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The school bus did not come today. Even after getting a phone call confirmation on Friday from district transportation and an email from the attendance officer (of the spiked hair incident) yesterday morning.

Y'all know how much work it is to get three kids up, dressed, fed and out the door at 6:30, to walk two blocks and entertain them for 30 minutes while I keep saying “it’s probably on its way.” Oh and I had the dog with me too. And it’s garbage day.

At 7, I called it a miss and we walked two blocks back home, and I told everyone they got a fruit snack for being good sports. I mean, for my kids, changing routine and difficult is hard, so over the weekend we’d talked about the bus a lot. The Barbie fruit snack was a good distraction to get us to school with only one minor meltdown this morning.

This is the third time the bus has not come.

I travel for work a lot in the coming weeks. My visual impaired mom will walk the kids to the bus stop, but if the bus doesn’t come, how will they get to school? More importantly how will my mom survive all day with Bee? Her behavior is so, so difficult.

Happy President’s Day.

Episode 5 Predictions

Silver meets with Julius to try to broker a deal.

Flint and Madi may go to the maroon village for maybe Madi to get counsel and Flint to get the treasure and something happens.

Billy is going to do something else stupid

Woodes getting close to dying. Eleanor and Max got a plan and Max runs off on a horse

Jack and Anne for some odd reason come back to Nassau. God I hope not. I prefer that itd closer to canon and Anne gets away.

Oh, HANDS!!!! Oh yeah, its his time to play the other devil on Silver’s shoulders

i really need to find a balance in responding to dumb comments.

you know how you get roped in to people being stupid and all that? yeah. i need to work on not giving them the time as day as much. when people don’t read the description or call a mix “cancer” or whatever.

also i got called stupid and a dick for calling out their stupidity but i never resorted to calling them names back because i try to set an example but i really need to keep to the “thanks for watching! :)” response and not give into what they want. while it doesn’t actually ruin my day or anything it builds on my anxiety and that’s the opposite of good.

but i’m also a stubborn prick so i need to work on that LOL.

why do i even get porn bots following me!? i don’t even post naughty stuff!? ..i kinda don’t post anything but hush!!…i’ve been very tired from work, 10-12 hour shifts constantly gets to you.

BUT on a positive note i’ve got the up to date software for sketchbook pro and its quite snazzy, it even has animation about that eh? some possible animated stuff in the future (once i figure out how to do it)  but no i feel this software is the thing i needed to pop my art drive back into gear. =‘D 

so…here’s hoping i can start posting and keeping regular posts…if i get time, and have the energy. 

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  1. Little Queen of Spades - Robert Johnson
  2. Bad Before Good - Day One
  3. Cool Jerk - The Capitols
  4. Verso e Proso - Hans Zimmer (The Holiday Soundtrack)
  5. The Kids Aren’t Alright - The Offspring
  6. Defense Preparations - John Williams (Saving Private Ryan Soundtrack)
  7. One Jump Ahead - Brad Kane (Aladdin Soundtrack)
  8. She’s Got You High - Mumm-Ra
  9. I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclaimers
  10. Miserere - Ennio Morricone (The Mission Soundtrack)

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Raise your hand if you got all these cool goals and ideas you wanna do that keep winding up on the back burner because the daily grind of Life in General™ exhausts you, making it near impossible not to give in to simple, cozy pleasures instead

rowana-renee  asked:

How many cookies would it take to bribe you into telling me a story, Bucky? They're homemade, and any story will do.

all of them. i will tell you the story while i wait for all of the cookies.

once upon a time, a little shit decided to go fight nazis. 

usually when i start a story that way, its a steve story. but this time its a me story.

i too fought nazis, my friend, and it was not fun at all.  it turns out nazis dont like being fought, and will fight back. this caused us a great deal of stress and trenchfoot. 

as you may or may not know, my nazi fighting buddies were called the howling commandoes. we had a reputation as being ‘howling mad’ which most people assumed is where our name came from. 

it is not.

so shortly after we’d signed up as steves unit, we got sent out on a sort of breaking-in mission. it was supposed to be a pretty routine just-behind-enemy-lines gig, mostly to see how we’d do as a team. at that point, we were the first ‘integrated’ squad under american command, so they wanted to be sure we were up to snuff. basically they sent us a few miles into a relatively lightly-fortified occupied area to blow up a few supply trucks. it went pretty smoothly. we were still getting to know each other, a bit. we’d met in the hydra camp in austria and bonded pretty well there but it wasnt like we were sitting around doing icebreaker questions. so on that first mission we spent a lot of time chatting, getting a better feel for each other as people. like summer camp, but with more potential for death, and shooting of nazis, explosions, and overgrown science experiments in spangly pants. 

