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1D Hiatus: Day 498

* Liam posts a selfie on Instagram

* A video of Harry answering Ed Sheeran, Chris Martin, his mum and others’ questions during his interview with Nick Grimshaw is posted on BBC Radio 1′s YouTube channel

* Niall posts three pictures on his Instagram story

* Louis’ sister Daisy replies to a fan asking her about her favourite singer on Instagram with “my brother” 

It’s Apr 24th, 2017.

On this day a year ago: #133

*~ Believe in Magic ~* (ch.6)

- 6 -
1000 Year Old Talking Books and New Snow Boots.

The snow kept falling and piling up in what soon became ammunition for more snow fights as the days progressed. Snow fights Harry witnessed from his balcony when he allowed himself short tea breaks from studying.

His exam was coming up and he had kept his promise to lock himself in his apartment with no distractions. The thousand year old books soon stopped talking about burgundy which helped him to relax a lot, and his growth potion had worked on two of his winter flowers. He felt like he was ready to take his exam and ace it. It seemed like ages since Harry felt like his plans actually worked out for him, and it was a lovely feeling.

Only one thing was failing…

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anonymous asked:

Are there any resources you recommend to aspiring artists? I'm interested in what an art teacher with your style would recommend!

~ Heya, dear Anon ♥ Maybe not really what you’ve asked for ? I am not really the one to ask for “modern” resources, actually. But I always say to my students to train their eye before their hand, looking at the real life around them, the shape of real people, hands, clothes, or objects, the lights and shadows of every little thing in the same room. Museums are also a wonderful place to train the eye, so I put there some paintings I really like since I was a teenager. I am a “old-paintings” lover, and all of this gave me the wish to draw and paint, years ago.

yknow iv always wanted a rubber hose sona???

and now that the bendy stuff is here?? seems like a good time

ill work this character more later

for now, there he is

and im just sayin?

but i think its time rubber hose sonas became the new hot thing?

not for the sake of bendy

just because?? its a good art style style

anonymous asked:

my mom thinks that i'm gonna start wearing miniskirts and traditionally feminine clothes because i liked that stuff when i was 10. idk how to break this to her but i haven't liked that stuff in years and i don't think i have ever comfortably worn a dress or skirt in my life. she told me i id as a guy cuz internalized misogyny and then she turns around and pulls out every sexist stereotype out there. it's both depressing and sad

No idea where she is getting that from. Liking something as a kid doesnt mean you will suddenly start to again. It sounds like she may be in denial a bit here like trying to talk you out of it by seeing you that way again. Just tell her you dont like it and have no intention of wearing any of that again. Its not your style and thats how it is. She cant speak for you and tell you why you are anything. She doesnt know how you feel. Only you do. Similar to the recent ask about being trans because of ‘sexism’. Its complete bs. People are just so uneducated about this, idk if they think its some choice or something so to them they see it as ‘dont want to be female’ = sexism/misogyny. They miss the point that we’re trans because we’re not female and thats all it comes down to. It just seems to be completely impossible to get this through to some people. Who we are has nothing to do with stereotypes, roles or expression. Education might be key here to getting her out of that mindset. Some people shut it down though and refuse to learn or try. It may just take time. I hope the situation will improve