its too big around the waist now

Got inspired by this… and I apologize for all the fluff omg the fluff…

Yuri is making himself a cup of coffee in the morning, wearing one of Otabek’s shirt, too short on him now but also a bit too big around the shoulders. It’s falling a bit, exposing his collarbones and leaving a silver of his stomach bare. He is wearing thick grey sweatpants too because winter is at its peak and despite the heating it’s still a bit chilly in his appartment.

He is thinking about last night, knowing that there is some bruises and bite marks covering his pale skin, he is lost in the wonderful memories of Otabek’s mouth against his skin… And suddenly there is a pair of strong arms around his waist and said mouth is pressed against the side of his neck, “Good morning.”

He knows his cheeks are turning pink, they always do whenever Otabek shows the smallest kind of affection. He feels his boyfriend’s smile against his bare shoulder and there his a low chuckle vibrating from Otabek’s chest to Yuri’s own, straight to his heart. And those lips, this smile is pressed against the heated skin of his cheek when Otabek reaches up on his tip toes to kiss him again.

“You hungry?” Otabek asks him, as he leaves him suddenly cold without the wonderful pressure of his body against Yuri’s. He walks towards the fridge and starts making them something to eat, stealing a few glances over his shoulder at Yuri’s, eyes gleaming when he takes in the flush still covering his lover’s cheeks.


A few days later, Yuri comes back home and there is a huge bouquet of flowers on the kitchen counter. Flowers of all shades of purple and it’s the prettiest bouquet he’s ever seen. Otabek is smiling at him from the couch where he was lounging, his book left open on his knees.

“What?” Yuri starts but he is speechless, his face turning red because as he forgotten something? Is it there anniversary already?

“You had a few rought days at practice, thought it would cheer you up,” Otabek says as he is walking closer, hair still damp from his shower and smelling like Yuri’s honey shampoo. 

Yuri looks at his feet, a bright smile taking over his features and his face burning up. Otabek puts a few fingers under his chin, silently asking Yuri to look at him. He is frowning a bit, concern filling his deep brown eyes, “Is this alright?” 

Yuri only nods, wrapping his long arms around Otabek’s shoulder and hugging him close, “Yeah, it’s perfect.”

Otabek frees himself from Yuri’s embrace just for a few seconds, just to press a few fingertips against Yuri’s cheeks, then he kisses it. Yuri can feel Otabek’s smile against his skin.


They are waiting in line at this nice little coffee shop close from Yuri’s flat and he is looking through his Instagram when he feels Otabek’s arm around his waist, a soft peck left at his temple. Yuri is thinking about getting an undercut but is a bit scared of the big change so, Otabek braided his hair this morning, close enough to his skull that it almost gives the same effect. Yuri loves it.

Otabek reaches up and kisses his handiwork. Yuri can feel him smile as soon as he knows his cheeks start heating up. Otabek leans his head on Yuri’s shoulder as they wait, fingers reaching up and under Yuri’s shirt leaving a warm, comforting presence against the skin of his waist.

On cue, Yuri’s skin is getting redder and Otabek starts laughing.

Yuri turns his head to look at him with a fond smile “Why do you enjoy making me blush so much?”

Otabek looks up at him, with a smile and a wink “It’s my favorite thing. That I can make the Ice tiger of Russia a bit weak.”

“Shut up!” 

Otabek shrugs, still smiling, “It’s true though, in all the years we’ve known each other, I never saw you blush for anyone else.” And he looks so proud of himself as he says those words, and he says them with a straight face like he is not ashamed of being so sappy and in love. 

“I don’t wanna blush for anyone else, anyway,” Yuri mumbles, looking at his phone instead of Otabek’s eyes because he isn’t brave like his boyfriend is. Yuri doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve like Otabek does, but he wants to try. For him.

He is rewarded by a quick kiss against the corner of his mouth because they are still in public and the coffee shop if a bit crowded but there is some stars shinning in Otabek’s eyes when he looks up at Yuri and he smiles so bright when he whispers “good” with his lips pressed against Yuri’s cheeks, “that’s all I’m asking for.”

