its the school uniform or something idk

I had a dream once… Something that I know won`t ever happen… But I`m still happy because I was with them…

I remember I saw this picture somewhere in my relentless pursuit of rare LawLicht images where there was Licht and Ophelia in a school uniform and Lawless is staring lovingly at them (I actually have the pic in my phone but I don`t know who to credit so… yeah, I`ll keep hidden for now). I can really imagine them as this trio who, despite their differences, are drawn to each other by music and arts! Lawless and Ophelia being the stars of the drama club, and Licht, although part of the music club, plays for them more often than the others. I don`t want to imagine a love triangle (or Lawless not being able to choose between them or something) but I know I`ll love their everyday interactions!! 

On a side note, which is honestly the main reason why I drew this, IT`S THE START OF MY SCHOOL DAYS!! //gross sobbing