its still pretty terrible


Taekook for @thekookiest
         Happy Birthday, Angel! ♡♥

ah i usually try not to be too hard on myself about my art bu t this is honestly terrible and nothing else im drawing is turning out right either

its still really important to me though its autistic link forgetting what expression theyre supposed to use + anxious hand flaps (two things i do a aall the time)


AAAA thank you all so much for your kind words with that meme

I was seriously just expecting to get a lot of hate n stuff like I usually do but instead I got a bunch of nice people

I seriously don’t deserve all of those nice words ;w;

It was seriously very kind of you guys to do that.
I’ve had a rather terrible day due to me finding out that soon my great grandmother who means the world to me will be…. Well…
She’s going to be dying soon due to heart failure and the hospital not wanting to try and operate on a elderly woman…
And well I don’t have the money to go down and be with her during her final days…

So it was really nice to see all of your kind words towards me….
I know it was just a stupid silly meme but….
It’s been a really… Really hard day…

So thank you all for your kind words…
I’m so happy that you guys seem to somehow enjoy my stuff… I always have extreme doubts about myself in that aspect…

So thank you guys

I can’t believe i just wrote 2k words holy shit. hope you like it @freckledbastard !! i’m the sabolu anon hullo õvõ

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howdoistormspirit  asked:

>:( Talented artist or not, he should be nicer to others. I don't like leaving Hotland, but if this guy keeps being a jerk to you, I'll come over and... and... glare threateningly at him. ((I love the way the perspective is- I don't think it looks weird at all.))

“W-well, I m-mean, it’s n-not like I h-haven’t been k-kind of inconsiderate… r-recently?… I m-mean, I k-kind of… s-screamed about t-the Temmie S-Scouts and… uh.. t-that’s not ok… and a lot of t-the… uh… stuff s-some of you s-send.. makes m-me scream?… uh… and… t-the whole… weird w-window S-Sans incident?…. And, um… finding out about a-alternate universes….. I p-probably should have been m-much more considerate… he’s r-right,
I s-shouldn’t have been loud… I m-mean, it’s n-not like I…. d-do anything…. h-he’s a really t-talented a-artist and h-he needs his silence and… uh… s-sells it and… is trying to be famous… I d-don’t want to b-blow it for him, e-even if he is rude, y’know?… He’s g-getting one of h-his art pieces p-put into a g-gallery soon, s-so…. I s-should really be more considerate…”

*Seems they don’t like saying anything mean about the monsters they know, whether or not they’ve earned that kindness.

Confession: I am sitting here laughing so hard at my own fucking nonsense that I am gonna have to compose myself before writing a rambly artist note.

Will you even look at this.

Okay, so: This was a gag gift, you know it was a gag gift, obviously a very well-thought out one that took some planning, but the person who gave it was apparently unaware that while you can take the man out of Iowa, you cannot take the Iowa out of the man.  Even if you manage to surgically excise every trace of Midwest, you’d STILL have someone who used to wear a purple miniskirt to work.

Last statement here is that if you’re new enough to Hawkeye that you don’t recognise the GOSH I LOVE ARROWS thing, I am going to give you the pleasure of Googe-Image-Searching it yourself.  Enjoy!  You’ve picked the right Avenger to love, you really have.

Midwest Living - Dowsing

Dowsing are an indie/emo band from Chicago, IL formed in 2010. They are one of my favorite modern emo bands, and I can’t wait to see what they’ll do in the future. They have quite a few releases, ranging from splits to full lengths, so there’s quite a bit of depth to their discography. They have very unique lyricism that I feel sets them apart from the rest in that regard, using heavy imagery to make their point and create something different and unusual inside the head of the listener. The music itself has a calm dynamic to it, while not straying too far from the sort of energy and heaviness that is normally presented with modern emo bands. 

FFO: You Blew It!, Donovan Wolfington, Snowing, Sorority Noise