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top fifteen rucas episodes (as voted by my followers) ☼ number fourteen 

girl meets game night (1x17) 

It Ethan. Behold the true @crankgameplays
He a good ice cream boi.
He totally doesnt have drugs anywhere. Look at that pure face. How could that face be anything but lawful.

Writing and Burgers, Reflecting and Milkshakes

This is my first time writing for the Riverdale fandom. It’s very short and small, and it only hints at Bughead, but it was fun to write.

Betty just wants to have some time for herself. So, she decides to treat herself to a chocolate milkshake at Pop’s.

When she gets there, Pop’s smiles at her. “What’ll be today, Betty?”

“A chocolate milkshake, thank you.” Betty tells him, walking to the counter and about to make small talk when she sees Jughead there, typing away in his computer like always. 

For a moment she’s torn, because she wanted to have some alone time, but she liked talking to Jughead. Jughead looking up and meeting her eyes makes up her mind for her.

“Hey, Jughead.” She gives him a tentative smile as she reaches his booth.

“Hey, Betty.” He looks behind her and finding no one asks. “You waiting for anyone?”

“Nope. I just came for a milkshake.”

“Want to sit down? I can’t promise small talk, but you can sit if you want.” Jughead gives her half a smirk, and she accepts his invitation.

Betty relaxes in her seat, playing with her phone and giving Jughead his peace and quiet.

“So, what’s up?” Jughead asks.

“Sorry, what?” Betty looks at him confused.

“Was there anything you wanted to talk about?” Jughead asks, and Betty gives him a confused look. “Archie always talks to me, I think I became the voice of reason for the group.”

“The voice of reason? You’re giving yourself too much credit.” Betty teases.

“My point is, if you want to talk it’s fine.”

“While you’re typing? Won’t that be distracting?” Betty asks, because there’s multitasking and then there’s this.

“I can do both.” Jughead assures her.

“That is impressive, but there’s nothing to talk about.” Betty is the one to assure him and when Jughead doesn’t seem convinced, Betty smiles at him. “Seriously, nothing’s wrong. I like to just sit and reflect.”

“So you really just came here to have a chocolate milkshake?” Jughead asks sounding a bit dubious.

“Yes, you always come here to write.” Betty shrugs. “Same difference.”

“I also come here for the burgers.”

“Writing and burgers, reflecting and milkshakes it doesn’t sound very different to me.”

Jughead chuckles. “Alright, then carry on.” 

Betty doesn’t notice until a month later that sitting with Jughead in what started as quiet companionship became an almost daily routine, and worst of all, now Betty does ask for his advice. Jughead always tries to hide his smirk when Betty finally gives in, but she sees it. It’s both the cutest and most infuriating thing to happen to her.


stupid comic for my piercing parlor AU


Kihyun singing “Amen” to Wonho while holding his hands :’)


Tadashi Hamada + Icons

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Big Hero 6!!!

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Tales of Zestiria + Titles

Dougie (with Oliver Cheshire) doing the end screen talk for Glamour Magazine UK YouTube channel and couldn’t keep a straight face throughout the whole 4 seconds it took. 

Tattoo ♠ Shannon Leto Imagine

Dedicated to my lovely friend @meghan12151977
Words: 1,671
Triggers/Warnings: -

He laughs at his good friend on the other side, leaning on the counter. His eyes, concealed by the usual aviator sunglasses, quickly darts to the exquisite woman walking towards them. She orders her coffee, just like he likes his, and, as she reaches to take her wallet out her purse, Shannon notices the tattoo on her right forearm, near the elbow.

“Nice tattoo you got there,” He says, smiling.

The woman looks at him and then at her arm. “Oh, thanks,” She smiles at him, too, seeming not to know him.

“What it means?” Shannon asks, pulling down the sleeve of his raglan shirt to cover his own tattoo.

“Hm,” She hums, placing the dollar bill on the counter. “It’s Mars,”

“The band?” He quirks his eyebrow.

The woman frowns. “Band? No, the planet,” She shakes her head slightly.

“Oh!” Shannon says. “The red planet,”

She opens a bigger smile. “Exactly!”

“You must really love it to get it tattooed on your body,” He comments.

“You have no idea,” She replies mysteriously, opening a side smile.

This intrigues Shannon, who tilts his head, looking at her. “Oh, I’m Shannon, nice to meet you…” He offers his hand.

“(Y/N),” She says, accepting his big hand and shaking it. “It’s a pleasure to meet you,”

He looks at her for a moment, thinking about his next words. “How about grabbing a coffee and talk more about this love of yours for a planet?” Shannon asks.

She looks at her cup, now on her hands. “Well, I have a coffee…” She points out.

“Oh, right,” He chuckles and turns to his friend. “Hey Travis, can you get me one too? And some donuts,”

“Got it, boss,” Travis replies, making another coffee.

