its still the dumbest thing ever

Det er bare du som kan føle det du føler

I was thinking about Isak saying to Even “det er bare du som kan føle det du føler” which means “it is only you who can feel what you feel” and I feel like this quote is so underrated?
I think instead that this is one of the most significative and real things said on this show until now. Can you realise how much truth there’s in such a short sentence?
How many times have you heard people say to you “I know how you feel”, “don’t be so dramatic, it’ll be okay”? Like no. It could be the stupidest thing in the world but I’m not feeling whichever way you think I am feeling. Others just can’t know how you can possibly feel, they act like they know you UNTIL that point, they act like they can judge your position and that it’s not big deal what you are feeling because they talk like they’ve already been through that. Truth is that no one should be allowed to belittle your feelings, no one should profess to be able to know the way you feel.
It occurred to me that some asshole said “what would I pay to feel how you feel now” and he said this in the middle of nothing, we weren’t even talking, it was one of the worst things I’ve ever heard and, it could sound stupid, one of the cruelest things which have ever been said to me. I felt really bad and I mean it. Like how can you pretend to know how I am? What allows you to give a judgement of my situation? Everyone has its worries, its problems, its paranoias and those could be the dumbest in the world but STILL THEY FUCKING MEAN A LOT TO YOU EVEN IF THEY COULD MEAN NOTHING TO OTHERS, to whom is just an outsider. NEVER EVER give judgments about other people’s feeling, because they could be going through the worst time of their life and you just don’t know. Never ever pretend you know more about that, never ever belittle things that are not big deal for you, never ever ALLOW YOURSELF TO THROW SENTENCES OR JUDGMENTS OUT OF NOWHERE because ONLY I CAN FEEL WHAT I FEEL. Don’t allow people to push off your feelings, don’t allow them to disrespect what you feel, don’t let people control things that aren’t even their business, don’t let them do it. Your feelings are real, are always big deal, are always something to worry about, your feelings are important and no one has the right to say the opposite. Protect them and don’t let others rape them.
I am so grateful that Skam sends such important messages with the simplest words. I want to thank it for teaching me so many things.
So be kind, always. Don’t be rude and act like you know about others’ feelings, you just can’t feel them.

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"the process or tools isn't what makes the art good and worth paying attention to, it's the drawing" sorry anon this is the dumbest thing i've ever read pertaining to art. the process is ALL about what makes the art worth paying attention to

i think this brings up another point: most of the time people view art process and style as having different levels of right, where you can own how something looks but not how something is made.
there are scientific equations named after mathematicians, and those equations can lead to different results, but they were still credited to someone for first coming up with it and are still referred to it years and years after it was first coined
stuff like this also matters for things like art technique… a lot of artists take a long time deciding how to make the back bones for their art. andrew loomis is known for his books, and many artists now view it as a bible for drawing and drafting…
ive seen some “art tutorials” on this site which are almost identical to the ones seen in loomis’ books. you might of seen this one floating around:heres some screens from loomis’ Fun With A Pencil, published around WWI:both of these are pretty much the same, except with the newer version using digital tools to skew the floor plan, but its obvious theyre the same technique… i dont think the person who made their tutorials has credited loomis in any of them, even though theyre all very similar, even to the point of the order they were posted.
teaching these techniques to other people even though youre not the founder them isnt bad, instructors and teachers do this as a profession, but not even giving a single hint that you werent the one to come up with it might be a problem… loomis might be dead, but there are still people who would benefit from reading these books for themselves instead of secondhand knowledge, and i think loomis and many other artists would like that too.

dating me is like.. we’re either having  a deep emotional/intellectual conversation, we’re discussing politics, or we’re getting high and watching the worst movies ever like im talking emoji movie bad. the thing about caps is yea we’re intense but like when you get to rly know a cap we can have the dumbest goofiest sense of humor lmao to the point where you just cant stop rolling your eyes but somehow its still endearing 

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Chara thinks it's the dumbest name ever but still is overprotective of the little thing.

