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Any Victuuri stories made from fanart?

Thank you for this request! There are SO many beautiful works of fan art that have inspired many great fics! Here are a few!

This STUNNING fan art is by @meggdraws​! Check out their blog!

Fics Inspired by Fan Art

of dusk and dawn and a love beyond by exile_wrath, Gen, 5.5k
The King of Day, Victor, drops flowers to the Ruler of Night, Yuuri, to express his love for him; yet, they are always returned, as Yuuri thinks that they’re dropped by mistake. Inspired by @beanpotsDay and Night AU

For Your Time (I’ll Give You This Smile) by Liana_Legaspi, Gen, 2.5k
“Do you love me?” the King of Day says to Yuuri’s retreating back. “I haven’t decided yet.” Yuuri confesses, “I might hate you.” There’s a smile in Viktor’s voice that’s sweeter than any lullaby Yuuri’s ever heard. “Then, if that’s the case, I’ll wait with you until you decide.” Inspired by @beanpotsDay and Night AU

Blue Rosed Mafia by TrinityWitch, Teen, 1.8k (WIP)
No one expected a Japanese man to run the number one Mafia family in Russia. Yuri Katsuki is the Pakhan for a Russian mafia group and Victor Nikiforov is with him too. Inspired by this Mafia AU by @minatu!

Caught in the Crossfire by cloudybreaths, Mature, 4.8k (WIP)
Yuuri sits back in Victor’s chair, crossing his legs, and rests his cheek in his palm. Yuri stares at him, and there’s a shiver that goes down his spine. Yuuri’s eyes are dark and his face stone, as though he was the true leader of the number one mafia family in Russia. For a moment, Yuri almost believes it. Inspired by this Mafia AU by @minatu!

Orchestra by the_headband_girl, Teen, 3.4k (WIP)
Sometimes in order to exercise a mission, a well-orchestrated plan has to become its foundation, like a literal world renowned orchestra. Every note must be at sync to perform beautifully and perfectly with no misses, and that is what this family has to do. Inspired by this Mafia AU by @minatu!

Even Princes Can Relate by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 6.8k
Phichit got an invitation to Victor Nikiforov’s birthday celebration, and he was taking Yuuri as his plus one. The prince of Petersburg was probably the most amazing person in Yuuri’s opinion. Not once did he think that they could get along so well though. Inspired by this art by @xiaoann!

you’ve heard this one before by AXSY, Teen, 13k (WIP)
In which Victor Nikiforov is a Man for Hire. Urban legends say that, for the right price (and sometimes just for kicks), he can single handedly pull off any job in the world. Beautiful, invincible and filthy rich. Enter Katsuki Yuuri and it all goes to shit. Based off this post! Inspired by this art by @sailor2xmoon​!

Amateur or Expert by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Teen, 1.9k
AU where Yuuri is a ice skating instructor and Victor is thirsty for him and will do whatever it takes for Yuuri to get to know him. Even if that means pretending to not know how to skate at all, even though he’s a five-time world champion. Inspired by this Amateur AU by @aina-p​! (I have a whole list of these fics on my blog!)

Teaching Victor Nikiforov to Skate by Aifeifei, Teen, 5k
Local skating teacher Yuuri Katsuki agrees to teach his hot Russian neighbour to skate. However, Victor is WAY too good at it, and Yuuri gets suspicious. Inspired by this Amateur AU by @aina-p!

Stamina by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 1.1k
“Can’t you go another round with me, Victor?” Yuuri purred, voicing teasing and deepening erotically. Victor’s eyes dilated once more and his breath hitched again. Inspired by this art by @xiaoann!

For You, I’d Wait Forever by PrettyInPurple00, Teen, 1k
“Victor…” Yuuri whispered, reaching out for him. Their fingers intertwined, and Yuuri squeezed his hand. “I trust you the most. Please… be my first.” Inspired by this art by @yurionniiice​!

After Banquet Special by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 1.2k
What would happen if Victor had escorted Yuuri back to his hotel room after the banquet? Inspired by this art by @spainsasscheeks!

Yearn by mizunohikaru, Gen, 697 words
Victor glanced on the ice—and mesmerized.
The delicate Asian beauty was cladded in black; the embedded rhinestones sparkled under the spotlight. Those raven coloured long mane was tied in a ponytail, swayed in the air: like ink spread on the scroll of Chinese masterpieces painting. Inspired by this art by @princessharumi!

Possessive by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Mature, 1.1k
Some people didn’t know that Katsuki Yuuri was possessive. JJ unfortunately finds out the hard way. Inspired by this art by @xiaoann!

Self-Imposed Language Barriers by Watermelonsmellinfellon, Teen, 2.3k
When Victor starts pretending that he can’t understand English in order to get out of doing his chores, Yuuri turns his game back on him, which leads to a little more angst than either expected. Inspired by this art by @pastel-crown!

матрёшка by Watermelonsmellinfellon, 844 words, Not Rated
Victor just wanted to pop the question when the time was right. Inspired by this art by @pandamatcha!

Random Drabble #8: Public

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Title: Public

Random Matchup: Hoshi | Wanting To Keep Your Relationship Out Of The Public.

Pairing: Hoshi x Reader

Genre: Angst & Fluff

A/N: Oh my god I am so tired, why am it still up! It’s 7 am! Anywho this is the last of my crazy one sit down random drabble hot mess. Hopefully, you enjoyed these. Much love <3

Send me two numbers between 1 and 26 and I will write a drabble about it. 

You knew the risks of dating an idol, but you loved him too much to care. Between the secret kisses and whispered I love yous you just couldn’t bring yourself to realise just how risky you both were being.

Both of your companies knew you were dating each other, and once your manager asked you if you wanted to go public but you beg and pleaded her to not announce it, saying that he didn’t want it to be public. Which you could understand to an extent but now it was just downright irritating.

You had been dating Hoshi for about a year and a half and a lot of fans from both your group and his were becoming highly suspicious of the fact that maybe you both really were dating.

The problem was, was recently you became a guest MC on a fairly new variety show and as luck would have it, Seventeen was on the list of groups to make an appearance on the show. You had beg and pleaded with him to say something on the day or the recording, but he still said no.

And now here you were, standing in your dressing room smoothing out your dress, a worried look plastered across your face. You didn’t know how much longer you could keep this whole thing quiet, or how much longer you wanted to keep hiding your relationship not only from your fans but from some of your own group members too.

Hearing the door open you looked over to see Hoshi sneaking in, a smile on his face “Jun is covering for me so I can come and wish my favourite MC good luck,” he said as he came over and hugged you tightly.

You smiled slightly as you hugged him back. “Thanks, babe,” you mumbled quietly.

He leant back and frowned as he looked at his face “are you okay? Are you not feeling well?”

“I am fine,” you say quietly as you avoid his gaze looking over in the mirror at your reflection.

Sighing he realised why you were upset. “I know you are upset with me for saying no, I am sorry. I know I keep saying no, and I know I am being a horrible boyfriend but I just don’t want the fans to hate you for dating me….”

