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Remembrance (Preview)

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Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Soulmate/Reincarnation Au

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Smut

Summary: Jimin lives lifetimes without his other half. Reincarnated and bound by the term soulmates, Jimin goes through life accordingly and peacefully until the day when his memories reawaken, reminding him of a girl who he knew completed him. Sometimes though, he would encounter his soulmate in the lifetime he was living in, but every single occurrence has left him empty and longing for satiation.

A/n: This fic has been sitting on my computer for so long, not even close to done, but this is what I have so far, and I’m very proud of it. I’m not sure when I’ll finish it because I’m such a bad writer- I always start fics and never finish them, a very bad habit on my part. A back story on this story is that I started it before I became a fan of BTS and intended it to be just an original story with madeup characters, which was over a year ago, but I now turned it into a Jimin fic, so please enjoy what I have so far, and give me feedback! Encouragement to finish this fic would be appreciated too!

It had always been the same. I meet you and I know you’re the one, but it has always been at a misfortune. We’ve met countless of times, but we face the challenge of being separated by the concept of age, and an even bigger concept of you not remembering. Timing is never on our side.

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klaus had never stopped thinking about her, its been 7 years since she had been taken away from him. The love of his life taken away by the man he called his father. 

He still remembers the day like it was yesterday, it was so vividly present in his mind. 

The day was so peaceful and sunny, (Y\N) and klaus were walking hand in hand talking about anything and everything. 

Everything was going great till he showed up. Mikael only cared about destroying his bastard of a son. He believed he can achieve that by taking you away from him. 

You were the only thing klaus had loved so much, the only thing holding onto whatever sanity that was left in him. 

So when Mikael took you away, hell broke lose. Klaus had done everything in his power to look for you, but when he couldn’t find a single trace of you being alive, he broke down. He went on a ripper rampage, going crazy without you. 

He was convinced you were killed by his so called father. 

You have been stuck with Mikael for about 200 years now, always attempting to escape but always failing. 

He was way smarter and stronger then you. His goal was to make you forget Klaus without compelling you. He wanted to forget him in your own will. 

But you just couldn’t do it, you loved him too much. so for all these years you have been resisting. 

But finally after 200 long years being with Mikael had broken you. You had decided forgetting Klaus was the best thing to do. 

so when Mikael was convinced you forgot him, he trusted you enough for you to be able to get close and vervain him. 

He was knocked out, you were sure it would last about 5 hours, so you ran. Ran till you were far away from Miakel. 

You had found a witch, who had helped make sure Mikael would never find you, at least for some years. 

Deep down you knew you never forgotten him, he stole you heart and you could never forget him. But only you had gotten better at acting.

After escaping you went on your way to look for the love of you life. 

It’s been 4 years and you still had no luck in finding Klaus.

Along the way of searching for him, you had heard so many stories about him, it was unbelievable, the Klaus you knew was gone. 

He was the person everyone knew before he met you, the ripper.  The broken man who was made into a monster. You were the one to fix him and since you were gone he went insane yet again. 

Klaus was in New Orleans taking back the kingdom he left for (Y\N). He had left everything he built behind to be with her but when he lost her in the worst way possible, he knew he had to go back home. Broken. 

He had been talking to Marcel when a nightwalker walked in panicking about a vampire attack that had created a ruckus in the French Quarters. 

Marcel and Klaus left immediately, leaving the comfort of the Mikaelson’s home behind. They were curious to see what vampire was brave enough to mess with the original hybrid. 

You had been passing by the city of New Orleans when a bunch of newbie vampires started attacking you hoping to feed, but you were way older then them, and 1000 times stronger. 

You ripped their hearts out one by one with out even needing to try. 

“Well well well, who do we have here, who this this little thing that came into my kingdom and killed my vampires” a British voice boomed behind you making shivers travel down you body.

You could recognize that voice anywhere, it belonged to the one and only Klaus Mikaelson. The son of a bitch you loved and missed so much. 

When klaus arrived at the horrendous scene he saw a small figure soaked in blood holding a heart. He could only her back but something about her was so familiar. This only made his curiosity twice as worse.

As soon as he spoke he realized she had froze in her spot, turning her body painfully slow. 

When she fully turned it felt like all the air in his lungs had been knocked out. He could not believe his eyes, his love was standing in front of him looking as she did 200 years ago. 


He vamp speed to her small body, needing to hold her. 

She looked up at him with so much love you would have been surprised to see anyone looking at him like that. 

