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“Am I at ninety-four yet?”

Neil asked.

He was not at ninety-four. Ninety-four was the whispered words, “Thank you. You were amazing.” They echoed inside Andrew’s head over and over, like they were an offering, a prayer, a goodbye, like they were pushed out of his body with his dying breath. It was irritating and he was going to bring it up on the bus. He was going to spell it out nice and slow how Neil needed to stop living like he was dying and start living like the exy junkie he was.

Ninety-five was turning around and seeing nothing. Not nothing in the sense that Neil was nothing, but nothing in the sense of panic, of worry, of standing on the edge of the rooftop looking down thinking “Would it hurt if I fell?” The space where Neil should have been filled with emotions that Andrew swore he would never feel again.

Ninety-six was finding his bag. It wasn’t the bag that held his entire life, that was locked away in the Fox Tower, safe. It was the bag that held his future. A future he knew Neil wanted in the way he clutched the key he gave him back in August. A key that was left in the God forsaken bag with Neil nowhere in sight.

For ninety-seven, Kevin was there. The other foxes were there too but the words Kevin formed with his breath passing over his voice box and the movements of his tongue and jaw, were the only things that mattered. Kevin’s mouth moved, sound traveled in vibrations through the air, hit Andrew’s eardrums, and then his hands were around Kevin’s neck. There were lies and half-truths and Andrew hated those. Again not in the sense he hated Neil but in the sense that he hated the word ‘please’ and ‘misunderstanding’. He hated how he didn’t hate Neil because of all the lies. And for that, ninety-seven.

Ninety-eight was the phone call that Neil had been found.

Ninety-nine was walking through the hotel door and seeing him crumple in agony. It was the hissed “Don’t” as he did his best sooth away the pain. It was the eyes that were Nathaniel’s with hints of Neil peeking out behind his irises. It was the look of a man staring helplessly as the executioner readied the guillotine. It was the words “I’m sorry” like he had something to be sorry for. It was his attitude that no matter how beat up he got, remained impeccably intact. And it was the question he still had the gall to ask: “Am I at ninety-four yet?”

“You are at one hundred.”


Soundtrack to the sequel; wherein Michael and Trevor wreak havoc on Los Santos vis-à-vis golf tournaments, reckless driving, and rambunctious criminal enterprise.

Wake Up, Sunshine

Not entirely sure as to what this is but I was sleepy so I just did this. I should probably make a masterpost hm? oops, I’ll do it later. Thanks for reading pals!
“Wake Up, Sunshine”

(or the one where Harry’s girl hates being woken up early and Harry’s just so in love)

Harry absolutely loves mornings.

Especially those warm morning where he doesn’t get woken up by the blaring alarm by his ear. He loves the mornings where a familiar warm body is pressed into his chest, light snores in his ear, legs sprawled on his own causing blissful shudders to shake his shoulders. He loves the hands sleepily wandering his torso, he even loves the long hair in his mouth from the girl who’s head is tucked into his neck.

Harry doesn’t know what to expect every night when they fall asleep. He thinks that’s the best part of falling in love with her. Usually, his girl and him end up in the same position at night after a couple minutes of exchanging words about their day. She rests her head on his shoulder with an arm draped over his torso, leg latched to his hip. It takes her a while to fall asleep but with one of Harry’s hands on her lower back, rubbing circles into her hot skin (that slowly makes its way down to her bum), she’s gone to dreamland in before Harry.

However, when they wake up, it’s a different story. He doesn’t know whether his beautiful girl will be next him, on top of him, or laying face first on the floor because of how much she tosses around in her sleep. He’s often forced awake in the middle of the night due to the small girl smacking her arm across his face or kneeing him where he shouldn’t be kneed while desperately searching for the right position. Usually, he finds it amusing with the exception of the day he found her bum pressed directly to his crotch.

Today, Harry opens his eyes to find a tuft of hair in his face, mouth, nose, basically everywhere. Her head is resting on Harry’s collarbone, hand fisting the material of his thin shirt, breathing heavily as if her nose is blocked. Her mouth is slightly open causing warm air to hit Harry’s goosebumps on his skin.

Now, Harry has learned his lesson from the numerous times he has found himself in this unfortunate situation. He’s far too smart to push her away all together (mainly because of the terrible mood she’s in when she’s awoken too early) and takes a couple seconds to remove the hair from his mouth. With a gentle hand under her chin, he slowly maneuvers her head back onto her own pillow.

