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The hunt had begun.The rain was coming down in thick, opaque sheets now, and they were hunting you down.You could hear their cheers and primal hollering from the rapidly decreasing space between you, but you continued to sprint for any distance you could maintain. Wet leaves and dirt clung to your feet and legs as you made a beeline for the cliff that came into your view. At this point you decided height was the only thing that would give you more time. The only illumination of your path came from the royal blue that the moon provided through the sea of storm clouds, and your route became harder to discern with each passing minute.You managed to reach the base of the rocky mountain edge and began your slippery ascent.

You would not let them take you.

Song: Crossfire by Stephen

Morning --- g.d.

A/N - so im a terrible person for writing this but oh well its my first imagine so tell me what you think! literaly i bet no one cares but a girl can try am I right

warnings: slight sexual content 

There was always something about waking up next to Gray that made my heart melt. Maybe it was the sunlight that came in through the window, cascading across his face that was sculpted by God himself. Or it could be the way his arm is always draped across my waist, holding me closely against his bare torso, his shallow breaths cascading across my hair. 

But at this moment, all I cared about was just basking in the warmth and safety of his skin so closely pressed to mine. I felt him stir and I turned around in his arms, looking at his face as my hands caressed his chest.

“Morning.” He groaned with an adorable grin on his face- his morning voice is so gorgeous and sexy. 

“Morning.” I whispered as he holds my tired face in his strong hands, running his thumb over my bottom lip. His hazel eyes held their gaze on my lips until he pressed his lips to mine, inhaling slowly. Our lips began moving in perfect sync when he swiped his tongue across my lip as I let him into my mouth. 

We laid there and kissed for what felt like hours when i finally pulled away and said, “Should we get up?” making him groan and roll onto his stomach, pressing his face into the pillow. 

“Never.” He mutters, grabbing my waist and flipping me on top of him and proceeds to tickle me, making me scream playfully. 

“Ah, Gray! I hate you!” I yell, trying to grab his hands to make him stop. Although my words sounded like i wasn’t enjoying myself, but the smile on my face couldn’t disappear even if i wanted it to. 

“Oh, you know you love me.” He says, sticking his tongue out at me. 

“Whatever.” I say, rolling my eyes, when he grabs my hair and pulls me down to kiss him, the action so hot and passionate making my head spin. 

When the kiss ends, reluctantly may i say, he gets out of bed suddenly, turning around to face me, saying, “That’s what you get.” With a wink. He walks out of our room and into the kitchen downstairs, and I can only follow behind like a lost puppy. 

“Whatcha want for breakfast, babe?” He says standing at the oven and turning around to face me. 

“Make me bacon.” I playfully say, sitting at our counter. He walks over to me and wraps his strong arms around my waist, leaning his mouth next to my ear. 

“I think I’m hungry for something else.” He whispers seductively, pressing hot kisses down my neck, and slipping his hands underneath my shirt. My stomach lurches at the thought, but I decide to tease him even more. 

“Fine. I’ll make the bacon.” I say, slipping out of his arms and walking to the fridge. 

The stunned and offended look on his face makes me laugh out loud as i get out the package of bacon. 

Mornings with Gray are always the best mornings. 

I can’t believe i just wrote 2k words holy shit. hope you like it @freckledbastard !! i’m the sabolu anon hullo õvõ

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The Best Gifts

Jacob Frye x Reader

A/N: So, haha, funny story… This was actually supposed to be for the twins’ birthday, but y’know…

“Henry!” You shouted, clapping your hand roughly on his back. He nearly jumped out of his skin, two wide eyes looking to you immediately.

“Yes?” He inquired, the initial startle from your entrance wearing off.

“I could really use your help!” You grasped both hands tightly in front of you, pleading with Henry to help.

“With?” A skeptical brow was raised, the Assassin not entirely sure why you needed his help all of the sudden.

You were normally quite well on your own, and when the rare time came that you actually did need help, Jacob was always more than eager to volunteer. Leaning in closer to him, you dropped your voice down to a whisper.

“I don’t know what to get Jacob for his birthday.” You admitted weakly, gripping his shoulders in a tight grasp. “His birthday is today and I don’t know what to get him! Evie was easy, but Jacob?”

Your hands involuntarily squeezed harder, easing up when Henry hissed at the pain.

“Sorry,” you mumbled, “But I really need some help!”

Nodding once, he took a step back from your grip, eying your hands cautiously.

“Why not talk to Evie?” He questioned, crossing both arms over his chest. “Surely she would know what to get. And besides, I believe that you know what Jacob would like more than I would.”

