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My very good friend @caffeinechick drew one of my D&D characters, Tobias! He’s a farmboy hedgewizard that played around with spells he shouldn’t have, so now he’s on the run with nothing but chatty ghosts and his raven familiar for company. 


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All I have is my humanity.
I am so soft.
I am so soft.
I am so soft.
I often repeat myself.
As if I am trying to convince myself of what I am saying.
As if I am running from my words but they are stones in my shoes and I am falling after every breath.

Someone told me I should write a book.
I looked at the clouds and counted how many looked like the way your lips would feel across my neck.

I am tearing out pages of the bible and strangling God with prophecy that is my soul.
I know the moon too well for her to spill my secrets.

I thought we would grow old together.
Birth babies like laughter together.
But I am waking up in the middle of the day to see your face screaming voicelessly and I would rather run straight for the fucking edge of this earth than never hear you say my name.

I am shaking, darling.

People are staring at my paranoia and my suffering is so loud.

Last night I had a dream that we were standing in a room of mirrors and I tried to reach for you.

Last night I had a dream that we were standing in a room of mirrors and I tried to reach for you.


Last night I had a dream that we were standing in a room of mirrors and I tried to reach for you.

I could see you cracking open your ribcage and I wanted nothing more than to hide your hands in mine and kiss you back together.
Kiss every broken bone created by you and by me and by me.

I know you are scared of my hands.
They have always been so destructive.
But for you,
I would break them back and make them as soft as Beethoven’s fifth secret.

I know you are scared of my heart.
It has always beat everyone who has tried to turn me into water.
Something that flows so easily.
No rough edges.
No cracked centers.
But for you,
I would break it open and make it as holy as the verses you whispered into me the night you told me you loved me.

—  There is a dream stuck in the head of every lover. A dream of about to be hit. But even God will expose her bones if it means she gets to sleep inside of hands forever.

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Hello admins! I wanted to ask what would be Jay's and Simon's reaction to their girlfriends liking to sleep without any shirt? Have a nice day ~

Jay would find it really sexy and would have to stop himself from waking her up to fulfill his fantasies. He’d start wishing that he got home earlier before she fell asleep. But he’d end up lying besides her and watching her sleep peacefully.

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Simon would probably be a little bit embarrassed when he first saw her, not expecting her to not have a shirt on. He’d be left in a trance for a few seconds but quickly snap out of it and put her cover over her body. In the morning he’d warn her to wear a shirt to bed cause he wouldn't be able to handle it. 

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New Year, New clothes - Part 1

So the whole thing about the crazy costumes is this :

This weekend in Korea (and in a lot of other countries around the world) was Lunar New Year (a.k.a. Chinese New Year). Traditionally people gift new clothes to their loved ones (or just buy for themselves), as a way to start the new year well.

As a result, the members were given the task a few days prior filming, to design new clothes for another member and the staff would do their best to make it happen, no matter how far fetched their ideas could be. Let’s just say some of them were a bit over-excited by the (almost)endless possibilities…

Anyway, Donggu and Joonyoung had to design each other’s clothes and they seemed both quite satisfied with the results. Joonyoung ended up being a cute chicken in traditionnal-ish clothing (2017 being the year of the fire Rooster) and Donggu transformed into Thor. I’m pretty sure Joonyoung chose this because he secretly wished he was Thor  ^_^

And I loved the details of Donggu’s costume with the rice bowl lids : such a nice touch hahaha!


Moony has given me three separate prompts for how Danny met the league. Some are more complete than others but you get the idea. (I changed them a bit, sorry Moony)

For @messedupmoon and @dannyphantom-justiceleauge

1. Dani

A child’s scream pierced the cold and foggy Gotham air. Batman averted his course. Protecting a life was more important than any jewels.

He landed on the roof just in time to see the dark haired girl collapses, the men in white surrounding her. The Dark Knight leaped, landing on the first. The others fell, as guardian shadows attacked.

In the time it took, the girl had backed to the alley wall. She, with small cuts and numerous burns, looked up at him. Her mud covered face stared in a mix of fear wonder, and hope. However, Batman was far more worried about the streaks of radioactive green.

“Are you alright?” The fear left her eyes at those words: she would let him help her.

“I’m okay, but Danny, they took him!”

She was right to trust him, for the Batman not only helped, but set in motion the course of events that would change many lives for the better.

2. ANGST!! Why did I agree to this

The order was given, he had no choice but to obey. The guards had fallen, and the red stained loot went in the bag. Three more, three more shops and he was done, for the night. He couldn’t see, couldn’t think, couldn’t even breathe, only feel, only know what his body was doing. He fought for control, gained no ground, and prayed the targets were empty, for he had no choice. Kill any who stand in your way.


