its the way he says it omg

The next time you watch FOTR, I highly suggest putting the subtitles on after Gandalf enters Bag End so you can read what Bilbo is saying in the background.

Gandalf: *discovers the map Bilbo has treasured for 60 years as a remembrance of his life-changing adventure*


EDIT: Please be aware this is not my usual content!!! It was a one off photo my dad took while we were on holiday that started spreading. DO NOT FOLLOW ME EXPECTING MORE FLUFFY COWS OR CUTE THINGS!!! I AM A FANDOM TRASH BLOG. SORRY.

So, I realised I never posted any photos from when I went to Scotland a few months back now. I started going through my pictures, and I found this.


Highland cows are best cows <3

I finished it! It was so good! And totally worth waiting for! 

Things I loved about it! Beware; it’s long. 

- The gang felt like actual friends. They teased, talked, fought with each other but this season, especially, it was clear that they all really love each other. 

- Snotlouts anxiety. This was heartbreaking but so important for his character development.

- Ruff and Tuff getting sh’t done. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still dumb but I enjoyed seeing them do things instead of just saying funny things. Especially when Ruf didn’t buy their cousins stories or when Tuff went after the map instead of Macy. 

- Heather and Dagur. I don’t particularly like Heather that much. I feel like the previous seasons were too focused on her. And she kinda bored me. But It was nice to see them together, finally. 

- Hiccstrid! I mean duh! And no, it’s not because it’s all that matters in this series. But mostly because it’s canon in the movies and it shouldn’t have happened this late but I’m glad we finally got it!

- Speaking of, I love Hiccstrid because how they are as a couple. They actually talk to each other! (Imagine that) They don’t have this fairy tale love ( nothing wrong with that but it’s nice to see something different), they’re warriors and their relationship feels so real. I loved in “Blindsided” when they argued like an old married couple and I love the sneaky touches they share when they think no ones’ watching. It’s those little things. And I LOVE THAT THEY’RE FINALLY OFFICIAL AND I CAN’T WAIT FOR THEM TO TELL STOICK!  

- The midnight sun episode had me cracking up and deserves its own spot on this list. I loved drunk Astrid, paranoid Fishlegs and Mood swing Snotlout. Cracked me up.

- “Blindsided” This is not about Hiccup and Astrid (this time) But about Astrid. Even though she went blind she totally kicked ass. It was sad to see how sad she was when she agreed to sit out but it wouldn’t be Astrid if she did so she found a way to fight despite it. I loved it and I love her!

- “It will always be Hiccup and Astird.” omg.

- Snotlout saying “Hiccstrid.” I mean… of course he did.

- “This changes everything” at the end. So pure. 

- Toothless and Hiccup under water had me crying. I ‘m glad that we got some more Toothless this season. I hope for a full episode of only Hiccup and Toothless next season because we haven’t had that in a while. But Hiccups. “I wouldn’t leave you either” broke my heart.

- Stoick and Hiccups relationship. 

- Overall I feel like this season had the characters more connected to each other. They talked, joked more than they have done before. That is what makes this show, because it’s the characters that does it. 

- I’ve been a little bothered over the fact that Hiccup seems to have lost his sarcasm. But this season it didn’t bother me as much because the poor dude is under a lot of stress and it wouldn’t be strange if he changed a little during this season. He’s a little more serious cause more is at stake. He did have some funny lines this season but I understand if they wanted him more serious. (But bring it back next season cause I miss my sarcastic little idiot!)

- Wow, this is long. But I loved this season so much. 

- Ruff and Tuff’s morning show. I mean, obviously. 

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so it’s already canon that alec lightwood loves shakespeare (him saying ‘et tu, izzy?’ in season 1, a quote from julius cesar, as well as izzy saying when talking about distracting demons. “and demons don’t exactly like shakespeare, alec” as if alec actually attempted to distract a demon by reciting “shall i compare thee to a summer’s day?” which is HILARIOUS)

alec just loves reading???? the institute has a huge library and when he was younger he would go in there and just READ and he still does after training or after a meeting and he loves the classics like wilde and chekov and tolstoy and often quotes phrases from books or plays like every single day

especially with magnus???? always quoting romantic literature to his love like legit magnus will be on his balcony and will hear “but soft!!!! what yonder light through window breaks???? it is the east and magnus is the sun!!!!” and magnus looks down to see alec waving his arms and beaming at him and magnus cant stop laughing as alec climbs the fire escape dramatically, yelling romeo’s monologue the whole way up.

