive topic she’ll ask to see janes “magic”, and jane will do something as simple as shut the door from across the room and max still thinks its the coolest thing ever

- jane loves cuddling so much,, max isnt very touchy with anyone EXCEPT jane and will wrap her arms around her lil gf and let jane put her head on her chest and they sit on the bed and watch the rain

- Dad Hopper isnt homophobic hes just skeptical of max cos he knows shes kind of a troublemaker and doesnt trust billy at all but he grows to love her and be just as protective of her as all the other kids

- max loves playing with janes hair so much like its so soft and bouncy and max cant get over it whenever she sees that mop of curls bouncing everywhere she smiles and blushes like a Fool

- in high school max joins the football team and is the only girl on the team but no one cares (lucas is also on the team) ((dustin cant believe his best friend and his boyfriend are both on the team))

- jane is so proud of her girlfriend she smiles really big whenever she sees max in her jersey and loves painting her face for the games

- also loves wearing max’s letterman jacket its kinda big and smells nice and it makes max blush really hard so ofc she wears it a lot

- anyone who looks at jane too long in a nasty way gets max’s Death Glare

- jane likes holding hands (learned the concept from will and his bf mike) and max thinks its corny but holding hands makes jane really smiley and her eyes shine so she does it

- max doest really Go to school things she just smokes under the bleachers with jane and they talk and kiss and talk about the boys

- steve, certified father, is so supportive and protective of his babies….. hes always teasing them and making sure theyre “good” and ask if anyones been giving them any trouble. sometimes he’ll make a bad joke and max says “steeeeve” in the same tone of voice a kid might say daaaaaad

- jane calls max “her zoomer” because mike told her about it and jane thought it was just adorable

- the one school event max does attend is prom and she wears a tux and jane almost dies because wow her girlfriend is so handsome…. holy sjit

- meanwhile max is also screaming because jane is just so beautiful its kind of ridiculous max feels attacked (dustin and lucas tease her for being so obviously flustered)

- dustin and lucas are maxs bffs while mike and will are janes, so jot that down

- whenever things get bad at max’s house she always sneaks out and uses a walkie to tell jane and goes to spend the night at the hoppers’

- jane is one of the few people max isnt afraid to cry in front of, and jane trusts max enough to talk about the awful experiments they did on her so overall theyre very understanding of each other and know all each others Tells for when they need to exit a situation for one reason or another

- im pretty sure i saw this on @softhanlon but max sometimes lets jane paint her nails even though its “girly”

- jane likes to count max’s freckles

- whenever billy is out, max will swipe some of his music tapes and they bike out to janes house and listen to music together

- hopper is such an embarrassing dad if he hears their music they just hear him bellow from the other room “HEY I LOVE THIS SONG” and he starts singing (dancing too) and jane gets so embarrassed but max thinks its adorable

- Stealing Each Others Shirts

- whenever max gets her own car they drive around a lot out of town just to get away from baggage and maxs family and theyll spend the day hiking/sight seeing other close towns

- max tries teaching jane to skateboard multiple times and even though she just cant get good enough at it to not hold max’s hand the whole time (neither of them are complaining about that), she really likes watching max skate

- jane gives a lot of surprise kisses shes very frank about how she expresses her feelings so if she thinks her gf is being cute Shes Gonna Kiss her

- max meanwhile likes forehead kisses cos she can kinda smell janes hair and nose kisses because jane has the cutest nose??

- theyre just really REALLY in love

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what do you mean 'done it before?'

aight story time with hero

im a teachers kid and the elementary school i went to was k-8 so i spent a lot of time there. like a lot. id spend mornings there, go to school, then id be stuck there until my parents went home so like a lot of time. i knew all the hallways and back ways and i’ve been in the teachers room and the janitor cloests i knew everything.

all the teacher kids hung out together and one of the kids, about a month before school started (we’re all stuck at school while parents work in their classrooms so we’d usually play on the jungle gym), starts talking about how they hear weird things in the backstage closet in the auditorium. backstage “closet” is the sound room for our stage. decent size. pretty much says there’s a ghost and the lot of us shrug it off and tell them its probably someone testing all the speakers and shit.

school starts and during lunch lots of kids complain about the odd noises too. teachers say its kids being kids and all us teacher kids are now intrigued.

