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I had a dream last night I had a conversation with Gabriel reyes about how happy he was about having his engagement ring back because the one that Jack got him didn't fit so it had to be altered... Can I pls request a happy Gabe admiring his ring?

I really, really envy your dream, anon! I want fluffy Gabe and Jack dreams too damnit! He’s happy to have it back where it belongs tho! ;3


hes made of love and sweetness 💌💞💞💟💞💟💕💟💕💌💕💌💕💕💌💕💕💟💕💟💕💌💕💌💕💌💕💟💕💞💟💕💌💕💌💕


She shouldn’t be asleep. She’ll just get more depressed if she’s asleep. What she needs is some kind of hobby. She needs to get out of the house, she needs to exercise.

Do you ever find yourself disliking a character because of their fans? You try to separate the fans from the character, but it’s just so difficult. The fans can make you love or hate a character based on which unnecessary reaction they have. 

If the reaction consists of all this unearned praise and this idea that this character is above reproach, then you’re gonna end up hating the character. I’m talking about those characters where the fandom thinks it’s a good idea to infantilize them and make them out to be ‘good guys’ even when they’re not.

If the reaction consists of all this vitriol and unnecessary hate, then you’re gonna end up loving the character. I’m talking about those characters that are just as guilty as the other characters, but they’re still hated for it. In fact, they’re hated even more for it. They don’t do anything anyone else on the show doesn’t do, yet they get the most hate.

It’s just so odd how the fandom can cultivate your viewing experience. 

Love is not Over. 💝

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Did you really like that Arthur movie? It looks ott and ridiculous :\ no offence though.

okay full offence taken though because it is a Thing of Beauty. Of course it’s over the top and ridiculous - but so is Arthurian legend. 

‘But it’s not historically accurate’ - Arthurian legend was written over hundreds of years in a bunch of places by lots of different people in several languages, and features historical accuracies such as magic and dragons. Kung-Fu George is NOT the strangest thing I’ve come across while researching my dissertation on Arthurian literature last year. 

This movie is continuing the proud tradition of absolute absurdity and nonsense that has been a staple of Arthurian legend since its inception, and I enjoyed the hell out of it. 

reminiscing a piece of “Piece of mind” by Doyoung and Taeyong ❤️️❤️️


#elfweek day 2: favourite female elf

I have walked there sometimes, beyond the forest and up into the night. I have seen the world fall away and the white light forever fill the air.