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Top 12 Calzona moments (as voted by my followers)
#4. “We are here today to celebrate love and happiness and loyalty, and in my opinion, a little bit of magic. To bring together two exceptional and beautiful human beings.” (7x20: White Wedding)

ok but can we talk about how @vinnie-cha and i are going to meet up in just a few more days though???? can we do that??? can we discuss about how ABSURDLY HYPED AND EXCITED I AM that i’m going to finally meet this wonderful, brilliant, AMAZING art senpai?? and possibly her family too?????? 2017 IS OFF TO SUCH A GOOD START LADIES AND GENTS AND NONBINARY PALS

A Long Overdue Post

So with D.Gray-Man’s anime getting a reboot, and its fans rising from the depths of a long and painful hiatus (as well as our new generation of fans. Welcome!), I thought I’d make another post about these, with explanation.

Hoshino Katsura, the writer of the D.Gray-Man manga, co-wrote a series of light novels called “D.Gray-Man Reverse” with Kizaki Kaya. They range from little background stories about a character to silly shit the Order gets up to (of course). Back in the day, when DGM was running weekly (in Shonen SQ I think?) the internet had translations of these novels buried in the archives of various websites, so I compiled them all and put them together on a page on my blog. I’m linking the page here, for your convenience.

On that page you’ll also find Hoshino’s breakout one-shot, Zone. It’s sort of like a pilot episode for DGM. You’ll recognize some familiar faces in it, and it’s interesting to see how the concept developed. 

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy these like I did. (Tbh the last one actually made me cry…)

side note: Not linked on this page is an illustration book Hoshino also released called NOCHE, although it’s likely not hard to find scans. (I have a physical copy, but no scanner, sorry!)


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cipher ; luke plus size au pt 2

okay so this is long overdue, but its kinda short and i kinda hate it, but i hope you guys at least enjoy it!!

Luke didn’t believe in love at first sight. He couldn’t understand how with once glance at a person that they could fall in love instantly. Luke never had a girlfriend, or boyfriend for that matter, always putting his music first. He didn’t believe in love at first sight, but he didn’t know why he couldn’t get the girl who approached him after his set out of his mind.

Something about her stuck with him. In the short time that they had talked, he felt so saw so much of her personality shine through. He tried to shake her from his mind, but she was still lingering in the back corners of his brain.

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Sorry this is so long overdue ;n;

But its mayadile‘s Freddy arm wrestling my Freddy (this was from an ask I asked her looooong ago) Also tried to mimic her shading and I love how it came out ;n; But I would want to find my own version to shade but i’m terrible at it

I honestly was going to make an animation for it but I terrible at it so I just kept this. But I do want to make a small comic of these adorable dorks~