its supposed to be batman and robin


Prompt: Damian finding out about a twin sister he never knew about

Words: 617

          You’re more than a little nervous as you stand there in front of his school. But you can help it, you need to know. Sure enough, right on schedule, he walks out of the gates. He’s trying to escape a hoard of girls. When he finally does you pounce. Before you can say anything he launches into a speech, “I am not looking for a girlfriend, or boyfriend at the moment, no I will not sign a part of your body, or take a picture with you, nor am I interested in what you have to show me.”

          You grin a bit, “Get a lot of those offers do ya?” He turns to look at you with a scowl on his face, and you meet it dead on, “I’m not here so much for you but as for my mother. I’m looking for her, and she alluded to the fact that your father might be able to help.”

          He raises an eyebrow at that and says, “My father has taken in enough orphans thank you very much.”

          “I actually have a family, well my grandparents actually, my parents are dead …”

          “You’re rambling, and how can you be looking for your mother if she’s dead?”

          “My birth mother,” you clarify, “She gave me up for adoption when I was a newborn, but she left me with this letter, that I found when my parents died. It’s pretty cryptic, but she talks a lot about a moon, with Gotham’s Dark Knight, if you can believe such a thing. But I figured it was my only lead, and he always seems to help your dad’s company, so I figured it was worth a shot to see if your dad could set up a meeting.

          He goes rigid and slowly asks, “Did she sign a name?”

          You nod, “Talia, she said her name was Talia.”

          “What day and time were you born?”

          Your brow furrows, “November 30th, 8 pm.”

          “Can I see the letter?”

          You nod before handing it over, “Please be careful with it. It’s all I have.”

          His eyes skim the letter, before his eyes go back to you. He pales a bit by the second and you as,k “Do you need to sit down?” He just nods, and you escort him over to a nearby bench. You quickly realize he’s having some sort of anxiety attack. You help him place his head in-between his knees, and you rub a soothing pattern on his back.

          When he calms down you say, “So I’m assuming you know something.”

          He just stares at you and says, “You look nothing like her.”


          He gives this little chuckle before running a hand through his hair, “You take after grandmother. Nearly identical from the pictures I’ve seen, you’re going to give him a heart attack.”

          “I don’t understand.”

          He just looks you in the eye and says, “Talia, Talia Al Ghul, is my mother as well. And I was born on November 30th at 7:55 pm. You’re my sister. My twin sister.”

          Your eyes go wide, “Are you sure?”

          He nods, “I’d know her handwriting anywhere, and to make sure that no one can forge anything she puts in one of fifty different codes into her writing all with its own unique cypher. She left me a message, she knew you’d find me. How? I don’t know, because this was never the plan. This life was never supposed to happen.”  

          He looks at you a moment before he says, “I was wrong actually, you have her bone structure, and her eyes, my eyes.”

“Come on, we need to go.”

“What? Where?”

He just holds out his hand and says, “Home.”

I get that people think its really cute that Kid Amazo said that Superboy and Robin look like Batman and Superman had twins, and yeah, I chuckled a little at that myself, but that shouldn’t be something that can be said about them. Damian is part Arabian and part Chinese, his skin tone should be very different to Jon’s, nevermind all of the Talia-esque features he’s supposed to have.

Sure they’re both gorgeous with black hair and massive blue eyes, but really they should not be able to be mistaken for siblings, let alone twins. I love the art in Super Sons, don’t get me wrong, but I just wish they’d stop colouring Damian like he’s white.

Not Much, But It's Home || Batman and Robin

Gus squeaked as she manhandled - or womanhandled, he supposed - his arms around her. The action caused his body to slide forcefully into hers. As a result, he could feel every muscle, every sinew in her back tense and slide against each other as she took off. He almost forgot to hold on in his nervous shock at her actions, but scrambled to hold tight as they shot into the air. He was glad she couldn’t see his red, dumbstruck face, behind her as he was. He wondered if she could feel his heart hammering in his chest.

He relaxed a little about 15 minutes into the ride. Flying gave him an adrenaline rush, even if he wasn’t the one controlling the broom. Conquering something humans didn’t naturally - it gave him a sense of something akin to confidence. He felt his tense body calm a little, his breathing become less rapid, his tongue loosen out of the death grip his nervousness had it locked in. He swallowed. “Y-you’re good at this,” he said, half-shouting over the wind as it whipped by them, “Way faster than I can fly. And you’ve got two people on here.”