its so pretty and overwhelming

to any closeted trans guys following me and had to wear dresses today because its the “acceptable Easter clothing,” i am sorry and i hope your dysphoria wasnt too awful and i hope you have a good day despite any misgendering or dysphoria and i love you all

you’re no less of a guy because you had to wear a dress, I promise

a 15 y/o seiji bc who doesn’t love pent up emotions? 

also more practice with getting a “multiply” layer effect in ms paint

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Oh my life. WCIF Mona's hair? Like, wut is that?! It's so pretty. (Just to clarify, I know it's braids but bc they're so pretty I'm just overwhelmed. I'm not uncultured, guys)

bun on top


11x14 | The Vessel

I just can’t get over the cuteness that is reading!Dean. He might not be as into research as Sam is, but you can tell he just loves browsing books for fun. And I bet more than once Sam had to scold him because he told Dean to look up some info for a case and Dean just got distracted by something else and couldn’t stop reading…

me: i slept the whole day i feel terrible i wasted so much time i need to do somethi—

org work, paper due tomorrow, readings due tomorrow, fic i havent updated in more than a month: hello

me: nvm i remember why im always sleeping

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Any iwadai yakuza au hcs?

well i have a mafia au that I haven’t developed much yet… does that count? :v i’ve talked about it somewhere before but i’ll reiterate what i said + added info:

  • background info: So in this au, there’s four gangs in control of the Miyagi district and each head of the gangs meet up any time there is a disturbance in peace. From strongest to least its: Shiratorizawa, Seijou, Datekou, and Karasuno. Karasuno has been the weakest for two generations, so they’re kind of seen as pushovers by the other gangs. But Daichi becomes the new head of the Karasuno and things start to change. The current heads of the other gangs are: Ushiwaka, Oikawa, Moniwa. They decide to invite Daichi to their meetings and get to know him (to see if he can be trusted to not disrupt the balance in Miyagi). He’s friendly different than the previous head, but they could tell Daichi was smart and cunning and if they weren’t careful they’d get the rugs swept off under them. In each of these meetings, the heads of each gang are allowed to bring one bodyguard (generally the strongest/right hand man) and this is how Iwa and Daichi meet.
  • Oikawa is interested in making an alliance with Karasuno after meeting Daichi (different than the 4 gang alliance). They don’t fully trust each other but because they’re both pretty straight forward about what they want, they have trust in that. So they visit each other’s houses frequently. Since Iwa is always accompanying Oiks, he gets close with Daichi (because who could resist his amicable personality and bright smile ;v;).
  • When they start dating, its a secret from everybody so they have a lot of late night rendezvous =u=
  • There will come a time where Iwa will feel insecure because of the difference in status. There are also times where Iwa feels like he’s more in love with Daichi than the latter because Daichi never looks bothered or nervous when they’re in the same room together with other people. He looks too composed and he wonders if maybe Daichi might just be using him or just playing with him. But Daichi is just very good at hiding his feelings.
  • Much much later, Iwa will have to decide who to save: his leader and childhood friend, Oiks, or his lover and rival, Daichi. (still not sure if i want to do this scene because its so angsty ;;o;;)
  • Iwadai also have matching tattoos. Iwa has his somewhere generally hidden like on his lower back near his hip (?). Daichi has his over his heart. Oiks sees in tattoo when Iwa is gravely injured and is being treated by their underground doctor. He realizes its familiar and connects it to Daichi. Oiks probably confronts Iwa about it. He’s not mad, he just warns Iwa to be cautious and aware of the possibility that Daichi could stab him in the back.

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hestia, dark skin, huge ass afro, smells of cinnamon. pretty tall, so when she hugs people (all the time) it's pretty overwhelming

i love black hestia?? pls n thank u

friday, sept. 8, 2017: day 5/100 days of productivity

i missed a day whoops! school started yesterday and its been pretty overwhelming! so many classes with serious teachers who love their job ahhhhH. i’m excited to learn but it hit me out of nowhere so i was unprepared. here’s some ap physics notes for a test i’m having monday :’)


Toxic/Thrift Shop at Daytona Beach ±

Y’all… Final Fantasy XV comes out in…


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I can’t believe I really hit 1k followers recently. GASP! Just looking at that number feels so surreal. Especially since this blog is only like 7 months old and I actually only created it once as a place to upload my graphics. Nothing more. (Until I somehow became addicted and tumblr took over my life. lol)

Anyway, this is incredible and I am so grateful for every single one of you who decided to follow me. Who bared with me through weird ramblings, endless posts of Malec (I am even more trash now since I started, duh!) and most recently my obsession with Eyewitness and Skam. Thank you to everyone who is still here. I love you all! And if you ever wanna talk, don’t hesitate to send me an ask. Or a message. I am here and I will listen!

To celebrate reaching 1k I decided to do my first follow forever. Because let’s be real: The reason why I am still on this site (that pretty much bugs me at least once per day) are these blogs—apart from all the followers. I would have quit already if it weren’t for these lovely people:

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