You glanced over at him, with anger in your eyes “why do you think they will hate me? Most or your fans love how much I spend time with you and the other members, I have seen it on social media, they ship me with you already. They even ship me with your members to. Doesn’t that bother you more than the fans not liking me would?”

He winced at the thought of you being with another member, “I know, I am sorry I am just not ready yet. I am just worried about you.”

“Well, maybe if you really were worried about me, you would realise how much this has been hurting me the last few months. How much I want to just cry every time we are in the same room and I can’t hug you, it makes me feel like you care more about going public then you care about how I feel.”

Lowering your head you looked at your shoes as you held back your tears before swallowed the lump in your throat. “You need to go, I have to get to set,” you mumbled as you walked toward the exit.

He stopped you and turned your around, his mouth open to say something until you looked him in the eyes and he closed it, seeing the pain written all over your face. You slipped out of his grasp and walked out the door and onto the set.

Putting on a smiling face to the producers and fellow MC’s as you got seated for the start of the show. “Hello and welcome to this weeks show, this week we have Seventeen with us,” you say as you gesture towards the thirteen members sitting across from you, purposely avoiding Hoshi’s gaze.

The Interview was going well until one of your fellow Mc’s started talking about relationships and you shot a worried look over at Hoshi who was looking at you before he quickly glanced away.

“In fact, a lot of you have been said to be dating Y/n our guest MC. Is this true?” he said has he looked between you and the members.

You cleared your throat as you began to speak “I have seen a lot of Carats ship me with the members but I can assure you we are all just really close fri…”

Hoshi raised his hand and spoke over you “Actually, I want to answer this Y/N.”

The member’s eyes went wide as they glanced back and forth between the two of you, Jun smacked Hoshi’s arm and whispered in his ear.

You closed your mouth and nodded “continue then,” you mumbled.

He blinks as he looked at you for a reaction before he continued to speak “Uhm, well you see. Y/n and I have been friends since both of us debuted and we have been friends for a long time. But truthfully….truthfully me and Y/n have been dating secretly for about a year and a half, almost two years.”

You almost choked as you heard him speak, a blush setting across your cheeks as the other MC’s and members started speaking all at once as you stared at him and shook your head, a smile sneaking its ways onto your lips.

“Yah! Hoshi! Why didn’t you say anything!” said the leader S.Coups as he pushed Hoshi shoulder.

The fellow MC turned and looked at you “Is this really true?!”

Your gaze never left Hoshi as you answered. “Yes, it is. We have to keep it quiet for a while now, but trust me I am just as surprised that he said anything as you all are. Hoshi, I thought you didn’t want to go public.”

He smiled and rubbed the back of his neck, a blush spreading across his face. “Well let’s just say that I realised that maybe I was being a little selfish keeping it all hidden because I was scared, but I love you too much to risk losing you because of my selfishness, so… that’s why I decided to say something.”

The other members snickered at the two of you being all lovey with each other in front of the cameras, the MC’s gushing over how cute you two were.

After the interview you called your managers and explained everything, explaining that when the show aired is when you wanted the news to break.

For the first time, he grabbed your hand and gave you a quick peck on the lips. Earning a few catcalls from his fellow members that caused you both to blush.

“Thank you,” you whispered.

Your welcome love,” he said as he smiled at you, kissing you again quickly.


@-happytbh- Ty

Liam- It Was Everything

Request-  Could you write me an imagine about anything? For Liam please?

A/N- Loved writing this one!!

