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My emails to Netflix

I just wrote to the four people listed in this post about the cancellation of Sense8 and I thought I’d post what I said in case anyone wants a bit of an outline for what to write. Don’t write exactly what I said, obviously, or they’ll just be more likely to dismiss us all, but feel free to use this as a loose template for your own complaints.

It’s a bit long so I’m putting it under a read more

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AU Headcanon in Which Pokemon Go Prevented the Age of Ultron

Imagine if you will that Pokemon Go came out a year and some months earlier in the MCU then it did here.

Darcy is the first to download it, because “F-yeah, Pokemon.” She’s hooked in an instant and puts it on Jane and Thor’s phones as soon as she can get her hands on them. It’s even on Selvig’s phone, though he still has no idea.

Jane and Thor give it a try at first to humor Darcy, but then keep at it because its fun. 

Thor goes ballistic and loves the idea of collecting all the little funny creatures and goes around recommending it to all the Avengers. Tony had to tweak the programming a smidge to make it work on his Stark phone, and Clint turns out already had it because “F-yeah, Pokemon.”

Soon everyone is playing. Nat purposely runs extra laps just to incubate her eggs faster. And Steve… He ran so much in one go the game stopped counting it and the entire game crashed on his phone. And things get competitive when everyone realizes Tony has synced up his suit to the game, so he can go on missions and still collect Pokemon.

Though the real drama starts when its time for everyone to pick a team. There was a good deal of fighting and name calling when they failed to all pick the same team. And then Tony found out that Stark/Avengers Tower was a Pokestop and not a gym. He used Jarvis to hack the game’s program and fixed that. Now its even more of a tourist spot with fans standing outside and trying to beat the Avenger’s known Pokemon. Several members of Coulson’s team have been there, including Coulson himself. (Coulson was ecstatic when he found himself fighting Steve’s Arcanine, though Steve never knew who came so close to beating him. Daisy holds the team’s record for most successful take overs of the Avengers gym. Fitz is a close second.)

And then everything changed one day with Thor asking if there were ever actual animals like this or if it was all simply imaginary. Apparently some of the Pokemon reminded him of beasts from other realms.

And this was the wrong thing to say near Tony Stark. Tony scraps any and all projects he was working on, simply because there had to be a way.

“What about Project Ultron?” Bruce asked as he looked over the chaotic workshop.

“What about it?” Tony asked, still absorbed in his work.

“We were making real progress on it, and-”

“One, I have Jarvis. I’ll live without better AI. Two, I have the chance to give Thor a real Pikachu. God of Thunder and Pikachu, Bruce.”

They never succeed in completely making any real Pokemon. But they do have a lot of success with life model decoys. And once they have one success they can’t really stop, and Project Ultron is all but forgotten.The internet nearly explodes, and several websites do crash when Thor is spotted with his Pikachu.

Nintendo attempts to sue Tony for copyright infringement. They settle out of court with him promising to never take the Pokemon to market. But that doesn’t mean that the tower and its residents don’t all keep some around as pets.


doing commissions again!!

Some general rules/things:

  • Fanart is go.
  • No graphic porn, extreme violence/torture, graphic gore (some blood or bruises or whatever is fine though). Basically, keep it PG-13. Ish.
  • If the finished product isn’t entirely to your liking, feel free to tell me! I’m willing to do small changes. No refunds though, sorry.
  • Prices can vary depending on the complexity (a character with full armor is going to cost more than a character with just a jeans and t-shirt). 
  • Art is for personal use only, not commercial.
  • Also feel free to hit me up for things that aren’t on this list! Maybe you want a birthday card or a banner for your website or… something else illustration related. Just tell me what it is and we can work out a price.
  • Payment upfront and via Paypal only.

And if you’re not interested, please reblog this I will love you forever.

Here’s some examples of finished commissions. If you’re interested, shoot me an email with details at

I also still have a shop, so you can check that out for phone cases/tote bags/prints/whatever.

Hey, for those who are still looking out for my HTML/CSS tutorial and lesson posts, I have some updates for you all! 

[And quick apologies if the banner made you hopeful that this is my next lesson. I am putting it there because it’ll be an important in-between with my series.]

