its the same size as my head

i rarely draw full figures and felt like having a practise. plus i’m forever trying to get my head around their height/size difference.

also still working on the prompt from earlier about n&c’s early days! that’ll be up tomorrow :) (nick and charlie are from solitaire by alice oseman)

You’re Worth Melting For

For snowflake anon & Dr. Anon:

Imagine a pocket-sized you getting inspired by the famous Disney movie Frozen and wanting to make your own Olaf. Standing outside in the freshly-coated yard bundled up head from toe, you stare back at the snowman, who is the same height as you, in its button eyes and place the baby carrot where its nose is supposed to go. The snow crunches under your boots as you step back and smile at your pocket-sized Olaf. He smiles at you with his square teeth (you used a square-shaped piece of gum), and with a satisfied sigh, you turn around to tell Namjoon and Hoseok you’re ready to go inside, but you stop yourself. Hoseok holds Namjoon’s hands in his and have them close to his mouth blowing on them to get them warm because Namjoon forgot his gloves (he didn’t think you’d be out in the cold this long). Clearing your throat while gaining their attention, Namjoon pulls his hands away from Hoseok’s embarrassed. Acting like nothing happened, Namjoon asks if you’re ready to go inside. Biting your lip to keep from smiling, you nod your head.


More of colorful city pigeons.

When you feed them, sometimes it’s possible to sneak your hand between pigeons, to pet their fluffy bellies and necks. At first they think it’s another pigeon touches them. Then they realize it’s not a pigeon, and quickly backing off.

Also, it’s possible to cover the pidge by hand from above, when its head obscured by other pigeons and it can’t see your hand coming. Especially younglings are vulnerable to this. I remember that I’ve stroked one or two pigeon backs that day. On the first photo, there’s young red pidge slightly right from the center. I still remember feeling of its tender (but significantly stronger than young chicken’s of the same size) wings. I almost held this pidge, but then it become too scared, and I mercifully removed my hand from it.