“Alright girls, you did a great job setting everything up,” you announced, clapping your hands together.
Eleven fifth graders stared up at you, all in various stages of untangling each other from camping equipment. One girl was popping out of a tent, a few others were hanging halfway out of sleeping bags, and you were pretty sure there was one stuck in a tree.
Your brow furrowed, and you walked over to the girl, whose dark hair was hanging over the ground.
“Uh, Mina, what are you doing?” you asked lightly.
“I’m having fun,” she told you brightly, flashing you a gap-toothed grin.
Your lips twitched and you glanced over at your co-counselor, Sydney, but she shot you an exasperated look. You held up your hands in surrender and looked back down at Mina.
“Okay, well we’re about to have a group meeting right now, so you might wanna get down.”
“Okay,” she chirped. “Oh, and Ms. Y/n?”
“Wanna know something cool?”
You glanced back at Sydney who was mouthing “Say no, say no” over and over.
Before you could answer the girl, she pointed above her. “My shoelaces are tied to this branch!”
Sydney gave an exasperated sigh and stomped over. “I’ll get her down. You start the meeting.”
You smiled and walked to the center of the campground. “Alright, guys, can you all come over here please?”
It took a few minutes, but all of the girls eventually shimmied out of the the tents, crawled out of sleeping bags, and untied themselves from trees. They made their way to the center of the clearing you and Sydney had chosen an hour ago, and sat down before you. Mina ran to join the group last, sandwiching herself between two other girls as Sydney came to stand beside you.
“Alright, as I was saying,” you began. “You guys have done awesome, so I think you deserve a little reward. We’re gonna put the skills we’ve learned to the test, and we’re going to start a campfire to make s’mores.”
Cheers erupted from the girl scouts sitting in the dirt, and you looked over at Sydney for approval. She offered you an uneasy frown. “They’re going to be up all night.”
“Yep,” you agreed. “But I promise I’ll be the one chasing them around camp. You can sleep.”
“Y/n-” Sydney groaned.
“And the first team to get the fire started gets the first s’mores!” you shouted suddenly, cutting her off.
A scramble ensued at your words, and in seconds, all the girls were racing to the pile of firewood you had collected.
“Y/n-” Sydney protested, cutting herself off to shout after one of the girls. “China, put those matches down! How did you even-are those mine?!”
She glared at you and you shrugged, jogging past her to help the girls. “Come on, Sydney. I know Ms. Honor Student remembers how much fun she had on these trips. Live a little!”
The Brunette shot you a frustrated glance and then sighed to run after you, causing you to grin. Sydney was doing this to put volunteer hours on her college application, but you knew she enjoyed Girl Scouts. Not as much as you had, of course, but now that you were too old for it, being a counselor was something that just seemed to make living in crazy Beacon Hills worth it.
You did have access to a pretty great preserve, and you loved taking the kids out here to spend the night. You had made some of your fondest memories camping, and out here with the chirping crickets and sleeping bags all pushed together, you felt at home.
The night started quietly enough, with only one slightly burned piece of clothing and about fourteen botched s’mores. The girls chased each other around in the dying light with glowsticks, giggling and laughing in the dark, causing you to smile. You and Sydney sat on a log and watched them play, and for a while, you were content, but then you saw a single glow stick sitting on the edge of the woods.
“Sydney,” you said, glancing around the campsite. “Count the girls.”
“I counted them five minutes ago,” she complained. “And didn’t you tell me to stop doing that?”
“I told you to stop doing it every fifteen seconds,” you reminded her. “But seriously, count them.”
Sydney huffed and stood up, and your gaze flicked around at your campers. “I counted ten.”
Sydney looked over at you, her eye filling with fear. “So did I.”
You swallowed. “Okay, don’t freak out. Count again.”
“There are still only ten!” she hissed. “And…and Raina’s gone.”
“Get them together,” you whispered. “I’m going to go find her. She probably just wandered o-”
The sound of a shrill scream interrupted you, and you closed your eyes briefly. When you opened them again, Sydney was staring at you in horror. “Okay, that could be anyone.”
“Y/n!” Sydney shrieked. “One of our girls is out there!”
“Okay, okay,” you hissed. “Calm down.”
“Ms. Y/n! Ms. Sydney!” one of the girls cried. “What’s going on?”
“Uh, nothing,” Sydney said, trying to fake a smile.
“Ms. Sydney, what are you doing with your face?”
You looked back at her and put your hand on her shoulder. “Stay here. I’m going to find her. I’m bringing her back.”
“What?” she demanded. “You can’t just go on your own. What if someone’s out there?”
“I’ll take a weapon,” you promised, glancing around the site.
You quickly ran over to the pile of extra supplies you had brought, and your eyes lit up when your eyes landed on something heavy and wooden.
“Y/n, that is a canoe paddle,” Sydney hissed.
“You got anything better?” you questioned, and before she could answer, you headed off into the trees. “Didn’t think so.”
You slipped past Sydney’s line of vision, and all she could do was watch you go with fear in her eyes. You knew it was stupid to go off by yourself, but there were only two of you. Sydney was the older counselor anyway, but she would be better at staying in control of the other girls. You were the funny one, but she was the responsible one.
Now those lines were going to have to blur, because if you wanted to find Raina, you were going to have to take the lead on this one. She could have easily gotten lost and just been afraid of the dark, but while Beacon Hills was boring from day to day, its night life seemed to bring out terrible things.
You had heard rumors of things out in the preserve, but none of the troup leaders had mentioned anything about that. You just assumed they were meant to scare people away from sneaking into the preserve at night. Now, faced with the possibility that they could be true, you knew you had to find your camper.
“Raina!” you called, keeping a tight grip on your paddle. “It’s Ms. Y/n! Are you out here?”
All that came from the darkness was silence. Not even the crickets were chirping, and now that you were all alone, the woods were beginning to feel less like home and a more like a cage. “Raina!”
Another shriek cut through the trees, and you felt your adrenaline kick in. You ran toward the sound of the scream, your boots slamming into the dirt. “Raina! Where are you?!”
The screams became more frequent now, and you headed to the source, your heart slamming against your ribs. “Raina!”
You held the paddle like a spear as you skidded to a stop in the clearing, and in the slim amount of light left from the sunset, you were able to see Raina’s colorful sneakers kicking in the dirt. There was a large figure on top of her, and he seemed to be grunting or yelling, but either way, the sound was unnatural.
You darted forward and yelled “Hey! Get the hell off of her!”
Your voice shook with terror, and maybe that wasn’t the best move, but they hadn’t exactly gone over this scenario in counselor training. You wished they had, and you could practically see the final quiz in your head. If one of your campers is attacked by a madman in the woods, do you a) leave her for dead b) launch a rescue mission, or c) consult your handbook?
The next step in your brilliant plan was to raise the canoe paddle over your head, and in a split-second decision, you slammed it down on the man’s head. Instead of falling over like you thought, he simply whirled around and opened his mouth, which were full of jagged teeth.
The man’s eyes seemed to flash white, and even though you were terrified, you stood you ground. “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?”
He let out a throaty laugh that sounded more like a growl, and then he rose from the ground above Raina. She screamed and scrambled back in the dirt, but the man, or whatever he was, didn’t seem to care about her anymore.
He took a step forward, and then you bolted, still gripping the paddle tightly. You glanced over your shoulder to see him chasing after you, and you thanked your lucky stars that you were leading him away from camp. You hoped Raina would be able to find her way back, but right now, your only concern was making sure this thing didn’t get to the girls.
You glanced behind you once more, and when you did, you stumbled on the root of a tree. You slammed into the ground and quickly pushed yourself back up, dropping the paddle in the process. When you felt the hand latching onto your ankle, you screamed.
Your nails dug into the dirt as you were dragged back on the forest floor. You were yanked around roughly, your back scraping on loose twigs and leaves as the man pulled you under him. You screamed again as he pinned your arms into the dirt, and he leaned down to get closer.
You whimpered as you felt his breath graze your cheek. Now that he was so close, you could see his teeth in more detail, and you could tell that there were rows and rows of them. They were wicked sharp, more like an animal than a human, and you had the terrifying thought that he was planning on sinking them into you.
“Why are you doing this?” you gasped out.
He leaned forward, and he offered you an animalistic grin. “Because I’m hungry.”
He roared in your face, and you began to cry. “Please stop. Please.”
“What’s the matter?” he growled. “Not so tough anymore?”
“Stop,” you repeated, your voice wobbly and broken. “Please.”
You glanced around you, looking for anyone or anything that could save you, but all you saw were darkened trees. The light was pretty much gone at this point, and you wondered if this was where you died. Alone, terrified, and in the dark.
Before you could think anymore about your impending death, the weight of the monster on top of you was gone. The sound of snarling hit your ears, and you sat up, dazed, as you found the source of the commotion.
The man on top of you was writhing under a growling shape, and now it appeared to be his turn to be pinned down. You could barely see in the dark, but you were able to slip your phone out of your jacket pocket and shine the light toward the struggle.
You gasped when you saw who was pinning the man to the ground. Liam Dunbar, the sweet guy with the baby blue eyes from your math class, was pressing the guy into the ground. He glanced up at you and raised his eyebrows. “Run!”
You nodded quickly and stumbled back, swatting stray branches out of your way as you ran back to camp. You looked over your shoulder one last time to see Liam still turned your way, and if you had been able to look through the darkness, you would have seen concern in his eyes.
You tore back through the woods, shining your phone light in front of you and glancing back every few seconds just to make sure that thing wasn’t following you. Fear was constricting your throat and making it hard to breath, but when you finally saw flashlights shining up ahead, you took the chance of believing that you might be safe.
You almost slammed right into someone as you entered the clearing, but before you could, they roughly grabbed you by the shoulders. You let out a scream, but as your vision adjusted, you could see it was only a girl.
“Relax,” she commanded, glancing down at you to make sure you weren’t hurt. “You’re okay.”
“I-don’t-don’t you go to my school?” was all you managed to get out.
The girl was tall, with shoulder-length brown hair and a look that suggested she didn’t take any shit. You had seen her hanging around Liam a couple times, but you knew she was senior.
“Yep,” she told you, taking her hands off your shoulders.
“Y/n!” a voice shouted.
You looked over to see Sydney running toward you, and she came up and threw her arms around you. “Oh god, I thought you were dead. Raina came back and you didn’t and I just…I’m really glad you’re okay.”
“Thanks, Syd,” you breathed. “Are the kids okay?”
She nodded and glanced back at the group of girls huddled together in the dark. Another one of Liam’s friends, a tiny redhead, was standing in front of them and teaching them one of those hands games with the chanting.
“They’re fine,” she promised. “Lydia’s watching them. And the girl you almost ran into is Malia. One of them is in my Biology class. Their friends Scott, Stiles, and Liam went out to find you. You know Liam, right?”
“Yeah, he’s in my Algebra 2 class,” you said. “Sydney, what the hell is going on?”
“I have no idea,” she admitted. “But you know weird things happen in this town. All Lydia would say was that some maniac got loose from Eichen House and took off into the woods. Stiles heard it on the radio, and Liam said he remembered hearing you talking about this trip on Friday. That’s how they found us.”
“Liam?” you whispered, blinking in the darkness. “He remembered?”
“I know you have the biggest crush on him,” Sydney said softly. “Maybe he feels the same way.”
Your cheeks flushed, and you looked back toward the woods. “Shouldn’t we get the girls out of here? In case that thing got away?”
“Scott and Liam have it covered,” Malia promised you. “It’s only one wendigo.”
“What’s a wendigo?” you asked.
“They eat people,” she told you plainly.
You gulped. “O-okay.”
The sound of running footsteps echoed through the night, and the three of you glanced over to see Liam jogging toward you. Your eyes lit up, and you met him halfway. “Oh my god, are you okay?”
“Me?” he asked, raising his eyebrows. “I’m fine.”
“Are you bleeding?” you asked, pointing to his shirt.
“Oh, it’s not mine,” he assured you. “It was Patrick’s.”
“Patrick?” you questioned.
“The psycho from Eichen House,” Liam told you. “He keeps escaping, and I’m guessing that rehabilitation therapy doesn’t really work for cannibalism.”
You let out a soft, uneasy laugh, and Liam smiled. “Are you alright?”
“I’m not hurt,” you promised.
“No,” he said softly. “I mean, are you alright? You just saw something terrifying. Sydney told us how you ran after that girl. That’s so brave, Y/n.”
You nodded firmly. “I had to protect my camper.”
Liam shot you a grin. “Who knew girl scouts could be so badass?”
You laughed softly. “I think I’m pretty skilled with a canoe paddle…hey,what happened to that guy?”
“The wendigo?” Liam asked. “Scott and Stiles took him down another trail to the Sheriff. They didn’t want to scare the girls.”
“Thank you,” you breathed gratefully. “Me and Sydney appreciate it. And…I’m really glad you’re okay.”
Liam smiled. “I’m glad you’re okay too. Honestly, when I heard on Stiles’ radio that Patrick was in the preserve, I panicked. I remembered what you said about being out here and I got worried.”
You blinked. “Didn’t I say that to Corey?”
“You did,” he admitted sheepishly. “But I was kind of listening in.”
You smiled and tilted your head. “Why?”
“Because I like you,” he confessed as his cheeks began to flush. “I really like you. And I wanted to know what you were doing this weekend so I could ask you out, but-”
“ I was on the trip,” you finished, your smile brightening.
“Exactly,” he breathed. “But hey, looks like we get to hang out anyway, right?”
You nodded. “You saved my life, Liam.”
He shrugged. “It was nothing.”
“It was everything,” you countered. “And I think I owe you at least one date.”
Liam swallowed. “Really?”
“Really,” you told him. “Besides, after we drop the kids off and tell all the parents what happened, I’m free tonight.”
You grinned at Liam, and he laughed softly. “So, do you get a badge for saving that girl’s life?”
You rolled your eyes. “I think knowing I made sure she wasn’t eaten is enough.”
“Do you still have your little outfit? With the sash and everything?” Liam asked with a laugh.
“Uh, maybe,” you said defensively. “It was very fashionable in 2007.”
“You’ll have to show me sometime.”
“Only if you show me the Devenford Prep uniform,” you fired back with a smug smile.
Liam laughed once more. “Okay. I think we should probably go over to the others. Those kids look like they’re trying to tie Lydia to a tree.”
“Wha-oh, Mina, come on!” you called as you watched her pull out her shoelaces and give them to one of the other girls as rope. “Jesus Christ. I’ll be back.”
“Take your time,” Liam told you. “We’ve got all night.”
You headed toward your scouts, but you suddenly glanced back over your shoulder to shoot Liam a warm smile. It had been a bizarre day, and you had almost been made into a human shish kabob, but you had to say the night had taken a spectacular turn. And if you were being honest, now that Liam was there, you didn’t really want it to end.

