its the way he says it omg

the way namjoon says “vacuum” 

RM: yea. the other day i woke up at like 4 am; its dawn..

RM: because there was a sound like- *makes vroom sounds* 

RM: i went straight to the kitchen and there was jungkook… with a vacuum! 

RM: and he was sucking all the drosophila/ fruit flies and they were gone :)

What makes me laugh at all the jontron hate is that instead of getting all scared saying “omg i cant believe this, blocked” you dont take your time to actually have a conversation with jon Why he thinks and feels the way he does. He obviously isn’t on your plane of exsistence when it comes to politics. You’re just always going to use the same excuse * its not my responsibility to educate you * lol

Jon is not like every hotshot celebrity who is probably more disconnected from the world than him. Hes just a youtuber im sure he reads his own fanmail. Not only that but i think people dont know how to handle when someone disagrees with them. You know how many celebrities dead or alive probably disagree with you on a whole shit ton of things? You know how many shows youre probably going to have to stop watching? If you dictate your life that way then shit fuck your faulty ass cafeteria morals.

Title: Jealous of a Fossil (Fem! Reader x Peter Parker) 

Summary: The ultimate Avengers fangirl’s best friend, Peter Parker, takes the reader to meet the Avengers; including their huge celebrity crush, Steve Rogers.

Word Count: 1593

A/N: I hope this brings you a sense of joy today, like it did for me. I’ve been in such a slump lately,  just so sad and defeated? This definitely helped. I love writing this cute imagines omg. I hope you enjoy!!

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“Thank you for stopping me from shooting him.”

“You did that on your own.”

Sexual Assault? Wai- what?

(gif cred:

This is so stupid like what the fuck?

Antis at it again with the “sexual assault” bullshit again.

Stiles and any type of assault does not fit in the same sentence. He would never do that. And you call a kiss on the cheek sexual? what?

Lydia literally smiles right after he kissed her. HOW CAN YOU CALL THIS SEXUAL ASSAULT? There’s nothing else to say about this because it’s that simple. He kissed her cheek, she smiled. that’s all lmao??

In conclusion today, the antis make no sense at all, but we already knew that.

A Jerk ( Jefferson X Reader )

So, adorable and lovely Gabi, aka @itsa-rainy-day, says: “ I KNOW IT’S 11:12 PM I HAVE TO ASK YA IT: 17 WITH TJEFFS, BC OMG ITS PERFECT g'night Lou

I love how she freaks out and then comes out of caps to say gnight, by the way

Anyways. I did it. I feel dirty, especially because I kind of enjoyed writing it and even thought about a part ii but then I was like “nah i’m not doing this” & gave this imagine an almost decent closure. I’m ‘a let you read it, but, first, I wanted to try and make a point here.

Real life Thomas Jefferson was not a prick or a jerk, he was way worse. Repulsive, pretty much, and don’t even get me started on Sally Hemings. When I write anything that takes in Jefferson, I’m not writing about the actual founding father, but yes about the amazing character created by LMM and originally played by Daveed Diggs for the Broadway Musical Hamilton. Because, if I wrote about the founding father, I’d puke on myself in disgust.

That said, I kinda like this piece. Hope you enjoy it!

Word Count: 2.155

Warnings: language.

Laurens looked back at you apologetically as he left the room, Hamilton delicately pulling him by the hand, and you tried to give him a smile. It wasn’t your friend’s fault that, of all people, you were trapped for an hour in detention with no less than Thomas Jefferson; but of course John would make it all worse by taking your pain, as he always did. Actually, it was Jefferson’s fault you were having that extra hour.

Most things were Jefferson’s fault, if you were to be honest. The guy was just such a dick to everyone, picking up fights wherever he could and yet being all teachers’ favorite student; if he was involved in a bad situation chances would be it was his fault. He was the most arrogant and cocky prick around campus, and, for God’s sake, there was competition. There were even times he managed to fight your on-and-off boyfriend, Aaron Burr, who was known for being passive enough to wait a life for things; though you weren’t sure on what they fought over. Aaron was just always so calm – which was one of your problems with him, but that was another story.

