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look at this amazing art @aph-franzbroetchen did for me

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“The she-wolf laid into the squires with a tourney sword, scattering them all. The crannogman was bruised and bloodied, so she took him back to her lair to clean his cuts and bind them up with linen. There he met her pack brothers: the wild wolf who led them, the quiet wolf beside him, and the pup who was youngest of the four.”

Henry Cavill as Brandon
Peter Mooney as Ned
Hailee Steinfeld as Lyanna
Skandar Keynes as Benjen 

As Golden As The Coast (12.6k) by darkerwings (tummyhand on tumblr!)

Summary: Elementary School Teachers AU in which Harry always seems to have paint chips in his hair, Zayn is scary, Liam is secretly optimistic, Niall owns a not-RV, and Louis is new in town.

Notes: This was my prompted work for the Spring Fic Exchange! Was such a fun prompt to write for, and I’m excited that I’ve now been revealed. The beautiful picspam you see above was done by the always wonderful and willing 2k15burritos - thank you again, pal, you’re such a dime & I appreciate the heck out’ve ya. Thank you vansandburberry for the wonderful prompt, you rock. Here is the original post made by hlspringfic, favorite & reblog it if you’d like! Please let me know what you think in the fic comments and with some kudo’s! 

[“Not much to be said for the gloomy skies they’ve got over there, when you’re as tan as you are.”

It’s true, Harry has managed to keep a good shade of bronze since he spent most of August down with his mom at home. He plucks out another glob of paint from behind his ear as he ducks his head, shrugging. “Never been much of one for doom and gloom, anyways.”

“No,” Louis says, and Lilly is poking him in the cheek, but somehow there’s an electric charge in the air. “Somehow I don’t think you are.”]

I love being reminded what a useless, pathetic idiot I am


Joohyuk (Jooheon &Minhyuk) of Monsta X
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So…I just started watching Ellie’s streams about a week or two ago (some time around the release of AToTS) and she totally got me into this adorkable show/skit/animated short? idk (Amongst other things…my brain is chalked full of madeon and electro swing now, haha). I also wanted to credit the colouring style used in this picture to her because it’s actually a really fun colouring technique that I had only used for pencil drawings up until now, so…uh, yeah! It’s real awesome and makes the whole process really interesting! It’s really flipping great!! xD

But yeah, anway. *whispers* This little film is the best so you should really go watch it. At some point. Ye.


We don’t even know if i’ll actually do it.

  • me: i feel ugly today.
  • the world: don't say you're ugly, there are people who wish they looked like you! don't put yourself down. you are perfect.
  • me: i feel super pretty today and, look, i took selfies because of it and i think they came out really pretty too!
  • the world: ummmmmm, calm down and don't be a cocky, vain bitch, please. sure, you're pretty, but you're not a fucking goddess so shut up and be humble. thanks.
  • me: literally fuck all of you.