Weekly Idol ( Jimin )

REQUEST — Jimin oneshot when you’re in a girl group, and Weekly Idol invited your group and BTS. Everyone tease Jimin and you because Jimin said you were his ideal type and you mentionned that you liked Jimin’s laugh. Wow I’m sorry it’s so confusing ! Thank u!

( random girl group — Y/G/N )

A/N — I googled random Korean names but you can just pretend it’s other names when you read it. I made Y/G/N a 4 member group so I don’t have to look for so many Korean names hehe.


“Welcome to Weekly Idol! Today we have (Y/G/N) who recently made a comeback! Let’s welcome them in!” Hyung Don and Defconn clapped as your recent comeback song played. All of you stood in one line and faced the camera. Your group’s leader, Sun Mi, started the greeting. “1,2,3. Hello, we’re (Y/G/N)!”

Hyung Don faced your group, “How’s it like with your new comeback? Are you girls the top dog now? All the boys fainting from seeing you?”

The four of you laughed while shaking your heads. “(Y/N), I’ve heard that you’ve been catching quite some attention from some male idols?”

Your eyes widened as you looked at the two MCs. “Really? I’ve never heard that.”

Defconn nodded his head and clapped his hands together. “Do you know Bangtan Sonyeondan?” Your whole group nodded your head in response. “Jimin from BTS actually said that you were his ideal type.” Hyung Don continued.

Your members squealed teasingly as they smacked you in the back. Feeling embarrassed, you covered your cheeks while looking at the 2 MCs in disbelief. “Are you sure?” You questioned them and they nodded their head.

“Yes! They said it the last time they came on Weekly Idol.” Defconn confirmed. Hyung Don smiles cheekily, “Well now that you know you’re his ideal type, name one thing you like about Jimin! Go!”

You thought as quickly as you can, your brain scanning through the performances you’ve seen and backstage interviews. “I like Jimin’s laugh.” You answered. Your leader teasingly hugged you, “Our (y/n) is growing up now.”

“You’ll thank us later for that.” Defconn spoke and you looked at him in confusion. Hyung Don and Defconn looked at the cameras and announced something that none of you were expecting. “Now on this weekly idol, we have another guest who made their comeback recently as well! Bangtan Sonyeondan!”

All of you clapped as you watched them enter the scene and you bowed at each other in respect. Your mind was in a mess but you were trying not to show it. First they tell you you’re his ideal type? Then ask you what you like about him on television? And now they’re right in front of you!

