its super hype

im probably not the only one but im excited for the day carl takes off his bandage and we get to see what’s going on with the right side of his face

the only good “fanservice” episode of anything ever is the episode of ohranger where juri goes full on rambo and has to hunt down a bunch of grunts through the forest without her powers and she somehow gets grenades and a giant fucking gun despite having no way to get these things???? 

i love ohranger

OH AND ANOTHER THING okay im just ranting at this point but imagine an au where like, after the Big Boss Battle

Chat and ladybug are just so exhausted they cant even be bothered to go back home really, especially not adrien he doesnt want to deal with his house ever again after everything hes been through so he just kinda slumps over on ladybug

like that hug but a million times that

and shes just like “okay here nothings going to happen but just come with me.” and she brings him back to her house

they sneak in through the window and its too dark to see where they are

and she just drags him to bed

nothing sexual, nothing exciting

she just pulls him in a hug and he hugs her back and theyre just so bruised and beaten and this is exactly what they need right now

their transformations wear off but they still dont look, they just cuddle into one another and hold each other until morning

I haven’t seen Episode 2 of Dragonball Super yet, but consider this stupid doodle your warning that things are about to get very Vegebul up in my blog once I’ve seen it. All the OTP fanart is coming. 

EDIT: Dear Super Kami Guru why does this have so many notes? It’s literally a five minute scribble with a poorly drawn Thomas the Tank Engine face and yet it’s gotten more notes than art I’ve spent hours/days/weeks making. Why???

Don't freak.

For all you peeps freaking out about a certain ship, calm down. Not only is this the opening, it’s still the beginning of the series in general. As RT has said many many times, they want their LGBTQ+ relationships to TAKE TIME. To be natural and not forced. Have faith in them! It may take a few seasons. LoK took the whole damn show for LGBTQ+ to be canon.

Plus, if cinder is alive, then GUESS WHAT?! So is Pyrrha!