its so obvious that i did not try at all oop

Even Big Hit ships JiKook

So I’m working on some detective things here. My question is that does Big Hit ship JiKook?

let’s start with this

at the 2nd muster, they put JiKook standees next to each other. 

It could be a coincident but… How ‘bout this?

and THIS!

What are you trying to do? A new romantic drama? I’M SO DONE

And also the staff (look at captions)

because Jungkookie is too cute <3

Kookie, come with me

Jimin loves Jungkook

what with all the hearts and pinky things? Don’t be too obvious lol

And here comes the Greeting Season

The one making captions could make all JiKook haters cry in pain 

JM: Juliet is crying now

/Cap: he’s crying while eating his fist/

/Cap for JK: I’m crying in my heart/

Staff: He’s playing Juliet

JM: What? Who’s playing Juliet?

/Cap: Who dares…/ (lol you get the point)


about JungKookie’s missions

what kind of missions did you think you gave to Kookie Big Hit?

making JM say “Don’t do it”

and then makes he say “thank you”

since they’re staff, they do know a lot about JiKook. I swear when JiKook goes off-cam they are much closer than we could imagine that the staff start to ship them (who wouldn’t?)

also the camera man keeps giggling weirdly(if you listen carefully from 0:11s to 0:43s), like he’s hoping some JiKook’s moments to happen (gosh he knew it)

and just so you know, PUMA ships them too <3

Jimin is weak when it comes to Kookie

the chemistry between them is no joke. I always knew it from the start. 

with all of these evidences I come to a conclusion that Big Hit DOES ship JiKook (what am I doing, I thought it’s kinda obvious lmao). I want them to make a sub-unit of JMJK so bad ;___; 

It’s Lunar New Year in my country, so I want to do a post though it’s not really that interesting lol. I don’t know how to express my love for this otp, hopefully in new year 2016 Big Hit will give us more and more JiKook. I’ll never complain :> let’s spread JiKook’s love guyss