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Yet again an adorable human being, and a gorgeous artist at that!, drew me some pink-haired!Levi and this time it was @kingjae-ger

Thank you so much for this omg you brought me to tears, this is the loveliest pink!Levi I’ve ever seen, it’s so soft and pretty and lovely and cute and awww Levi looks so nice I want to spoil him!

Y'all give the artist and their pinkheichou art tons of love, they deserve all the appreciation in the world!!! 😭💖💖💖

A Very Powerful Grandma


Never thought I would buzz my head or try green shadow.


I recently just found this blog and immediately fell in love with it.
So of course I had to draw her with my own kobold because why not.

You should all go and check her out over at @kobl-squares, it’s super adorable.

Since the Voltron anniversary is here, I decided to draw a thing! 

I never thought I’d like a show like Voltron, but after just putting it on in the background while I draw one day, it caught my attention. So I sat down and watched it. Then watched it again. Then again. Ahaha. The fandom isn’t perfect, but it doesn’t have to be. We can all just get along and pile up like the paladins. They are a big ol’ family!

Also Shiro is mostly hidden hahaha



why do people reblog gifsets and add tags like “i dont like this couple // i don’t ship this” and then continue to explain why they don’t like the ship/couple..

like y’all if I wanted your opinions i’d ASK