“Frisk, if you name your kid Mercy, I s2g I’m gonna spawn one myself and name it Fight, I don’t care what lengths I have to go to to produce one, it’s not gonna be pretty and I might violate a few of nature’s laws in the process, but just try to fucking stop meeeeeohmygodisthistheliloneohmygodthey’reSOSMALL”

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Are we supposed to believe that after Liam "hurt" Simon so bad, after he left the label and disappointed everyone he casually stopped by Simon's to discuss his relationship and sex life?Oh dear god help everyone who can't remember an article they've read 24 hours ago...

And we’re also supposed to believe Liam and Cheryl are trying for children when a) her divorce isn’t official, b) they have been dating less than a year, and c) he JUST launched a fucking solo career. Liam was talking about marriage with his last girlfriend, but we’re expected to believe that he started dating Cheryl, got ready to launch one of the biggest developments for his career EVER, and suddenly decided “you know what, even though Cheryl’s still technically married and I’m going to be a bit busy with this solo career thing, let’s just skip talk of marriage and go straight into baby-making. Great timing!” In what universe is any of this even remotely believable? 

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thanks for still being undertale trash. feels like everyone else i know/follow hates it now. and i don't mean tired of it, i'm pretty burnt out on it tbh, but this is more like everyone loving it a mere six months ago and now those same people being like "fuck that meme game" and getting mad when someone brings it up. i guess this is kinda petty and nostalgic of me, sorry. guess it's more a thanks for being you thing, idk.

well that makes no sense!! disliking something just because it got popular is the dumbest thing i’ve ever heard. I genuinely love Undertale, it’s easily my favorite pc game of all time. I may get excited about new things that come along and my attention may wane, but i will always love Undertale so much! it honestly played a huge role in saving my life!

What Sober Couldn’t Say

Pietro x Reader

Warnings: Adult language and drinking

A/N: This was heavily influenced by What Sober Couldn’t Say and Here’s To Us both by Halestorm. You should give them both a listen as they are amazing songs!

It started just like it always did…You were on a mission, doing your thing mucking about with the surveillance system of the facility Fury had sent you to so that no one would be able to find the team. “…OOOh you have armed security drones!” You whispered excitedly to yourself before looking around. No one to be seen so looks like it’s time to give everyone a little back up. “Just godda get you all here for your new programming… Don’t worry you’ll soon be my minions.” And then suddenly you could no longer hear the click of the keyboard under your fingers and felt strong arms around your waist and sun on your skin. “W…What?! Piet?! Goddamnit I was in the middle of something!”

“Yeah, in the middle of getting shot by the robots gathering behind you.” He replied slightly annoyed that you once again were totally disregarding your safety for the sake of the team.

“I was rewriting their programming! Urg! You always do this!” You dug your fingers into your hair frustrated with him always pulling you out at the first sign of danger…It was like your training didn’t mean a thing.

“Yeah I always save the stupid girl I love because she can’t watch her own back! I’m such a monster.” He said sarcastically…and just like that the two of you were arguing…again.

~ ~ ~ ~

Tears stung your eyes, you weren’t sure how you had any left to cry. Once you got back to the tower things had gotten ugly fast. The only thing you could think to do to get it to stop was leave. So there you were. You couldn’t bear to utter a single sound, not even a whimper as you sat on your hotel room floor, not even feeling good enough to sit on the chair or the bed. You knew what you said was wrong and you felt like a monster for saying it. But you couldn’t remember what IT was. Half a fifth of vodka in you really couldn’t remember much of anything besides the pain at this point, just the look on his face that drove you out leaving you to wonder why you even left with all your things packed. But this was good, you were heading to a blackout state, you’d forget all the horrible parts when you woke up…You hoped…

…But the memory of the pain was still there, stinging your heart and now to make matters worse you were hungover. The sun pounded against your head as you rolled over in the plush hotel sheets, searching for your phone. By the time you found it it barely had a charge left, but it was enough to read the drunk conversation you had via text the night before.

