its the school uniform or something idk

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Unrelated topic,,, I just noticed that bakugou actually has /lean/ muscles?? Somehow his body reminds me of killuas and idk why lol,, maybe it's the tank top, but like he always wear tank tops, I feel like his hero custom makes him look a lil buff while his school uniform makes him look scrawny

I HAVE A THING FOR THIS (is it sad that i actually have something to reply to this with)


he’s really brawny and muscular, but at the same time, he looks really lean and slender when he wears clothes that cover up most of his body (especially his shoulders, which are really buff/broad). whenever his shoulders/upper body are shown tho, he looks way more muscular 

(also he needs to pull up his pants)

Bakugou goes from lil’ smol stringy teeny boy (d’aww) 

to Literally Nothing But Shoulders (alternately: These Shoulders Could Fucking Cut Diamonds™)

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So your post about your OCs, I was curious, do they know each other? And if they do, how did they meet/what's their backstory?

hi! thank you so much for asking! ive like, never gotten questions about my OCs before.

so their names are freddy and vivi and i came up with them when i was like…14??? and i decided to uncover them now that i’m a grownass 20 something. maybe make a webcomic - ive got a plan, kinda. but basically to answer ur question: yes! they do know each other. they’re besties who spend every waking moment thinking about solving supernatural mysteries. they met each other at school… here’s their uniforms, because they attend an english secondary school. very trendy.

currently the way i have it is that they live in a universe where like, magic is real and normal and can be used in small ways by everyone but not everyone is like, really attuned to it? idk its not that solid in my mind yet.

anyway theyre 12yr old kids so like they make mountains out of molehills and believe they uncover loads of super mysterious magical stuff on the daily. who knows, they may ACTUALLY discover something genuinely amazing sometime.

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Other than design continuity, why do you think Jotato still wear styles that resemble his old school uniform. Its like.... Let it go bro.... Ur like 30 something

it really is just for design continuity

araki said something about characters sticking to a uniform no matter what for clarity or something, i wish i could remember the quote (or i could just be making it up idk im really tired actually)

i love araki and his art a lot but he has a pretty bad sameface syndrome at times (especially after part 5)

if jotaro didnt have the school uniform outfit he’d look like someone who isn’t jotaro

a good example:

poor jonathan, he lost all that muscle and got an incredibly tacky outfit in return