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Waiting for Hiveswap or waiting for the next pokemon game to be announced, which is harder?

waitin for the homestuck ending

Is it just me that’s hoping when Alec says “Shadowhunters are being slaughtered” Magnus just turns around and tells him what the fuck is up?? Cause yes shadowhunters being slaughtered is terrible but no-one cares when it’s the downworlders who are being slaughtered.

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“Oh, did I do that?” 

“Thank you for so graciously reminding me, but I don’t think I feel inclined to fix your house,” he said, examining his claws. “Nahhh. How else will you learn your lesson? It is your mistake for harboring the sam-u-rai in the first place!”

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Miss Martian in “Welcome to Super Hero High” (x)

Part One: Clotho *|* [The Seers]

Urania was curious, more than anything, about this young woman who apparently had visions. According to Detective Flynn, anyways. She was always curious about people who possessed the Gift, as many called it, the Gift of Foresight, that is. 

Though Foresight was an improper term, since Urania could see the present (where someone was in any particular moment) or the future, though that was far less frequent. Some people could only see the past (a useless power, Urania believed), some could only see the future. Some could only see particular instances: birth, death, birthdays, someone’s worst day, their best day, that kind of thing. The rarest gift was the gift of present-foresight. 

She was eager to see which one it was that Sally possessed. She did not know much about her–couldn’t even do her star chart without her birthday, but she found the tarot reading she did on this meeting to be particularly interesting. The Tower and Death heavily featured. 

The girl was just about right on time, which Urania appreciated. She’d called her a few days ago inquiring after an appointment. She said she’d heard about Sally’s affliction and that she had the same one (though she hated that word: affliction) and that she was eager to help Sally in anyway way she could.

When the knock sounded at her office door (located in the science building of the university), she called “come in!” and stood, gesturing broadly to welcome Sally into the room, which was neatly organized. 

A large telescope stood behind her, facing out the big window. There were books lining the shelves of both sides of the office. In one corner were rolled up star charts in an umbrella stand that hand been re purposed. A tapestry hung on the ceiling that detailed the northern hemisphere, shrouding the room in a dark glow, despite the large window outside. In a corner there were two comfortable, plush, red leather chairs facing each other across a circular table, where her tarot deck lay. There was also a globe in the other corner, on a beautiful golden stand.  

“Miss Finkelstein! Please, come in, make yourself comfortable.” 

OH AND ANOTHER THING okay im just ranting at this point but imagine an au where like, after the Big Boss Battle

Chat and ladybug are just so exhausted they cant even be bothered to go back home really, especially not adrien he doesnt want to deal with his house ever again after everything hes been through so he just kinda slumps over on ladybug

like that hug but a million times that

and shes just like “okay here nothings going to happen but just come with me.” and she brings him back to her house

they sneak in through the window and its too dark to see where they are

and she just drags him to bed

nothing sexual, nothing exciting

she just pulls him in a hug and he hugs her back and theyre just so bruised and beaten and this is exactly what they need right now

their transformations wear off but they still dont look, they just cuddle into one another and hold each other until morning