its super hype

Descendants 2 + Aesthetic: Mal, Reformed Villain and Royal Girlfriend (x)

“She itched to do something meaningful, to be useful instead of simply decorative.”

I was in the mood to doodle mouse-

And then it spiraled into this.. thing- WELL WHAT CAN YOU DO WHEN YOUR HAND SLIPPED

I think I remember somewhere in the fic that he mentioned he like Neapolitan ice cream or something? And how Rick also comment about Mouse not being “no chocolate or bust”- idek my memory fails me-

The sim card for my new camera arrived today and oh my stars trying to figure out how to get high quality footage transferred to my computer was a mission but I think I’ve finally got the right settings figured out????

I’m actually so hype to start recording proper videos with it omg!!

anonymous asked:

Why is everyone talking about some new trailer?

There is a new trailer out!!! :D So much happy Lance, I’m alive. But also dead at the same time because there’s very little Keith, he’s gone from most group shots and looks unhappy when he is finally shown >.<

mitdemadlerimherzen  asked:

I HAVE MISSED YOU!! Hope you're doing ok at Uni. What are you studying? Have a good day! ๐ŸŒป๐Ÿ‰

uni has been p good so far! I only had to be there 3 days and now I’m having 4 days off so ,, ain’t gonna complain abt that
I’m studying sign language interpreting which is the best tbh


New USUM trailer if you haven’t seen it!

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Have you heard of the new movie coming soon called Atomic Blonde? Its like super gay and hyped up, all intense :0

YES, atomic blonde as a movie concept is something that i’ve wanted pretty much since forever?? it’s like something pulled out of my deepest fantasies, I mean

- a mainstream movie with a lead character who is explicitly bisexual!! who has on-screen romantic interactions with both men and women!!!
-it’s an action thriller about a femme fatale-esque female secret agent and said female agent is the hero of her own story. this isn’t focused on a romance. it’s her movie.
-the fight scenes are realistic and aren’t sexualized. she gets scars and bruises and wears them proudly.

it’s basically the black widow movie we’ve all been begging for but better.

katrinayaukey  asked:

we always think about michael lee brown as evan and that is amazing and now that it's happening i'm super hyped, but now i raise you: imagine colton ryan going on for connor

gooD CONTENT right here. that would actually be so interesting to see? mlb is the go-to connor understudy, but colton would be beyond amazing. also, the world has? never seen someone other than mike faist play connor, because mike has yet to miss a performance (how?? mike are you okay?)

BUT i raise you this. ben platt as evan. michael lee brown as jared. colton ryan as connor. all of the evans, all up on stage together. “sincerely, me” would be So Good. 


Miss Martian in “Welcome to Super Hero High” (x)