he also has a designated “book nook” at the institute where only approved members can enter and it has a bunch of pillows and fairy lights its super comfy and cozy and he’ll meet weekly with like magnus and aline and helen and they’ll discuss books and plays!!!!

and alec legit loses it when magnus says he’s met with or knew one of his favorite authors and he cries like actual tears while listening to magnus’ stories about them

I could go on forever about this omg

100 ways to say it (and it’s never enough)

series of 100 word drabbles based on this list | masterpost



I smell it as soon as I enter the flat. The rich smell of the curry from my favorite shop. I’m about to thank Penny when Baz walks out of the kitchen holding two takeaway boxes and a bag of what I’m hoping are samosas.

“Merlin, Baz. What’s the occasion?”

He shrugs. “Just because.” As he sets the food on the table I rush forward until I’m in his space. He looks down at me, surprised. I grab his face and pull him into a kiss. When I move back he’s gaping. “What was that for?”

I grin.  “Just because.”

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2/?? Sorry for spamming you a bit ahead of time but I wanted to kinda fill your inbox w/ some inspiration? OK! So I was thinking of a couple things. 1st - Sweet fluffy relationship hc's for Shiro, Keith, Hunk, and Lance. Or if that's too many, just Shiro and anyone lmao. What's the general vibe of the relationship like? Are they scared at the beginning? What personal things do they share with them? What do they like doing with them mostly?

If you think you can handle the amount of fluff my body is able to hold than so be it


-Shiro does not like the word relationship. It scares hims senseless cause he feels like it comes with this impossible standard he wants to hold himself to but feels he is never good enough

-That being said his s/o will become his rock, the one he turns to at night when things get rough. He may not exactly tell them what is wrong cause he doesn’t want anyone to feel burdened by him but he will seek them out to keep him company

-On those nights he will ramble about his life, his childhood and the things he misses from Earth. All the things he hasn’t shared with the other paladins cause he wants to be their immovable force, their leader who can handle anything

-He is a master at board games, mostly old fashion things like chess, checkers and card games. He finds it keep his mind occupied and sharp and well it is a nice one on one activity that gives him an excuse to spend more time with s/o

-He is just super old fashioned that he probably wants to take them out to fancy restaurants, for long walks, museums and buy tickets to charity events for them to attend


-The relationship is super casual and neither of them even realize what it really is til someone else, probably Lance, points out that literally everyone in the entire universe sees them as a couple but them

-Labels don’t mean much to them but it does feel kind of nice once its established cause some how it just seems natural to the two of them

-Its lots of not really doing things together but doing their own thing in the same vicinity as each other. Like Keith will be working out and s/o will seek out where he is and sit there to read their book or play their game or whatever

-And they don’t realize it but they are always together. It just kind of happens and Keith doesn’t even realize it until suddenly s/o isn’t there and things feel wrong it makes him anxious but he can’t figure out why

-When he does figure it out he is super flustered by it cause he has been by himself for long and took a weird pride in being a lone wolf but now he wants someone around? What a wuss … but he loves it

-He slowly starts to open up to s/o, it usually happens late at night where he is almost delirious from not sleeping and pushing himself to hard and he just wants to talk about everything but s/o finds it super endearing

-When he wants to get away for a bit he takes s/o and they go on a long ride is the red lion. Sometimes its silent, just enjoying the stars and sometimes he rants and raves but either way they always come back feeling much better than when they left


-This relationship is super silly and at skins deep seems shallow but they often surprise their friends with how close they really are

-They love to make each other laugh. Lance especially loves to make s/o laugh cause really??? Have you heard them laugh??? Its so great omg hold on one second and I will make them laugh and you will love it!!!!