Pietro: This is stupid. Come home.

You: I’m not stupid. I can take care of myself.

Pietro: Just please come home. I’m sorry. We can work this out. I can’t stand losing you.

You: No. I can’t take this anymore.

Pietro: Fine. Be stubborn. You’ve obviously been drinking so wherever you are just stay there

You: I’m not being stubborn.  I’m sick of trying. I’m not strong enough for you and i’m done with this.

Your heart fluttered painfully as you felt your tears rolling down your cheeks, knowing it was over. You finally said what sober you couldn’t say in all the arguments before and you weren’t sure if that was a good thing. Looking back with a clear mind you realized it was never a question of your strength. In that moment you regretted what you began piecing together the horrible things you said about him and how he lost his mother and you couldn’t regret them any more if you tried. You thought about going back, about apologizing and telling him that you couldn’t live without him…but how could you after what you said? You didn’t deserve forgiveness. You felt like a monster all over again.

~ ~ ~ ~

Six Months Later

You had still stayed in close contact with all your teammates, still went on missions…Even when Pietro had to be involved, you just felt the need to express how much you hated working with him every time, but when push came to shove and you had to chose between you and you, you always chose him. You’ve taken more than a few bullets for him since that night and somewhere down so deep you didn’t even realize you wanted it, you hoped the gesture had some effect on his forgiveness of you. Sure, you rationalized it by telling yourself and others that he was the more valuable member of the team or you were just a hacker with some combat training, dime a dozen. But deep down you knew the truth… You still couldn’t live without him in this world even if you weren’t with him. You were still an Avenger, just not one who took up residence in the tower. Things seemed to go better that way…You were even almost back to a friendship status with your recent ex…It was awkward anywhere but in combat and you still felt guilty when you looked at him but you were getting to be civil and you knew you had each other’s backs and that was something you could almost be proud of.

You let out a soft groan as you returned to your lovely little apartment, after a long mission that had spanned for far too long. Your bed sounded like heaven right now, especially after Your phone rang the familiar tune of Black Sabbath’s Iron Man….you thought it was a fitting ring tone for Tony. “Hey tin man what’s up?” You asked with a smile as you sunk down into your couch, glad it was just as comfy as you remembered.

“Just calling to see if my favorite techie was up for a little celebration after saving the world.” You could hear the prideful smile behind the words.

“Tony…I’m a computer girl…I didn’t even need to be out there for that. I’m tired and sore and just want my bed.”

“Oh come on! You’re the only one I can talk advanced tech with without confusing someone!” He protested with a wine.

You let out a soft chuckle. “Says the guy who created Vision with Bruce instead of me.” You reminded him softly as you rose from your couch, realizing this was a fight you were going to lose.

“Yeah but you’re prettier…And you don’t turn green when you’ve had too much.” He argued in a tone that let you know he was just playing with you. “Yeah, so…I’m sending a car because I know you too well to think that you aren’t already halfway to your closet to pick out an outfit that’ll get speedy wishing you hadn’t broke up.” And this was one of the moments that you almost regretted Tony being your best friend…cuz he was right. “Just keep in mind it’s casual.” He added before hanging up on you. You let out a small chuckle as you looked over your closet, both resenting and admiring the way Tony seemed to just ooze confidence and sass. If it wasn’t for Pepper you’d swear he was your gay best friend.

A few hours later you were sitting in the common room laughing with Tony and Clint as he retold you the story of Tony’s reaction to Clint’s family… Your favorite story when you had been drinking. You were aware of Pietro across the room with his sister and Vision, you wanted so much for things to go back the way they were but you weren’t sure if he even forgave you let alone if he would ever be willing to try again. “You’re staring again.” Tony’s voice snapped you out of your daze before you took a drink insisting you didn’t know what he was talking about with a laugh.