After they made their introduction, the 2 MCs spoke. “Jimin why are you at that end? Come stand beside Hyung.” Defconn gestured the male to stand beside him and he listened obediently. “(Y/n), come stand beside me as well!” Hyung Don called you. Shyly, you swapped placed with Soon Bok and stood beside the MC.

“Defconn, as MCs we should stand in front right?” Hyung Don faced his partner who nodded his head in agreement. “You’re right. Come on let’s stand in front.” They two walked up, leaving an empty space between you and Jimin. You were feeling very nervous and attacked, you avoided making eye contact at all cost.

The two turned around to face both groups, “Ah the empty space is so awkward. Can you guys close it up?” They teased; everyone was laughing loudly except for the two of you. “Jimin-ah! Move in!”

“Yea (y/n), close up the gap!” Your members teased you openly. You were mentally killing them already, to you, they were already dead.

“So Jimin what’s it like standing next to your ideal type?” Jimin just gave a shy smile while opening his mouth but no words came out. Jimin was nervous but mostly embarrassed from what happened. He was frozen when they told you that you were his ideal type. Jimin felt unusually very happy when you said you liked his laugh.

Not knowing what to say, he let out an awkward laugh. Hyung Don gasped and looked at you, “(y/n)! (Y/n)! Jimin laughed! Was it nice?”

You laughed aloud in embarrassment, stepping back from the group. “Ah it’s so fun to tease Hyung.” Jungkook clapped. “Jeon Jungkook!” Jimin glared at the group’s maknae.

The MCs moved on to the different sections, both groups successfully passed Random Play Dance. You felt nervous the entire time, you could feel that he was looking at you. You didn’t say it to anyone but Jimin was your favourite from BTS. You liked his personality, his laugh, his appearance. Maybe he was also your ideal type? But you obviously couldn’t say that.

The food arrived and you were all about to eat when Hyung Don spoke. “Should Jimin feed (y/n)?” You froze after what he had said. You knew from the very moment when BTS walked in, they were going to tease the two of you—a lot. You mentally prepared yourself for it but you felt so shy with him there.

You looked up and made eye contact with Jimjn who gave you a small shy smile which you returned. “Aw look they made their first couple contact!” Hyung Don gushed and everyone followed. You turned to look at your leader who seemed to be enjoying it a lot. You playfully glared at her who just returned an innocent look at you.

Luckily, they didn’t push Jimin to feed you, if not you would have died from embarrassment already. Defconn took the infamous lie detector, you saw how it worked. You figured as long as you stay calm it’ll be accurate.

“V why don’t you go first.” He passed it to V. “Do you think Jimin and (y/n) will make a cute couple?” V smiled cheekily and looked at Jimin who was giving a subtle glare at his friend.

“Yes!” He answered cheerfully. You all waited for a brief moment before there was a ‘sing’ sound. “He isn’t lying! They’ll make a cute couple!” The two MCs announced loudly and almost everyone was cheering and clapping. The lie detector was handed to Jimin and he was talking V about the lie detector. “Just stay calm!” V told him.

“Do you think (y/n) is the prettiest here right now?”

Jimin laughed shyly and glanced at you to see you looking directly at him. “Y-Yes,” he answered quietly but loud enough for everyone to hear. Jimin was telling himself to stay calm while he waited. On the other hand, your heart was beating very fast. You wished you could’ve met Jimin under different circumstances so that you two could be friends normally. However, you figured that now it was going to be more awkward whenever you two meet.


“IT’S TRUE!” Hyung Don exclaimed. Your group members laughed while nudging you playfully. “Woah! Woah!” J-Hope was gasping while looking at Jimin playfully.

The lie detector was handed over to you. “Do you think Jimin is boyfriend material to you?” Defconn asked and your eyes almost popped out from its sockets. Jimin was looking at you with a small smile on his face and he looked so handsome just sitting there you could’ve died.

“Say no! Say no!” Your leader whisper-yelled.

You turned to hear and replied, “Say no?”

“Just say it!” Soon Bok nudged you and you immediately said no, facing the MCs. Jimin felt a bit hurt when you said no although he knew you were being forced to by your group members.

Suddenly, you screamed and immediately jumped up from your seat. “It’s a lie!!! Jimin is boyfriend material!!!” Everything broke loose after that, your members and the members of bangtan were running around screaming 'oh my gosh’ while the two of you sat frozen in your place.

“Both Jimin and (y/n) are the main vocalists right?” They asked after everyone had settled down. You nodded your head, looking at MC, preparing yourself of what’s to come. “Why don’t they do a duet here on Weekly Idol?”

“They need time to rehearse though.” J-Hope joined in. Defconn got the two of you to stand up and brought you to the side. “You two can take off your microphones and rehearse. We’ll call you back soon okay?” He smiled, patting you two on the back.

The two of you were backstage, realizing that you two actually had to perform a mini duet. “What is this.” You breathed out once Defconn walked back to the others to continue the segment. Jimin shrugged, “I guess well… I should introduce myself properly first. It’s nice to meet you, I’m Jimin.”

You smiled and shook his hand, “It’s nice to meet you too, my name is (Y/N).” The two of you chose a duet song and prepared it for 2minutes before they called you back into the scene.

“The staff has already prepared 2 mic stands for you. Let’s clap for the new couple duet!” Everyone cheered happily for the two of you. You two sang (a duet song) acapella version while everyone was actually silent for once, enjoying your short version. Once you two finished singing just the chorus, they clapped enthusiastically for the two of you. “Wow their voices really blend very well don’t you guys think so?” Hyung Don asked the other members who were just as mesmerized as the MCs.

“Thank you.” The two of you bowed shyly. Defconn pointed towards the camera and said, “This is a sign that these two need to make a duet song together soon.”

“And appear on We Got Married!” Hyung Don added and everyone laughed again. 'Back to teasing again.’ You thought to yourself.

Soon, you were down filming for Weekly Idol and they brought you to the lounge room to have snacks before heading to your other schedules. “Hey (y/n)!” Jimin called out your name as you walked out towards the lounge room where your group members were.

“Oh hi Jimin.” You greeted him with a bright smile, ignoring your loud thumping heartbeat. He smiled at you while rubbing the back of his neck, “I was thinking if we could exchange numbers or something? To you know… Keep in contact? If it’s alright with you I mean you don’t have—”

“It’s fine Jimin.” You laughed, finding his nervous side really cute, “I’d like that.” Jimin flashed a happy cheerful smile at you, taking out his phone and handed it to you. “I’m sorry if it was so awkward during the filming awhile ago.”

“Nah it was fine after awhile. Plus, I’m honoured that I’m your ideal type.” You decided to tease him. Jimin laughed, “And I’m honoured you like my laugh.”

“So… What makes me your ideal type?” You smirked, playfully nudging him. Jimin shook his head smiling at you. “Now that’s a secret.” He winked at you, making you blush slightly.

