its styles


still trying to break in this t-t-t-tablet so here are some morioh sketches!

The zest of life has vanished
Only the skeleton remains
Unexpectedly vile
I used to be better

My first Great Comet works. I love Pierre more than I probably should.

Usually it would take more than three days of study before I can describe @todayintokyo so perfectly 😄 Every language is different though!

I’m still taking a break away from my blog, but I recently wanted to draw and decided to try digital art again after a really long time so here’s a sketch of blue diamond


Hogwarts’ students were about to face the worst test of their lives so their professor invited Auror Harry Potter to talk about his adventures. The Q&A went out of the professor’s control, though x)

[ig: @potterbyblvnk]