Pietro watched you from across the room as you laughed and had fun without him and it killed him a little on the inside. Over the last few months he wondered if you had some kind of death wish considering all the times you pulled his ass out of the fire and all the holes that had been put in you because of it. But he began to see where you were coming from. It didn’t feel very good to be treated like he was made of glass, watching her hurt in his place. In the back of his mind he wondered if she would ever forgive him for how he acted…All he ever wanted was to keep her safe and warm but that was just the thing that pushed you away. “You’re staring again.” His sister’s voice snapped him out of the trance you seemed to always put him in.

“Do you think she’s as happy as she’s letting on?” He asked, his accent showing through a little more as his words washed together, half-way to drunk.

“Are you kidding? She’s miserable.” Wanda answered with a sip of her drink. “Poor girl’s been beating herself up for months…What ever happened between the two of you anyway? You used to be so cute together.”

“I guess I just held onto her too tightly…Didn’t want her to get hurt.” He answered as he leaned against a table, watching your movements, looking for a sign that you still wanted him.

“That is the dumbest thing I ever heard!” She scolded as she put her drink down. “We are Avengers! Getting hurt is part of the job description.” Pietro nodded in agreement before finally spotting your perfect eyes sneaking a look at him. The second he saw the beautiful shade of your eyes he was a new kind of intoxicated…hypnotized by his feeling for you forcing its way out.  A confident smile on his face he gulped down the last of his beer before getting up to get another drink. In that moment he felt bulletproof and was tired of the awkward torturesome pleasantries you both forced yourself into at these things. It was time to say something…to do something he’d never bring himself to do while sober.

“Attention everyone.” He called out, as he raised his glass, looking around the room at all the inebriated avengers. Your eyes traveled up to him as you sat tucked into the corner of a couch, playing with your vodka and cranberry juice. “Here’s to us!” He was looking right at you, his bright sky blue eyes digging into you as he shifted to keep his balance. Everyone raised their glasses in as their reply to the toast apparently in progress. “Sure..” He paused realizing he was staring again and looked around the room at everyone. “We’ve all fucked up somewhere in our past. Most of us here put our dreams through the shredder in exchange for the greater good…But hey we’re all here now so lets have a toast because things got better.” You couldn’t help smiling up to your silver haired ex feeling like he was talking to you and only you…Well, you didn’t realize how right you were. He went off on a tangent about love and how just about everyone in the room has found it and kept it thanks to the work you all do and those who haven’t definitely will and how the love he found was more important to him than anything in the world and he’d do anything to get you back because the last few months had been hell…But you had stopped listening become lost in your thoughts. You remembered the last few years and how even though you both laid your life on the lines you wouldn’t have traded it for anything because you were with him and that made it the best few years of your life. You wondered how everything changed so fast, and if this break up was one of those break ups that last forever. Everyone around you had gone silent, staring at the two of you watching the truth serum known as alcohol do the work it needed to do to make Pietro brave enough to pour his heart out to you and you just not notice.

Pietro had turned his eyes back to you, expecting a reaction better than the sullen lost look you had been wearing. But he couldn’t help smiling as he realized that you had been over thinking things again, a habit he found adorable even if it did always come at the worst time. He waved to Tony who was sitting next to you, gesturing for him to nudge you back into reality which he did happily, tired of you sulking around. “So here’s to us, to the love, to all those times that we fucked up.” He was slowly moving toward you, kneeling down to be at eye level with you. And you realized this whole speech was Pietro getting your attention. Your sullen frown slowly began to invert into a smile as he continued. “I’m so sor-”

“Piet..” You cut him off looking up into his eyes. Enough was enough, he obviously missed you and you were tired of  punishing yourself for something you said while you were angry. “Just shut up and kiss me before you make a bigger fool of yourself.” You chuckled before pulling him into you, finding his lips tasted better than you remembered.