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{banner was made by me and honestly its my fav thing ever}

i reached 4k followers the other day !!!! after around 5 years on this hellsite. legit the only reason this website is bearable is because of the people i follow. i have met so many incredible people and i seriously wouldnt have stayed this goddamn long if it wasnt for y’all. 

i follow around 200 people and i tried to include everyone. all y’all binches change your urls so often tho so i didnt know who half of you were, but itll explain why some of my mutuals arent on here. so if you arent on here, please dont feel offended. it was not my intention im just a binch w a bad memory and i guarantee i love you 

anyways, thank y’all so much for 4k followers!!! considering i contribute nothing to this fandom this is amazing and i love every single one of you!!!  ❤ ❤ ❤

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Colin Kaepernick is drawing passionate supporters and detractors to his first start of 2016.
Some fans arrived a New Era Field for Sunday’s 49ers-Bills game and took stands on his behalf, while others showed up selling extremely inflammatory anti-Kaepernick shirts.

ESPN reported that at least two groups came to the stadium parking lot Sunday morning carrying signs and banners planning to protest on behalf of him and the causes that motivated him to kneel during the national anthem.
SURJ stands for Showing Up for Racial Injustice, a national network of white supporters for causes involving racial justice, according to its website. Just Resisting is an organization of young people of color based in Buffalo.