-They are the hand holding, ironic matching t shirts and pointing at random things and saying “look its you” couple

-Biggest bonding moments is over stupid dares and seeing who can push each other the most

-And of course also when either one expresses any sort of self conscious thoughts its time for cuddles and “how dare you talk about that way when you are an angel. I will fight whoever made you sad even if it was yourself”

-They are just really a bright spot in each others life and really need it when everything else can be so dark and dreary and while others may see it as nothing but silly its actually really important to have someone who they don’t have to worry about making a fool out of themselves in front of


-He always had a crush on his s/o but had to be literally forced into asking them out cause he never thought that such a perfect person would ever be interested in him no matter what the signs have said to disprove this. After that first date it becomes hard to imagine a point when the two weren’t together

-They are the hand in each others pockets, unironic matching t shirts and pointing at things saying “Oh look its you! Oh wait nope you are much cuter/sweeter” couple

-The definition of relationship goals tbh

-Like if they had an instagram it would be a shared one where they post pictures of them doing every day domestic stuff and just being adorable together. People would eat it up

-He just wants to do everything for his s/o cause he wants them to be as happy as possible and they deserve the world and he wants to make all of the problems they have ever had go away

-Their perfect nights involve food network, lots of snacks and yelling at the contestants about how they are idiots and what they should have done

-They probably make their friends disgusted by how sweet they are by each other. Like it gets to the point the team wonders if they even remember each others names cause they always use sickly sweet nicknames for each other instead

-Also Hunk makes it his duty to live out every romcom cliche in his dates so there is that to look forward to

-Its just all full of love and communication and wanting to be the best for each other


“Thank you for stopping me from shooting him.”

“You did that on your own.”

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May I request how it's living with sting, gray, rogue, laxus and natsu? 🌚 p.s:i love the way you write them it's so accurate omg

ofc u can have this ;0c
(ty for saying u like my writing ily)
sorry i’ve been dead as well….. schools rough

Sting Eucliffe:

  • he’s extremely messy to live with, seriously clothes are left everywhere as well as his bed not being made on a daily basis, don’t go into his room if you hate seeing messes
  • as much of a mess he is, he’ll clean up the place if you tell him too to the best of his ability, even though it might be really bad; trust me he’s trying his hardest
  • cooks as well though and is [surprisingly (or not)] really good at it, he’ll make whatever you want, the sky is the limit when this boy cooks; almost like everything he makes is gold.

Gray Fullbuster:

  • get ready to pick up piles and piles and piles of clothes from this boy because he leaves a lot laying around the place, he doesn’t mean it though he’ll try and pick up after himself after you tell him off
  • the type of roommate where you can come into the house and just lay next to him with your head on his shoulder because of a shit day, he’ll know not to say anything and is super comforting when needed
  • he mostly spends his time reading so don’t be surprised if you see him falling asleep with a book over his face and (sometimes) reading glasses messed up on his face

Rogue Cheney:

  • the !! cleanest !! roommate !! ever !! seriously this boy is super clean around the house so there’s totally no worry for you to pick up things around the house or clean that much with this boy
  • spends most of his time in the main room with you or his own room if he’s really stressed over the guild paperwork because jesus christ did sting break something AGAIN?
  • the type of roommate to come home from some place stressed and lay down on your lap with frosch, you don’t even need to talk to him just you being there with him is enough (for him)

Laxus Dreyar:

  • not really clean or really messy in the house, he’s in the middle somewhere; some days he’s extremely messy while other days he’s not messy, don’t stress to much
  • he’s not really in the house a lot because he goes on long missions with his squad, but he always gets happy when he comes back and sees you staying up late waiting for his return (like he’ll admit it though)
  • does little things around the house so you won’t have to do it, but he’ll never say he did it; just accept the small gesture from him and don’t say anything because he’ll straight deny

Natsu Dragneel:

