its the oncoming storm

The Sun that Shines on You


AU: Raphael has a motorbike and Simon works at a garage. 

Raphael cursed as his vehicle spluttered dangerously, expelling grey smoke from its exhaust pipe like a warning for an oncoming storm, because it was. He hated it when his bike did that as much as he loved it. He hated it because it was old, very old. It belonged to his eldest brother and he loved it because it had been with him all this time. The bike ran on hope and that proud smile his mother gave it as if she imagined it would take him to heaven.

He was in the middle of Brooklyn and had no idea where he was. He stopped his bike and ran a hand through his dark curly locks cursing in his native language. He drove to the side of the road and climbed off. It was better to find a garage nearby, there was no way he could carry this thing all the way back home. 

He found out there was a garage a few blocks over. He carried his bike and by the time he reached the place, he was sweaty. The day was mercilessly hot and Raphael was not used to daylight. He worked night shifts at his job and slept through the afternoon. He entered the garage and stopped dead in his tracks.

A boy was standing there. He had dark brown hair that fell into the darkest chocolate brown eyes Raphael had ever seen. He wore glasses with a brown frame which were currently slipping down his nose. He was shirtless, probably because of the weather, and his sweaty hair curled at the nape of his neck. Raphael swallowed. He saw the way the sunlight from the window bathed him in its glow, refining the planes and angles of his body and suddenly the sunshine didn’t seem that bad to Raphael.

It took him embarrassingly long to realize that he had been staring at the boy and the boy had been staring back. The boy blinked and rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably.

‘Can I,’ the boy asked clearing his throat. ‘Can I help you?’

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I did a style study of my art earlier which came out quite nice :D

for the smaller cuter style i noticed there was a balance of sharp and round edges. The biggest thing to note is the arm and how it starts out thin and becomes thick with the forearm. The fingers are squarish but with rounded edges.

This style is mostly inspired by Cheapcookiez, Lavendertowne, Shen of Blue Chair, and Sarah Andersen

for my normal style the biggest thing is the nose is a diamond, think Jasper from Steven universe. It holds this shape no matter the angle. also i made the arm a bit to long i think ^-^’ The feet also have very thin ankles and the arms have thin wrists

This style is mostly inspired from Floatingmeganesan, manga in general, Kayroos-art (in the body format), and Teakip

sorry its on lined paper! thats all I had with me

also @oncoming-storm-stole-the-impala


For a split second, he hesitates. Puts his foot down.

Of course, he knows what this is about. More than anything, this is Rose telling him–screaming at him–chase me, chase after me for a change. Fight for me. 

“Go on then,” Mickey says, making the choice for him.

And he’s off, because there was never any other option.



In the beginning was the end. Then, there was after.

A story about apocalypses, saviors, holy cities, and the angels that walk their streets. Or, a speculative mix for Syfy’s Dominion, if it were a little less Syfy and a little more HBO.

[track list and annotations under the cut]

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Useless post: What I Liked about Face the Raven

- Banter
- The Doctor continues with liking babies, carrying on character development from 11.
- Retcon
- Trap streets made creepy
- No easy human good/aliens bad
- A small story made big
- Characters being in character (referring to Clara’s choices)
- Acknowledgment of Whouffaldi
- Passionate hand kissing action
- Long operatic goodbye that took its time.
- The oncoming storm

Yes of course I’d have liked something more than hand kissing, but it was a good choice and felt right. Come on, how often is canon like this acknowledged in DW, not too damn often. They said the thing without saying the thing.

And Jenna got what every actor wants, a great death scene.

The saddest thing I’ve ever seen on television.

“The Oncoming Storm” - Digital Oil Painting

He’s got on his ‘don’t mess with me’ face. You’d better not be between him and his Rose.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.