back to school night. our school was a big outdoors type school, it was a nice night so all the parents and teachers are outside. us teachers kids climb into the auditorium to see if its actually a ghost. well. everyone is scared of ghosts. except me.

so. what does tiny, big glasses, barely five feet, 4th grade hero do?

kicks the door in, baseball bat from the pe room in one hand, lighter in the other, screaming “COME FIGHT ME YOU LITTLE BITCH”

it was a cat

Tedros spent like eighty percent of his (very important) coronation and most of the chapter talking about/looking for/asking after/thinking about Agatha and really if that isn’t definitive of his character I don’t know what is. I mean honestly, same, pal. Big Mood.

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Do you think Jim is that "worried about growing up, doesnt want to accept it yet" 16 year old or "yeah whatever I just want to graduate high school" 16 year old?

definitely the second one. in fact, i’d replace ‘yeah whatever’ with “’please god’ I just want to graduate high school.”

aside from the play, i don’t think Jim really cares about anything that happens in school except getting decent grades because we’ve seen him fret about getting homework done and studying for tests. He says so himself that his mom would be thrilled if he found something to be passionate about, leading me to believe he doesn’t really engage in school activities or with his peers because he just doesn’t care about high school life.

i think he’s shy too. according to Jim and Toby’s convo here, the first ep is the first time Jim talks to Claire, and its a big deal as Toby says because Jim is usually just pretending to talk to her in his head. Toby is Jim’s only friend, and unlike Toby the lack of popularity and connections Jim has doesn’t seem to bother him that much.

The only other classmate we see Jim converse with in a friendly manner is Eli, and they seem acquaintances at best, probably because he, Toby, and Eli are the kids that get picked on most often by Steve. which is yet another reason Jim would want to get the hell out of school.

i also don’t get the sense that Jim fears growing up aside from the normal “i have no idea what i’m doing with my life” anxiety because he already acts grown up. He’s mature for his age. He cooks, cleans the house, gets up extra early to cook breakfast for his mom and pack his mom (and Toby) lunches. He likes “mothering his mother”, he likes to be the adult per se who keeps his mom safe and happy, even if it means sometimes omitting the truth for her sake. He literally tells his mom “I don’t want you to see [Strickler] anymore” like he’s an overprotective dad scolding his teenage daughter. And he never once complains about having to sacrifice his needs for hers. For Jim “we just have to take care of each other” means “i just have to take care of you”, and that is a very adult mindset to have at 15/16, let alone younger. i get the sense Jim has been this way for a long time, since his dad left at least.

but yeah i’m pretty sure Jim can’t wait to get out of high school and move on to bigger and better things. i bet after finding the amulet high school’s become even more trivial to him. 

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w-what... please tell the story of the pasture on fire?

Ah yes. The pasture on fire. One of my favorite family stories outside of the horse being brought in for elementary show-and-tell and getting stuck in the second story of the school house because guess what horses don’t go down stairs.

I’m not a great storyteller and it’s more funny when you group it together in this terrifyingly long list of all the other ridiculous shenanigans that happened on the farm, but…

My father is one of six siblings… four boys and two girls… and he grew up on the smallest farm in a small <3,000 person village in the middle of rural South Dakota. While there were some parades and town-wide events, it was much up to my dad’s siblings to come up with their own means of entertainment. Sometimes that meant fishing, swimming, or skating on Skunk Creek; sometimes it was playing football; and then sometimes it was following The Latest Whim of the eldest brother, Warren.

Warren was brilliant. Everyone in the family is, honestly, but Warren was the person that extremely intelligent people called “smart”. He’d take apart tractor engines at a young age, figure out how they worked, all that stuff. He’d also do some more novel experiments.



Decide to build a homemade bomb.

Because that’s a smart idea.

And because all the other boys in that family had the same amount of Common Sense as Warren did… they decided that was a smart idea and decided to go along with the plan!

I’m not sure how it all happened. On one side, my father claims the bomb failed. Didn’t go off as it was expected to. That’s a good thing, given as blowing up a bomb in a pasture full of long, flammable grass probably would have caused a lot of……. havoc.

But on the other side, apparently the bomb was successful enough to… yes… catch fire to said long, flammable grass.