“Oh I didn’t get the chance to tell you this earlier but you have a really sweet voice.” Jimin complimented you. Your heartbeat quickened as you looked up to meet his eyes. “I liked your voice a lot too.” You returned the compliment.

“Hopefully one day we can sing together again!”

“I’d like that.” You nodded your head and he grinned cutely at you.

“Let’s join the others for snacks?” He gestured to the lounge room. You nodded your head, smiling at him. “Yea sure.” The two of you entered the room together, only to receive more teasing from both your group members.

“It’s our new couple!!”

Let’s just say that their sentence came true, and so did the duet plan suggested by Defconn.

fallenwithstyle  asked:

Did Kouren intend to face Su-won in single combat? That's kind of what it sounded like (and the scanlation made it sound even more like that), but I wasn't sure. I don't see how she can possibly think he'd agree to something like that, though. He would be giving up a nearly certain victory. Unless she somehow intended to leverage the dragons as hostages to force him to go along? But I don't think that would work, either.


Yes, that is indeed what she is saying — that she will face Su-Won in single combat at the heart of the battle.

I don’t really find Kouren’s statement alarming, seeing as the decisions she has taken till now have had nothing to do with whether Su-Won approved or disapproved, but are rather based on what she feels is right. It’s not like she asked Su-Won whether he was okay with war, either, and I’m pretty sure that if Kouren charges at Su-Won he will engage in combat. (I can’t really imagine him running away from it, and he’d have to pull out his sword anyway for self-defence.)

The way I see it, Kouren feels that she must face Su-Won personally as atonement for starting a war that will most likely see the death of thousands of her men. I don’t think she’s walking into it believing she is going to die or lose —because I feel Kouren is the sort that fights till the end with the intention of winning, even if the situation is hopeless—, but she is prepared for this if it comes to it. Her determination to meet Su-Won is her way of assuming responsibility for the bloody war she is about to start, knowing that in throwing herself into the heart of the battle she is just as likely to die as the rest of her men — this is Kouren’s way of making the best out a situation that she cannot turn away from. We know from her inner monologue that this is not the war she wanted the path she chose in life to lead her to, yet it is too late to turn back. Unfortunately, once this war is over her legacy will be that of a tyrant ruler who lead her kingdom to self-destruction and (according to Mizali) will stand smiling at the end of it. Kouren’s decision to face Su-Won personally is, I believe, her way of avoiding becoming this tyrant leader — she, too, will risk her life in this battle, fighting alongside her men, and see its closure.

I think it goes to show that what Tao&co. have said of Kouren is true: she IS a wise and brave ruler that loves her people, but her judgement has been clouded by hatred.

braveprincess-rebelprince  asked:

Hi friend, here to try and help with that annoying black hole writer block thing ✨ Prompt: do you you still remember the way we used to feel? Bellarke because I'm trash xoxo

The last six years had been a difficult challenge for Bellamy. Thinking he would never see Clarke again and worrying about Octavia, Bellamy tried to face his new challenge and become a true leader. To do this, he had to simultaneously listen to both his heart and mind. He had to act as Clarke would have, while remaining faithful to his system of values.

Although he still felt emptiness after Clarke’s supposed death, he returned to Earth hoping that everything would work out. Since he could manage with his life in space, coming back to Earth didn’t seem that hard. And it wasn’t; not until he saw her. Until he found out that she was not only alive, but she had waited for him for all those years.

His hope died a long time ago, while her hope kept her alive.

After a long day full of explanations, touching greetings and short stories about the years spent apart, a silent night came. When Raven, Murphy, Emori, Echo, Monty, Harper and a new friend of Clarke, Madi, fell asleep, Bellamy sat down by the fire. After a moment Clarke joined him, sitting so close that if he reached out his hand, he would touch her short hair. He liked her new hairstyle.

“I guess you also have a problem with falling asleep,” Bellamy smiled slightly, still not believing that she was really there. On the Ark, he had sometimes imagined that moment. What would he do, what would he tell her if she was alive? But now, when she was with him, safe and sound, he didn’t know how to behave. It had been 6 years. Were they still the same people?

“I’ve waited for that day for a long time,” she admitted, putting her hands closer to the fire to warm them up. “It’s not a surprise that I can’t sleep. I think I’m too happy.”

Bellamy looked away from the fire to glance at her. He was happy too. One look at her still beautiful face was enough to make his heart fill with happiness. There was also pain inside him, the one he couldn’t describe. He felt as if he regained something important, but at the same time, it was still out of his reach. Was it possible to be happy and suffer at the same time?

“Do you still remember the way we used to feel?” Clarke reciprocated his gaze, and the light of the flames played in her eyes.

As if it wasn’t enough that his heart was ripped apart between two contradictory feelings, Bellamy took a deep breath, wondering what was the point of such a mysterious question.


“I do,” she said, looking away while he couldn’t take his eyes off her. “I remember what I felt when I told you that you have to follow not only your heart but your brain too. I remember what I felt when you hugged me. I remember what I felt when I saw you for the last time.”

He hid his face in his hands, afraid of the feelings that flooded him. Of course, he remembered. He remembered every moment, every word, every feeling that her presence aroused.

“I felt a lot back then,” Clarke continued. Bellamy heard the sadness in her voice. “The fear that I will not see you again, the hope that everything will be okay. Most of all, I was afraid that my words would not suffice. I should have told you what I really felt, Bellamy. Show you how important you were-”

“Hey,” he interrupted her, lifting his head. She stared at him unsteadily. Without thinking, he grabbed her hand. Her touch was still familiar and soothing. As if they never parted. “You’ve done enough, okay? Without your special world, I wouldn’t survive those years.”

Clarke shook her head, placing her other hand on his cheek. Bellamy shivered under her touch as she laid a finger on his lips.

“No, Bellamy, it’s not what I mean.” Her voice changed into a whisper as she leaned toward him. Their faces were now separated only by centimeters. “There wasn’t a day, during these six years, when I didn’t regret not kissing you.”

So she felt the same way. When the truth came to his consciousness, a weight of unspoken love fell from his heart.

“I’m asking you again, Bellamy. Do you remember?”

“I do,” Bellamy whispered and before he could add anything, her lips found his.

She smelled of grass and smoke as he drew her even closer. Clarke caught his face in her hands and deepened the kiss. Suffering slowly began to leave his body, he could finally relax a little. His shoulder was no longer a burden of great responsibility, from now he could share it with her. In his heart, there was no hidden love because, in the end, she disclosed.

Shortly after, they fell asleep under the starry sky; Clarke in his arms, Bellamy holding her tight. For the first time in six years, their sleep was peaceful.

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I'm confused, surely as pagans we should oppose science with every fibre of our being and seek to avoid and refute it wherever possible? Why do so many gush about that which tries to deny and erase us?

