its the most frightening activity of the year

The tiger griffon, also known as a bearded griffon or bonebreaker griffon, is a rare sight in mountainous, forested areas in Asia. It both scavenges and hunts prey and is most well known for having a diet very high in bone. Tiger griffons will frighten or herd their prey off of precipitous heights, or with smaller prey will pick it up and drop it, in either case breaking the bones to expose the marrow. Although many assume the orange feathers naturally match the orange fur, in fact the tiger griffon’s feathers are naturally white. The reddish-orange color comes from rolling in dust or mud, and seems to be actively kept up by the griffons as a point of pride. Despite the general popularity of the tiger griffon its population has shrunk in recent years, as its rather specific preferred ecosystem is steadily encroached upon. 


This guy is based on a combination of the bearded vulture or lammergeier, a really cool bird, and of course the bengal tiger (also cool). I cheated a bit since, according to Wikipedia*, the two don’t quite have overlapping ranges, but they’re pretty close and I decided to go with it, mostly because I really wanted to. 

*Please don’t mistake me for someone who actually knows anything about actual zoology.