  • super messy, his room is a complete mess from bed sheets being all over the place to food being found under his bed because of his late night snacks during the week
  • most of his time, however, is spent in the living room with you because he loves spending time with his favourite person in the world (you) more than anything
  • he’ll totally help around the house if you ask him too no doubt about it, ask him to clean his room and he will (to the best of his ability of course). nothings more important than having a happy roommate, right?
college!au bts yoongi
  • majors in fine arts
  • he’s usually always seen at a desk in the corner of the library drawing sketches in his notebook while listening to music
  • and most of the time, he spends his whole day in there without getting up at all
  • and he’s completely okay with working the entire time if it means no social interactions with anyone at school and lmao everyone knows this
  • the only people he’s ever gotten close with are seokjin and hoseok and even then, he still sometimes gets annoyed with their presence
  • he’s heavily committed to his major, constantly creating dozens of new ideas and immediately sketching them in his notebook no matter where he’s at or what he’s doing
  • his fav classes are drawing and painting bc he thinks they help him express and manage himself in this ever-changing chaotic world that he lives in
  • and let me tell you, when he’s drawing he ends up in a trance like state and to him it’s a fascinating, intoxicating, and relaxing feeling
  • he gets a lot of inspirations from the different people, events, and basically anything he sees everyday
  • like when he’s walking from his 8am class to the library, he’ll notice that oh? the cherry blossom are blooming?? wow spring already,,,?
  • so when he sits in his usual area in the library, he’ll just have those cherry blossom trees in mind and sketch a fucking landscape
  • and he’ll think about painting it the next day for fun lol
  • but how do you meet him exactly? well you were walking to the library with multiple books in your hand and you weren’t even looking ahead you were on your phone
  • so you didn’t even realize that you were about to run into an urgent and messy haired yoongi
  • and lmao he wasn’t even looking ahead either, at that moment he was wondering like “why did i ever thought it was such a good idea to have an 8am class when i never even wake up. and now see i’m late again!1!!”
  • now books are flying everywhere bc you two didn’t see each other
  • and you’re like omg i’m so sorry i’m such a klutz and he just drops to his knees to help pick up your books in a hurry and he’s like uh no i should apologize i was in such a hurry i wasn’t looking in front of me
  • you get on your knees too to gather up the books and you just say “omg you don’t need to help me these are mine anyway” and he’s like dude its cool i got it
  • while you two are picking up the books, you ended up brushing your hand against his and oh my goodness he pauses for a sec and lifts his head up 
  • and wow this is the first time your eyes meet with his and you just think “hUUhhH this guy is so attractive,,??”
  • but like he thinks the same way towards you……? and he feels his face burning up so he picks up the last book before getting up and “here you go, i’m running a little late and i apologize for all of this” before he literally runs to class and you’re just like “……thanks..?”
  • this may sound cliche but this is how you two meet ok
  • no matter how much yoongi loves his class, he couldn’t help but keep thinking about his little run in to you. how soft your hand felt, how beautiful your eyes were, and just the sound of your voice he couldn’t get out of his mind. but by the end of class, he’ll brush it all off bc “that’s probably the only time i’ll see them”
  • the next day he’s in the library, as usual, but this time after studying for a while he looks around his surroundings and the first thing that his eyes land on is you,,? and you’re only sitting at the table right across from his and he’s just like oh lord
  • without even thinking twice, he opens his notebook and sketches your whole outline while etching your entire image in his head, not forgetting a single detail
  • when he looks up from his notebook though, you were staring at him and he just froze lmao 
  • but then you smile and start heading to his table and he’s like oMG 
  • and you just “oh you’re the guy from yesterday right? it’s nice seeing you not in such a hurry” and he doesn’t know what to say,,?/
  • but then you look down at his notebook and ask “oh are you an art major?”
  • and lol for a sec he forgets that it was you that he was sketching and closes his notebook shut and be like “ oh uH yeah i am haha that wasn’t you in my notebook just now haha
  • and you just get so excited like wow “i don’t take art but i appreciate it so much” and you have a full on conversation with him about these different artists you love and about all the history you know. and you two didn’t even realize how much time passed by until they announce that they’re closing the library soon 
  • and before you two head out in your own rooms, he’s like “i’m yoongi btw” and you tell him your name and he’ll just give you the most adorable smile and you’re just like “uhhhuh he really is attractive”
  • for the next couple of weeks you two would always meet in the library or have coffee together and soon enough you two are exchanging numbers. and he’s like “when did we ever get so close”
  • seokjin and hoseok tease him a lot when it comes to you. “I am so proud of you, you’re finally talking to someone that’s not us” and yoongi’s like sHUTUP YOU TWO WILL YOU
  • “yoongi you need to ask them out already”
  • and yoongi will be like pfftt what are you talking about? i don’t even like them like that. i have so much work to do i don’t have time to date anyone”
  • literally at that moment, he gets a text from you asking where you two are gonna meet today aND he’ll be smiling at his phone the entire time while seokjin and hoseok are like uhuh sure you don’t like them
  • one day you two decided to have an adventure out in the city so here you two were out in the busy streets. and when he looks up at the sky with all the tall skyscrapers he couldn’t help but take his notebook out and draw a little
  • you didn’t mind but there was a page in the notebook that caught your attention and you’re like ???? wait yoongi can you go back to that page aND he’ll know exactly what you’re talking about lol
  • and you’re like pls and all he says is hUhh
  • so when he does turn back to the page of a sketch of you you’ll be like “is that suppose to be ???
  • and all he says is yup, yeah, yes it is and omg i apologize i know its weird
  • and you cut him off like “i knew you were good at art, but yoongi this is really nice !!” and he’s just dumbfounded
  • and at that moment he couldn’t help it, he gave you a light peck on the lips and “gOD i really like you ok”
  • and your face starts burning up like “yoongi,,,,, i like you too” before kissing him back
  • and that’s how you two started dating
  • and honestly he appreciates and loves you so much for loving every part of him you basically just bring out the best in him
  • but you know he cant express his feelings to you vocally, but his actions speak just as much and you’re completely ok with it
  • and he’s constantly always drawing your figure at the most unexpected times. like when you have coffee with him, he’ll take his notebook out. when you cuddle in his dorm, he’ll also take his notebook out
  • and you don’t think it’s weird but you think its just really cute
  • bc you’re in love with him
  • and he’s in love with you
brother! jeno


