its the cutest

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I don't think anything will ever top Tommy Shelby always being down to dance in season 1 😭 such a unique character trait

Oh anon, I am so on board with this comment. Like where the fuck did that character go? There’s a cute bit I think in the first Gold Derby interview where Cillian’s asked what don’t people realise about his character and the response is that Tommy really likes dancing. I mean… Kill me! S1 did such a good job showing how momentous just touching someone for the first time is too and I miss it so much. All down the gurgler for ‘wanna bang?’ Shelby. 


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Fire! Honoo!


- my favorite pokemon of that type

a tIE…………………love that chandelier but bone guy is cool too

- my second favorite pokemon of that type

you cant tell me that you didnt have a crush on dad entei when you watched that movie!!!!!!! you cant lie to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you cant!!!!!!!!!!!!! also i feel like ho-oh is really overshadowed by lugia and it’s like…such a gorgeous pokemon…when will ho-oh get its own movie?

- the cutest pokemon of that type

fat ball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- the most stupid or dumb (looking) pokemon of that type

who are you and where do you belong………………………………….

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Okay but who is the one that sings in the shower and how does the other respond..!?

Jonas maybe sings? Unconsciously though, like mostly humming here and then, maybe even humming along to his band music..

Mitch thinks its the cutest thing in the world.

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I love the fact that chanyeols mom loves ksoo soooooo much. I think she thinks of him like a second son lmao

I know!!! It’s adorable ; v ; !!

Here she even told him “Kyungsoo ya, mom is here!” and its honestly the cutest thing ;_; <3


When Min Yoongi doesn’t know he’s being filmed.