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i want the world to recognise all currently unrecognised genocides now.

i want the world to recognise all currently unrecognised genocides now. but if it’s taking long enough for the armenian genocide to be recognised worldwide - a nation which despite its development status, is a nation relatively close to europe both in geography, culture and religion compared to most of its west asian counterparts (in part due to the rule of the russian empire and later the soviet union); a population which consists of people (idk how many but i know they exist) who self-identify as white, and if not that, have the privilege to be seen as white and/or western despite the millennia of rule by the persian and ottoman empires (which actually most ppl don’t even know about but that’s mainly cos they don’t know what armenia even is and guess what that’s probably in large part due to west asian imperialism and the genocide on top of general lack of knowledge in the west about any empire) - i repeat, if it’s taking this long for our genocide to be fully recognised; how long is it going to take for the genocides of peoples more distant from the western image of “human” to be recognised globally? I’m not saying that because the western imagination may find our story more “relatable” our place in the “queue” ought to be sped up, but that there shouldn’t be such a “queue” in the first place. i want the world to recognise all currently unrecognised genocides now.

Boycott United Airlines

They over book their own flight, asked for volunteers to leave, and when no one wanted to, assulted, bloodied and knocked out a 69 year old doctor and dragged him unconscious down the isle. Fucking despicable. He had to fly to see a patient. They did this so their own staff could sit instead of him. And I dont think its a coincidence he is asian, and not white.


Some Cinder in her coronation dress cause I’ve never tried drawing her, and it was so fun honestly!

I’m also addicted to saturated colors so let’s all have in count that the dress is actually silver and it looks purple cause I like messing around lol.

how can people cry “FETISHIZATION!!!!” immediately at the fetishization of non-Asian POC but are completely fine with sexualizing k-pop stars all they want, have entire blogs dedicated to shipping them in real life, borderline stalk them into their personal lives, and treat them as if they were gods just because they’re asian as if that doesn’t count as fetishization, too? 

do you not think Asians count as a race that can be fetishized? or is it because “i’M POC TOO!!!!!!!!” as if your experience with oppression means that you can contribute to the oppression of another group? that you’d target another race with the same thing you despise people doing to yourself? or is it because you’ve called yourself a weeaboo/koreaboo so much that it’s lost the original meaning behind the word where it was meant to be a label on people who fetishize asians? that you’ve been contributing to the fetishization of Asians for so long you don’t realize that what you’re doing is fetishization?

just admit you don’t care about the fetishization of Asian people if you pull this sort of thing, at least you can say that you’re honest about it and let people know they should avoid you.


Keith and Lance discovers the secrets of the universe or how Keith come in terms with his sexuality

If anyone has read the book the comics is based on the “family meeting” scene


movies list : Whisper of the Heart (1995 - Dir. Yoshifumi Kondo)
“Shizuku, do what you believe in. But it’s not easy when you walk your own road. You’ve only got yourself to blame.”

Headcanon that tsukishima’s hair grows in nice soft curls… or it would be nice if it wasn’t also really thick, poofy, and uncontrollable. He hates it so he chops it short. Also that boy definitely washes himself throughly with the proper materials so further headcanon that his hair is fluffy and soft like downy feathers. Yamaguchi is still working on convincing him to grow it out so he can play with it.

full offence anyone saying that the possibility of cutting li shang out the live-action remake of mulan is okay because “mulan” is about her saving china and being a model female protagonist not about her and shang can come and fight me because asian men are just as important as asian women being represented in the media??? there are children who grew up with li shang as their oNLY representation!! li shang was the son of a captain who wanted to make his father proud, wanted to protect his country and lead a good army for the emperor, and in the end, went against the law to save mulan’s life for his and helped her when she came to the capital to defeat the huns like you’re sitting here and saying that it’s 100% okay to cut that narrative away??? “mulan” wasn’t just about mulan saving china, it was about her rising to the ranks in her army through preservance and struggles, it was about mulan changing the minds around her to shape people that ended up respecting her through and through, as both a man and a woman, and if you take away li shang you’re taking away an integral part of mulan so fuck you, disney, if you go through with this, fuck you.