For a while (about a year), I’ve already been considering backing up these posts on my own future website and continuing the lessons/tutorials there. With current news I’ve been seeing about tumblr not being reliable storage, this might be a good time to discuss what I plan on doing with my series and what I’ll improve for its format when I manage to fully transfer it to my website.

A few things to expect for my planned transfer/backup of my lessons…

  • Title Change: First and foremost, the series will have a different name once it’s on my personal website. I tend to use a universal online alias, so I intend on changing the “Fluffy Teaches” to something else upon transfer! (I’m not anonymous on this blog anymore as of last summer, afterall…)
  • Layout Upgrades: With tumblr posts, you’re very limited in how everything can look, and can’t do much in an efficient, time-saving manner. You can do a lot more with custom pages on your blog, but from what I’ve noticed, my own textboxes on the page for my lessons get a little messed up easily as they conflict with tumblr’s default code. When I’m putting this on my own website, though? I have SO MUCH creative freedom! I already have some concept designs planned for the lessons, and I hope these designs make the lessons more appealing (hopefully) and interactive for you all!
  • Important Mistake Fixes: Okay, I want need to fix a few errors I made in my lessons absent-mindedly. I can’t stand leaving them there when I look back on them; but if I’m going to put time into transferring my series onto my website…. I’ll fix all those mistakes and errors upon transfer. Will the fixes show here? Yeah, I’ll do that too. I just plan to focus on this transfer process first, so hang in there!
  • Higher Quality Images: The obvious change here is that the images for my lessons will be higher quality. This is because on my blog, most/all of the images I use tend to get blurred and lowered in their crisp-ness. So, expect ‘em to truly be crisp when they’re on my website!

About my future website: This is a project I was working on until I was more busy with my final year in high school waaay back in 2013 (I think?). The stress of that final year screwed up my emotional health and tossed me into a major anxiety rut that lasted until late last year. I’m a lot better now thanks to therapy and my strong will for recovery alone, so I’m trying to get back to work on this website during the course of this year!

The main/general layout for it is also rather old, so I do have some of my old messy code to work with. However, I’m only going with this for now as I’ve yet to plan a new layout and don’t want to spend way more time redoing my site from scratch.

How I’ll get it hosted? Well, I’m hoping I can find an affordable domain service that’s still good quality and has good security, etc. Idk how common that is yet, as I have to research this more and look for reviews, but I am keeping huge mental note on it.

I’ll also try and find some way to get support for my website on the side. I may research Paypal’s donation services and make sure I don’t accidentally do something illegal with their service. Another thing I’ve been trying to look into is Patreon, but I haven’t figured out a satisfying system for it that I believe will be encouraging and rewarding for whoever decides to pitch in their support. 

(Keep in mind, that if I DO use donation-like methods to ensure better financial health for my future website, I wouldn’t want anyone feeling guilty for not pitching in! If you can’t pitch in, don’t. If you don’t want to pitch in, don’t feel obligated either! It’s merely an option. Not a requirement.)

Anyhow, my first goal is to make sure my website is actually complete and ready for hosting at all. Transferring my lessons to it will be part of that completion process. 

Thank you for your time to read this, if you read through it at all!

gitsie007  asked:

Dumb question here but I have been wanting to ask it. I cannot like any posts on your blog since I cannot find that heart symbol that most blogs on tumblr have. If I did like something, it was something you posted and someone else reblogged. I know, I'm an idiot...P.S. I love the new banner.

Hey!! so i tried to see if its my settings but theres nothing there, and i asked my friend to check herself and shes able to see it. I dont know if its because @staff fucked up but idk what to do.

ALSO tumblr made you unfollow me again. UNLESS YOU DID IT ON PURPOSE duuund dduuuuun duuuun. lol jk i hate this website


Pairing: Bucky x Reader

bloo-moon-freak requested: A fluffy one shot where the reader is like a hipster punk (she is basically covered in tattoos and has snake bites piercings) and Bucky just take time to show her how much he loves her tattoos by giving a reason on why he loves the tattoos If she’s gonna be an Avenger, can she be the strongest Elemental where she can control basically anything and her bodies obsorb the bullets because since it’s metal and metal is earth her body heals with anything along the lines of the Elements?