this is for @mochamark  ;)

lets get started!

- k so y'all r the best siblings

- literal sibling goals

- jeno treats u like a princess (in a nON rOManTIc wAy)

- he is so caring like fucc

- “how was ur day?” 

- “do you need help with your homework?”

- sO sWEeT


- he is the type of brother to only allow u to date if he met the guy and approves


- sometimes he’s so fucking weird

- not a bad weird, just weird ya feel??

- like he will text u at 2AM asking u to get some toilet paper for him

- “first of all why r u on the toilet at 2AM an why r u on the toilet with your phone thats nasty”

- he will also go like “teehee” in your every every single second

- “teehee”x2767832641

- “jENO sHUt uP”

- u guys tease each other sm 



- he will literally rest his elbow on u cause ur “short”

- even tho y'all don’t have that much of a height difference 

- lolol he has an eye smile and u don’t (uNLESS U DO IRL) and he teases u abt it EVERY DAY

- like first he teehee’s in ur ear then next he makes fun of u? man


- like that one time he was trying to zip up his coat then accidentally ripped a big ass hole through his shirt?

- or the time u walked in on him looking in the mirror and taking a selfie (AND HE WAS LEGIT TRYING)

- or the other time u walked in on him sanding in front of a mirror with his guitar and shiRTLESS??? tbh one of my irl friends do that lol

- yo but all of your friends have crushes on him

- like



- u guys may act like u hate each other but y'all love each other sm

- aight so once jeno came home crying cause some kid made fun of his eye smile?




- honestly u care sm about him too

- tbh no one knows this but sometimes y'all sleep together (NOT IN THAT WAY YA NASTIES)

- like he just comes into ur room and is all like

- ‘can i sleep with u? please”

- and he had like hella puppy eyes

- so u couldn’t say no

- y'all don’t really “cuddle”

- its hard to explain

- but like u hug and shiz 

- just not in thaT way

- anyway

- so u know how jeno eats bananas with chopsticks?


- like when y'all were 6 he saw u eating a banana with!!chopsticks!!

- he was so confused lmao 

- but then followed u cause whY TF NOT

- so from that day forward, jeno can’t have a banana with out chopsticks

- he tried to have an orange but 

- some of the juice squirted in his eye and he hasn’t had an orange since then

- omg u guys r the athletic siblings


- thats u and jeno

- track and field? y'all dominate

- basketball? y'all dominate

- soccer? y'all dominate

- badminton? y'all dominate

- swimming? y'all dominate


- tbh you’ve been there for jenos first crush

- which was ur best friend 

- it was so cute he kept asking u what they liked an d ushshsu

-honestly it was like the same tho 

- ur first crush was on jaemin


- he was like “at least it aint a weird ass kid i don’t know”

- and HE KNEW that jaemin liked u back to he tried to get y'all together

- he pretty much did

- y'all wheeled for like 4 weeks though (wheeling means where both of the people know that they both like eachother but aren’t dating)



- all was well in the lee household

- honestly, jeno is the best brother

- he loves u so much and would do anything for you 

- and you’d do the same

so its preTTY SHORT BUT 


anyway ilysm!