A student in a class I took years ago said that she actively avoided science because she didn’t “want to lose the magic in the world.”  I tried to explain to her after helpfully pointing out her ignorance that understanding the intricacies of our universe is what makes it seem that much more incredible, all its million trillion parts moving in enough harmony to make existence possible at all.  Are rainbows the sign of a happy god, or is it a complex interaction of the principles of refraction that spread out the hidden colors in white light that traveled so far from the freakin stars, demonstrated by deceptively tiny particles of moisture suspended in air that seems mostly empty but in fact is full of elements and living things and human-made pollutants and the magic of spoken language vibrating through it all?  I still remember a moment of spiritual profundity when I was eighteen and reading about the ties of mitochondrial genetics between completely different species and how it allows us to track our ancestors aeons back in the human evolutionary tree, and many of us are all about our ancestors.

So why wouldn’t we gush about that?

Science and religion are not mutually exclusive concepts.  I posted an argument about this here, so I won’t repeat it and end up turning this post into a thesis.  It’s true that post-Enlightenment ideology relegated religion to the realm of the ignorant and superstitious, but in and of themselves, outside of people’s blind dogma on both sides of the fence, science and religion can truly work together in beautiful ways.  Our universe functions according to physical laws/tendencies that have held true since its birth, and if religious and spiritual people are trying to run towards fundamental truths, they’d be shooting themselves in both feet by pretending science doesn’t exist.  Ignoring it makes someone no better than the dumbasses who made the Creation Museum.

(On the other hand, spiritual leaders need to learn what quantum physics actually is before using it to justify spiritual processes, a tendency which buys right back into the overly-reductionist system they’re criticizing in the first place, oh my god, serious pet peeve and I want to punch them in the face.)

Besides, anyone who thinks scientists are boringly restrictive hasn’t read about their overly honest methods.

- mountain hound

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10 Reasons We Don't Need God

1.Ben Carson, or Religious Ignorance. Only belief in God could infect a brain as smart as the renowned neurosurgeon and prominent Presidential candidate Ben Carson to mangle the Big Bang theory and preposterously propose that Darwin’s theory of evolution is a trick of Satan.

2.Kim Davis, or Religious Bigotry. Only belief in God could convince an otherwise decent and loyal civil servant that her personal interpretation of the Bible trumps the U.S. Constitution, the Supreme Court of the United States, and the law of the land.

3.ISIS, Al Qaeda, & Islamism, or Religious Extremism. Only belief in God could lead large groups of people to believe that the most moral thing they can do is to murder people in the most gruesome manner imaginable—beheading—anyone who does not believe their barbaric and primitive religious tenets, such as capital punishment for apostasy.

4.Crusades, Witch Hunts, and Wars, or Religious Violence. Only belief in God could lie behind these catastrophic moral blunders: the Crusades (the People’s Crusade, the Northern Crusade, the Albigensian Crusade, and Crusades One through Nine); the Inquisitions (Spanish, Portuguese, and Roman); witch hunts (the execution of tens of thousands of people, mostly women); Christian conquistadors (extermination of native peoples by the millions); the interminable European Wars of Religion (the Nine Years War, the Thirty Years War, the Eighty Years War, the French Wars of Religion, the Wars of the Three Kingdoms, the English Civil War); the American Civil War (in which Northern Christians and Southern Christians slaughtered one another over the issue of slavery); and the First World War (in which German Christians fought French, British, and American Christians, all of whom believed that God was on their side—German soldiers, for example, had Gott mit uns—God with us—embossed on their belt buckles.) And that’s just in the Western world. There are the seemingly endless religious conflicts in Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, numerous countries in Africa, and of course Islamist terrorism.

5.Slavery and Civil Rights, or Religious Intolerance. Only belief in God kept the slave trade alive through religious and biblical arguments that blacks were inferior to whites, that slavery was good for black souls, that slavery gave blacks civilization, that blacks liked being enslaved, or, later, that blacks should not have the same civil rights as whites (such as equal treatment under the law—interracial marriage was illegal until 1967) simply because the pigment in their skin was darker.

6.Women’s Rights, or Religious Suppression. Only belief in God would lead otherwise good men to think that women should not have the same rights as they, which is what almost all Christians believed until the women’s rights movement of the 20th century (and many today still believe in wanting to control women’s sexuality and reproductive choices). Like the meddling Puritanical control freaks of the Early Modern Period there are still men today who think they should decide what women do with their vagina. Women flourish in societies that are either not very religious or those, like the United States, that have separation of church and state; i.e., less religion equals more rights and equality.

7.Gay Rights, or Religious Moralizing. Only belief in God could cause otherwise decent Christians to become perversely obsessed with what other people do with their genitals in the privacy of their bedrooms, and that if these people don’t insert their genitals into the biblically correct orifice, or if genitals are stimulated in a biblically unapproved manner, they should not have the same Constitutional rights as straights.

8.Tribalism, or Religious Xenophobia. The world’s religions are tribal and xenophobic by nature, serving to regulate moral rules within the community but not seeking to embrace humanity outside their circle. Religion, by definition, forms an identity of those like us, in sharp distinction from those not us, those heathens, those unbelievers. Most religions were pulled into the modern Enlightenment with their fingernails dug into the past. Change in religious beliefs and practices, when it happens at all, is slow and cumbersome, and it is almost always in response to the church or its leaders facing outside political or cultural forces (slavery, civil rights, women’s rights, gay rights).

9.Absolutism, or Religious Dogmatism. The foundation of the belief in an Absolute Morality is the belief in an Absolute Religion grounded in the One True God. This inexorably leads to the conclusion that anyone who believes differently has departed from The Truth and thus is unprotected by our moral obligations; even more, they must be forced to see the Way, the Truth, and the Light. Unlike science, religion has no systematic process and no empirical method to employ to determine the verisimilitude of its claims and beliefs, much less right and wrong, so it can never self-correct its mistakes, which are legion.

10.Preposterous Moral Rules, or Religious Immorality. The morality of holy books—most notably the Bible—is not the morality any of us would wish to live by. Put into historical context, the Bible’s moral prescriptions were for another time for another people and have little relevance for us today. In order to make the Bible relevant, believers must pick and choose biblical passages that suit their needs; thus the game of cherry picking from the Bible generally works to the advantage of the cherry pickers.

From eSkeptic Magazine.

By Michael Shermer

My heart bleeds for the brave-trans service men and women in America who have been let down and treated like monsters by ‘45’. I’m not from America, but I’m still grateful for everything you do, for your friends, family and your country. Each and every single one of you is so brave. Every day you put your life on the line on the battlefield for the protection of your country and a leader who can’t return the favour! You’re brave for remaining true to yourselves in the face of a society that still struggles to accept you. I don’t know if anyone has noticed… BUT ITS 2017 FFS!!! THIS SHOULD NOT STILL BE HAPPENING!!!
To all the brave and beautiful trans people out there (including those that serve in the military) I just want you to know I am so proud of you! The whole world is proud of you! Because in all of the hate and discrimination, you still remain true to who you are💜 My heart aches for you. Never ever forget that you are brave, you are beautiful, you are human and you are NOT a burden❤I love every single one of you. The whole world is with you, we will get through this together❤

arukou-arukou  asked:

Please do actually tell us about the time you role-played Machiavelli.