“Shall we take a seat?” Shannon asks, motioning to the tables around.

The beautiful woman nods and walks ahead Shannon, choosing a table near the window. She likes to see people walking by while she’s drinking her coffee and have a clear sight of the sky, the love of her life. As she takes a seat, the first thing she does is to look up at it, noticing how dull everything looks in the cloudy day today is.

Shannon slides to the seat right across from her and frowns, with a smile, to the tired sigh she lets out. “Everything’s okay?” He asks.

“Yeah,” She shrugs. “It’s cloudy,” She points out, looking at the sky again.

“Yes, it is, unfortunately,” He agrees. “I don’t like it, California is supposed to be sunny all the time,”

She chuckles, sipping her coffee. “I agree,”

“Tell me more about this tattoo and your love for Mars,” Shannon asks, crossing his hands over the table. But Travis shows up with his coffee and a plate filled with delicious donuts. “Thank you, Travis,”

He only nods and goes away. “What you want to know?” The woman asks, looking at him.

“Hm, what does this two dots means?” He points to the tattoo. It’s Phobos and Deimos, of course, Shannon thinks.

“It’s Phobos and Deimos,” She explains and Shannon nods. “Mars’ moons,”

Shannon raises both eyebrows. “Two moons? How fancy is that,” He chuckles and so does her.

“Yeah, pretty fancy,” She nods.

“Help yourself,” He says, pushing the donuts plate towards her. “What else can you tell me about this love?”

“I work for the NASA,” She replies absently like that’s not a big deal.

Shannon blinks. “What? That’s amazing!” He says, making her smile. “What do you do?”

The next minutes are destined to what she does at NASA and Shannon listens to it attentively, observing how much she loves what she does. The why she wanted to work at NASA required a growing up story and the way she likes just to lie on the ground at night and see the stars.

“So, it’s not just Mars?” Shannon smiles.

She shakes her head with a smile, too. “No, it’s the whole outer space,” She says.

“That’s very nice,” He says as she takes her phone.

Shannon waits in silence as she goes through her phone, looking for something. When she founds it, she turns the phone to him and looks at his face. The drummer looks at her before looking down at the device screen. To see better whatever she’s showing him, Shannon takes off his sunglasses, putting it aside.

It’s a photograph, clearly of her, with her bare back turned to the camera. In her spine, the planets are aligned, in black and gray. From the sun to Pluto, coming down right below her nape.

“Is that you?” Shannon asks anyway.

She nods, smiling. “But Mars it’s my favorite. That’s why I have it here, too,” She points to the tattoo on her forearm.

“Hey, I have something on my back, too,” He says, remembering his own tattoo.

This takes her interest, not like she wasn’t before. “Really?” She asks.

Shannon nods, looking into her eyes. “Yeah, lemme show you,” He says, giving her phone back and taking his own.

Before anything else, she realizes how beautiful is the coloring of his eyes, something she hadn’t seen yet because of the sunglasses. But the beautiful hazel eyes match perfectly with the good looks of this man.

Shannon isn’t sure if he’s gonna find a photo of his own back in his phone and he’s actually right, there’s none. But, before he gives up, he realizes that the internet does have photos of him and not just the ones on his Instagram profile. While the woman in front of him awaits with her chin rested on her palm, Shannon googles “Shannon Leto back”.

The search result comes to the perfect one: he is facing the waves, the sun is shining strongly, making the blues of the tattoo stand out from his tanned skin, just like the blues of the sky and water in front of him. The photo was from a Miami weekend and he has no idea how people got it, but it is there. Anyway, he clicks on it and shows her.

She quickly looks at it, bringing her hands to cup Shannon’s phone, consequently, touching him. “Oh, it’s the Big Blue Marble,” She says with a smile. “It’s beautiful!”

“Yes, it is,” Shannon agrees, but looking at her.

Her eyes meet his and she smiles shyly, taking her hands away. “Why did you got it?” She asks.

“Because it’s beautiful, it’s my home, my favorite planet,” He winks.

“Needs no further explanation,” She waves her hand, giggling. “I’ve talked so much about myself, but never heard anything about you except your name,” She says, resting her chin on her palm again.

“I’m not as interesting as you are,” Shannon shrugs off, looking down.

“Oh, cmon!” She protests. “That’s not fair! I deserve to know some more,”

“Really,” Shannon insists. “I’m not interesting. I don’t work at NASA,”

“Hm,” She hums. “Where do you work?”

Shannon chuckles, looking at her. “Anywhere, I have a band,” He replies.

“Really? That’s nice!” She says with an excited smile.

Her phone buzz stops her from saying something else and she takes it. The text content says she has to go now and her will to leave doesn’t exist.