I tweaked this a bit…hope you don’t mind.


You’d gotten your first tattoo when you were fifteen and the allure of disobeying your parents was at an all time high. The black ink swirled across your skin, a permanent reminder of your rebellious nature. The only setback to this quality was your fearlessness. The people who kidnapped you took full advantage of that. Your cocky attitude got you little more than a syringe of grey liquid in your arm. After that day, your fearlessness began to dissipate and your life would be forever changed.

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anonymous asked:

i need some motivation to do my homework because honestly its got to the point where i basically couldnt care less if i dont pass this class

We’ve all been there… let me tell you about a fabulous site called CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, my friend. 

It’s a site that helps kill off procrastination, by making your everyday tasks into an ADVENTURE… seriously, it’s the only thing that’s helped me through some parts of the uni experience.

Motivation in a website.


See, you sign up, choose a race and etc. Class. Whatever.

Then you add a Task (singular thing to be done)  or a Quest (multiple tasks under one banner). Each time you complete one of them, you tick it off, choose a Skill used, a difficulty level (and it’s bad form to always click Boss Battle if it wasn’t), and you get points.

Along the way, random things pop up to tell you adventurous happenings, and you can level up…

An example of mine, which I keep forgetting about, is:


This works for school, uni, daily tasks, if you’re having a lot to do and can’t keep track of it all mentally, etc.

It’s brilliant, and a bit of fun.

Making the tedious, or the difficult into an Adventure.

Sounds weird, but just have a go… see if it does it for you, because it really can help. 

For example, I break down assignments into specific components:

Title Page
Correct format (you lose marks if it’s wrong, 2xspace, size12, TNR)
Research topic
Ensure (20-30) references
Write bibilography
[Provide index/annotation] -if necessary
Create generalised structure
Write introduction (____ words)
Topic 1 (____ words)
Topi… etc. 
Conclusion (___ words)
Have item proofread
Edit if necessary
Upload to [Uni site]
SEND [check if sent -there’s a trillion buttons and any of them could stop it going in]
Go the Fuck to Sleep (seriously, that’s a task on occasion, when I can hear colours)

That may seem excessive to have as tasks under a Quest (usually the assignment title), BUT… when you’re stressed out writing a thing, THIS is how you keep it all straight in your head.


So, not sure if this will help, but it’s certainly a fun way to motivate yourself.

Class sucks, but perhaps while finishing that important scroll, you might end up levelling up and discovering a dragon or something.

{banner was made by me and honestly its my fav thing ever}

i reached 4k followers the other day !!!! after around 5 years on this hellsite. legit the only reason this website is bearable is because of the people i follow. i have met so many incredible people and i seriously wouldnt have stayed this goddamn long if it wasnt for y’all. 

i follow around 200 people and i tried to include everyone. all y’all binches change your urls so often tho so i didnt know who half of you were, but itll explain why some of my mutuals arent on here. so if you arent on here, please dont feel offended. it was not my intention im just a binch w a bad memory and i guarantee i love you 

anyways, thank y’all so much for 4k followers!!! considering i contribute nothing to this fandom this is amazing and i love every single one of you!!!  ❤ ❤ ❤

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Colin Kaepernick is drawing passionate supporters and detractors to his first start of 2016.
Some fans arrived a New Era Field for Sunday’s 49ers-Bills game and took stands on his behalf, while others showed up selling extremely inflammatory anti-Kaepernick shirts.

ESPN reported that at least two groups came to the stadium parking lot Sunday morning carrying signs and banners planning to protest on behalf of him and the causes that motivated him to kneel during the national anthem.
SURJ stands for Showing Up for Racial Injustice, a national network of white supporters for causes involving racial justice, according to its website. Just Resisting is an organization of young people of color based in Buffalo.

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Hold up they also added another banner with Maksyl in it too on the DWM website. Its the pic of their foxtrot. Ahhhh!!! Don't know why Im excited but I like how there are two banners of Maksyl on the site. #Winning