so maybe not like summer camp at all.  i wouldnt know, i never went to summer camp. 

anyways, we blew up the supply trucks and we were headed back towards base when we came across a nice little stream. most of us were pretty dirty, so we agreed to take a few minutes, strip down and wash up. the area we were in was supposed to be secure; it was a slightly disputed border area, but it had been safely in allied hands for months. probably it wasn’t the smartest call, but sometimes you get dirt places you never wanted dirt and are willing to literally risk death to get rid of that dirt. 

we left our gear in a little stand of trees on the far side of the stream and washed up. 

at this point, dumdum dougan was establishing his reputation as the Toughest Guy Ever, which was a rough gig when one of your squadmates is captain america, who literally walks off bullet wounds like a moron. nevertheless, dumdum had the mustache and was determined to be the manliest man around, so when the rest of us got in, clean, and back out as fast as we could manage, because the water was freezing, dumdum decided to prove how macho he was by pretending he wasnt cold at all, and the rest of us were wimps. 

naturally, the rest of us thought he was ridiculous. we were all pretty much dressed and good to go, and dumdum was still sitting in an ice-cold stream in april, bragging about how tough he was. i, being a little shit, covertly suggested we play a little prank. 

so the rest of us finished gearing up, then grabbed his things and started running. his pack, his gun, his boots…all his clothes except his hat, which was hanging off the handle of a knife he’d stuck in the tree. we knew he’d stop to get the hat, and that gave us a head start.

as soon as we started running, dumdum came out of the stream after us, and as expected, stopped to get his hat and knife. we had a decent head start, and he was yelling at the top of his lungs after us. we were all laughing our heads off, because he looked like a complete idiot, running after us brandishing a knife, in nothing but a bowler hat. 

unbeknownst to us, a nazi squad had been sneaking through the woods ahead of us, and were setting up an ambush on one of our transport trucks. they were all tucked away in the underbrush, waiting for the transport to get close enough, and had just popped out of the shrubbery and fired their first couple shots.

which was approximately when a ragtag-looking, still-wet group of cackling maniacs led by the bastard child of paul bunyan and lady liberty burst out of the treeline, being chased by an angry naked man in a bowler hat with a knife. 

there was a very long moment when everyone stopped shooting at everyone else and stared at us. 

and then everyone went back to shooting at everyone else.  but the ambush was angled to ensnare the transport coming up the road. we came from behind them, and they had pretty much no cover from our angle. as soon as we realized we’d run into a combat zone, we dropped the gear and started shooting. steve used the dinner platter of justice and cleared out about four nazis at once, and dumdum got the worlds unluckiest nazi with his knife. poor guy. there’s not a whole lot worse than your last sight on earth being a naked dumdum dougan.

 we’d unintentionally provided a perfect distraction, and the transport had time to regroup and return fire. between us, the ambush was taken care of in a few minutes. 

but the thing was, we’d broken protocol by stopping to wash up, and as a shiny new unit still on probation, the last thing we wanted was to tell anyone what had actually happened. 

so instead we told them that we’d known about the ambush and had decided to provide a distraction, and were just crazy enough that we thought the best way to do that was run howling straight into it. dumdum’s nudity was explained as a personal preference: the man just likes fighting nazis naked, sir, and you cant say it wasnt effective??

naturally, the story went everywhere and got bigger each time it was told. probably we should have gotten in tons of trouble but the story was such a morale booster that they let it slide. 

and thats why we were called the howling commandoes. 


Erin being a Badass Action Hero ™ + Abby’s heart eyes (Ghostbusters)

Twenty-One Questions - Peter Parker

Words: 6,320 (sorry its super long, I got carried away)

Warnings: Unedited, very mild makeout session (;

Paring: Tony Stark’s Daughter x Peter Parker

The Avengers compound was quieter than normal Saturday night. The television flickered in the corner as the men switched flipped back and forth between NFL games. Natasha and Wanda chatted amongst themselves ignoring the sporting event like it was their job. Shouting resulted to a bare minimum much to the surprise of the young teenager propped on the kitchen bar stool. Peter Parker had been apart of the Avengers for a little over three months and never in his time apart of the team had he witnessed them so lifeless. The Avengers slumped around like deflated balloons lacking interest in all activities.

