its the book

don’t tell her its okay. she knows it is okay to cry when she wants. tell her to call you every time she needs someone to hear her out. tell her to talk to you about everything that is bothering her before she goes to sleep every night. tell her how one day there will come a time when everything makes her smile. tell her that even though right now she feels lonely, you’re going to give her the warmest hug when you meet her and everything will seem okay even if its momentarily. tell her the funniest joke and maybe she will smile but please don’t tell her its okay because she knows it’s okay to have a hurting heart.
—  //nikitagupta
  • Church: Fuck, marry, kill - Me, Arnold and Connor
  • Poptarts: Marry you, fuck Connor and kill Kevin

Things i love about (book) Stanley Uris

  • He’s fastidious
  • “A creature of habit and convention”
  • “A patient boy”
  • Thinks that birds talk to each other (they totally do stan)
  • Thinks about phrases like ‘weirdsville’ and ‘Creep City’ because Richie says them
  • When the dead boys come for him in the standpipe he defends himself using his bird-book and shouting out the names of birds (it works)
  • Has an adorably dry sense of humour
  • Makes the suggestion to clean up the blood from Beverly’s bathroom (and then pays for the rags to get cleaned and jokes that it was a laundry date)
  • Was offended when he saw the dead boys (which is way worse than being frightened in his eyes)
  • “could stand to be scared, but he hated being dirty”
  • Was the most successful young accountant in Atlanta
  • Played baseball and “had the reflexes of an angel” according to Eddie (and I honestly don’t disbelieve, cause my boy Stan is an angel)
  • Cant think of anyone else to tell about IT because he only trusts the losers
  • Poor kid had his face washed with snow until it bled, by henry bowers
  • Traded funnybooks for firecrackers (him and Richie are meant to be i stg)
  • He can sing (or sayng according too Richie)
  • “Kookie kookie lend me your bones”
  • Sharp minded
  • When Richie tells him 'i heard somewhere that you killed Christ’ Stan replies totally deadpan with 'i think that was my father?’ COMEBACK KING!!
  • Carries his bird book with him (almost) everywhere
  • Jokes about breaking Eddie’s other arm
  • Saves Eddie and Mike in the sewer using his bird book and telling the giant bird he doesn’t believe in it
  • (He does however believe in phoenix’s)
  • He is the one who cuts the rest of the losers palms because he knows that it wasn’t really gone

hi hi heres a really cute stagedorks au!!

jeremy is a city boy. he just now moved into the country and he lives near the woods!! of course, being the curious boy he was, he wanders deep into the woods and comes across a very beautiful girl. 

that beautiful girl? christine. she has lived in an old cabin here for over a year, and is very surprised to see someone here?? so shes a little nevous, but talks to him anyway.

jeremy is very lucky he lives near those woods, and he goes there every day to talk to christine.

soon, an amazing friendship forms, and later, he finds himself falling in love with her. christine is oblivious, and has no idea about his crush. 

by now, jeremy has been obsessing over christine to michael. nonstop talking about her, but he leaves out the witch part. 

michael is very surprised to find that out whenever jeremy takes michael to meet christine

christine and jeremy end up dating, and it’s all very happy stuff going on !

Teaser ?

Here’s a little part of one of the chapters from the book. I’m going to publish it soon although it’s unfinished. Enjoy;

The chaotic world around me silenced for a while. My eyes widened once more and I stared at Iron Man who stopped dead in his tracks once he realized who he had hit. My hands flew to my stomach and I touched my skin, feeling an awful, stinging pain there. It spread all over my body, almost like I would’ve been crushed underneath broken glass. A few moments later I landed on the floor, gliding away and getting burns on my skin from the harsh carpet floor.

I hissed in pain and stayed down, feeling overwhelmed and weak at the same time. My mouth was wide open and I attempted to inhale but it felt literally impossible, almost like something was squeezing my lungs together. All my mind focused on was the intense pain in my abdomen. It was worse than anything else I could remember. “What have you done?!” I heard Loki yelling and a boom followed. A blue light flashed and the next second Loki got by my side. He had used the spear on someone but I didn’t know who.

“No..” He breathed out and looked at my trembling hands that covered my stomach. I tried hard to see his expression. He looked really angry, veins were appearing on his pale skin. He also seemed a little stressed, which I understood. We were screwed and I was wounded.

///ANOTHER PART because why not///

“..yesterday was a day of horror in New York. We were attacked by aliens and an Asgardian we know as Loki, Thor’s brother. Although the heroes we know as the Avengers saved the city, there are no signs of Loki. According to the police he is armed and dangerous..” The man explained to everyone watching very seriously. I rolled my eyes at his words. It was hard to believe that he man who slept beside me was dangerous. But I guess they were right.

“… He was last seen escaping the city with a woman we didn’t recognize at first. New reports tell us that the woman is Y/N Miller, a local woman. Did she have something to do with the attack or is she a hostage?..” Suddenly I was fully awake. I nearly dropped the cold sandwich as I stared at my photo on the damn news! First they showed a blurry picture of Loki carrying me on a flying platform. Then it changed to my passport picture, on display for thousands of people to see.

Falling in with the wrong crowd. A fear submitted by Emilija to Deep Dark Fears - thanks!

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“it doesn’t matter if it was a relationship or a friendship. when it ends, your heart breaks.”

- Day 26

lena headey is the most incredible actress

she doesn’t need hair, makeup, or costume to completely change who she is, the person she is

and yes she’s an actress and it’s her job but HOLY HELL she’s god tier (and just…. DOESN’T have an emmy?? like who’s in charge here?)

just look at her in character as cersei:

and then, still in costume but out of character:

a comPLETELY different entity (i honestly think she’s unrecognisable as cersei)


it’s the way she moves her mouth?? and her gait?? and just everything holy guacamole

she has just,, been a diFFerent person?? in all of these gifs?? hOW? these are from only like 4 OF HER PIECES OF WORK

tldr; lena headey is an actual chameleon as well as being the most beautiful angel and all around lovely human and deserves all the awards