its the irish

When you listen to basically anything and then you play “my mix” on youtube and its all fun like Always look on the bright side of life by Eric Idle but suddenly after that comes Requiem by Mozart and you almost die and ascend at the same time…Youtube mix  is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

I don’t understand people who are really baffled by other languages like “wAit!!!! This letter…. makes a DiFfereNt sound in ThAt lanUuuauuage wAT???! The rulEs for garammmer and spilling is diFfrrfrent???” like yes Sharon those things are what make it…. a different language


Marksandrec’s Super Dooper Popcorn Party #271

(Context: in my head, this post continues from this one. Sometime after a failed plan that resulted in Warfstache totally kidnapping Mark, lol.) (Dialogue from Atlantis.)