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I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE HAPPY THAT I WAS WRONG about the pub wedding being better than a barn wedding. Garage wedding is where its at.

They got married in the garage! Their relationship is about them, the two of them alone. That’s all it has ever been. Nothing flashy. Just each others time, company and sexy time was enough. I’m even glad it wasn’t about Liv. Just the two of them taking a private intimate moment to breathe the same air and whisper promises of forever together. They are proud of their relationship, because of one another. This intimate private wedding was exactly what they needed because fundamentally they carried this relationship, nobody else supported it. It was out of an intense need to always be in each others company away from judgmental eyes. The garage was the reason for them meeting. The first offer of intimacy and the first offer of friendship was in that garage. And that’s what marriage is about, friendship + good sex and now a promise of commitment. Thus, the garage was a glorious idea where they can be honest, comfortable and intimate with one another alone, and still rejoin for family moments.

Here is a gif pack of #70 small HQ gifs of Lucas Till in Bravetown. All gifs were made by me so please like this post if you are using them. Do not repost or take credit. If using in a gif hunt please link credit back to me. Otherwise, use them as much as you like, they’re here to help. Part 1/? Warning: Contains flashing gifs and drug use

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