“Klaus baby, i missed you so much” 

“I went insane without you love”

“so i’ve heard”

“ah i see my reputation precedes me as always”

“yes babe, i guess the bad ass Klaus is back”

“the one and only love”

Klaus pulled you into him hugging you so tight you couldn’t breathe 

“i c c c cant bre”

He looked at you with a smile, which you retuned, before anything can be said you crashed your lips against his missing the feeling of his lips.

The kiss was passionate and greedy, your lip moved in sync with his, fitting like a puzzle. You could keep kissing forever but you needed to break for air. 

When you broke the kiss, you noticed Klaus was staring at you.

“What do i have something on my face”

“yeah a bit of blood love”

“Wanna clean it up for me babe”

“with pleasure darling”

He brought his face close to yours before licking away the blood near your lips making you shiver. He still had the same effect on you like the day you both met centuries ago. 

“lets go and catch up on what i missed for 200 years love”

“ooo how exciting, we shall”

“thats my girl”

“and all ways will be sweetie”

you both vamp speed to Klaus’s house leaving a very confused Marcel behind. 

The Queen of New Orleans is here to stay.


what do you guys think, i know its not good but i would still like your feed back so please do tell me. I’m seriously not good at writing but i do it for fun, so i would love to know what you guys think.


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without fail, every single morning isak has woken up to even dancing in the kitchen and making breakfast and each time it's been a different, more obscure song that isak didn't even know even had on his phone. rock the casbah. daddy cool. wannabe. and, the Ultimate Gay Flirt Song, 20th century boy. and every single time isak is just like. what happened to your nas obsession. where did the cool side of you go.

Anonymous said:and to elaborate on 20th century boy because it didn’t fit into the last ask, it’s so the song even uses to get kisses from isak. he looks him dead in the eye as he’s getting closer to him while singing “babe i wanna be your man”, he’s raising his eyebrows while singing “friends say it’s fine, friends say it’s good” and pursing his lips during the guitar breaks and pulling isak closer, he’s pressing his forehead against isak’s while singing “i’m your boy”


Remember how I told you guys once that one of the prime “‘date spots”’ for an 18th century aristocrat to take his mistress/girlfriend in London was the lottery office? Well, when we in Bath at the Masquerade ball, I think I made a jokey remark about something that was a little cutting and George said something like 'Watch your mouth otherwise I’ll be taking you down the lottery office tomorrow" ashdjdkddl good

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Root and shaw

  • shops for groceries: The Machine has groceries delivered bc root sometimes forgets to eat let alone stock up on food and shaw just picks things up sporadically depending on her appetite. TM creeps on Shaw’s browser history and sends her the ingredients to whatever recipes she’s been lookin at lately (Shaw totally runs a food!porn blog. in addition to her weapon!porn blog probably)
  • kills the spiders: neither of them can be bothered. root thinks spiders are pretty cool. shaw tries to shoot one once and now theres a hole in the wall. from then on they just let em chill
  • comes home drunk at 3am: i actually have a super sad headcannon about root coming home at 3am drunk but im not going to Go There so..Shaw! she gets drunk and super handsy and has a killer hangover the next morning and shes relly whiny about it
  • makes breakfast: Shaw makes like.. gourmet breakfasts and Root’s just like…yeah I’ll be over here with this bowl of cereal. Shaw is scandalized
  • remembers to feed the fish: Neither of them. It dies before they get a chance to name him. Fin’s life was cut too short
  • decorates the apartment: oh god i feel like their apartment is just a completely random assortment of all the decor root always wanted but could never have. she goes through her tween lava lamp phase, early 20s im broke so im just gonna diy everything, and some weird attempt at mid century modern all at the same time (Root also has a tumblr. its mainly interior design and she has like, hella followers somehow)
  • initiates duets: root! Shaw never joins in. but she and The Machine do a pretty mean I Got You Babe. its. really fucking annoying
  • falls asleep first: Shaw always tries to stay awake, but she gets too comfy and sleepy when Root’s there, typing away, murmuring softly to The Machine, moving her hand up and down Shaw’s back…she always seems to be juuust the right amount of sleepy for Root to goad her into cuddling. suspicious.

“Here can you hold this for a moment, love?” Aurora asked, holding out her hand. But when the other held theirs out for her she just laced her hand in theirs with a smirk pulling at her lips. “That’s what I’d like to call one of the best pick up lines of the century… and I’ll give you that one for free, you’re welcome.”