April 1st (Fred Weasley x Reader smut)

Request: Hello, can I make a request I’m sorry if they are closed but could it be Fred x reader smut where everyone is celebrating the twins birthday and after the party reader has a surprise for him because he says he feels ‘old’ please and thank you Have a nice day goodbye.

I’m a freakin slacker. It’s definitely not April 1st. Just pretended bc I think I’ve gotten a bit better at smut. But, keep in mind I’m still learning, it’s not the best but it was still fun bc I love Fred.

It was April 1st 2017, the Weasleys were gathered around the small dining room table in The Burrow.

Molly was holding two glorious chocolate cakes that she then set gently in front of her twin sons, who looked greedily at each other then at their beautiful cakes.

They were iced thickly with thirty nine candles and due to limited space, some softly floated above the rest.

You were sitting next to your husband, Fred, admiring his longing face.

You adored the way he still bit his lip like a teenager, awaiting the delicious chocolate cake.

Fred looked young for his age, so did his brother. He was starting to get flecks of grey in his flaming hair and had a couple laugh lines, but the childlike gleam in his eyes made him look as if he were 20.

The families sang and after cake they all sat in the sitting room, passing presents to the twins.

“Ron! This is from MY store” George groaned as he opened a box of sniveling snack boxes.

You laughed as you saw a chucking Ron earn a slap on the shoulder from Hermione.

Fred was opening a gift from his mother.

“Oh… Mum, you’re so thoughtful” He said flatly as he held up a pair of socks.

“All of yours have holes in them!” She stated, she leaned close to him and you barely caught what she said.

“They’re enchanted to make the wearer do an Irish jig” Mrs. Weasley giggled softly.

Fred suddenly stood and hugged her tightly.

George was ripping open another present. His face suddenly went white as he read the note inside, yours was identical when you realized he accidentally opened your gift to Fred.

His eyes flicked over to you, wider than you’ve ever seen them.

“That’s not for you” you whispered quietly through gritted teeth.

“Thank Merlin” He sighed, though still looking disgusted at what he’d just read. “Angelina’d kill us both”

Thankfully everyone was too distracted by the present from Bill and Fleur Fred was opening to notice your little scuffle.

“Oi, Freddie, this ones yours” George said, looking glad to get the note as far away from him as possible, and tossed it to Fred after he was done thanking Bill and Fleur for the new assortment of colorful handkerchiefs.

Fred, seeing it was from you, smiled and opened the letter.

His eyes widened much like his brother but his face became almost as red as his hair.

'I have on that lacey black thing you like, Happy Birthday, Love’

Fred gulped deeply, and quickly crumpled the note and shoved it in his pocket. You knew he secretly loved it when you would turn him on in public.

He locked eyes with you, a familiar mischievous grin sliding across his face.

“There’s more.” You said, giggling.

Fred looked back down at the gift and pulled apart the tissue paper. His jaw dropped, he grabbed and brought the tickets closer to his eyes to inspect them.

“Vat are those?” Asked Fleur, curiously.

“Tickets to America” Fred said breathlessly.

“You get to go on a muggle plane!?” Exclaimed Arthur, his voice full of longing.

You and Fred did okay for yourselves but we’re never able to afford trips. You’d been saving since last year to buy them.

“(Y/N)” Fred said looking up over at you, eyes full of disbelief.

“Well, now I wish I’d kept it” grumbled George.

Fred stood and walked over to you, engulfing you in a tight, loving hug.

“I love you” he murmured over and over in your hair.

“I love you too” you said back when he pulled away, arms still around your waist.

“Where In America?” Asked Hermione.

“New York City!” Your replied, excitedly.
“I’ve never been there but I’ve heard it’s amazing”

“Is it a big city?” asked Arthur, sitting, obviously very curious.

“Very, its full of sky scrapers, lights and people”

“Confounding” he murmured to himself.

“You sure at his age, Fred’ll able to handle that?” Ron chuckled, lightly pushing his older brother.

Seeing the sharp look from Fred, Hermione whispered a threatening “Ron” through gritted teeth.

Not getting the clue as usual, Ron continued.