This movement causes the girl to whine from the back of her throat, eyebrows scrunching up more than they already do when she sleeps. Her head lifts up from the pillow, hair sticking to the fabric as her sleepy eyes blink open. Her eyes search for Harry’s and when she finds his wide orbs, her expression grows annoyed.

Harry should be swearing under his breath, devising ways to calm her down before she explodes on him. He can probably sing her back to sleep or apologize profusely to her, however the sight in front of him is too precious of him to forget. He decides it’s okay to let her be cranky this morning.

Her drowsy eyes are half open, cheeks puffed out, and a mark running down her face from the little bulging patterns on Harry’s shirt. Her mouth is fully pouted, with her bottom lip jutting outwards significantly, resembling a young school girl who simply does not want to go to school. All in all, she looks irritated at Harry for waking her up and by the way her frown only deepens, the boy knows he’s in for an earful.

“Good morning, petal,” he begins, a fond smile growing on his lips when his pretty girl rubs her eye with a sweater paw. She yawns and stretches her limbs before returning her exasperate gaze on her smitten boyfriend.

The first words she utters are: “Why am I awake?”

Harry breathlessly laughs and moves his body closer to hers, taking her face in his hands. He gently caresses her cheeks with the pads of his thumb and stares into her sleepy eyes, the grin on his lips only deepening his dimples. He places his own head against her neck, brushing his lips against her skin, mumbling, “I might have woken you up.”

A few seconds go by of Harry simply dotting random kisses to his beautiful girl’s skin and she tosses her head back, demanding more from his mouth. “I wanted to sleep in today,” she murmurs.

Harry steals a glance at the clock. “It’s already 11:20, my love.”

“Didn’t wanna be awake in the morning,” she insists with a slight whine to her voice, suddenly fed up with his attention. “It’s Sunday.”

She places her open palms on his chest and shoves him away. Before Harry can grab her hands and pin them to the mattress, like he always does whenever she pushes him away, she turns her back to him and places the blanket over her head.

“Harsh,” Harry notes when the girl shuffles away from his warmth.

“Shouldn’t have woken me up,” she shoots back in a muffled voice and Harry is quick to catch her teasing tone.

Harry’s not having it today. He doesn’t have the studio booked today and he doesn’t have anymore secret photo shoots to attend behind her back. It’s the first pleasant morning in a couple weeks so is it really a crime to want a cuddle from his girl?

So Harry places one leg over hers and forces an arm under her waist, connecting his other hand across her stomach. His smart little girl comprehends what he’s about to do her hands immediately fly to his arms, trying to pry them apart. “Harry—!“

He swiftly tugs her entire body into his chest, tightening his grasp around her, tangling his legs further into hers. There’s no escape when she’s in this position and they both are aware of it.

“Not in the mood for this,” she grumbles.

Harry comes to the realization that he simply does not like her lips in a hard line so he begins to break her down. He wets his lips and presses them to the corner of her mouth, pecking the skin repeatedly. “I’m sorry pet. Didn’t mean to wake you up but now you can cuddle with me more.”

Harry feels her jaw clench which causes a smirk to grow on his lips because he knows she’s trying to cover a smile. Her witty reply is, “When I agreed to date you, you didn’t say you were such a cuddle monster.”

Harry hums from the back of his throat, delighted that the dark cloud has lifted. “I wouldn’t say monster, pet. That makes me sound terrible.”

She doesn’t reply after that and Harry knows she hasn’t fallen back asleep. Instead of releasing her, he begins to press sponges kisses to her jaw and neck. The girl engulfed in his limbs lets out a low sigh and relaxes further into his arms when he drags his lips to the sweet spot right below her ear lobe. Harry’s heart soars.

A couple seconds go of Harry simply taking advantage of his beautiful girl’s vulnerable state by pressing his lips to every thrilling spot her knows: her temples, the sides of her nose, the hollows of her neck etc…

Finally, the girl huffs and turns around to face him. She loops her arm around his neck and presses her entire body into his chest. Harry feels her breath on his neck again when he says, “Not fair, Harry.”

“What’s not fair, my love?” Harry ignores the grammatical error and speaks in a small voice.

“You’re doing all this sweet stuff to make my mood lighter,” she says.

Harry places his massive hand on her back and rubs slowly causing a moan of approval to fall from her lips. Her hand tightens on his chest as she flutters her eyes open. She glances up at Harry and smiles lazily. “It’s working.”

Harry hums and bends down, pressing his lips sweetly to hers. He continues rubbing her back, gingerly drawing her in. It’s a small kiss because who actually has the strength to French kiss in the morning. That’s disgusting anyways, he thinks. As he feels his girlfriend kiss him back, he smirks and pulls away without a word. His eyes aren’t open but he can practically hear her pout.

