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wait idk how clear im being, re: these posts im making, bc sherlock is trans in my parentlock their baby is always biologically both of theirs to me and i imagined that as being their faces mixed together with curly reddish brown hair which is…EXACTLY what baby sherlock looks like IM LOSING MY MIND GKDJFKSKSKFLS

not sure if anyone’s mentioned this yet but, as we know 2017 is the 130th anniversary of the publication of a study in scarlet, when holmes and watson first met. but it wasn’t published in book form until 1888. meaning that if you count the book publication date instead, it’s really the 129th anniversary. our sherlock and john met on january 29th. 129 years. 1/29.

if we get the “lost special” this sunday then that means we’d be getting johnlock confirmation on 22/1 (in the uk) which we already know is a clear reference to 221b. but it could also be considered to be on the year of their 129th anniversary, a reference to the date our john and sherlock met, 1/29.

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Omg why are americans obsessed woth la gasolina?? I lived there for four months and i heard it everywhere, made me nostalgic lol

I.DON’T.KNOW. I genuinely don’t, but give any white American half an excuse to play “La Gasolina” and they will fucking take it. I think it makes them feel ethnic lol. 

I’ve been here since 2009 and I’ve probably heard it more times since I landed from pure bred white Americans than I did growing up and that’s saying a lot because that song was played on a loop for about 2 years straight in every radio station back home. The rest of the world outgrew it…Americans haven’t. I’m dead serious when I tell you that I’ve never gone to a wedding, college party, dance, graduation, or event where more than 3 of them are assembled in the same place where that shit hasn’t been played promptly the moment the “Drunk Time On The Dance Floor” part of the night hits.

I’m going to go and try to look at this in a positive note and might go back to editing videos again since im not really feeling drawing anything,,, for the meantime,,,,,,

AN: And just when I thought I couldn’t get any more cheesy, my desire to write something for the fabulous, inspiring @awwheartno lead to ‘snuggles’ and ‘special night’ lead to ‘anniversary’ and then you got this and… yeah. Have some Hawkshock. Or Hawktaser. Taserhawk? Whatever it is. Have some of it. And then have some of Miin’s writing, because it’s way way better and she’s an inspiriation and I’m glad we have her in Darcyland.

Picture AN: The sweets up there are called “Mozart Kugeln” (Mozart Balls. I kid you not). They’re delicious and a specialty and I always get heaps of them when I go to Austria. If you ever get there, get some, too.

Length: 2.400 words

Title: After All – Dar Williams

Day 3: And now I laugh at how the world changed me

Jetlag is a terrible, terrible thing. Even two days after the flight. Darcy swears every muscle in her body feels strained, and she is tired with every fiber of her being. From how she feels, she should have gotten a party or two out of it. Nights of watching movies and drinking, at least. A “Pizza + Star Trek”-Marathon. All things she hasn’t done in a bit that she should probably do again. Instead of feeling groggy from having sat down in a plane.

Be that as it may, the annoying sound of the alarm forces her to realize that jetlag was a thing that got worse with age. She doesn’t remember feeling like that after she and Jane had moved to London from Puente Antigua over a decade ago. Bloody hell.

“What time’s it?” Her words come out barely intelligible, and the fact that her face is pressed into a shoulder doesn’t help. An amused chuckle is her reply. Asshole. To be amused at her struggle.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” her husband says, and she feels his scratchy beardy kiss on the top of her head.

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get-thee-to-a-shrubbery replied to your post “theres this one part of black hole/ green sun that whenever i hear it…”

it’s the record scratch isnt it

no its actually the violin part where we first see rose and dave arise from the green sun explosion idk why but that part hits me really hard

A Song(Poem) About CJ For His Birthday

(And also because I’m gay)

Lemon Drop Love

Lemon tea
Sweet with honey
What a beautiful thing to be made by the bees

Lemon drop
Please never stop
For you I’d walk across seas

My lemon drop love
You ease my pain
Oh so bittersweet
My lemon drop love
You make my heart
Skip a beat

Lemon love
The stars above
Burn brighter because of you

Lemon lime
Every time
You speak I no longer feel blue

My lemon drop love
You ease my pain
Oh so bittersweet
My lemon drop love
You make my heart
Skip a beat

And also I’m really gay