“I really should have gotten you some hair dye for that grey, but I guess it happens when you get old-OW!” He shouted as Hermione jabbed her elbow into his ribs.

“Well, as much as I’m thankful for you all being here I’m going to have to retire to my flat” said Fred, standing.

You could tell he was upset by the way his face twisted, trying not to show his feelings.

“C'mon Freddie, its only 10” Ron said grabbing his brothers shoulder.

“I guess my age is getting to me” Fred snapped, shrugging off his hand.

“Love you all, thanks for coming” and he aparated to your flat.

The room was quiet for a moment.

“Guess that’s my cue” You said with a chuckle, trying to clear a bit of the tension.

You kissed Hermione, Mrs. Weasley, and Fleur’s cheeks and hugged Mr. Weasley, Ron, and Bill.

“Goodnight, thanks for coming”

“Bye, (Y/N)”

Everyone waved as you aparated away.

You felt the pressure from aparatting fade as you appeared in your flat.

“Fred?” You spoke softly.

“(Y/N), You-you don’t have to worry about it, I’m fine.” Fred stuttered.

You saw him sitting in his large chair in the sitting room.

“You know he didn’t mean anything by it” You said as you walked over to him and took at seat comfortably across his lap, your legs over the arm of the chair.

Fred let his head rest on your chest, feeling the soft expansion and depression of your lungs and and the rhythmic beating of your heart.

“It’s true” he stated bluntly.

He heard your breath catch, you guided his chin to look up at you.

“Fred, it’s not true.” You said just as blunt back.

You looked deep into each other’s eyes for a moment then you lightly pressed your lips to his round, freckled nose.

He shuddered at the sensation.

“If anything I love your more with a bit of gray, it’s sexy” You whispered as you kissed his temple

“Oh yeah?” He asked chucking “You think an old man is sexy?”

“Love, I’m the same age as you, do you think I’m old?” You asked as you kissed his cheekbone.

“Of course not!” He said defensively.

He paused and looked at you.

“I’m kinda starting to see your point”

You laughed and and finally kissed his lips deeply.

He moaned softly, bringing his hand up and brushing your hair behind your ear and then rested it on your cheek.

You then moved your legs to straddle his lap.

He brought his hands down and rested them on you bum.

You deepened the kiss by dramatically turning your head, brushing your nose gently across his cheek.

You both parted for air.

You looked in his bright eyes, running your fingers though his hair.

“I guess if you’re such and old man, you won’t be able to fuck me on the kitchen counter.”

His eyes darkened, the same boyish smirk you knew since Hogwarts appeared across his face.

He stood, still holding your bum and carried you over and sat you on the counter, then immediately dipped his head down to collide his lips with yours.

Your fingers were knotted in his locks and his fingers glided under your shirt softly caressing your hips.

You felt his erection growing in his kakis on your thigh.

You brought a hand down and rubbed him through his pants, his mouth causing his breath to hitch.

He pulled from your lips and kissed down your neck, stopping to suck and nibble on your skin.

“Fuck, Fred” You moaned as he found a particularly sensitive spot.

He pulled away causing you to let out a cry, he grabbed both your cheeks with his large hands and looked in your eyes.

“I love you” he whispered, looking desperately at you, as if he were afraid you didn’t feel the same.

You replicated his movements and brought your smaller hands to his cheeks.

“I love you” You repeated.

Fred was satisfied with this and a huge smile grew on his face, his crows feet crinkling as he looked at you.

“Are you going to do something?” You asked raising your eyebrows, your cheeks starting to turn pink at the way he was staring at you.

He let out and chuckle.

“I just still can believe you’re mine”

Before you could answer he kissed you passionately, only parting for a a second for to pull your shirt over your head.

You worked at his magenta, paisley button up shirt that clashed magnificently with his red hair.

He pushed his tongue in your mouth as you slipped his shirt off his shoulders.

He explored fervently as he pulled your jeans down, revealing the tight, black, lacey panties that drove him wild.

He moaned at the sight and before you could, quickly unbuckled his belt and pulled off his pants.

He ran his fingers across your stomach as he pulled away, kissing down you chest then removing your bra, eagerly.