So, we had a class called something like Social History but it was really just a Civics class, learning why you should vote and about the legal system and that kind of thing. And we had a really GREAT teacher, god I loved her, who tried to a) make this really dry, boring stuff as interesting as possible and b) do the mandated “team assignment” bullshit without actually forcing those of us who do not thrive in teams to have to be on a team.

We had a project where nine people were singled out to be Not On A Team, and the rest of the class was split into four small groups (there were about 35 of us). The job of the small groups was to present the articles of the Constitution to a panel of judges, and try to convince the judges to ratify the Constitution.

The judges were the nine people singled out to Not Be On A Team. Each of us was assigned a persona from history to roleplay, so our job was to study that person’s political writings and views and then once the presentations were done, write a “decision paper” stating whether they would ratify the Constitution. I don’t remember all the other historical figures, but I know that Julius Caesar and Emma Goldman were two of them, because I was friends with J. Cees and dating Emma Goldman at the time. 

So the presentations take place, over the course of two days, and the next morning we had to announce our decisions and turn in our justifications. And one by one the other eight people give their verdicts. TENSION IS MOUNTING. The teams that presented are nervously eyeballing us. They want to win so bad, I’ve never seen kids hanging on the words of Emma Goldman like that before.

Eight verdicts: four to ratify, four against. And everyone is looking SUPER DISCONSOLATE because we’ve finally reached me and I am Machiavelli and there is no way Machiavelli ratifies the Constitution. Even my girlfriend Emma Goldman, who didn’t even vote to ratify, looks at me with sad betrayal in her eyes.

BUT. I was expecting this, and I bust out my paper and announce that I am voting to Ratify. THE CROWD GOES WILD! And my teacher looks at me with this “You little shit” look on her face and goes “I’ll be interested to read your decision paper.”

My rationale was that Machiavelli would absolutely not ratify the Constitution, but he also tended towards passivity when it came to governance and he was in favor of allowing organic processes to develop favorable conditions whenever possible. My Machiavelli believed that the “attempt of democracy” was inevitable and may as well come sooner rather than later. He predicted that out of its total failure, a true leader would rise. He gave America a couple of decades before it fell to pieces and hoped whatever came after would be much more efficient. He haaaaated James Madison and his stupid advocacy of the minority voice.

I got a big smile and an A when she passed it back. :D

DR3: Future Arc Theory

See this picture?

My theory is that the characters walking in sideways will die, the characters facing straight will survive, and the character facing backwards will ultimately be the traitor.

So far this theory bears weight. Bandai, Asahina (god rest her soul) and Yakuzome have died.

If it’s true, then Kimura, Kizakura, Sunohara, Gozu and Sakakura will also die.

Naegi, Kirigiri, Ryota, Munakata, Miaya and Ruruka will live.

Tengan, the foundation’s leader, will be the traitor.

Dear Colleagues,

I wanted to write to you directly because I know no one more than you wants to see Ferrari on the podium.

You live by Ferrari as much as Ferrari lives by you, your passion and your talent.

He who works at the Gestione Sportiva does not do it just because he loves racing, but because he feels part of a unique and special department, because it has Ferrari in the DNA.

I understand your disappointment, at the end of a season that we would all like to forget.

But, as often happens in life, it is the dark moments, those that push us towards a phase of renewal and rebirth, because they force us to find the strength and courage to change our destiny.

Today we have the opportunity to start a new chapter in the sports history of Ferrari.

As always, the success and strength of the Ferrari brand are closely linked to the world of Formula 1; the races are the advanced research laboratory for innovative and sophisticated technologies destined for road cars; always the performances on the track are a test of character, a demonstration of what Ferrari can do.

This is exactly why we have to go back to being competitive; so Ferrari can and should go back to doing what they were created to be, the best.

As you know, we decided some major changes in the next season, starting with the driver pairing.

We chose Sebastian Vettel, a great driver who has already racked up an impressive array of records and has the desire and the ability to continue to demonstrate what he is worth.

We believe he is the right person to assist another great talent, Kimi Raikkonen, who not only has the experience and maturity of a champion, but also a desire to share them.

In addition to being both world champions, Sebastian and Kimi are also united by a great friendship in life.

We all know how important it is, at this time, a healthy team spirit; a spirit that comes from people who believe strongly in a project and want to share commitment, sacrifices and achievements.

Another fundamental change concerns the guidance of the Gestione Sportiva.

We just announced that Maurizio Arrivabene will be the new general manager and Scuderia Team Principal, replacing Marco Mattiacci, we all thank you for the contribution he has made in the last fifteen years.

Some of you may have already got to know and appreciate Maurizio Arrivabene, because he has worked extensively in the field of sponsorships, coming in contact with Formula 1 and, of course, with the Ferrari.

Maurizio has a wealth of knowledge not only unique because he has long been close to our team, but, as a member of the FI Commission, has clear idea about the challenges that lie ahead.

He knows very well our world and its mechanisms, the spirit of competition and the sense of the challenge that animate racing. And has been a constant source of innovative ideas for the renewal of Formula 1.

I, personally, recognize in Maurizio the qualities of a true leader, one of those people that you follow for the example he gives, for the reliability and integrity of his choices, for the model of man he is.

Maurizio has my full support because, in addition to being a great professional, we share the same vision of what Scuderia Ferrari can and should be, and we face this challenge with the same approach. I have total confidence in him and in fact that he will convey these values ​​to Sports Management.

The road that we face will not be short nor easy.

But the Ferrari legend is born following the roads less comfortable.

Ferrari was built on victories with tenacity, ambition to aim each time to the highest goal, the will to excel so much in the results as the path taken to reach them.

Our goal is simple: win our rightful place in both the Constructors ‘Championship in both the Drivers’ Championship.

We can not settle for anything less.

To get to celebrate that milestone, however, we must remain humble and continue working in every race as if it were the last. We have to earn our success on the field every day, at every opportunity, at every test.

I know that your commitment has never failed.

I ask you to continue to keep alive that spirit; not to fear change, but to ride him; not to wait for someone else to tell you what to do, but you take the initiative; to share ideas and tips with the team.

The world does not progress endlessly repeating the same things.

Progresses because there is someone who decides to break the chain of habit and inertia; because there is someone who chooses not to be more a result of the past, but one of the causes of the future.

I wanted to tell you these things because I have confidence in you and in your ability to become the architects of that dream that all of us, in Ferrari, we share.

This is what Ferrari needs and this is what our story asks us.

For my part, I can confirm my full support.

Your commitment is essential in this challenge, but it will not be alone.

All of us will work together until we see realise our ideal.

And I will put every effort to affirm the role of Ferrari in the international institutional Formula 1.

No one more than you deserve to get back to winning.

I promise you that, together, we will do everything to become the new Scuderia par excellence: the one to fear, the one to beat.

Good luck to us all.

Sergio Marchionne
Chairman of Ferrari SpA


Sergio Marchionne’s letter to everyone at Ferrari

Forza Ferrari!