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Idols that Dispatch gave up on

- Kyungsoo Part -

③ EXO member D.O.

(Reference: Dispatch followed Kyungsoo for quite some times, yet discovered nothing in the end)

first digital doodle since MONTHS!!! GOD it’s been so long I was wondering how to draw XD

well. back to being busy and drawing hiatus ))’:

oh that’s my babies sitting somewhere, idk on a bench, and being precious encouraging each other (๑>ᴗ<๑) sry I don’t know how to draw naruto anymore

I think the most profound thing I saw in the parallel between kiss #1 and #4 (and I might just be reading too much into things), is how Happy brings them together into each other.

In the first one she pulls him down to her, as if to show how she’s the one in complete control of everything going on

But in this latest one, she reaches up to him and presses herself against him

She’s still in control of the kiss itself, but I think it’s symbolic of how she now trusts him to support her and so she allows herself to lean on him, because she knows he won’t let them fall (literally and metaphorically)