its tomorrow and im gonna try and sleep now

so anyway im gonna be trying to do an actual animation meme aND DO IT WELL AND KINDA ORIGINAL TO THE THE OTHER VERSIONS OF IT (HOPEFULLY) tomorrow

okay gnight

 @thereal-queenk u can stop telling me to sleep now ily

(also @fedrastuff is the other person i’m drawing in this animation, which, honestly why smh u wont get on discord u ween I HOPE YOU APPRECIATE THIS ANIMATION WHEN IT’S DONE)

and this looks really weird for now okay but its a sketch and literally only one part of THE FULL TH I NG 

hey im gay and also an idiot who drank a bunch of coffee late at night. how will i sleep? also im horny also its gonna be cold tomorrow so im fucked cause i have very limited warm clothes but i will figure it out. i have an idea rn but idk if it will Work. actually i will try it right now and see.