He sucked on your nipples, twirling his tongue causing you to let out a strangled moan.

You reached your hands down and pulled his rock hard erection from his boxers and started to stoke it up and down, feeling the pre cum dribble down your hand.

He groaned and pulled away, tilting his head back.

He slipped two fingers into your panties and felt your warm, wet heat.

“So wet for me” he moaned softly in your ear “Always so wet for me”

He entered his fingers, stretching you out quickly.

You stroked his cock faster causing him to bite his lip.

He pulled his fingers out of you and rubbed your swollen clit, spreading your juices. You writhed, bucking your hips against his fingers.

Then without warning he pulled your panties aside, still wanting to feel them when he fucked you.

You gasped at the cold air hitting you warm core.

You let go of his penis and wrapped your arms around his neck.

“Please, Fred” You begged and he rubbed his tip up and down your folds.

He entered, barely filling you, then pulled out, causing you to whine.

He loved to make you beg.

“How much to your want my cock?” He asked, his voice rough in your ear.

“I’ll do anything” you begged, trying to wrap your legs around him to pull him closer.

“Anything? I guess I can’t refuse that.” He stated and shoved into you deeply.

You both groaned loudly, the feeling of this throbbing erection buried deep inside you was like no other.

He gave you open mouth kisses on your neck as he started to thrust in and out slowly.

The pace was agonizing

“H-harder” you stuttered the command, and Fred followed orders immediately.

His pace went faster, and faster.

The sounds of skin slapping and moans of both yours and Fred’s filled the air.

You felt the knot in your stomach growing and you knew you were close. By the look on Fred’s face, he was too.

Then he hit the special place in you that gave you insane pleasure.

You screamed his name as he hit it over and over.

“I’m close, love” he said with staggering breath, his face was heavenly.

“Me too” You squealed.

You clenched around him tightly, you could feel his cock twitch and the sweet sound the left his lips as he finished inside you caused the knot to burst.

Moans fell from your lips as you leaned forward, pressing kisses to his neck and chest as you both rode out your orgasms.

When he pulled out completely, he wrapped his arms around you and pressed your chest to his in a tight hug.

You tangled your fingers in his hair and nestled your nose in his neck.

“I appreciate you a lot, and I don’t know what I’d do without you” he said, muffled from his lips being on your shoulder.

“And I’m excited for that trip” He added.

“Me too” you agreed, humming softly.

“And about that 'anything’ you said you’d do…”

You giggled.

“ Yeah, what about it?”

He looked embarrassed at you, his cheeks turning a bit pink under his freckled skin.

“Could you, um.. swing by mum and dad’s and pick up the rest of that cake?”

You laughed loudly, rolling your eyes your boyish husband.

“I got so mad, I forgot to grab it and it’d be embarrassing going back to get it after I stormed out” he said looking down at you with a small smile.

You pressed a finger to his lips.

“Consider it done.”

soccer!calum pt.2

a/n: hello! thank you for requesting a part two– this was so much fun to write and i really hope that you guys are enjoying it! i really like sports!5sos. also, i play basketball, not soccer, so all of my knowledge is from that and google. 

word count: 2200+


part one

One week until the championships. One week until the championships. One week until the championships. The words repeated themselves in Calum’s mind as he benched his last rep of his workout. His music was blaring loudly through his headphones as he completed his weekly workout routine. After four more presses, he clicked the weighted bar back onto the rack, taking a large intake of oxygen.

He grabbed a towel, wiping off his face and hands that were wet with the moisture of his sweat. He downed the last of the Gatorade that was in his bottle before standing from the workout bench. His muscles were sore, his body was tired, but he had to keep going. He had to keep pushing; not only for himself, but for his team. They were counting on him to win the championship game—or at least that is what his coach kept repeating.

Every day he practiced for four hours; two alone and two with his team. Also, those four hours were excluding the countless hours in between where he was at the gym or practicing in the park. It never stopped for Calum. Soccer was his life now, and it had been since the day he began.

