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@natvanlis: Tickets for @ClexaCon are going fast! See you in Sin City next weekend kitties. ✌🏻

“Hey everyone!  I just wanted to send you this quick video message to tell you how excited I am to be attending Clexa Con, the very first Clexa Con.  I’ll be there next weekend in Las Vegas of course on Saturday March 4th and Sunday March 5th.  Make sure you follow them on Twitter and Instagram @clexacon and check out their website so you know when and where exactly to find me.  And I will see you in Sin City.  So many queer ladies under one roof.  That’s going to be a wild trip.  Byeeee!”

  • <p> <b>Someone:</b> of course Naruto is straight. Just look at him.<p/><b>Naruto:</b> *imagines Sasuke naked besides him in the bathroom*<p/><b>Naruto:</b> *says Sasuke while his hand is on his chest and just after he saw a shooting star*<p/><b>Naruto:</b> *thinks about Sasuke like ALL the time*<p/><b>Naruto:</b> *wonders if Sasuke is okay and what he’s doing and if he is thinking of him just after a girl confesses her love for him*<p/><b>Naruto:</b> *remembers his kiss with Sasuke in important times*<p/><b>Naruto:</b> *thinks Sasuke is WAY good looking*<p/><b>Naruto:</b> *says Sasuke was quite handsome*<p/><b>Naruto:</b> “you’ve been my goal”<p/><b>Naruto:</b> “I wanted to be just as strong and cool as you”<p/><b>Naruto:</b> “I’m your one and only”<p/><b>Naruto:</b> *a woman says to him she will teach him about her “body’s secrets” and he gross out*<p/><b>Me:</b> …<p/><b>Me:</b> yeah, he’s TOTALLY straight. No doubt.<p/></p>

Honestly I was watching the last few eps of dghda very fast and not really paying attention bc of school, but now that I look back, Ken really suffered in the writing department. Overall it was bad characterization, writing and just wasn’t good.

And I just wanna say that us white members of the dghda fandom should really examine critically our reaction to Ken in the last few eps especially if they’re involving us wishing him dead for his actions, while praising Friedkin for his one (1) good move when he’s been nothing less than awful for nearly 2 seasons. (Remember Estevez?!)

Obviously those might be exaggerations, but it’s still important that we take the time to self reflect on these things, as they may be part of internalized racism (ie. that you consciously aren’t aware of, but is a result of being in/a part of a racist society/culture)

You can love and enjoy something while criticizing parts of it; in fact, consuming media without examining it does it a disservice and we should be encouraging the best parts and critiquing the worst, it’s the best way to improve it. This includes fandom as well; fandom should be a place where everyone can enjoy and celebrate what they love and we as a whole should support that in every way we can, including being aware of its problems so we can combat them.

Because I’m not making any posts on my main blog while still working on the animation, please take this quick doodle of the two dorks in my chibi style? XDD


I vow to keep creating art until my strength runs out because i myself am my finest work. I am a piece that never stops evolving, and my story has just begun.

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Never thought I would buzz my head or try green shadow.

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“Victim” vs “Survivor”

As someone with pretty hardcore PTSD, I resent the word “victim”. I have held a resentment for the word “victim” for about a solid decade now, because in about 90% of cases I see the word “victim” being used, I just feel like it should be replaced by another, far more fitting word: “survivor”.

When an ex of mine was comatose in the burn ward, I poured through burn support forums, and I’d see the term “burn victim” and “burn survivor” used interchangeably. It got me thinking about the meaning behind both terms. They were more of less used in reference to the same thing, but the feeling behind them was vastly different:

Victim had a very melancholy sound, and it was harsh and grating. Victim implies you have been completed dominated by whatever is hurting you, or it refers to someone who is presently in the process of being taken over by a terrible situation.

Survivor has a much stronger sound. It’s bright and hopeful. Survivor implies you’ve actually made it through whatever was hurting you, and are alive and continuing to do so. You are no longer directly a part of that terrible situation.

If you’re still here: you are not a victim. Survivors aren’t devoid of scars and trauma, nor do they never experience bad days- having any of those doesn’t invalidate the fact that they are survivors.

I’ve seen people refer to themselves as “abuse victims” or “trauma victims” and it’s like, no, you’re not a victim anymore. These experiences may have left a mark, but you’re still standing, you are a survivor.

Switch your terminology and start perceiving yourself and referring to yourself as a survivor rather than a victim and trust me- it helps immensely in the recovery and adjustment process.

Finally tried out new brush textures in Sai and I’m having a blast

[AKA I couldn’t stop listening to his baking-rap character song]

I would like you all to know that I’m not dead

because after six weeks of total silence there really is no non-awkward way to say this