its the most frightening activity of the year

So I finally managed to finish that diagram. It took a wee while longer than I’d hoped, but aah well 8D At least it looks pretty!

+ Disclaimer: This is a headcanon for my upcoming TFP-based fanfic project, Book of Hours. It’s pretty much entirely self-indulgent overthinking waffle. /no regrets


1. & 2. Echo Bonds—

Binary, trine and cadre bonds are all cultural forms of the same basic bonding method, the only difference being the number of mecha involved. Binary bonds were most common among the higher echelons of Cybertronian society, cadres of five and six the norm among the lower caste tiers. Echo bonds are carried equally by each participant; no one spark is more central than any other.

3. Fracture Bonds

A rare phenomenon occurring to prospective binary-bonding couples whose sparks share well-matched gravitational resonance frequencies, bonding sparks on a much deeper active level than an echo bond. Romanticised by popular Golden-Age novels, in reality a frightening prospect discovered too late; unintentional 99% of the time.

4. Split-Spark Bonds

Sparks which split wholly shortly after kindling, forming two discrete identities mirrored (rather than bonded) on the most complete level possible. 

5. Kindle Bonds

A bond formed between a newspark and the spark of its carrier, in which it gestates for the first year or so of its existence. Temporary, fading away over the course of the newspark’s minority, it allows carrier and child to easily keep track of each other.

6. Array Bonds

A shallow bond characterised by one individual serving as the main data hub, referred to as the keynote, through whom the other members of the bond are linked. These encompass gestalts, symbiotes and their hosts, and sparked ships/cities and their custodians.

The bonds shown belong to, respectively:

  1. Megatron + Optimus
  2. Bulkhead + Smokescreen + Wheeljack
  3. Optimus + Ratchet
  4. Blackstorm + Equinox
  5. Optimus + Persephone
  6. the Aerialbots [Silverbolt + Skydive, Slingshot, Air Raid, Fireflight]