its so pretty my best work yet

here is a bunch of links to fan fiction i like bc i am an idiot and procrastinating!!! -I LOVE FREAKS AND GEEKS, so I’m pretty firkin pumped about this au. Cute daisuga and although tsukkiyama hasn’t developed too much yet so far, i think its gonna be good. - very cute coffeeshop au, and who doesn’t love coffeeshop aus? I literally found myself laughing out loud. It’s a very original and creative fic. Daichi needs a break, man. - Bar AU and my fave thing of all time. So fucking cute and well written!!! I’m such a huge fan of this and you should check it out NOW!!!! Best Daisuga fic I’ve ever read!!!! side pretty-much-every-ship and its fantastic what are you still doing here go read this. a classic. iconic stuff. Dads on Skype. You’ve already read this, probably. awwww. I love kagehina. movie nights are gr9 and this one is really sweet. obviously, i really love oblivious kageyama and hinata. fake relationship fic!! Cute, in character, funny, etc. One of the first haikyuu fics i ever read and i really like it! go check it out Daichi’s a shitty babysitter. Oikawa is a bratty kid. All in all, it is a good time 10/10 good shit. 

anyway thats all for now!! Go read these!! wooooooo. 


Day 13: Favorite Tool(s)

I’m listing two because I can’t choose knit and crochet. My all-time favorite for knitting are my wonderful bamboo needles. They’re absolutely awesome and I’m #bambooneedlesforlife now. Secondly is my most-used, best-loved, trusty 3.25mm crochet hook. Its the smallest size I can find where I live and I think it works perfectly for what I do. And I was able to squeeze a very tight little cushion thing on it, so it’s pretty comfortable to use


my mom is a jeweler and she works with certain stones that are mentioned in SU but she talks about them like ppl and its just so bad pls help STEVEN UNIVERSE RUINED MY LIFE

“Rose quartz is so pretty with pearls”

haha tru

“This amethyst is way too rough to be worn….”

ok rude she isnt that bad

“Garnet is sucha subtle stone”

mmmmmm tru

“Ruby looks really masculine but has a nice girlish charm”

put her next to saphire dont worry

“…….i think this string of pearls had blood on it”

holy shit it actually had real human blood?????

or the best one yet

“Jasper stones look awful with any other bead, maybe peridot is okayish with it but jasper is way to agressive next to it”