The Flash arrived first and was taken down first. He’d tried to grab the creature, only to run straight through him. The red-eyed-being threw him and launched a bolt of green flame. While the fire did little, the momentum sent him flying into the wall. The sickening crunch of bone echoed in his skull.

Wonder Woman, Manhunter, Superman, even the Batman and Robin fought, none could beat him. Their only strength was numbers, against the overpowered teen, they were lucky no more deaths had occurred. Then luck ran out.

The room’s temperature dropped, the walls and floor turned to ice, its source stilled as freezing chains bound their wrists. For every link broken, one triple in size and strength replaced it. They were trapped.


If he freed them, they would again be in his way. He had no choice.


Their enemy had made a mistake. He’d forgotten the Flash, who’d mostly recovered from the concussion induced dase― mostly. Running wasn’t the best idea, running on ice was a worse idea. That left talking. So he talked, spewed out every ‘stop the villain from killing everyone’ speak he could think of.


It was like listening to someone when you’re underwater. You can’t understand a word they’re saying but the sound of it gives you something to focus on, a way to know where the surface lies. Now, breathing air, Danny could try to fight.


The Flash nearly laughed when the demon child turned to him, glowing red eyes flicked green. Success! The feeling was short lived. The red bled back in, and they were focused on him. Forgetting his lack of coordination, the Flash ran fell flat on his back. The boy floated towards him.  Spikes of ice were raised high, and shot, aimed at the speedster.


He knew what was happening, all from a glimps when the red had faded. No. Danny couldn’t let himself, but how? They were in his way? He fought hard, and gained another moment’s control.


The shards flew backwards, slamming into the ghost-boy’s chest. Shock flowed through the team, as their bonds began to melt. Impaled in multiple places the phantom slumped to the ground, breaking dead silence, the green-eyed child whispered, “Save me.”

Before they flicked back to red.

3. Royalty

The Ghost King sat on his throne, only to crumble awkwardly to the ground as the summoning was completed.

There had been a brief moment where the child had looked regal, but now― sitting with his leg folded at an uncomfortable angle and staring confused at the League― he didn’t.

“What?” he exclaimed, sounding more like an exasperated teen being called by a parent, than supreme ruler of a spirit realm.

“This is the Ghost King?” Batman sent a pointed glance at Constantine.

“Yeah, s’up?” The ‘Duh’ evident in the royal’s voice, as he floated to a standing position. “If it’s the Box Ghost…”

The group struggled to believe what they witnessed. Constantine keeled before the boy, explaining the tower’s haunting. Before them stood a child, whose annoyance was fading to boredom, yet also there stood a king. Thin black armor glinted in the light of a flaming crown of ice. His cape fluttered in the tower’s nonexistent breeze, adding to the aura of power that dripped from him. The room was transfixed, until like shattering glass the fiend haunting the hero’s base screamed.

“BEWARE!” The monarch threw his hands in the air― “YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!”― and the League again saw a child.

I can’t wait for it to be cold and finally hoodie weather  (*´꒳`*)

(Happy Birthday Tsukki ilu)


2x09 vs 2x12

Twenty-four twelve
Naturally the foundation will bear your expenses
Twenty-four twelve

“I saw a car that looked just like yours today in front of the coffee shop where we used to play Scrabble when we were both home from college: a baby-blue Honda, a two-door with headlights that tapered to a point on the edges of the hood. I froze up momentarily as I turned into the parking lot. I was debating shooting straight through, turning around, and driving back home. I haven’t been consciously avoiding you this winter, but when a man in a brown workman’s coat turned a key in the door of the car, I felt so relieved.”

‘Loving you was the stupidest mistake I ever made!“ She yelled at him as he stood listening patiently on sidewalk.

“Why are you still here? Its freezing just go home.” She told him. She didn’t understand why he had come all the way across town to stand in the cold night air and listen to her yell at him.

“ I came because this is what you need.”
He told her calmly.

“Oh yeah? What do I need?”

“You need to yell at me. You need to tell me how angry you are you need to tell me how much I messed up. You need to tell me so you can let it go. So go on. Yell at me more.”

She was speechless. Five months later and he still knew exactly what was on her mind. A tear rolled down her cheek and she turned to go back inside. She didn’t want him to know what she needed. It only hurt her more.

“Wait,” he called after her. He walked up the stairs to her apartment building door two at a time and gently grabbed her shoulder.

“What do you want?” She asked him coldy.
He did not answer. Instead he spun her around and pushed her against the wall and kissed her. He kissed gently, but passionately. It was what she had wanted since the day he left. But she pulled away. She went inside, and she closed the door behind her, and she never looked back.

—  z.c. / /Excerpts from a book I’ll never write #4

If you can fly, don’t stop at the sky cause there’s footprints on the moon.