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The Big Sis (Liam Dunbar Imagine)

Request: hiya! Could you do one where the reader is deaf and Liam’s older sister. She has a hearing aid but her and liam like to sign to each other to talk about people and one day the pack sees him doing it and they’re like ‘what the hell who’s that’ and you can choose from there on! Thankssss xx

Word Count: 1967

Warning: Minor cussing

A/N: bold and italics mean it was spoken through sign language. also I don’t know about the title probably will change it later but i hope you enjoy the story!


“Li, hurry and get your but down these steps I don’t have time to be late on the first day of my senior year!” I yelled as I checked my appearance over in the mirror and made sure my hearing aid was in place but out of sight. Yes I said hearing aid, and no I’m not 60 just 75% deaf in both my ears, but the hear aids do their job in helping me. As I was growing up however I didn’t have them so our Mom taught me sign language and I taught Li as he grew up. “Li—“ “I’m here! I’m here!” Liam stumble towards the front door, where I was standing with his shoes half way on, half done hair and bread hanging out of his mouth. I shake my head as I try to hide my amusement and fix his hair. “You’re not even disabled and you need help getting dress in the morning.” He rolled his eyes as he signed out Whatever Asshat “Uh this ‘Asshat’ is your ride to school so I’d be nicer unless you want to ride the bus.” He let out a muffled “Sorry.” As breadcrumbs flew onto my face. “Whatever lets get this show on the road!”

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