You threw both hands into your hair, tugging at the roots with a groan.

“I can’t find Evie and I have no idea what to get him.” Dropping the hands from your hair, you jumped towards the Assassin again, gripping his shoulders with slightly less strength than the time before.

“What did you get him? Maybe that will help!” Henry opened his mouth to reply, closing it once again after a pause. He narrowed his gaze, sizing you up for a moment or two.

“Did Jacob put you up to this?” He asked. You gasped, placing a hand over your heart and another over your mouth.

“You think…” you trailed off. “You think I would go through all of this trouble to find out what you got for Jacob? I’m hurt! No, I am beyond hurt!” Henry shifted his footing, moving in slightly closer to you.

“What’d he do to get you to do this?” There was no evidence of hesitation any longer, a sign that he was definitely on to you.

Considering how often you and Jacob got into trouble together, it wasn’t that big of a stretch to think he’d send you in here to find out his present. Jacob really was impatient about surprises.

“He bought me a pint.” You shrugged, leaning back against the doorframe.

“Honestly?” Henry looked half impressed and half annoyed. You laughed at the sight, nodding.

“Yeah, I bet him you wouldn’t fall for it though. So now he owes me another.” A slow smirk spread across your lips, brows playfully raising.

“Have you actually found a gift for Jacob?” Henry asked curiously.

“Yep,” you replied, popping the ‘p’. “And he’s going to love it.”

That was a bit of an understatement. You had already given yourself multiple pats on the back for finding the gift. Hell, you’d go as far as saying that it was the best damn gift he’d ever receive. Nobody knew Jacob Frye like you did.

“I am sure he will.” Henry replied, something almost knowing behind the shining in his eyes.

Unfortunately, he didn’t give you much time to ponder it, going on about putting some finishing touches on his gift to Evie as he excused himself. You sighed to yourself, watching him retreat to the next cart. Jacob would probably be mad that you didn’t figure out Henry’s gift, but hey, at least you got a pint out of it. Smiling to yourself, you thought of your gift for the younger Frye. Oh, he was so going to love it.

“So?” Jacob held both hands in the air, a wide smirk spread on his lips. You rolled your eyes at him, admiring his features beneath your lashes. He may be your best friend, but even you could admit how attractive he was.

“No luck.” You replied, holding out a hand for your pint.

He scowled, looking decidedly annoyed, before sliding the pint he’d ordered a few minutes prior to your side of the table.

“Damn, I really thought that’d work.” He sighed, one hand sliding through his dark hair. Jacob looked positively delightful under the warm glow of the pub, and not even the harsh smell of grimy patrons or the bitter taste of cheap beer could lessen that.

“Eh,” you shrugged nonchalantly, leaning back with the pint in one hand, “I knew it wasn’t going to. Henry knows us too well by now.”

“We’ll have to try something different next year.” Jacob mused, rubbing his chin in deep thought.

“Just a bit early for that, don’t you think?”

Your lips twitched up, his following soon after.

“I’ve got your gift.” You said, pulling out a small, blue box with a red ribbon. Unsurprisingly, Jacob looked like a child given permission to eat all the candy he’d like.

“You shouldn’t have.” He stated in an overly excited voice, taking the gift from your hands.

“I’m not one to brag,” you began, leaning back in the booth with a smirk. He was so going to love this. “But I did a damn good job at picking a present this year.”

With all the enthusiasm of a child on Christmas morning, Jacob tore at the paper, throwing it carelessly around him. He ripped into the box, smiling widely when he found the present inside. There, placed precariously in the middle (because yes, you know exactly how excited Jacob gets when opening gifts) was the shining metal of brass knuckles. Protruding from the golden glow was two clear words: Jacob Frye.

“The markings make it so your name is branded onto whoever you hit.” You explained, nearly jumping out of your skin when Jacob pounced forward, crushing you to his chest.

“You know me so well, love.” He claimed, pulling away to flash you a heart-throbbing smile.

“Nah, I just knew you’d like it because you’re a bloody brute.”

He rolled his eyes, seeming to make a decision in a split second. He gave you no prior warning, tugging you in and crashing his lips to yours. It was intoxicating, although that could be the beer talking. You eagerly reciprocated, your lips matching the rhythm of his. Just as his tongue traced your bottom lip, he pulled back. Shooting you a wink and a smirk, he took off, present in hand.

You sat there staring at the space he’d previously occupied, the taste of his heavy on your tongue. You breathed in the familiar scent of mint and alcohol, your lips curling up in a sweet smile. Oh, Jacob Frye, it is so on.