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anonymous asked:

I'm obsessed with beefcake!Bucky's thick muscular abs/waist. It's just. SO BIG AND TONED I CANT TAKE MY EYES OFF OF IT. And I love that Bucky's big where Steve's small even after the serum. Like waist. Or thighs. THOSE THIGHS. Just. Ugh. I bet Steve (and Bucky too) love these differences between their bodies either. Right???

unf, GOD, yes. You are on my level, Nani.

I mean, they’re of a similar height now and I’d say their shoulder width is around the same but other than that? Steve’s still so much smaller!

Imagine him in Bucky’s clothes. Shuffling around the kitchen in Bucky’s pajama bottoms, still half-asleep and seemingly oblivious to the collective stare of his teammates on him. Everyone watching the way those pants slide low on his hips because of how tiny his waist is in comparison to Bucky’s.

Sam griping, “dear god, put a shirt on before Stark has a coronary; it’s seven am, Rogers, people can’t deal with this,” and then face-palming when Steve comes back wearing one of Bucky’s big sweaters.

Fits him near perfect around the shoulders but too big everywhere else.

…I’m now imagining this in the oblivious-couple/bedsharing universe and my heart eyes are strong.

Bedsharing and snuggling and clothes-sharing, oh my. *_________*


im tired of maintaining…at least in the winter i can hide my body in sweaters, and no one will notice if i lose more weight.. last winter i wore my latex waist trainer under like everything and would wear it for 8-12 hours a day, 5 days a week. it is too big for me now, well big enough that it doesn’t train my waist that much, so i just ordered a new one that should fit (for natural waist sizes 21-24″) - its nice to wear the latex ones during the day in the winter because they keep me warm lol

Rescue Me

Reader x Peter Parker/Spiderman

Originally posted by matthew-daddario

 "Peter fucking Parker!” 

The loud and obnoxious voice of Flash Thompson echoed down the hall of Midtown High. Peter flinched, bracing himself as two hands snatched his shoulders and slammed him against his locker. His teeth crushed uncomfortably against the gum of his cheek- which was planted firmly against the cold steel of the locker. 
 “Flash.” His muffled voice groaned. Just what he needed today.
 “So Parker. Think its funny to try and make me look stupid in class today?”
Of course this was about that. Peter didn’t see anything wrong with what he did. After all, they were simply reading Macbeth in literature and for the love of all that was holy, Thompson couldn’t seem to spit the simple words out of his mouth. 

 “Tha… thame… than…” Thompson had struggled, unable to mutter the small word. “Thane.” Peter had spat out after Thompson’s 30th failed attempt.
 “You know. Like the lord of land.”
This received an angry glare, and now it received a face plant into Peter’s grimy locker. Perfect. 

“Think you’re better than me Parker?” Thompson continued to sneer as a knee connected with Peter’s lower back, the jolt causing enough pressure to finally snap Peter’s glasses.
The frames and glass fell to the floor, and Peter gave another groan. How would Aunt May and Uncle Ben be able to pay for another pair when he just got those?
 "Quit it Flash!” A soft voice squeaked, causing both the beefy football player and Peter to pause.
 The weight was lifted off Peter as he blinked with bleary and blurred eyes at his savior- unable to see them.
“Get out of here (y/n). I don’t hit girls but I don’t mind shoving them in the right direction.”
“Get lost! Before I give you a good smack and make you lose the last few IQ points you have!”
 There was some hushed ‘ooos’ before Peter felt two soft fingers curl around his arm. “You okay there Parker?” The voice mumbled, and Peter bobbed his head in agreement. “No worries, uh?” 

Peter heard a light laugh that dazzled him, causing his breath to hitch in his throat.
 “(Y/f/n) (y/l/n). I sit behind you in your chem class.”
Peter got a mental image of you in his mind, the girl with a bright smile and flushed cheeks. Another girl that Peter reminded himself was out of his league. “Your glasses are shattered, what are you going to do?” Your voice was low and apologetic, and Peter slowly felt for his locker, that was still unlocked.
“I have an old pair. They aren’t as good but will do in a pinch.” He mumbled, his fingers finally curling around the rims of the dusty opticals. He placed them over his nose and turned back to you, to see a slightly more clear but still blurry face of you. You were holding out his old frames, and he felt his heart swell in his chest.
“Thanks for uh, that. Thompson can be pretty scary.”
“I don’t like bullies. So no worries huh?” You smiled, which once again sent another flutter of butterflies in his chest.

