its the friend rule

“I know - my friends - who are a couple - and they go to karaoke together.  Just those two and they go and sing songs to each other.”

Nick Grimshaw - talking about popstars singing their own music at karaoke.

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Hey there! Since I'm currently "sick" , can I have a sick!fic ?

So I sure hope you feel better considering it’s been a week since you sent this…but apparently you’re contagious bc guess who’s sick now 


i assume you meant andreil? bc i (as of late) write mostly andreil? if not just shoot me another ask with which ship you were referring to and i’ll write them too lol 

Edit : it’s been a month, neither of us is sick, Andrew’s been sick for a month in my drafts, I’m sorry. 

He couldn’t breathe. 

His nose was congested and his throat burned and his chest ached.

He was miserable. 

“Neil” His voice came out sounding nothing like it usually did. He sneezed, groping around the bedside table for the box of tissues. He sneezed again. Pause. And twice more for good measure. “Ugh…”

“You called?” Came Neil’s voice from where he was leaning against the doorjamb of their room. 

“I’m dying. Do something.” Came the raspy reply.

Neil smiled, drama queen. “Soup sound good?”   

Andrew didn’t answer but for shuddering once, and sinking further into his mountain of pillows. 

Neil let out a short laugh and made his way to the kitchen. It wasn’t even 10 minutes later that he heard a faint, “Neil…” come from their room. 

Neil furrowed his brow, that was weaker than a few minutes ago. 


Andrew was shivering. 


Uncontrollable muscle spasms never felt good, and they looked even worse. Neil made his way to Andrew’s side. He pulled the sheets farther up over Andrew and placed a hand on his shoulder blade. 

“…dying. Do something…” 

“There’s not much I can do, ‘Drew. I’m making you that soup, just hold on.” 

Neil left a second time, this time Andrew didn’t call him back. 

When Neil walked back in with a mug full of chicken soup, the comforter had been thrown on the floor and a window was cracked open. 

Neil raise a brow, “It’s 20º out.” 

“It’s hot.” 

Neil sighed, he handed Andrew the mug and placed the back of his hand against Andrew’s forehead. “…and that’s a fever.” 

“Fuck off, I don’t get fevers.” 

“You said the same thing when I said you were sick, dumbass.” Neil smiled at his stubborn (read: idiotic) boyfriend.

“That’s because I don’t.” 

Neil sighed, “Sure thing.”

“Don’t mock me.” 

Neil smiled wider, “I’m gonna run to the store and get some medicine. Don’t do anything stupid.”

“How can I, you’re taking all the stupid with you.” 

Neil barked a laugh, “Prove it by not doing anything stupid, then.” 

Andrew lifted a finger at Neil, “I will kiss you.” He threatened. 

Neil grinned, his nose scrunching, “Bring it on, babe.” 

when can we stop pretending that mainstream, middle-of-the-road status-quo peddling capitalist properties are “progressive”?

Yeah, it’s nice when things don’t go out of their way to be reprehensible, but giant media conglomerates and multi-million dollar companies are not your friends.

related: it’s fine to like things that aren’t progressive also. The danger of all this tepid liberal media crit is that it is warping the meaning of political art by desperately stretching its definitions so that all your faves can be included rather than seeking out, creating or demanding art that is actually political and challenging (alongside your perfectly acceptable diet of Art That is Not Challenging).

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ahh, your mp100 ✖ off au is giving me LIFE and YOUR TOME SPRITE IS BAE ❤ i was wondering if i were considering ever making sprites for serizawa and mogami, maybe ;; i love them so so much, haha ⭐

thank u!! sorry for the long wait haha

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Could excessive sharing be an autism thing? I learned as a child that sharing is good, so I always go out of my way to share stuff with my friends? Because it's a Rule that I need to follow, if that makes any sense. Could it be an autism thing?

That sounds pretty Autistic to me :) A common Autistic trait is rule following, we’re big on rules, rules help make sense of the scary, unpredictable, anxiety inducing, difficult to understand world and we can sometimes really fixate on them. We don’t always internalize the same rules, of course, and sometimes it can be kind of weird what we end up internalizing… 

One kind of weird rule I ended up internalizing is that if you want to be considered “fashionable” you should never wear the same outfit twice. I know that sounds odd but when I was in high school I overheard this conversation that a bunch of popular girls were having and they were talking about another girl who they considered to be the “best dressed” in our grade and part of why was because they couldn’t ever remember her wearing the same outfit twice and my tragically socially awkward Autistic brain was like oh ok that’s a Rule I can follow that would help me fit in more with all these weird NT people I have such a hard time getting along with, ok, cool, and to this day well over 15 years after hearing that one conversation that one time I still have a really hard time wearing the same outfit twice which is honestly super frustrating… I have way way way too many clothes so that I can create lots of different variations with them and I would really love to stop following that Rule but I can’t break myself of it…

Rule following behaviors tend to be closely related to Routines, Routines are just Rules about behaviors, they help us feel less anxious, more comfortable and safe, etc. So, yes, very Autistic indeed or at least it can be especially if you feel compelled to follow it even when you don’t want to or if you take it to extreme places when you know that’s not particularly reasonable but you just can’t help yourself <3 

~ mod rage


2 Northlane shirts - Size Medium

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hear me out: dghda/merlin au

dirk as merlin and todd as arthur


merlin as dirk and arthur as todd

I wish i could have the ability to write an essay about even after everything that happened to him, Percy is still a Hufflepuff at heart. 

Do you know what else I found while cleaning my closet (I’m not gonna get much cleaning done if I keep stopping to read)

This AMAZINGNESS its essentially a fan fiction of my high school group of friends. 50 pages of insides jokes, painfully accurate portrayals of our flaws and strengths and absolutely no regard for the rules of reality. Its written by my dear friend Julie Valenciano (Julie are you anywhere on this hellsite?)

Anyways when she is describing my relationship with Zach (my then best friend and unrequited love of my life and who is the main focus of this work which chronicles how stupid he is and how often he unintentionally hurts people in a loving and light hearted way) she uses one of my favorite lines I’ve ever read…

“Their dynamic was kind of like Stonehenge–big, rocky, and unclear as to why it existed on the fist place. ”

Which I think is just a genius bit of writing


fem!link, a bit annoyed but ready to take down some monsters!
requested by a friend~

commissions are open!

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Since Owl didn't like his gift of a live snake, maybe he would like a DEAD snake instead? (silverfoxbleach)

From the unholy shrieks emanating from the arrancar’s quarters seemed to indicate that Owl did not like finding a dead snake in his bead. At first he’d thought it was another live snake and leapt from his bed, but no, upon closer inspection it was a corpse - a long, stringy, serpent’s corps. 

Owl stared at it for a good minute be for grabbing it by the middle and staring at it some more. Had the silver fox brought it to him as a kind of breakfast in bed? Or was it supposed to be one of his “new friends” despite being dead? Either way, there was no way it was staying in his bed, and he had to do something to stop this intrusion of his personal sleeping space.

“Gin!” he called, still holding the dead snake. “Gin, come here please.”


Day Two ● Favorite Moment

The Reunion

Because of the smiles on their faces. Because they missed each other. Because of the running hug. Because of the joy. Because of the moaning. Because of the emotion. Because of her legs wrapped around his waist. Because of the hand gripping her shirt, making sure she’s real; grounding him. Because I’ve never in my life seen either of them happier to see anyone else. Period. End of story.