- emma

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Hey, could you do what you think the RFA+V+Saeran's reaction would be to finding out that MC is actually, like, 12. No romance, of course. Just SFW stuff :)

I really like platonic asks and they’re a lot easier to write so this was a good kick start to doing headcanons for the night! Thank you for the cute request     -Green💚


-he is kinda excited tbh 

-yoosung finds himself getting along with people your age more easily because he’s kinda young himself 

-and you don’t tease him like everyone else does!!! fuckin SCORE!!

-he will show you all of his games!! you play games all night

-yoosung you are ruining this child stop 

-he’s the really cool and friendly older friend that you brag to everyone about 

-Yoosung finally feels cool for once oh my god he luvs u 


-ok so Saeyoung is basically a really cool but HORRIBLE DAD 

-he literally went up to you when he came in the apartment to protect you and just went “I’m your dad now go tf to bed” 


-no but he fucking makes dad jokes ALL DAY and it’s so horrible when he’s IGNORING YOU 

- “Saeyoung what are you doing? I’m bored!!”

- “Hey “I’m bored”, I’m fuckin BUSY” 

-he’s so sassy to you oh my god tone it down they are literally 12 

-Saeyoung can’t help but feel responsible for you though. He cooks for you even if he’s trying to get you to not like him (WHEN HE’S CALLING HIMSELF YOUR DAD. YOU CANT IGNORE SOMEONE AND BE LIKE ‘BUT IM UR DAD THO’), and he’ll make you cool new toys 

-by toys I mean WEAPONS because you need to protect yourself you are a child 

-once everything is in the clear tho and you, a 12 year old literally go through the religious cult shit and help him save his brother, you really are like his kid. If you don’t have parents to return to, he will gladly take you in and raise you in a quirky Saeyoung way. rewards for learning is chips like omg

-you are tempted to say you have no parents 


-you thought saeyoung was bad? HAH 

-the worst father 


-i don’t know why he doesn’t just send you home, but he makes you stay and schedules tutors to come so you don’t get to skip school now its just 1000x harder 


-no but he is so worried about you. and very nervous like he’s sweating because he doesn’t want to fuck this up and have you hate him 

-cause this guy is a sucker for kids guys. so while he’s basically putting you in your own god damn private school he’s spoiling you like crazy 

-you have this billionaire wrapped around your finger and he doesn’t even deny it 


-… c h i l d…. 

-is very very tempted to speed to the apartment and send you home right away when she learns your age 

-but saeyoung is like “it’s chill” but it is NOT C H I L L SAEYOUNG

-the whole time Jaehee kinda just is salty towards saeyoung because WHY WOULD YOU KEEP A CHILD ALL ALONE IN AN APARTMENT…

-what about s ch oool

-so she offers to tutor you through the messenger while you miss fucking 2 weeks of school 

-she is now your mother. did you not understand how something worked?? boom now you know it all and the history of it 

-the two of you get along really well tho. she’s always inviting you to her coffee shop for private tutoring lessons and just hang out sessions

-your official babysitter if your parents are out of town 


-slams himself into a wall when he hears you are 12 year old because he was hitting on you so hard 

-takes this as a learning experience and now when people come up to him he makes a habit of asking for age (why didn’t you have the habit before-hand??)

-is now the Cool Older Brother who will kick all of your bullies asses 

-but you can never tell him if you have a boyfriend because he will literally sit him down and give your bf the Talk 

-you would rather tell your god damn dad then tell Zen 

-so he’s pretty protective. but other than protective he’s super chill with you and likes to sass you like there is no tomorrow 

-when he has the dream about Unknown breaking in, Zen doesn’t even hesitate omg. He is so much more impatient and is ready to kick Saeyoung’s ass if he doesn’t give him the address right N O  W

-he will constantly be giving you beauty tips and giving you makeovers while talking about his new shows and how men are wolves so only hang out with chicks okay 


-what is this sassy, lost child doing here 

-he doesn’t want you there at all bc he knows what’s going on and he is so afraid for your safety,, 

-but you’re sassy and persistent on helping out the RFA so instead of you staying at the apartment all alone, he comes and lives with you for the time being 

-he is constantly out of the house bc of his “travels” but it makes him feel much better knowing where you are and staying communicated with you through just texting and not the messenger 

-though he makes his “Travels” a lot shorter so he can come back to the apartment and make sure you’re fed and put in bed. 