“I have to go,” She warns, putting her phone inside her purse.

“Oh, okay,” Shannon says, kinda disappointed. “What are you doing?” He chuckles, watching her take off a few dollar bills out her wallet.

“I’m paying for my donuts,” She replies simply.

“Don’t do that,” He says.

She looks at him. “Well, I think the owner will mind if don’t pay,”

“Oh, no, I’m okay with it,” Shannon shakes his head, smiling.

The woman looks at him for a whole minute in silence, processing the words. “You own the shop?” She asks.

Shannon chuckles. “Yeah, I do,” He confirms.

“Wow, that’s something you could have told me,” She says. “But I’ll pay anyway,” The cash is placed on the table.

“I won’t take your money,” Shannon retorts, folding his arms.

“Ugh, really?” She gives him a stern look, which Shannon just nods. “Fine,”

She takes the money back and thrust it into her wallet, saving everything in the purse. From there, she picks a marker and takes Shannon’s paper cup, writing her phone number on it.

“We should finish this conversation another time,” She says, giving Shannon’s cup back.

Shannon reaches out to his cup, turning it around to see what she wrote. In black on the white cup, there’s her number, her name just below and a small heart punctuating it. He smiles and looks up at her.

“I agree,” He says.

Just as she nods, ready to stand up, something in Shannon’s arm catches her attention. He’s taking his arm away and she’s quick in holding it still, making Shannon frown, looking at her. Gently, she holds his wrist, looking at the colored symbols tattooed on his forearm, but the last one is half covered. She reaches out and pulls his sleeve up, revealing the Mars symbol, just like hers.

Slowly, she looks up to meet his eyes and Shannon is already looking at her, with a soft expression, waiting for her reaction. “You knew what was it,” She says softly.

“Yes, I knew,” He doesn’t deny.

“So why ask?” She inquires, not mad though.

“How else could I start a conversation with a gorgeous and intelligent woman like you?” Shannon replies.

Instead of turning him down right away, what he is expecting, she opens a smile, a true one. But her phone buzz again, remembering her that she has to go. “Good one,” She says, standing. “Call me,” She demands, bending down and leaving a kiss on Shannon’s cheek.

Once again, she surprises him. NASA employee, not turning him down, kissing him on the cheek. “I will,” Shannon guarantees, turning his head to watch her leave.

In the way to the door, she looks back and smiles at him, opening it and leaving.

                                  He’s the moon of her life. She’s his sun and stars.



Hoopa: Ha! That’s a good one!

Celebi: Great, now they’re going to use that joke on everyone


the  obligatory  OMG  THERE  ARE  ONE  HUNDRED  AND  EIGHTY  of  you  here !    genuinely ,  making  steve  was  a  jump  into  the  unknown ,  a  shot  for  the  stars ,  more  or  less  something  i  usually  don’t  do .  but  here  i  am  and  i  don’t  regret  a  single  second  of  it .  i  have  met  so  many  amazing  people  during  these  few  weeks  and  no  one  has  ever  made  me  feel  unwelcome  or  weird ,  which  i’m  so ,  so  thankful  for !   it’s  so  nice  to  get  feedback  on  my  portrayal  of  steve  and  to  see  that  you  all  like  where  i’m  heading  with  him ,  not  to  mention  the  fact  that  you’re  all  incredible  writers  yourself  and  i  need  to  PRAISE  YOU  ALL !  


@teleknetics  &  @ncncies​ / @hoppcrs :  okay  listen ,  mal  and  fin  literally  own  my  ass .  these  two  are  just  * italian  hand *  they’re  not  only  the  funniest  and  coolest  people  to  have  a  group  chat  with ,  but  they’re  also  so  lovely  and  caring  and  understanding .  also  terrific  writers !   they  both  take  eleven  and  nancy  to  whole  new  levels  and  i’m  blown  away  by  their  talent .  i  love  these  dorks .  they  can  wink  wonk  my  ass  to  tuesday  any  day .  <3

THE  ONES  THAT  GOT  ME  HEARTEYES  AF  (  whether  we  talk  ooc ,  write  and  even  if  i’m  only  admiring  you  from  afar .  you  make  the  whole  experience  so  much  fun  and  seeing  you  on  the  dash  is  always  a delight .  stay  cool ,  kids !   )

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I honestly don’t know why the frick people repost other’s art in the first place. It’s already posted on the Internet somewhere like,,, ?? What’s gonna change if you post it somewhere else??? You can legit just find the original or look for what you’d like or smth,, I even have a damn instagram- I don’t even really like being on there but I post my art there as much as I can so I don’t see a reason for it to be on the same site twice?? I just scrolled through some hamilton tags on there and I found some of my art that was reposted but it’s ALREADY POSTED ON INSTA BY ME. I don’t fricken understand,,-