That time, however, there was no way the fault could be placed on someone else. You were having a Biology class, one you forced yourself to pay attention to so you wouldn’t fail the year, but it was hard to pay attention to anything with Thomas Jefferson ranting about his last vacations on France the last summer. Why did he have to be also smart? Sometimes, you thought he didn’t even need to pay attention, like Alexander or Aaron.

Anyways. He was talking loudly while James Madison, his so called best friend, seemed to be pretending to listen. If you were sitting next to your friends, on the other side of the room, you could most probably ignore it; but the teacher had assigned you the place right in front of Jefferson. You told him to shut up about a million times, deathly glaring him, but of course he only increased the volume after that. It was like he was challenging you.

By the end of the period, you were full of it. You didn’t even remember what he was talking about anymore, you just knew you needed Thomas Jefferson to shut up or your head would explode. And, suddenly, your book was on his lap, seeming to have hit his head, and the whole class was silent. The teacher was now paying attention – how convenient – and was quick to assign you your hour of detention after classes. That was when John Laurens erupted in a speech about how it was Jefferson’s fault, but, halfway through it, he was forced to stop or he’d get himself a detention as well. It was so unfair that Thomas Jefferson always got away with everything.

Your salvation came on the unlikely figure of James Madison, who told the teacher Thomas really had started it. After that, all there was left for the teacher to do was assigning himself detention as well and sending him to the nurse’s office. You had seen him glaring at James as if his eyes were daggers, but James didn’t seem to care. You weren’t sure if you were happy for the issue being treated mildly fairly or sad for having to spent an entire hour with Jefferson, but you thanked James anyways. What a surprise it wasn’t when the guy just told you: “It’s about time Thomas learns there are consequences to his acts. Don’t thank me. You’re trapped with him for another hour and God knows it’ll be hell. Good luck”, and left.

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kbtbb short smut shots

the title says it all. i haven’t written smut since i was a teen, nor have i ever done it english. let me apologize in advance for this  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(we’re gonna get more with steamy with every next guy lmao, sorry)

You gasped with surprise as your back met the cold wall, trapped by the man in front of you. He shot you a cocky grin, his hand finding its way under your skirt, stroking the soft skin.
“Eisuke,” you whispered, breath catching in your throat when his fingers skimmed over your lacy panties, “This… is a bad idea.”
He raised his eyebrow in a studied manner and ignored you completely. Instead of answering, he started kissing your neck, gently at first, only to bite on it seconds later and making you moan as he licked the sore spot. You clutched his shoulders desperately, feeling his thumb making circles around your clitoris. A shaky moan escaped your lips and Eisuke chuckled, while his other hand grasped your breast.
“And yet you seem like you’re enjoying this.” He murmured into your year. “Stay quiet or they’re gonna hear you.”

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ff-sunset-oasis replied to your post “freeze frame”

ohhhh asodiifijnjfdfkdfmdk i love this!!!!! Blaise’s words just … i love his every comment and every single gesture omg this man KILLS me someone help me “there are 3 side to every story” “are my intentions not pure enough for you?” just - damn it eidjsoijmm i love him he’s the most PERFECT ever



i always have so much fun writing blaise tbh because like HOW MANY CHARACTERS CAN GET AWAY WITH SAYING SHIT LIKE THAT ????? HOW MANY 

he’s like so perfectly Neutral but in a very implicitly villainous way its incredible he’s incredible 

unpopularshipperworld  asked:

Omg I love your icon, he looked so bright there!

Its one of my faves lol! Honestly I can’t exactly remember who made it though like its not coming to me atm 😥 but I really wanna say @joshua-ryans made this??? If not I’d love to know so I can give them credit 😊 (I originally found this in a Google search and found the source that way but I can’t remember anymore)

today two jocky football boys (one of them being my crush (who coincidentally looks a LOT like Rhett)) were being dumb and just like smacking each other’s ass and kissing each other’s necks… and someone was like “wow thats gay” but like in an insult way and my boy looks at him, puts his arms around his friend, looks the kid straight in the eye, and says “you’re damn right. we’re the gayest straight men you’ll ever meet.” and they went and sat down together and continued to be gay.

like…. is that not literally randl??