-V keeps to himself though and tries not to make anything personal or get too attached to you 

-it doesn’t work where can he sign the adoption forms


-he didn’t?????? know??? that he sent a 12 year old to an apartment?????

-even when he broke in he didn’t fucking know ajdnakjdg

-it wasn’t until you came to infiltrate Mint Eye that he knew and that kind of made him stop for a minute 

-staring at you in the cell, scared and clinging to Saeyoung.. fuck, that pissed him off. 

-he wanted to rip you away from Saeyoung. You weren’t safe with him! He would ruin you… ruin your future… just like he did with him. 

-Saeran basically looks at you and sees himself. 

-so privately he meets with you outside the cell and he offers you to leave Mint Eye and pretend like nothing happened. He doesn’t… want to ruin you. You’re too young. Too pure for paradise. 

-when you refuse, it irks him, but he was expecting it. He almost likes how much fire you have in you even when you’re quivering in your shoes.

-so he lays off of you. pretends to not see you. Saeran really doesn’t want you a part of this, but since you won’t leave… he’ll pretend like you aren’t even there, and it’s just him and Saeyoung. 

-it’s much easier not to feel guilty that way. 

My Boyfiend is a monster...

So we’re sitting down to dinner and decide to catch up on Steven Universe and because of the pleasentness my boyfriend decides to voice his thoughts…

Boyfriend: “What if the show is all in Steven’s head? Like in reality he’s this special needs kid who’s dad can’t afford day care so lets him wander on the beach while he works and the crystal gems are just all the shiny rocks he finds on the way? And what if Connie is his only friend cause she feels bad people find his imagination strange and that’s why no one ever questions his explanation when weird shit happens and just accepts that he’s "magic” cause its the only way he can cope with his environment? And what if his gem is just his moms wedding ring he carries around saying its his mom because he can’t comprehend that she’s dead? And the Diamonds are like, agency officials disputing over his custody…“

Me: *foams at the mouth horrified*

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hi hope this isn't weird but what if mc looked badass and was thicc how would rfa +saeran react hope u do love u

Love u too beeb! ——————- ✨ Yoosung ✨
* at first he would be very confused
* Like mc you sounded so nice and sweet
* But you look scaryyy~~
* Then after like 10 minutes he found out that you’re also like thay irl
* Would definitely think its cool once he’s used to it
* And would probably try to dress badass too
* That you’re thicc is like
* “whats thicc”
* O yoosung

✨ Jumin ✨
* He would have to get used to it big time
* He imagined you to be a pure princess
* Not a badass princess
* He’s always like
* “I can buy you stuff yanno”
* “ maybe something PINK”
* Jumin NO
* Once he’s excepted it he think it’s cool that you’re different
* Would buy you badass clothes only
* And that youre thicc
* Well lets say that he loves it and knows how to handle it ;))

✨ Zen ✨
* Would right away think its cool af
* “ wow mc youre even cooler than I thought”
* If people would make weird faces he would make even weirder ones
* Would definitely do your makeup
* He secretly loves it that you’re thicc lololol

✨ Jaehee ✨
* Would be a bit taken back
* But would also love it a few seconds later
* She just loves how unique you are
* Would definitely go shopping with you
* Not that she would ever wear those clothes
* Gotta stay professional yanno
* And thinks its adorable that you’re thicc lmao

✨Seven ✨
* Lets be real he already knows
* Like he s t a l k e d you
* Would love it mdjiw
* So when you two finally meet for the first time he dresses up super badass
* Lmao couple goals
* Wouldn’t mind it that you’re thicc tbh
* He just loves you the way you are

✨ Saeran ✨
* Would LOVE IT
* hed be like yaaasss another emo egg (jkjkjk)
* Would cuss at anyone who looks weird at you or says something
* Would love it that you’re thicc
* Like can you get any better mc bc i dont think so

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omg dan saying he thought of 2017 as the year he sorts his life out but travel getting in the way and then staying up till 5 and waking up too early oh my god it's literally your fic? THIS IS WHY PEOPLE THINK YOU ARE DAN YOU KNOW WAY TOO MUCH ABOUT HIM

i was honestly jst as shook by that lil moment as you were lmao!!!!! i mean he’s said a lot himself in live shows this year about how he wanted 2017 to be about personal development and such so that was all jst based on his own words but the not sleeping thing was me purely jst making shit up based on him looking tired in the bahamas vid hahah!!

