its so inappropriate

  • Ravi: If I mix a 6 hour sleeping aid pill and a 5 hour energy drink, do you think I will get a one hour nap?
  • Hongbin: How have you survived this long?

Email from a student in my underground fandom club: AHHHHH MRS. [REDACTED]: YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS VIDEO! PREPARE TO FANGIRL! [Link to a YT video related to her favorite ship] ALSO I WROTE A NEW CHAPTER IN MY FIC! WILL YOU READ IT PLZ?

being 1000% serious, does anyone think there’s anything wrong or inappropriate with the outfit I’ve got on here? Blue skinny jeans, a white tshirt and white converses.

because this is the outfit I had on only minutes ago, because my Mum told me to get changed because my shirt was too short, my jeans are too skinny and too much of the shape of my tummy is on show which people won’t want to see.

I’m fat, yes. I have a belly, yes. I have wide hips and big thighs. But that doesn’t not fucking mean that I have to wear all black and wear baggy clothes to hide the bits that people might not consider attractive. I’m tired of being told that I can’t wear certain clothes (by my own family mostly!!!!) because I’m a ‘big girl’. Newsflash, big girls are still people, people who don’t have to fucking adhere to your fatphobic fashion ideas.

Ed is a simple, very easy going, grounded guy. And Ed is an incredibly talented song writer, musician and  performer, way more out of the ordinary than we’re used to. Ed is also ambitious, self confident and aware of his possibilities, determined to be as successful as his talent allows him to be. 

Excuse me, I’ll be here counting to 5.297 while I look for reasons why any of this should be considered a problem.

Gosh man sorry for not really posting much!

Been busy trying to find jobs… plus with Splatoon 2 out - that has taken a huge chunk of my time (it’s so ADDICTIVE). 

Plus - just to let everyone know - I have joined the Undertale Brazil Amino due to how nice it seems people are on there. 

First impressions? Eh. It’s… fine? Haven’t ran into anyone horrible or something like the other Aminos, but I have had someone comment on my ‘hello’ blog with an inappropriate word, as well as someone stating to me that “You know Portuguese right? No? Use Google Translate then. This is not American Amino - use Portuguese.” Which I understand… it is specifically that. And hence why I only wanted to say one blog post and not do anything else on it…

Eh - like I said it’s fine. Just… I have been in Aminos that have been nicer (like the Undertale OC Amino my gosh those people are kind…)

“Ahem yes, well poppycock to all that I say.”

Guys guys I’ve delved into full nerdom, but Critical Role is so good. I’m not super far in the show but I love Tiberius. Plus I needed an excuse to do non-school art, sooooo bonus. 

the fact that 20-year-old lin-manuel miranda once broke down crying in a back specialist’s office due to stress is honestly one of the most inspiring things i’ve ever heard

that, and the fact that  he wrote his upenn commencement speech the night before





John Constantine getting bored riding in the backseat of the cab & reaching over to run his fingers through Chas’s hair while he’s driving, like the huge annoying distraction that he is.

Does anyone have any good musical theatre songs for senior solos? I want to pitch the idea of a second solo for me and I want to do it in the musical theatre category. I’d love to do it to Take Me Or Leave Me from Rent but idk if that’ll get a stamp of approval from my teachers. So…. just not anything that’s super typical like stuff from Chicago

Hi I’m auditioning for the role of myself and I’ll be singing “stressed out” by twenty one pilots