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Angsty headcanon, because I like to hurt myself and those around me:

When Molly learns she’s pregnant, Sherlock’s first instinct is to hide it because he’s afraid someone dangerous may find out.  One day, he receives a small package, no return address…but the scent is instantly familiar.  He’s terrified, but he hastily rips the paper off of the small box.  He opens it to find a small, worn toy airplane, and a note:

“Make sure to keep your little one on the ground.”  


xiumin trended worldwide for 3 hours (more than 2 hours at number 1) and is still trending at number 3 in korea and 2 in malaysia……a King if u Will

Not to be rude but no, no chance that I’m leaving here without you on me. I already know that there ain’t no stopping your plans and those slow hands hands. Fingertips puttin’ on a show, got me now and I can’t say no wanna be with you all alone. Take me home, take me home, fingertips puttin’ on a show. Can’t you tell that I want you, baby?

Most people: It’s August, that means it’s Pre-Pre-Halloween month!!! *brings out a variety of skeletons, spider webs, assorted dress ups and pumpkin carving tools*

Matthew Patrick: It’s August, that means it’s Stephanie’s birthday month, therefore I hereby dedicate this whole month to her and the appreciation of how amazing and beautiful my wonderful wife is *pulls out hundreds of nostalgic photos, buys all the white roses in L.A., ensures everyone knows it’s International Appreciate Stephanie Patrick month*

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interpretation of the champion music video?

the music video is entirely about the passage of generations and their influence on one another. we start with boxers and gradually progress through different lives, different realities that affect and change each other as they progress. each one of them are “champions” in their own perspective and lives which they then pass the experience on to the next. it’s clever how they use a virtual reality headset to show that these people are essentially living through one another and taking something from the experience and using it in their own lives. 

the best part has to be the kids in the garage band, playing to one another in front of no crowds of anything at all. they’re playing music to play music and it’s very 90’s garage. then it evolves from them into fall out boy and it kinda tantalizes the idea that these sorts of kids and experiences influenced them, particularly pete who is the one who removes the headset next. he takes this experience and then brings it to his own reality which is now going on stage in front of an audience with his band. they’re more than that now but the influence stays.

we then go on to jayden smith removing the headset. jaden who pete has said could “be the next nirvana” and has promoted very early into his career. jaden is young and has been influenced by these older bands (being a fan of fob himself and obviously going on the mania tour now) and represents the youth now that fob has always believed in and pushed forward.

and as weird as it is it’s a pretty deep evaluation of how champions in history and in life inspire and move others from very different standpoints. from a boxer to a business man to a stripper and funnily enough to pete wentz.
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“- ANIME TRENDING 2017 AWARDS NIGHT - Original Anime of the Year: 91 Days by Shuka”

@ Crunchyroll look, this is how you make awards :^)

some haircuts are intolerably, dare i say ineffably, bad and should never have been OK’d by the BBC in the first place


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🔥+ icons / graphics

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i know i have small icons myself, but there comes a certain point where if i can’t recognize what’s in the image then it’s too small imo. again, you do you, i’m just sayin it can get hard for me to understand what’s going on in people’s icons sometimes.

as far as like graphics in general go – this is gonna sound really salty and possibly hypocritical, but a lot of graphics kinda look the same with me. they don’t seem very creative; if i look at a blog, i’m lookin for info on your character and thought put into everything. i’m not lookin for if the blog’s followin the latest trends ( small bordered icons, fancy popups, etc. ). does that makes sense? i wanna see how creative people can get with their blog.