its the little things



That Baby Groot cuteness hit me outta nowhere

Groot: *waves*

Gamora: Hi!


What would be a perfect day for me?
It’s waking up next to you. We don’t have to do anything. We don’t have to go anywhere. We can stay in bed all day. It’s eating breakfast together. It’s doing our own things, but still be in the presence of one another. We don’t even have to talk or be on the same page. If there’s no food and if you don’t want to cook, we can order delivery. The perfect day is spending it with you. It doesn’t matter what we do or where we go, I just want you there. I just want you next to me.

-You’re enough for me.


Be Patient. Be Quiet. Be Obedient

& in due time, Allah will makes matters clear and you will see the hikmah in things as they are. Not every situation requires action. Not every interaction requires a response. Sometimes you just need to let things play themselves out and simply make dua’ that Allah’s Will remains in your best interest and that you be content with it.

i love the little kisses so so much!!! dont get me wrong, those romantic long dreamy kisses are great but like omg those lil ones !! like in the morning, and after breakfast and at red lights ! and those ones you get as a thank you like when you get off the couch and bring them back a snack, or scratch that itch they had on their foot !! ugh and the little pecks on the forehead and nose and those quick lil ones when you’re both excited from something !! omggg little kisses from the person you love are the best thing !!