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Jungkook - Warm and Fuzzy

Version K.1 | Version N.2

 It was on a late afternoon when Jungkook called you out to have a ‘date’ but the said date became a small bicker between the two of you. But it was only until the clouds turned gray and droplets of rain started to pour. 

Your heart pounded against your chest as you get lost in Jungkook’s eyes, he, too was looking back at you as the clouds cry, droplets covering the whole place. You smiled at him before bursting in laughter. It wasn’t long til’ he joined. 

Laughter filled the now empty park, a laughter filled with a lost of sanity. One minute you were arguing then the next you were soaked by the rain and here you were, the both of you stood at the nearby park, laughing your hearts out. 

“Sorry for being late” you muttered.

Jungkook stepped forward as he cupped your cheeks. “Its okay. I’m sorry for making a big deal out of it." You smiled at him before you shuffled closer as he placed his hands around your waist. "I missed you" 

"Me too” you replied looking up at him as he cup your cheek with his left hand, leaning closer. Slowly the gap between you closed. His lips felt soft against yours. Your eyes droop closed as you devoured the moment, your arms wrapped around his neck, melting in his touch. 

The rain became scanty as the both you bygone in your own world. 

You weren’t one to be a romantic kind of girl, you weren’t fond of sloppy romantic movies but from that moment on you felt like you were the main character of a romance flick that was being played on a big screen. 

It felt enchanting– a kiss in the rain. Wow. 

You felt Jungkook smiled between your kiss and you couldn’t help but smile back. He finally pulled away but placed small and soft kisses on your lips. 

“What do you say we head back to my dorm and cuddle?” he offered a smile plastered on his face. 

“Sounds good” you giggled before he pulled you with him running towards the BTS dorm. 

Upon arriving Jungkook’s face lit up at the quiet dorm. No hyungs, yes! He internally fist pumped. He led you to their bedroom as he scavenged for dry clothes for something the both of you can change into. 

He tossed one of his shirts to you before he got one for himself. He headed towards the bathroom to take a shower. You waited for a brief moment before he came out of the bathroom shirtless, water still dripping from his hair to his… you gulped as your eyes followed that little droplet that escaped being absorbed from the towel he held. 

Jungkook’s lips tugged into a smirk as he watched you but soon burst in laughter when you dribbled. You quickly wiped the sneaky droplet that escaped your flooded mouth before you stood up and made your way to the bathroom pushing Jungkook out of the way. “You’re so mean” you exclaimed

“Hahahah Jagiya do you need any help getting change?” you asked as he smiled deviously.

You slapped his arm playfully and slammed the door in his face. “Stop harassing me, you perv!” you shouted, your face nearly as red as a tomato.

"Says the you who was checking me out!”

“Shut up Jungkook!” (>o<)

He chuckled before he shook his head.

When you finally got changed, you casually made your way out only to find the bedroom empty. You assumed Jungkook went to the living room so you quickly grabbed his blanket off his bed and ran to the said room and landed yourself on the couch.

Turned out Jungkook was in the kitchen and made the both of you a cup of hot chocolate. “Here you go” he said as he handed you your cup. You happily accepted it and wrapped your hands on the warm porcelain emmiting its warmth on your cold hands.

Jungkook who was now wearing a fuzzy sweatshirt sat next to you and like magnet you shuffled closer and leaned your back on his chest as his blanket kept your legs warm.

There was a brief silent in the room as the both of you sipped on your hot chocolate. Once you’ve gobbled yours you placed your mug on the coffee table and wrapped your arms around his torso as you place your head on his chest, your legs entangling with his and your eyes droop closed. “Ah~~ so comfy” you mumbled making him chuckled in amusement.

“So I replicate your teddy now?” he said as he placed his mug next to yours and run his hand on your exposed arm.