“Wasn’t done kissing you.”

Harry knows her eyes are wide and her lower lip bitten. He knows her cheeks have flushed and her eyebrows have drooped with disappointment.

“I’ll kiss you more once we’ve both brushed our teeth,” Harry smiled.

He feels a hand on his chest and a weight as she pushes herself upwards. He opens his eyes and watches her grab a hair tie and her glasses from the side table. She forces her hair in a bun and pushes the glasses so they’re perched on the bridge of her nose. The frames are too big for her small face, however she had insisted at the optician at she wanted those and none other. Her exact words were something like “If i’m gonna be unattractive from now on, I wanna make the best out of it.”

Of course Harry punished her with kisses once they reached home.

His girlfriend limps over to the closet, which causes Harry to frown in guilt, grabbing one of Harry’s old t-shirts.

“Ah ah, that’s not yours to wear,” Harry pipes.

She turns around and pushes her glasses up. “You woke me up early, I get to do whatever I want.”

It seems logical so Harry lets it slide and watches her trudge into the bathroom, admiring her legs and the way she walks on her heels, not letting her toes feel the cold floor. His girlfriend is honestly a 5 year old and he bloody loves it.

Harry realizes he’ll probably go through this hassle everyday he’s with her and after a couple minutes of staring longingly at the bathroom door, he comes to the conclusion that he wouldn’t want it any other way.

‘Cause they say home is where your heart is set in stone
Is where you go when you’re alone
Is where you go to rest your bones
It’s not just where you lay your head
It’s not just where you make your bed
As long as we’re together, does it matter where we go?

Voltron Week Day 3: Home/Family

I like the idea of Keith growing up in a culture based on war and hate, eventually coming to find love and safety with team Voltron. His family. :’)

(Please don’t tag with any ships. Thank you.)

security blanket

[✗] random thought that keeps entering my head and I need to write it down. 

[✗]  Jughead and Betty- day after they kiss but it is not gonna be revolved around what happens in the episode today because 1. IDK WHATS GONNA GO DOWN IN THE EPISODE 2. makes it easier to write. PLEASE ENJOY. <33

Betty Cooper felt anxious. Her hands were slick with sweat and every loud noise she heard made her jump. Knowing that Polly was out somewhere, hurt (which was clear from the blood on the shattered window), pregnant, and on the move was terrifying. On top of that, Betty had the police tell her that the car with all of the evidence was found being burned to a crisp.

Betty swiped her hands on the side of her jeans quickly once she approached the schools entrance. A blank expression crossed her face as she made her way down the hallway, hoping no one would notice she was in a mood. She decided to tune out the wild students with a random song, ‘Check yes Juliet..’ began to play in her head which quickly made her stop in place.


Her heart fluttered anxiously at the thought of his name. Betty really did like Jughead, she realized now that it totally came of as her not being interested when she brought up the car. How stupid could she be? ‘The car.’ way to ruin a moment 101 with Betty Cooper.

Suddenly an arm swung around Betty’s waist causing her to let out a squeak of surprise. 

“Woah, B. Jumpy much?” Veronica quipped with a raised eyebrow.

Betty laughed it off and gave a small smile before starting to walk “Sorry, just tired is all.” was her lame response. Veronica nodded but didn’t seem impressed.

“Anyway’s what happened last night?” Veronica asked causing Betty’s face to flush nervously.

“What do you mean?” 

“Uhm hello, you and Jughead were no where to be found at the talent show last night.” She responded whilst pulling her into another area. Betty let out an ‘OH’ realizing she was silly for thinking Veronica knew Betty and Jughead kissed.

“I was just, uh, chilling?” 

“Is that a question or an answer?” Veronica asked with narrow eyes.

An arm was placed around Betty’s shoulder’s causing yet ANOTHER weird noise to escape her mouth. “It’s an answer Veronica, stop with the interrogating, this isn’t  Nancy Drew.” Jughead said with a forced laugh. Betty looked up at him and mouthed ‘Thank you.’ before turning to look at Veronica with a small smile and nervous laughter.

“Um, excuse me? Do you know who I am? I might as well be Nancy Drew, Veronica Lodge always get answers out of people.” She hissed with a sickly sweet smile to Jughead before she turned and sauntered away.