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K I KNOW THAT YOUR REQUESTS ARE CLOSED BUT JUST IMAGINE THIS CONCEPT: Imagine you just found out you were pregnant and you want to find a creative way to tell Shawn so you tell him you want to film a Q&A so he asks for questions and as you're filming he reads a question that you secretly asked someone to tweet saying something like "Is it true that y/n is pregnant?" And then you say "well actually .. yes" and then you get his genuine reaction on camera


clairify  asked:

Hey, it's me again! :) What happens when Judar has a REALLY bad hair day (no he can't magic his way out of this one lol) and everyone is saying to cut it because it's that bad (maybe even chasing him with scissors... actually strike that because somebody will inevitably impale themselves. NEVER run with scissors.) Thanks so much! <3

omg i forgot this was in just ask box hun im so sorry (so sorry its shit) xo


▪So the day would be all calm, and as usual, Judar would still be asleep in his bedroom chambers

▪Kouha would be the first to barge in, complaining about how he was bored and wanted someone to entertain him

▪It’d be as usual, until the Ren brother let out a terrible shriek, startling the magi through his bones

▪"Your hair!“

▪Judar would definitely be upset about the whole thing, almost close to the over dramatic crying he has

▪Soon enough, Hakuryuu comes in from all of this noise and also seems surprised, and suggests that he cuts it

▪Kouha, with his sword, pulls it out and points at Judar, threatening him

▪In the end, Judar ends up escaping to Sindria for a few hours to avoid all of the drama and threats surrounding his hair


LA boy being way too excited for the vegetable price 

and being somehow proud of Hoshi discovery 

It’s a little thing but I don’t think I’ve seen anyone talk about Lex saying “Mother of God, would you look at the time!” at the end of his big villain monologue scene. It’s just great how he has to throw that last sarcastic dig in there, playing on the idea of Martha being the mother of a “god”, and it perfectly captures both Lex’s love of wordplay and the way he revels in his own cruelty.

So two odd questions that have been asked this week at the clinic.

1. For a teeny almost 8 week old puppy.
“Is there a medication to make puppy breath go away?”

2. For a 15 week collie mix pup with the softest fur omg he was a cloud. “Can you give him something to make him stop [blowing his puppy coat]?”


every westallen scene ever (31/?)

mopoglo  asked:

not to be THAT person, but didn't Namjoon's mixtape come out March 20, 2015 >.> Like........... is he gonna drop more shit because I don't think I can handle anymore right now I might actually die.

It definitely won’t be released on March 20th considering its already the 20th in Korea right now and he wouldn’t just release a mixtape a day after a collab you feel me?  And I think it can go both ways? I don’t think he’d drop a mixtape so soon after this collab but also this collab could be a boost to build up anticipation for it?

He’s been saying he’s “just getting ready” for it and teasing it for a while now so I feel like it could be soon sometime… It might just be after they’re done touring? 

For real though I have no idea but whatever it is I hope its soon because omg I neeeeed his new mixtape!!!

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thoughts on glaz buff

I see a lot of the community saying that “OMG HE’S OP HE NEEDS TO BE NERFED” but personally I feel like its really good. He needed something to help his pick rate and this is a really good change. The only thing I want to see changed is don’t give him smokes that way he has to coordinate his smoke throwing with his team mates and it would lower the amount of smokes you could have on attack to make he seem a little less powerful


“Lets Go!”

“Whoa, whoa whoa! Cool your jets, Keith!”

Okay wow omg so I might be reading into it way too much but this short character interaction actually seems to show alot about how their character dynamic is at this point? Aligning with the powers of their lions even?

Like omg “Cool your Jets” Like ahhh Lance says this and he literally has the ability of ice == cool. Keith is fire or whatever, like he is seemingly spewing out of his hand a second earlier. So its like they’re fire and ice or hot and cold and they balance eachother? I actually have a fun time looking at their characters this way ahh 

I think that when they learn to work together properly they’ll be able to perfectly balance eachother, but now and especially in the earlier episodes they both let their powerful elements overrule and end up clashing with eachother