And suddenly we have four boys without any adult supervision at all rushing to put out the flames.

I’m sure they were rather proud of themselves when they got the job done. I think it didn’t spread that much before they doused the flames. But of course you still have… you know… blackened earth and all that EVIDENCE in the middle of the pasture. 

They blamed it on lightning. 

Because it definitely looked like lightning (no it did not).

Still, for years the boys thought they had successfully covered up the story. But what the boys thought they covered up, they never exactly covered up. Deceit wasn’t their strong point, apparently. Like another time time David tipped over the tractor (actually, he did it twice), and they thought they got away with that, but their mother found out because the boys had the sense of mind to TAKE THE FAMILY CAMERA AND TAKE PHOTOS OF THEM STANDING ON TOP OF IT.

So many years later, after the pasture had successfully been doused of flames and had since regrown its natural grass, they were talking about all the good times they had as kids. They mentioned the pasture catching on fire… then looked over to their father… and he just laughed and was like, “I sort of figured it wasn’t lightning.”

So yeah.

Caught the pasture on fire. Got a horse stuck in a school house. Knocked over the tractor. One brother punched another brother through a window once, too (apparently getting hit in the head with a football is a big enough offense for that). Brother shot my dad’s nose with a BB gun. Other firearms incidences. Nearly losing fingers to woodcarving tools. You name it.

Frankly I have no idea how they all survived into adulthood.

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which one of u fuckers is bi

it’s me @adzhe​ but I only talk about it when it comes up, which isn’t too often because I refuse to ever take the first step in relationships and the people that’ll take the lead with me are either “I bet I can make you choke on my cock you little whore” type people or big weebs

so my love life is pretty barren at this point but I’m slowly caring less and less because I’m letting school and tech shit take over my life more and more

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imagine veronica putting on jd's trench coat jacket thing and it's so big it's dragging on the ground and the sleeves are way too long. BUT ALSO imagine veronica hiding in jd's jacket when she doesn't wanna talk to anyone at school, like, she just pushes his jacket open and presses her face to his chest and he wraps fhe coat around her too

In my mind Veronica is tol and only like 5 inches shorter than jd so it wouldn’t drag on the ground but Veronica hiding in his coat is literally my aesthetic I love it

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tbh LGBT+ is, from my personal experience of sexuality/ gender theory as well as IRL talking to other LGBT+ people, basically just no CISHET. Tumblr is too disorganized to ever give a clear consensus, so I think it's up for you to decide if you feel like you can participate in LGBT+ spaces. Ultimately I do hope you feel safe & welcome in LGBT+ spaces IRL.

honestly, I feel like if I went to pride or an lgbtq club at school or any other event like that, I’m pretty certain if I said “I’m aroace!” no one would give me shit for it (unless it came off as a big “”””””””no homo””””””” because in that case it would be deserved)

but even still I’m so nervous about trying to even GO to anything lgbtq in the first place, just cause I won’t feel wanted

hey yall i know its too early in the morning to start talking about education shit but honestly? high school teachers are the worst and i know that its the beginning of the year for a lot of you and theres gonna be teachers who are just 100% pure ASSHOLES and yknow what? fuck em! they dont know you and what you do good. i got a D on one paper in my freshman year of high school bc my teacher thought i plagiarized on account that i used “big words” even though they worked in the context of the paper, and now as a college freshman the first paper i turned in is being considered for an award so when i say high school teachers who are intentionally dicks to kids can go fuck themselves, i mean they can really


really go fuck themselves.

anyway thats my rant i hope everyone has a good school year! you are all talented in your own ways and you shouldnt let anybody ESPECIALLY teachers put you down for trying to express yourself and showcasing your skills

Mini hiatus

I'm gonna be taking some time off from posting on here for a little. it shouldn’t be for too long and ill still be able to talk if anyone wants too!
but I thought you should know.
all requests are currently on hold too.
you can still ask for things though. like seriously I’ll draw anything

