its the sarcasm i think

This is a revolutionary product that will change the world as we know it! It has a million uses! Look at this- it’s a swimsuit! Mud tracked all over your floor by uninvited guests? Well, the Thneed sure comes in handy for that! But wait- there’s more! Thanks to its all-natural microfibers, the Thneed is super absorbent! It also works as a hat. … ‘Course, you probably wanna wring it out first.
—  the Once-ler’s unofficial commercial for the Thneed.

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They aren't supposed to be nice catches lol a catch never is.

“I-I know. T-They’re still not worth i-it.”

one great thing about the overwatch fandom is that arguably the biggest argument going on in the fandom right now is whether a hyperactive Australian bomb man should date his chill lorge tank bodyguard or a girl who hates him 

  • me listening to Jeremy and Chris joking about Natasha being a 'slut': Wow now time to watch tumblr lose its shit over two guys being painfully obviously sarcastic and not at all serious.
  • tumblr: loses its shit because thats what people here do
  • me: looks into the camera like Im on the office

lots of girls who are gay: i’m gay and I think this woman is hot

me: I don’t find that particular woman hot. Oh my god. I knew it. I’m straight. I’ve been in denial this whole time. I am a fake. I am the worst person. I do not feel attracted to this one woman who is commonly cited as attractive. The fact that I find lots of women attractive and want to be in romantic relationships only with women means nothing. I was a heterosexual this whole time. I can’t believe it I am scum

I wasn’t going to post about this, but....

FYI: If you are triggered by talk of rape or incest, please don’t read this. I certainly don’t want to trigger you. 

Before you toss out a word like incest in regards to Castle and Alexis’ relationship, I’d like you to think about what you are implying. Maybe some of you think that its a harmless word, that its being used to convey your intense dislike of the storyline, Alexis’ character, or a dozen other things. Maybe you are using it with sarcasm. Regardless of the reason why, I think its important that you understand just what you are implying. 

The definition for incest is as follows: sexual relations between people classed as being too closely related to marry each other/the crime of having sexual intercourse with a parent, child, sibling, or grandchild.

The key words in that definition are ‘sexual relations’. There is no alternate definition. Incest means sexual relations between family members and, in implying that word towards Richard Castle, you are basically calling him a child molester that has openly and willingly manipulated his daughter into sexual intercourse. 

You are basically saying that Richard Castle has raped his daughter, or, alternately, that Alexis Castle raped her father. 

It’s not something to be taken with a light heart and a chuckle. It’s not something that you should be joking about or poking fun of. I don’t give a shit if they are fictional characters; incest and rape are serious issues and things that real people deal with on a daily basis. Dislike the storyline all you want, hate the character, hate the show, but this kind of crap? This needs to stop. 

Not only is there an absolute lack of foundation for that kind of behavior on the show, but this entire backlash has largely formed out of sheer jealousy. Women in the media are always being slut-shamed, always having to defend themselves or answer questions about why this character isn’t equal to a man. Stana Katic is often praised for the depth that she brings to Kate Beckett and, in turn, she has praised the writers for allowing her the opportunity to play such a nuanced character. Do you honestly think that if Castle and Alexis had any sort incestuous relationship that she would stick by him and put up with it? She’s a damn cop. She would never allow such a thing, much less marry a man who behaved that way. Likewise, she’d never allow Alexis to do such a thing because its equally as deplorable. 

So, let’s cut right to it. Calling Castle and Alexis’ relationship incest? Sure, you can hit my inbox up about how that isn’t the intention or what is trying to be conveyed with the term. You can reblog this with all the defenses in the world. But the fact is that there are some words in the universe that you don’t play around with.