its such a crazy place


I’m aware there’s flaws in my theory…but I think I’m on to something


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I work at is place & its crazy, I mean it's like one moment it feels like antarctica than the next it feels like we're in Cuba. Yesterday it was really hot & me & my coworkers were told if we got to hot to turn some fan on, so we seized the moment and turned it on. Immediately we felt the air change, but it was weird because suddenly it went from Cuba to a rain forest. Seriously it felt like it was raining & idk about anyone else but it's extremely weird for it to feel like its raining inside.

In today’s news, I found myself sobbing the words “I HAVE FRIENDS” in a psychiatrist’s office, after which he went “excuse me”, left the room for about ten minutes, and then came back to tell me that he’s upping my medication.

Man, this depression thing is a bitch.

Cooking lessons with the Saviour!! 

its crazy how i learned that the value i placed on the concept of intelligence was wrong and has been wrong for years! the idea of value is fucked up! learning is a gift and the only reason i want to be a professor now is because teaching is one of the most incredible things i can think of, and because learning is what i want to do all the time…thats it my guy 


SG1 Meme: Locations (2/2) | Stargate Command Base

Your like a silent storm gaining speed as i move closer, pulling me to your core.

Your like a fire in front of my eyes heating up my cold lifeless world.

Your a hurricane that makes everything crazy. Rips everything from its place but then you gently place it were its far better off.

—  Scorpio and Virgo relationship.
1)what a Scorpio says 2) what the Virgo says 3)what they both say
day 2

man, these r kinda like diarys, diaries, how do u spell it, anyways we’re in new orleans, so is impact, so theres beef, but its just for fun haha whats competition w/o a little messy? anyways ive noticed its pretty eh, scary here, its not the normal enviornment im used to, noone was used to it actually, i mean me and bryce we’re ok w/ it, but its kinda like crazy, that these places exist, like the places were no laws exist cus they get broken everyday, the streets are fucking trashed, and theres literally hookers, HOOKERS, LIKE WHAT, i mean its not the normal that im used to, and im not making fun of the ppl who live here/the hookers or anything, its just crazy this place really exist, and its like growing up i used 2 look down at these ppl, i wouldnt really treat them like id treat a person in my area, but the more im growing up the more i realize, everyones the same, ya some may be taller, shorter, bigger, skinnier, scary looking, but who cares? we all came from someone, and it sucks people forget that, we all came from someone, we’re so fucking lucky to even be alive, so whats the point of not treating ppl who live differently then u the same as some1 who lives like u, idk i just was like thinking abt it, its 5:07am, im over tired ad im not sure if this makes any sense, im just trying to understand why ppl make fun of other ppl and think its ok, anywahs goodnight/morning, i got a show today(: its gonna be fun,

First of all,  am currently unable to sustain my earnest desires and patience of the absence of Steven Universe updates (Steven bombs still so far away). 

I keep on getting KOed in the RPG version, and was awestrucked with the findings of plenty awesome SU fanarts.  Thus, for my therapeutic release, i decided to draw a fanart for SU, out of impulse! 

Been rewatching the previous episodes all over again, i got this idea when i noticed the similarity between these three and its just so crazy gathering them at one place. So taadaa! Oh i love my version of Pearl in this one lol! God whadda narcist hahh XD 

 Ehemmm…. Again, so sorry for no Miraxus again this time. I dont wanna face reality, but yea, im in a commitment with two running projects right now. But there will be one someday, when you’re expecting  

 disclaimer: i do not own Steven Universe or any of the characters above! All my respects to the awesome Rebecca Sugar <3 

like I was listening to Perfect when something came to my mind...

But if you like causing trouble up in hotel rooms… (out of the woods: we moved the furniture so we could dance) 

And if you like midnight driving with the windows down… (style: midnight he comes and pick me up no headlights) 

And if you like going places we can’t even pronounce (I know places: WE CAAAAN HIDE)

If you like to do whatever you’ve been dreaming about  (wildest dreams, pls, pls, pls, pls) 

And if you’re looking for someone to write your breakup songs about (this one actually made me laugh and crawl into bed crying bc reasons)