“Well that was fun,” Betty said all in one breathe, Jughead’s hand lightly traced patterns on her left shoulder over the plaid shirt she wore, which she didn’t notice before until it was just him and her standing in the emptying hallway.”So, how was your night? Sleep well?” She asked glancing up at his blue eyes that were inspecting her face.

“I slept okay Bett’s,” He answered softly, making her heart race faster, “The real question’s we should be asking though, is, are you stealing my style?” 

She laughed looking down at the shirt she was wearing. Maybe she was, he did wear plaid a lot, or had it mixed into his outfit somehow. With a shrug she pulled away from his arm on her shoulder and grinned up at him “You scared that I’m gonna pull it off better than you, Juggie?” She asked teasingly while walking backwards down the hallway.

OH, I know you’re gonna pull it off better than me.”

That made her smile grow wider, if that was even possible. Jughead noticed the growing distance and gave a pouted look “Where you going Juliet?” he asked with his arms outstretched towards her.

“Hm, there is this thing called class Romeo.” She said with false curiosity. 

“Oh, I’m a–” She completely blocked out what he was saying, her eyes looked over Jughead and she almost couldn’t believe that someone like him was interested in her. Soft raven hair, the curl that hung out of his beanie, his eyes had to be the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen in her life. She never had thought of him like that until a few days ago, because she was so hung up on Archie. Of course she knew Jughead was an attractive guy but never did she think she would be so consumed with this many feelings for him.

“Why are you staring at me?” He asked with squinted eyes.

Betty giggled, thinking of a quote she read a while ago. It usually is for the guy to say to the girl but it felt necessary in this moment, “Because you’re beautiful.” She said in a an overly romantic voice. 

Jughead’s jaw dropped and he let out the loudest laugh she had ever heard from him. She laughed as well, his laughter and smile was extremely contagious. “I can’t believe,” laughter, “you just said,” more laughter, “Betty that was amazing.” 

“Thanks Juggie!” His laughter faltered a bit and he finally started walking towards her, as a joke she decided to turn and start running down the hallway to her class that was late to. Apparently she didn’t run fast enough because before she knew it his long legs had caught up to her and he grabbed her by the waist, pulling her into his arms (which she had thought was very romantic until..) and throwing her over his shoulder. Betty pounded her hand on his back “I swear, if you drop me I will-”

“You will what?” Jughead teased from above.

“I don’t know yet, but I will do something okay.”

He let out a hum of amusement and then began his walk to class. With a defeated sigh Betty went limp “Can you please let me down?” She asked giving his butt a gentle pat.

He jumped a little “I will let you down if you stay with me and NOT run away.” Jughead added lots of emphases on the ‘NOT’. “I won’t run okay. Pleeeeeeease.” 

With a grunt Betty was placed on the ground, her smile came back once she realized what he had said, ‘if you stay with me’. It warmed her heart and made her insides feel like they were melting. She also realized in that moment, her horrible mood from this morning was now gone for the time being and she couldn’t be more thankful.

Betty placed her hands on Jughead’s waist and slowly slid them behind into a hug, her head perfectly placed under his chin. His own arms wrapped around her once her registered what was happening, he was warm like a blanket and it radiated so much comfort. “Thanks Juggie.” She said contently. 

“For what?” He asked, squeezing her into a tighter hug. 

Betty closed her eyes and smiled “For being here.” 

She could hear his breathe pick up and the soothing pumping of his heart, and then she felt the soft kiss placed on the top of her head. “I’ll always be here.”

LOL THAT WAS TRASH BUT I NEEDED TO WRITE SOMETHING OR I WAS GONNA GO CRAZY, cOOL 10/10 anyways I feel like shit and my throat hurts so bad, goodnight! <3 (ignore any spelling errors please, its so late and i’m V tired)

1D Hiatus: Day 526

* Louis posts a picture on Instagram, Niall comments on it

* Harry is in Los Cabos, Mexico, pictures of him chilling at his hotel there yesterday are released

* Liam posts a video and a picture on Instagram

* Liam does a livestream on Facebook, while answering fans’ questions he says he’s never been to the Philippines when actually the boys have played a show there, he later apologises to fans for the mistake via Twitter

* Exclusive interviews with the cast of ‘Dunkirk’ including Harry for the Little White Lies film magazine will be published in its upcoming issue 

* A fan’s mum meets Louis at an airport

* Niall visits the 1075 The River studios in Nashville to perform and give an interview

It’s May 22nd, 2017.

On this day a year ago: #161


@hometoawingedcat Sans can’t really climb into the “hug range” for his bro, so Paps usually gives him a hand. :)

This is gonna be a early fluff Friday comic, I guess!