its so long!!!! i didn t realise

New furry AU where Jamie collapses on a con floor because he didn’t think to put any ventilation into his fursuit

Trained nurse Mako carries Jamie back to his hotel room so he can get out of his suit and rehydrate

They end up chilling with each other for a couple of hours, just chatting about stuff

When they head back out to the floor Jamie asks for Mako’s contact info, so he can send him a thank you gift later

Two days later he sends Mako a beautifully drawn picture of his Roadhog fursona and they just, keep chatting after that.

They start calling and video chatting more, and the next time they’re going to the same con they get a hotel room together. It’s cheaper, is the reason Jamie gives, but they both know they wouldn’t want to waste the time they have together with separate rooms

Dear Daddies Long Legs

[An old letter, yellowed by the years, tucked away in a seldom used drawer, all but forgotten]

My dearest Merlin,

I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.

I should have realised something was wrong when you didn’t banter back. Should have known that what I was hearing in your voice wasn’t mere discomfort, but pain.

That I was an ocean away from you and fighting for my life at the time seems like a very poor excuse now that you’re in a hospital bed, still unconscious after your operation for an appendicitis of all the things to take you down.

That’s another thing I am sorry about, the constant worry I cause you whenever our positions are reversed. It doesn’t matter that we both know that me lending in a infirmary bed is very likely to happen considering I am an active field agent. It doesn’t change how terrifying it must be for you to see me lying so still and wonder if this is the last time…

Let’s just say that I am sorry that I have never properly apologized for making you feel so helpless. That it never occurred to me until now how you felt looking over me.

I sincerely don’t know how you do it, but I am grateful that you’ve never stopped doing so. Waking up to you makes the hurt fade away and I hope seeing me at your side when you finally open your eyes will have the same effect.

I don’t think I could continue if you weren’t there for me to return to…

Wake up soon my darling so that I can tell you all of this by voice. You deserve no less.

Ta voix me manque

My heart is forever yours,
Your devoted Harry

(Dear Daddies Long Legs is a on-going collab story/rp that I have the pleasure to write with @insanereddragon and @trekkiepirate)

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Hey, how are you?? Sorry for bothering, but I'm getting into ONF and I was wondering if you could tell me a bit about the members personalities?? Thanks anyways!!!

Hello, I’m great! Sorry its taken me so long to reply I’ve only just got back from the countryside where I had no laptop or wifi… But even if this is really late I hope it helps!

aka only normal name
• On team leader

• Didn’t have his in ear in for their debut stage and only realised after it was over

• Accidentally did b1a4’s greeting once instead of onf’s

• He winks so perfectly like a few years of my life are taken off each time he winks

aka Lee Changyoon sensation e-tion
• Fake maknae

• They legit made him fold clothes on asc and if that doesn’t say something

• I’m pretty sure he’s gonna turn into a meme

• Takes square selfies he knows what’s up

• Somehow is the second oldest?

• I’m pretty sure I saw a picture of him trying to eat bubbles at a fansign someone needs to stop this child before he hurts himself


aka Seungjoonie
• Off team leader

• According to the other members he talks a lot and is the mood maker

• He always wears hoop earrings and honestly I see no problem with that

• He can do back flips and stuff 

His smile could end wars tbh

• He bias wrecks me daily

• He’s a meme too

aka Jaeyoung
• Seems cool and quiet but is actually the softest ball of fluff

• Gets along really well with U, seriously look at any group photos of them I guarantee their standing next to each other in 99% of them

• Takes care of the other members and is super sweet in general

• Also he’s not flexible

• His smile could cure anything


aka Minkyun

• Was on no mercy but save yourself the pain don’t watch unless you like suffering

• Feeds and plays with stray cats which is just so adorable he’s precious

• Is always willing to do aegyo

• He always seems hyper

• He scare

aka Yuto
• Japanese but has pretty much flawless Korean 

• According to the other members he’s not that talkative? 

• Have you seen him dance?

• I heard he was friends with Twice? I do know he’s friends with Pentagon’s Yuto

• When he’s home alone he turns the tv on to reassure him so he’s not scared 


aka Milk boy
• The maknae but you can’t really tell since he talks so much and seems to have a lot of confidence

• I think I saw that he trained with bts somewhere? I’m not sure

• Him, U, and J-Us did a random play dance to B1a4 and Oh My Girl’s songs and he did so well uydsfushfjiguirhgsujsg

• Gives E-Tion advice a lot and encourages U with his Korean I think 

• He collects pens that’s so cute

•  He’s just so cute

I hope this helped!

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Is there a ship that you used to ship, but don’t anymore?

seho :c it was sutaohun that got me interested in them, and when taozi left I was so heartbroken about them splitting up that I just continued with seho because they were so close and it Helped, and I liked the idea of them being a long distance ot3. buuut I wrote a lot of hun centric fic last year and realised seho on their own didn’t really appeal to me all that much (+ suyeol attacked me out of nowhere as my main jm ship). they’re super cute together and I love their relationship, but I don’t actively ship now TT