You frowned and pouted which he found so cute. “His name is Coco. Learn his name Kookie!” you scolded. “…and yes, better actually” you giggled answering his question

Jungkook rolled his eyes “Coco… alright… alright” he nodded

“Do you how upset he’d be if he found out that his daddy can’t even remember his name?”

“Do you know how jealous his daddy is cause only Coco gets to cuddle with you all the time?” he said playing along with your mini role play.

You giggled feeling warm and fuzzy on your insides. “Do you know how his mummy longed for his daddy’s warmth every night?”

Jungkook felt bad at your statement as guilt stroked him– guilty cause he couldn’t always spend time with you. “That’s why you have Coco…” he said quietly almost inaudible.

You noticed his change of tone and felt something inside you broke. “And every night I think of Coco as you”

A small smile spread across his face as he pecked the top of your head. “I’m so glad I have you all for myself right now~”

You giggled and nodded in agreement. “Me too”

“I love you jagiya”

“I love you Kookie~” you said, yawning. 

He pecked the top of your head once again before you finally dozed to your dreamland. “Sleep tight jagiya” he whispered. 

untitled (Castiel)


This is an exercise in futility, Castiel knows.

He stands, naked, in front of the motel’s door mirror, and contemplates the body he now inhabits. It isn’t too big or too small, frame average sized, muscular but taut, sharp collarbones and over-developped calves. Strong chin, big hands. Large feet. A little bit on the hairy side, especially on the crotch. He brings one hand to the—his chest and places his plam, flat and warm, against his heart. This body is now his, and he knows what it feels like to live in it, to tire in it, to hunger with all its might.

His hand goes down, thumb caressing ribs, belly, his waist. He trails the patch of hair going toward his groin and tangles his fingers around the soft curls of dark hair. It’s funny, he thinks, observing the rise and fall of his human chest, how the body doesn’t forget.

He doesn’t tire or hunger anymore. He doesn’t need to sleep, to be held. But the body asks for respite. His bones ache for rest, his skin begs for warmth.

He is less, Castiel knows.

He lives on borrowed grace, exists on borrowed time. He doesn’t fit anywhere, yearns for things he doesn’t know. He is incomplete in both his holiness and his humanity. He knows so much and understands so little.

He is Castiel, and he might be this body or he might not, but for now it’s all he has, so he watches himself, learns the little things he had never bothered to care about before.

There is a mole over his nipple, his sides tickle if he touches them too softly. His hair is thinner around his forehead and if he squints he can spot a a dash of silver or two. His eyelids are asymetric. His palms itched, that day, at the bunker, when Dean offered him food and shelter, before he was cast out. They itched for something solid, something warm.

He got neither.

Castiel is half an angel; this he also knows.

He get restless and exhausted; every once in a while he needs to stop. Rest. Eat. His body doesn’t crave for food but his mind does; a part of him still believes he is human.

And maybe he is, maybe he’s not.

Castiel is just Castiel, but who that is, Castiel doesn’t really know.

So he stands, naked, alone in a motel room, and hopes, and hopes, and hopes.

Precision || Sterek || 1, 379

So this is Jamie’s (@okamiaki) fault. They wanted dance AU and porn and like I ONLY DELIVERED ON ONE IM SO SORRY. JFC. What is this. I don’t even know. Here have ballet teacher Derek and ballet butcherer Stiles written by someone who can’t dance to save her life.

The first time Derek sees him dance; he scoffs. The music - a ridiculous beat - pushes his body into his movements and it angers Derek. He has rhythm but his hands linger, they’re sloppy. 

It’s irritating. 

He’s not supposed to be here, Laura’s class finished more than half an hour ago and Derek’s was about to start. He doesn’t teach beginners and this boy is most definitely a beginner. 

Derek doesn’t think about the harsh swirl of his hips that night and the way long hands ran over his pale thighs.


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Awed - 4 :M:

BTS - V (Taehyung) series
Warnings : Contains mature content, also slang words.
Genre : Angst,fluff,smut, all mixed up XD

None of you uttered a word till you guys reached home. 
“Be in your room and wait like this. Daddy doesn’t like being disappointed.” Taehyung whispered in your ear as you opened the door entering your house.
Mom and dad were out on a dinner date and Taehyung was surely going to take advantage of that. 

