its the sarcasm i think

Today I saw a lost cat poster in our neighborhood and I went OH NO! And David’s response was, “I hoped you wouldn’t notice that poster.” I went up and memorized the cat. Just in case I see them. Because there is a LOST CAT. And now I am thinking of all the lost cats and Imma go eat this whole bag of candy corn and sob on the clean laundry.

"No one looks good in a Marching band uniform"

excuse you?

you couldn’t possibly mean me!

I don’t see how this isn’t attractive

You make the funny sound come from my mouth, mortal being

I can’t discuss this with you right now I’m sorry

I look damn sexy with a million bobby pins in my hair

We all look fine

You’re such a nerdy loser get out of my face

Now if you ever show your face a-

Oh wait

Wait a second….

Well hello there, somewhat decent looking person what are you doing in band?

((Edit: I didn’t think this’d get any notes, so if someone sees this who just happens to be in my band and feel offended that I put up pictures of them please tell me and I will take this post down.))

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So, the previews for 5x22 are coming out and none of them are mentioning/hinting at an Olicity reunion or anything. They just say that Felicity throws Oliver a b-day party, gives him a Green Arrow cake and it's cute. That's it. There's not even any hints or teasing. There's also WAY too much crap happening in 5x23. So, how does Olicity reunite in S5 then? Do you still think Olicity will reunite with each other by the end of S5?

I know, what a rip off. Remember when we had the promo for 2x23 that showed Oliver saying I love you? Remember the 3x23 promo that showed us them driving into the sunset together? I swear, there must be no chance of any reunion happening at all in either of the next two episodes unless they show it to us in a promo. 


imagine being blocked by a fic rec blog bc you’re defending the soft sides of your bias 😥😂

i guess the level of my toxicity™ just got elevated im so proud of myself

The Yellow Power Ranger

Ok so, I’ve seen a lot about this and I wanted to give my thoughts on the scene.

This scene kind of got blown up by the media and I got sucked into it before seeing the movie but having finally seen the movie…

The scene goes as follows:

Power rangers are each spilling personal details about themselves and Trini is being quiet until she says that she prefers moving a lot cause it prevents her parents from getting involved in her relationships.

Zack jokes “boyfriend problems?”

Trini responds “yeah…BOYFRIEND problems…”

Zack looks around wide eyed before asking “girlfriend problems?”

And she diverts the conversation about how perfect her family is, too perfect, and how she can’t tell them she’s not like them. That she doesn’t want to act how they want her to, or dress how they want her to.

Ok, so there’s no moment of her saying she’s queer, but as someone who has spent their life not talking, this scene was very spot on.

It was honest and very well performed. It’s easy to look over if you’re not queer, or if you are naturally an open person who had no problem admitting who you are to yourself, let alone everyone else, but this scene was very relatable. She’s a teenager who knows she’s not like the girly straight girl her parents want her to be, and she knows her parents won’t listen to her no matter what she says. There’s even a scene where she tells her parents she’s a power ranger and her mother makes her take a drug test. She guards herself by holding back info and speaking through sarcasm and its sold as humor but I don’t think I’ve related with a character more.

So, if you’re expecting a flying rainbow flag or even some wlw action, you’re going to be disappointed. But representation matters in all its forms and this is pretty darn relatable. Not to mention the movie was just fantastic. It defies stereotypes with the exception of the white dude who’s just so tired of being popular… I love the backstory it gave, stuff the series ignored and it was so fleshed out. I recommend everyone watch it

That makes 2 people who have stolen one of my Donald gifs.

It’s just so funny to me because even though I didn’t watermark it, I know it’s mine because “[Angry breathing intensifies]” and “[Angry Donald noises]” (and also I still don’t think anyone else has giffed it yet).

Anyway, here’s a friendly reminder that reposting (i.e. saving to your computer and adding to your own post) withoit permission and credit is generally frowned upon and considered rude, and if you can find the gif through Tumblr’s gif button (found with all the other formatting buttons as long as you’re on a new, empty line of text), you should do that instead

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Lmao you get sarcasm right? I was implying it's funny how you think you're on the moral high ground because your family came here legally, implying that those who didn't aren't as good as you are, when you also advocate for pro-life

Not breaking the law is generally better than breaking the law…