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I’ve been gone for couple of days since i had so much stress about school that i couldn’t really handle it all. I was supposed to have 5 tests in two weeks and every test have a really big areas to study, but i couldn’t really study. And i was supposed to have my practice job place by couple weeks too but i didn’t feel like i was ready for that yet, so that gave me super much stress and anxiety. But i talked to my tutor yesterday and she said that next week i’ll do one test, and couple weeks from now i do couple of the tests, and one test on the internet and the last one i’ll do when i’ve studied enough for it. And we made a plan that i’ll do the practice job in the summer vacation so now i have couple of months to practice everything and read my stuff so i can be ready for it. So my stress has finally calmed down and now i have time to play animal crossing and blog here so yay (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* I feel much better now °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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I just saw a thing you wrote about high school AUs and characters' ages and I guess it makes sense that it'd bother you bc of how things work where you live but if the person is American or Canadian then yeah, they've still got lots of high (cont)

(cont) school left. I graduated high school when I was 19 though ppl in my province usually finish at 18 or 17. Idk why I’m bringing this up, you probably realise this and it’s not really a big deal anyway.

o h yeah i know in like america n other places its different :0 

but the characters i was talking about are from england like me, s o that is why it bothers me a bit when people make them too old even tho if it was like america itd be fine

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timberwolf, blue bell, ruby~

Timberwolf: Movie Theatre or Netflix?
I like movie theatres cuz the screen is big, but people talk and the music is too loud so netflix. I had netflix for a month and all i watched was voltron s2 lmao

Blue Bell: Favorite Restaurant?
Theres a Restaurant called Veneno in the same town as my high school that serves the best fuckin huachinango (red snapper??) that ive had in my entire fuckin life. Also 8 F on campus bc u cant ignore those crepes my dude

Ruby: Favorite Holiday?
Christmas Eve bc its the first day of pretty much a whole week of food and loteria and family time. Good stuff. Also no stress for school bc we’re between semesters

Thank you for the ask!! (︶ᗜ︶) u r my only ho

i guess its about that time,,,

seeing as that last post i made was the first art ive posted on here in a LONG ass time, i guess i should give a bit of an update so im not just “faceless tumblr shitpost man”

I honestly have been at a kind of disconnect with tumblr for a long while since a big chunk of the people i used to follow deleted way way back like a year or two ago now, and since ive been busy with school and stuff i guess??? idk its not like im deleting or anything thats just why i dont rly talk too much, even tho i used to like all the time when i first made this blog.

lately ive been using my instagram to post my art (kinda sparingly) and talk and stuff so maybe follow me there if ur interested. I also have a twitter that i barely use except when im really bored if you really really want.

im gonna update my about i guess, thanks for takin the time to read this

A dish best served anonymously.

When I was in high school, I had a particularly awful Criminal Justice teacher. Several months before I got my braces taken off, I had to have this awful metal thing in my mouth that was way too big and made rivets in my tongue. Because of its size and how it was constantly digging into my tongue, I spoke with a lisp–I couldn’t talk without my tongue hitting the contraption.

The teacher thought this was hilarious for some reason. So he’d go out of his way to make me read out loud when we were going over worksheets. It was fairly humiliating, but I’m too much of a suck-up to actually challenge a teacher on my own behalf. The metal thing got removed and replaced with one I only had to wear while I was sleeping, and everything went on as normal.

But then came the day our poster projects were due. That morning, rain was coming down unusually hard, and I was lucky that my mom was able to drop me off by a side door. Others were not so lucky. This one guy kinda seemed lazy and would sound like he was making excuses for not getting homework done. This time, though, he’d clearly done the work, but it got ruined in the rain.

My teacher said that he was just making more excuses and gave him an F. This made my blood boil.

When I was in high school, I wrote letters to people who made me upset. I would write out everything that was bothering me, take a deep breath, and then delete it.

I didn’t delete this one.

That semester, I had access to the faculty cafeteria for some reason I don’t remember, so I put the note in his mailbox.

The next time we had class, he downright exploded.

He briefly got on the guy’s case and then proceeded to spend the rest of the semester trying to figure out who put the letter in his box. No one got in trouble (other than some of the guys getting a little bit grilled about the situation), and he never suspected me even once. That is the most frustrated I’ve ever seen a teacher, and I’m positive he will never know it was me.

Incident with Ashton’s Microphone

Okay so ever since I came on tumblr and went through my 5sos tag all I’ve been seeing is people going ape shit because Ashton’s microphone was “turned off”. But can we sit back down and be actually think what could have happened like a technical problem or problem with wiring or maybe the batteries in the mic ran out cause that happens all the time (I work with my school’s technical crew and I handle sound I know what I’m talking about) even when we do a sound check they work and we get to the performance they stop working. IM NOT HATING ANYONE WHOSE GONE AND LASHED OUT CAUSE IF THE MIC WAS PURPOSEFULLY TURNED OFF THEN I WOULD BE HELLA MAD TOO.. All I’m trying to say is that its A LOT of pressure running a show this big even when I handle sound at school it a lot of pressure cause your not just handling one person’s mic, your handle so many other little things and MISTAKES HAPPEN THINGS GO WRONG and when we are in the middle of a performance we can’t necessarily get up change the mic or the batteries or trouble shoot whatever the problem may be. So I’m not hating anyone…All i’m trying to say is that lets sit back and think through what could have happened and do you think John (their sound guy) would have purposefully turned Ash’s mic off? So lets be calm about the situation its a mistake it happened…BUT IF IT WAS PURPOSEFULLY TURNED OFF (which i don’t think the case is however) THEN A BIG FUCK YOU TO THE PERSON WHOSE BEHIND IT. 

I know I might get hate for this but I’ve been handling sound at events for 5 years I know when stuff like this happens, I know half way through mics turn off and to everyone else it looks like the mic was purposefully turned off but 95% of the time its not the case cause when a mic turns off or the batteries run out and there’s any kind of a problem with it no one can hear the person in their in-ears not even the sound people and rest of the tech support crew, so lets be kind and appreciative to their team who most likely tried to resolve the problem but couldn’t don’t let their efforts go unnoticed cause we are really important people when it comes to running shows, we handle all the lights, sound and backstage so yeah…Sorry about the rant…


Paulie wants to get fucking mad about z’s student athlete comment when its fucking true as a person whose in school student athletes are privileged AF and Paulie is too fucking high cocky big headed ass pussy ass boi. I’m tired of these white men over sexualizing women just wanted to cuddle up with her and touch all over her when she was quite and shy but now that she starts talking more u want to put her up on the block.

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I’m about to be a senior in high school and my friends are tripping because I’ve never dated. I tell them that I have my whole life where I can find open minded boys who actually like me, but they still get mad. All my life I’ve been made fun of for being dark. In middle school boys would call me gorilla. When I started high school I started using makeup, those same boys would compliment me saying “ your pretty, but too dark”. I’ve never met a boy that accepts me, or that is not obsessed with their ‘hoes’. I know good men exist out there but i’m starting to give up. All the boys that hit me up always wanna do the nasty because I have a big butt. Its really annoying and I hope my love life changes. I want someone who actually talks about real life situations and actually has ambition. Someone who isn’t afraid to be seen with his gf who happens to be dark.

you know what else has been really bothering me today!!!! the fact that so much of our time as women is eaten away by being forced to care about our looks!!! and I’m not talking abt like putting makeup on everyday because I am 100% here for that but I mean that once we hit like middle school the time we could be spending growing as individuals and discovering our passions and dreams are spent thinking if our hips are “too big” or how “ugly” our noses are LIKE ITS COMPLETE DISGUSTING BULLSHIT