You were sitting on your bed swinging your legs back and forth in nervousness. 
What is he going to do? Is he going to wreck me like his ex?
You started thinking of all the possible scenarios, you were preparing yourself for the worst.

“So kitten are you ready to receive your punishment?”Taehyung made his way to your bedroom and straight away walking to your bathroom. “Come here kitten” he removed his tie in one swift motion. You quietly made your way to stand in front of him “Hands in front” he ordered and you obeyed. Tying both your hands together he removed your dress. Running his hands from your face till they reached your waist admiring your beauty. “Such a turn on you are kitten” he roughly turned you around making you bend over the counter. his hand making its way from your back to steady itself on your right butt.
*Spank* “This is for not listening to daddy earlier” he said while running his hand on the red spot now created. *Spank* “This is for teasing daddy by swaying those hips in front of me”
*spank* “For cussing on daddy even after his warnings” you could not control the stinging sensation any more, his hand prints on your butt were sure to be present for days.
“Tae that hurts…please..I even have class tomo- ” you were interrupted with another spank now on your left cheek “That’s for disobeying daddy right now” his hand now bundling up your hair “Listen carefully to what daddy says now kitten” he pulled your head back roughly to whisper in your ear with his deep voice “I don’t care what class you have tomorrow, I’ve reached my limit and now you’re going to be a good girl for daddy and take this cock. Do you get that kitten?”

“Yes Tae” you were starting to get wet.
Am I seriously starting to enjoy this?
*spank* “Yes what?”
“Good girl” he slides your panties down “Are you starting to enjoy this kitten?” he asked noticing the wetness surrounding your heat as he pushed his finger inside you feeling how tight you were.

“You are lucky we don’t have much time kitten, otherwise I would’ve made you beg for this cock to fill you up” you could see in the mirror how he had already undid his pants, now sliding his boxers down freeing his erection. 
“Like what you see kitten?” He dragged your attention to his face plastered with a smirk.
He slowly guided his member into you, inch by inch filling you up to the hilt.
“Hm..” you moaned now resting your head and hands on the counter. As he slid out, you whimpered feeling the emptiness , you lifted your head to tell him to just fuck you already but you found a more furious Taehyung his eyes filled with anger.  
“So that piece of shit you dated earlier, got lucky ha? he asked slamming back in you with full force. Well fuck.
“Daddy!” you screamed in pleasure and pain.

He didn’t show any signs of mercy while he picked up pace and started to pound into you like a madman.  
He continued to thrust in and out of you while he hit your left cheek again ,this time for grinding on jungkook.
He pulled your head up making you look in the mirror the way he was pounding into you , his eyes filled dominance while sweat covered his hair with one of his hand resting on your hip and the other gripping your hair. The sight making you tighten around him.

“Oh you like that kitten? Seeing daddy fuck you hard and good.” he pulled you close to him whispering in your ear. “Do you feel me deep inside your cunt kitten?”
“Yes daddy..It..feels so goo..od..don’t stop “ you moaned out loud feeling the knot starting to form in your stomach. 
“Did that piece of shit make you feel this good? Would Jungkook have been able to fuck you like this? Answer me kitten”
“No..daddy. can..make me..feel this good.ah” you could barely speak and once again bent forward to support yourself by gripping on the counter.

Taehyung continued to ram into you ruthlessly as he soon found his high moaning out your name with a Fuck you feel so good around me. You felt him place open mouthed kisses on your back as he moved the strands of your hair to the side. You wiggled your legs for friction as you needed to cum so badly but to your dismay he pulled out. 
“What the hell Tae- “
“That’s for not letting me have your first time kitten”
“Tae please” you begged but he simply started pulling his boxer and pant back on. “That’s what you get for disappointing daddy kitten, now wash up before your parents are back “ after untying your wrist ,he just left you there alone frustrated to get a realise.
You were left with no choice but to pleasure yourself in the shower.
Before falling asleep you thought of ways for making him pay for this.
Well two can play that game tall bitch.

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