So one day I saw this girl,
And I thought she was pretty cute
But then my brain said to me,
‘Dude, this girl ain’t for you.
A girl can’t love a girl,
I hope I make this clear to you,
A girl can only love boys
Its the same for you too.’
I followed this for a while,
For years I stayed mute
Until one day, I heard a story
Of a girl who loved girls too.
She was called a lesbian,
A person I knew.
I called her Auntie
And I still do.
She has a wonderful girlfriend
Who I’m closed to.
This was the first time I learned
Other girls love girls too.
Then I began thinking,
Is it true?
Do I love only girls,
Am I lesbian too?
But the next day,
I took a bus to school
And on that bus was a boy
Who was pretty cute.
Then my brain said
‘Not him too.
You can’t like boys and girls,
That’s against the rules.’
Again I stayed quiet
Again I stayed mute
There was no one I could tell
In this big wide school.
Then I met a friend
Who had a boyfriend too.
But then one day she told me,
'I like girls too.
Its called bisexual,
Its when you think boys and girls are cute.’
Then I started to understand
What I had been going through.
It wasn’t until the next year
I decided to give a clue
As to what genders
I was attracted to.
I began talking to another friend,
She was bisexual too,
She understood everything I said
And helped me come through.
A few months later,
I finally wasn’t mute.
I began to tell people
What I was going through.
I came out to my best friend,
She understood
I told another friend,
Turns out she was bisexual too.
Soon I was open
But only at school.
At home I was straight,
My parents had no clue.
Until one day my mom asked
And I told her the news.
She rolled her eyes
And she told me to
Not tell my grandparents
But what would that do?
My grandma had two lesbian daughters,
My grandpa too.
But I kept quiet.
I stayed mute.
But that night the pills were tempting
I almost went through
But the very next day
I was back at school.
My mom doesn’t respect me,
She thinks its untrue
Cause I like males bodies
But I like girls too.
There’s a big difference in respect and accept
But most can’t tell you
Respect is knowing
And respected the truth
Accepting is understanding
Not caring about the truth
Because who cares that I like boys
And I like girls too.
It doesn’t make me bad
Your sexuality doesn’t make you
Your actions make up who you are
Not who you’re into
Remember this if you ever question
What gender appeals to you.

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Phantrom Troupe headcanons if they were all in school together? High school or college? If it's too many characters then just a few

My rules are only 3 characters but I can do a few more characters with one big headcanon bc this is fun:

Chrollo always has his nose in a book during class. Probably not worth trying to talk to, because if he doesn’t completely ignore you, he’ll make little “mhmm’s” and “I see’s” in hopes he’ll appease you and get you to leave. His grades are okay, it depends really on what he wants to put effort into. Excellent papers on philosophical topics of course

Phinks and Feitan are the best. It’s entertaining but dangerous to have a class with them. Feitan’s the one who usually starts it, throwing papers at Phinks in class, pushing his seat away right as he’s about to sit down so he falls, calling him a dumbass whenever he doesn’t get an answer right. And Phinks is the dude who no one messes with because he blows up too easily so obviously he’s gonna turn around and start getting into a hugeeee argument with Feitan, yelling and cursing and shit and no one can stop them so it’ll last like the whole class. It’s just so funny Phinks will answer something wrong and Feitan will just whisper from behind him “Are you fucking stupid” and Phinks will snap at him “Shut up I’ll kick your ass”

Uvo cheats off on anyone and everyone because he sleeps 90% of the time

Shalnark is always on his phone of course. Gets it confiscated quite often, but he’ll just take out another little device right afterward. Knows how to access the school’s computer system, kids pay him to change their grades and absences. He doesn’t need to change his own grades because he gets those straight As, like he doesn’t pay attention at all in any classes, but definitely at the top of the class

Machi probably has classes with a few of the boys and she pretends she doesn’t know them (except Chrollo. Machi is the only one he’ll bother talking to) She’s very intimidating, everyone is afraid to talk to her

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Could you do a Sing fanfic for Meena x Johnny? They are starting to get closer, but one day she starts coming in w/ bruises making everyone worried mostly Johnny. He talks to her family one day n he find out she had been getting bullied for a while, he looks for her n he find her she is about to get hit by one of her bullies causing him to get mad (bringing out his badass side) n threatening them. He than tells her to talk to someone and she agrees causing a sweet moment. If you cant its ok

Sure! I don’t mind dark fics but I’m not big into shipping with Sing. I kept this where it could be interpreted as romantic or platonic.

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