A soft sigh fell from Peter’s soft lips while he pushed himself off the metal seat. His warm brown eyes fell to the watch fasten around his wrist. 10:06, Aunt May would expect him home by midnight but with the lack of activity, calling it a night didn’t seem like such a horrible option. Peter was use to hating the time that rolled around when he was forced to take the long haul back to his apartment. The train rides were sketchy, the walk in the cold was gruesome, and the local New York civilians had a tendency to be the most bitter people in the world. But out of all the things Peter hated about having to leaving the tower, Y/n was by far the most.

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[Wadanohara and the great blue sea - TRUE ENDING ]

Good ol’ days of amazing games.. 

when the writers take 3 steps back on hunks characterization and reduce him to a bunch of food jokes

when the writers kill off ulaz and thace after such minimum screen time after making them compelling and beautiful characters we actually got attached to

when the writers completely forget about lance in general

when the writers made slav ta-

my love is strong (i know yours is too)

by strong

Outside, the sky is a light grey that reminds him of the days where snow falls thick and coats the world in a thick layer of vanilla icing. He wants to believe that those days are coming soon, but with the unseasonably high temperatures, his heart refuses to let the hope dig its way too far into him. The garden is a forest of scraggly bushes, knee-high grass, and violet buds that Louis can appreciate but not name. Soon enough, he finds himself craving a shot of nicotine. Normally he avoids smoking when he’s here, especially in the house, but, since he’s alone, he swings the door open and lays back, plucking at the strings as he hums around a cigarette. He blows the smoke outside, watching it curl until it becomes too thin and disappears with the clouds.

“If you don’t post this photo, I’m going to,” a voice echoes in the hollow space. When it reaches Louis’ ears, he nearly drops the cigarette into the guitar. His wide eyes catch on the phone Harry lowers and tucks into his pocket, then follow Harry’s movements until he’s pressed right against Louis’ back. Suddenly it feels as though they’ve never been apart. “Hi. Can I have a hit?”

aka a behind-the-scenes look at louis’ recent harry-esque post on insta

Anon: so I was rewatching flower bromance episode where jin & jimin react to jungkook’s “date” with shinhwa’s minwoo. and I realized jimin always had his own comment about jungkook, like “no, he’s not like that though” or “he only does that to me”. of course jungkook’s relationship with each members are different but it’s more like kook/min always have their own private time where other members don’t… 

Yes, I noticed that too! And they both do it all the time. It’s like they have this constant need to one up or remind other people that they know more about each other than the rest. Jimin is dead serious when he says he’s confident in knowing the most about Jungkook. And he’s right, he has two awards to back it up. But JK also does it too, even if he gets it wrong, he’s really enthusiastic about shouting out the answer anyway  (he got Jimin’s exact height wrong by 0.1 cm..).

Honestly, even in group settings they focus on what the other is doing/saying at all times. Like the fact that Jimin knows what JK does every morning as soon as he gets up, while the others had no clue.. even though they all live together. You can even see it action when they’re on camera. Jimin was telling everybody that his favorite number was 3 and JK got all excited and said something like “oh, mine’s 13!” Nobody cared except Jungkook.. like that shit legitimately made him happy. That’s freakin’ adorable.


To the Park Chanyeol who usually holds in his tears. To the Park Chanyeol that is labeled ‘happy virus’ and 'teeth rich’ for his ever bright and smiling face. To the Park Chanyeol who works so hard for the people around him. To the Park Chanyeol whose name gets slandered, who gets hate and criticism and only apologizes and promises to work harder. To the extremely talented Park Chanyeol who deserves the world: It’s okay to cry sometimes, because we will always have your back and we will always love you. I hope you know that.

even now i’ll sit back sometimes (like.., today) and reflect on the fact that alphys - the exact sort of non-protag whose narrative would 9 times out of 10 shaft or diminish her or carelessly impinge on realizing her potential bc she’s not ~The Right Type for that - not only got a sympathetic portrayal that alternated between funny and sweet and sad and thoroughly gut-wrenching, it’s also super easy to make the “meatiest and best-written character in the whole damn game” argument for her

like. i’m so used to characters like alphys being relegated to joke and plot device status and yet here she is in ut, being complex and fleshed-out and integral and getting the girl holy shit. she’s not let down by her narrative and that still makes me ridiculously happy