What makes me laugh at all the jontron hate is that instead of getting all scared saying “omg i cant believe this, blocked” you dont take your time to actually have a conversation with jon Why he thinks and feels the way he does. He obviously isn’t on your plane of exsistence when it comes to politics. You’re just always going to use the same excuse * its not my responsibility to educate you * lol

Jon is not like every hotshot celebrity who is probably more disconnected from the world than him. Hes just a youtuber im sure he reads his own fanmail. Not only that but i think people dont know how to handle when someone disagrees with them. You know how many celebrities dead or alive probably disagree with you on a whole shit ton of things? You know how many shows youre probably going to have to stop watching? If you dictate your life that way then shit fuck your faulty ass cafeteria morals.

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Yeah, could you list the movies too? 💕


Shelter– one of my all time favorite movies. And the world’s. It’s constantly top of the LGBTQ+ movie lists.

Jongens- another one of my favorites. Idk why I say that they are all my favorites.

The Way He Looks- omg this one is so sweet and its all about first love..

Geography Cub– based on a hilarious book. this one is about more than just the relationship– it’s about accepting yourself.

Closet Monster- this one is creepy and psychological but also fascinating.

Akron– not the best acted, but the story is really sweet.

Freier Falls- German movie. this one is amazingly acted.

Honestly these are just a couple of them… Happy watching!!

Loving a Hunter part 24

Title: Loving a Hunter part 24

Characters: Reader, Dean, Sam, Cas

Summary: Reader has turned back to normal and she and Dean spend some time alone.

Word count: 1 511

Warnings: Smut

You can find my masterlist here

Reader’s perspective

Sam, Dean and Castiel were staring at me, I tried to move but I was strapped to a chair. I looked around and realized that I was in the bunkers dungeon.

“Y/N.” Dean said as he looked at me.

“Why am I strapped to this chair?” I asked and they looked at Castiel who came up to me. He placed two fingers on my forehead and said “She’s human again.” And I looked up at him with big eyes. What were they talking about?

“Y/N.” Dean said and hurried up to me. He removed me from the chair and took my hand so that I stood up and then he hugged me tight.

“What the hell happened?” I asked and he stopped hugging me.

“You don’t remember?” Dean asked and I shook my head. “You were a demon.”

“What? Then why don’t I remember?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” he said, hugging me again. “I’ve missed you so much.” I wanted to say that I’ve missed him to, but I don’t remember anything since… since I died. Omg I died.

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Imagine Sidon trying to constantly impress Link. Like. All. The. Time. But not in a cocky way. Like as in a "ur so cool and I feel as if I don't prove myself you'll abandon me for being so lame." So he shows off his strength, humor, etc. When link confronts him in a heated argument, Sidon breaks down and says he just wants Link to stay and Link is like 'omg' and that's all I can think of so far. sorry. - Noodle

:‘0 my precious boy !!!
what if … its based partially in th fact tht when mipha died sidon was just a weak child and he couldnt protect her or even do anything to help her at all and probably couldnt help dorephan or any one else in the domain w their grief bc he was too small and young and weak so fast forward to link who stirs up a good deal of his memories of mipha and deep down he starts fearing that link will think hes still not strong enough to protect him and shit and then not like him / just straight up abandon him , which is Bad for sidon so he tries to prove to link that he is strong and brave and powerful enough but then it just manifests as him being excessively protective ? of link (ie hes always like Look I Can Protect You See and then carries him away from like a red bokoblin) and links ?? fine w it for the most part but then also since hes woken up hes had to deal w everyone thinking hes just some scrawny little squirt who couldnt possibly be the champion so hes developed a. minor Thing abt being able to prove that he can take care of himself and all of hyrule so eventually sidons overprotectiveness grates on his insecurities just a little too much and he snaps @ hm and tells him to stop but like link doesnt stay mad u feel it was just a momentary build up of frustration However sidons still frozen looking like hes about to cry bc hes very confused ?? why would link not like him doing that he was doing it so link would like him ??? and then sidon tries to explain to link that he was only doing it so he wouldnt think he was still miphas weak kid brother and so he would see him as finally being strong enough to protect at least him and then link feels Horrible™ bc he hadnt even considered any of that and Now He Feels Like An Ass