its taught me lessons that family is important

Happy 20th Birthday, Buffy!

When I was seven years old, my mom was channel surfing and left the TV on an episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I had never seen an episode but something about this show spoke to me immediately.
It was “Helpless,” the ep where Buffy loses her slayer abilities, but still manages to beat a vampire and save her mother. I was in awe– a young girl, kicking butt and using her wits? Fighting monsters to save the people she loves? Sign me UP.

I asked my mom if I could start watching and thus began an entire summer of bingeing five seasons of Buffy (which was a feat back when episodes only aired on UPN and FX) so we could watch the premiere of the sixth season. I can still remember the final days of the show, when they began a countdown for how many episodes were left before the finale.

Even now when I’m watching fifty shows at any given time, Buffy speaks to me as a girl, as a woman, and as a person living in this world. It saw me through years of depression and of feeling lost and alone. I’ve seen the fandom grow and change and I’ve loved every moment of it.
I love that there are still debates about ships and character analyses and so much love for this world.

Over the past sixteen years, I have watched every episode at least a dozen times (except for “The Body,” which I’ve only sat through once. Seven year old Kayla cried for a week after). Its meaning for me has changed as I got older.
It taught me a girl can be strong on her own. It taught me it’s okay for a girl to rely on friends and family. It taught me what it means to be an older sister. It taught me to not be afraid to forgive and love with every fiber of your being.
And even now, one of the most important lessons resonates with me:
It has taught me the world can be cruel but that doesn’t mean you have to be.

Happy twenty years, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Thank you for everything.

remember when I said I wouldn’t do animations…well…

A very important teacher of mine passed today from liver cancer and I wanted to make something happy and fun. It can be very hard being half way across the country from your family and friends, especially when something like this happens, but its important not to let things get to gray. I would have had a very hard time in school without the guidance and lessons taught to me by her. You have no idea what it feels like to think you’re just dumb, only to be shown that you simply have to do things a little different. 

Its also important to be grateful for what you have…so thanks so much to all of you who like/reblog/comment/tag/take time out of your day to look at my art. It may just be a hobby of mine but you all mean the world to me.

And a big thanks to Mark for putting up with and even encouraging me with reblogs (which I can only assume signifies your approval. If not you really don’t understand what the reblog button is for) and varied daily content. You the best muse an artist could hope for. Plus, working for a non-profit, its so nice to see people who clearly care a great deal. Reminds me that what I do isn’t quite as pointless as it can seem sometimes.

Cant wait for the charity livestream. not sure how much I can scrounge up on an Americorp’s salary though…